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Let's stand together on May 20: God bless our Armed Forces

To The Daily Sun,

Armed Forces Day each year, we in America set aside the third Saturday in May to honor our Nation's Armed Forces. Here are some special prayers for each of the branches.

ARMY — I am an American soldier. I am a warrior and a member of a team. "First to fight for the right, And to build the nation's might, And the Army goes rolling along..."

MARINES — Before God I swear this creed. My rifle and I are the defenders of my country. We are the masters of our enemy. "From the Halls of Montezuma, To the shores of Tripoli, We fight our country's battles, In the air, on land, and sea..."

NAVY — I am a United States sailor. I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America and I will obey the orders of those appointed over me. "Anchors Aweigh, my boys, Anchors Aweigh, Farewell to college joys , We sail at break of day, 'ay 'ay 'ay ..."

AIR FORCE — I am an American airman. I am a warrior. I have answered my nation's call. "Off we go into the wild blue yonder, Climbing high into the sun; Here they come zooming to meet our thunder, At 'em boys, Give 'er the gun..."

COAST GUARD — I am proud to be a United States Coast Guardsman. I revere that long line of expert seamen who by their devotion to duty and sacrifice of self have made it possible for me to be a member of a service honored and respected, in peace and in war, throughout the world. "We're always ready for the call, We place our trust in Thee. Through surf and storm and howling gale, High shall our purpose be..."

As the mothers, fathers, family, and friends of this proud and outstanding fighting force, what better way to honor our heroes than through prayer to the Almighty? May we stand together this Saturday, May 20, as the enduring force of strength behind our military men and women — lifting our voices in prayer — giving faithful word to the Almighty for their protection, thanksgiving for their well being, petition for their wisdom, and appreciation for their service. God Bless the men and women of our Armed Forces.

Karen Thurston

Blue Star Mothers of New Hampshire


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Councilors need to hear our voices on raises needed for teachers

To The Daily Sun,

I'm writing this letter to encourage Laconia city residents to come together to support the teachers at the next City Council meeting, which will be held at City Hall on May 22 at 7 p.m. It's public knowledge that Laconia's teachers are underpaid by any measure of comparison. To some this may not be alarming, but to others including myself, this is unacceptable and needs to change.

We, as the residents of this great city, need to take a stand and come together to support a contract for the teachers. The consequences of repeatedly expecting great educators to continue to earn far less than those performing the same job in neighboring towns, could be catastrophic. We've already lost some of the best teachers and administrators we've had to districts that are strongly supporting and appreciating their teachers.

We have cut numerous positions again this year, including a reading specialist, special education teacher, and social studies teacher. Additionally, nine teachers already are leaving Laconia this year, gaining pay increases of $10,000 and $20,000 from other districts. Though our city is trying to desperately make some strides in the right direction, we are overlooking the very foundation of the future success of the city, our kids.

We elect members of the City Council and we need these officials to hear our collective voices. They need to recognize that a majority of the city supports the necessary funding to once again allow for teachers to have the contracts they deserve. Fully funding education isn't a choice, but a commitment to doing what we know is right. Please consider joining us on the 22nd to make your support known!

Keith Noyes


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