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Census data:52% of illegal immigrants get welfare benefits

To The Daily Sun,

E. Scott Cracraft again exhibits all the mental acuity of Elmer Fudd, when one reads, with a discerning eye, his latest column filled with patronizing folderol and little of substance. The man once again defies the laws of common sense and rational thought with one particular comment.

There were many comments that lacked lucidity, but let me focus on one which is causing great damage to this sovereign nation. A nation, he probably hopes, will become an open borders society like most of his leftist brethren. Scott states, "It is totally false that illegal aliens get food stamps and public assistance." Does he offer any evidence to that ridiculous statement? A statement that so many communities know to be false because they are being harmed by these policies. Of course not, because academic elitists pretend they already know the answers and so the debate is settled.

You don't suppose that the learned professor got his information from the hate group known as the Southern Poverty Law Center(SPLC)? The organization that claims almost everyone who disagrees with them is a hateful person or organization? The SPLC assures us that "undocumented immigrants" can only receive schooling and emergency medical care. They go on to remind us that crossing our border illegally is essentially about as bad as the civil offense of jaywalking.

Scott apparently believes that if one repeats a lie often enough, without offering any proof, than most folks will believe it because he is an academic scholar and who are we to question him? Well professor, the Center for Immigration Studies evaluated data from the Census Bureau for the year 2012 and discovered the following: 62 percent of illegal immigrants get welfare benefits, while 49 percent of legal immigrants get welfare benefits. About 30 percent of the native population also received welfare benefits.

Well how can that be? That is because the native-born kids of those parents who came here illegally are eligible for food stamps and Medicaid. It is true that natives received more in-cash program and housing benefits than those here illegally — or undocumented, if you will.

Because our government is this massive, unmanageable behemoth, some restrictions on government benefits are not enforced. And of course there are a ton of exemptions that allow for the skirting of rules, reports the Washington Free Beacon.

Of course, for those of us who live in the state of reality, we all understand that you do not need more studies to understand just how bad things are in many communities, which is why we must stop the flow of people coming here illegally as soon as possible. So Scott, your assertion is a flat-out lie, unless you can come up with some proof from a valid organization which proves otherwise, and that would most certainly leave out the SPLC.

It would appear that Tony Boutin is correct when he says that Professor Cracraft runs to a safe place whenever anyone dares to challenge his intellectual superiority. Of course, Tony Boutin is really reaching for the stars if he thinks the professor actually wants to debate the important issues of our time. That would probably feel so depressing and degrading for him, having to debate those on the right who he arrogantly treats like a pack of illiterate troglodytes.

Russ Wiles

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Meredith Library trustees have already voted to find another site

To The Daily Sun,

In an article in the May 25 Laconia Sun regarding the Meredith Public Library, it was reported that information received from a volunteer site committee included an option to stay at the present location.

On May 17, the Board of Trustees of the Meredith Library, by a majority vote, decided to relocate to a new site. After years of study, multiple public forums, presentations to local organizations and surveys, it was determined that the 115-year-old building did not fit the needs of the community and did not meet safety regulations.

A planning committee was established by the trustees and charged, in concert with the community, to plan for a new library for the town of Meredith.

Beverly Heyduk, Chair

Meredith Public Library Board of Trustees

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