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Most prudent thing for voters to do is say ‘no’ on biosolid ban

To The Daily Sun,

There has been a lot of discussion in your paper lately about Article 3, regarding biosolids, that is on the Gilmanton town ballot for Tuesday, March 8.

At a candidate's night, I asked a selectman who is running for re-election, since the article has the words that ban biosolids and he had inquired on the town legal counsel, did that mean they were banned at the end of the day if the article was adopted? Or, as the voter's guide claimed, that it didn't affect farmers who were currently using biosolids to fertilize their land?

Interpretation of his answer was not discernible. In other words, there was no clear yes or no answer. It appears that if the article was adopted, they would be banned as of Tuesday, March 8, thus disrupting farmers who have contractual agreements with companies to spread biosolids. Or, as the voter's guide claims to state, that people presently spreading biosolids would be able to continue. Sound confusing? Sure is.

It is always good thinking that when in doubt of the effect this ban would have on our farmers, to vote "no" on Article 3.

Since there are two points of view, banning biosolids outright or allowing present users of biosolids to continue to spread, the prudent thing to do is to vote "no" on Article 3.

In an effort for more clarity about application of biosolids, one might want to go to their computer and read the report called "Manual of Best Practices for Land Application of Biosolids," published by the University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension, revised March 2015.

George B. Roberts Jr.


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Gilmanton Year Round Library has become a cornerstone

To The Daily Sun,

Over the past 15 years, the Gilmanton Year-Round Library has become a cornerstone of the community. More and more residents have become familiar with the expansion of the library's mission as witnessed by the increased number of resources and programs being offered.

The library has become a dynamic place which actively seeks to engage all segments of our diverse population by offering a wide range of programs and services. Activities range from Lego Club and Story Time for the youngest, after school programs for the elementary school students, to adult evening speakers discussing topics ranging from Field and Stream to our infamous resident, Herman Mudgett. It is the library's desire to continue offering these services to its community family.

The most important assets to our library offers is the wonderful staff of Tasha, Pam and Jean. They go out of their way to answer questions, assist, discuss books, and help provide for an overall-pleasant experience. The library is open to the community and the only entrance requirement is your interest.

Our Year-Round Library communicates to the residents its underlying values: that strong community connections, information, education, and shared community space matter.

I would encourage the voters of Gilmanton to please make a commitment to our library, and to the many services it provides for all, with a strong showing at the polls March 8 and by voting "Yes" on Articles 4 and 21.

Jack Schaffnit


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