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The case of Hillary & her email, the truth must yield to politics

To The Daily Sun,

FBI Director James Comey has recommended that the Department of Justice not pursue any criminal charges against Hillary Clinton in regard to her handling of highly sensitive and classified material while serving as Secretary of State under President Obama. Attorney General Loretta Lynch quickly affirmed that no prosecution would be forthcoming.

Now Hillary supporters are more than eager to move on claiming that this action proves that there was nothing to all this fuss in the first place. This is a totally false assumption. This is not what the more than year-long intense FBI investigation revealed. And this is not what FBI Director Comey clearly related in his briefing to the public. What becomes transparently clear is that Hillary Clinton gets the privilege of a political pass.

According to the FBI report, Hillary Rodham Clinton will not be held accountable for her repeated violations of Federal Code 18 US Code Sec 793 (f). Because of the seriousness of protecting our nation's sensitive and classified material, the statute's subsection (f) criminalizes "gross negligence" in the gathering, transmitting or losing sensitive defense information, and is punishable by fine or imprisonment of not more than 10 years, or both. The term used by Director Comey was "extreme carelessness," a substitute for the term "gross negligence."

This substitution of equally incriminating words transparently attempts to circumvent the exact wording that criminalizes such handling of classified materials. In any case, Secretary Clinton displayed a complete lack of judgment in using several personal servers in the course of transmitting and receiving classified and sensitive material.

Considering the evidence gathered but still failing to indict, the Justice Department must disregard the statute as to content and intent. In order to give Hillary a pass, the statute must be set aside on the grounds that Hillary did not intend to do anything wrong, but this concept is not a concept that is written into the statue. We must all be held accountable for actions of carelessness and negligence regardless of intent. Particularly when the security of our nation is involved.

Former Secretary of State Clinton insisted repeatedly over time that there was never any classified information passed via the personal email system she used while in office. This is an incredibly blatant impossibility to assume that as Secretary of State over several years that she handled zero classified communications via her email. The FBI investigation indeed found to the contrary that there were eight email chains that were handled by Secretary Clinton that were classified as top secret when sent and received via her private server(s). Also found were 36 chains containing secret communications and eight classified as confidential. Hillary and the government functionaries involved should have known that an unsecure personal email system was no place for such communications.

Also, given a pass by Clinton supporters are Hillary's many repeated prevarications of the truth over time concerning this matter. But it is obvious that she was able to convince the liberal press and many others that she was telling the truth when she was not. But in this case truth must yield to political expediency. There was never any chance that the FBI would recommend an indictment or that the Department of Justice under Attorney General Lynch would ever prosecute Hillary Clinton under any circumstance. Under the watchful eye of the Obama Administration, Hillary gets a political pass.

George Brunstad

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When confronted, Sec. Clinton clearly misled the American people

To The Daily Sun,

The announcement by FBI Director Comey simply defies explanation. He detailed Hillary Clinton's massive destruction of government records and grossly negligent handling of classified information. In recommending the Department of Justice decline prosecution of Secretary Clinton for recklessly mishandling and transmitting national security information, he sets a terrible precedent.

Further, the findings of this investigation make clear Secretary Clinton misled the American people when she was confronted with her criminal actions. There's a disconnect between Comey's findings and his recommendation not to prosecute Mrs. Clinton. Federal prosecutors, independent of politics, need to consider whether to pursue what appear to be violations of law confirmed by the FBI.

The Attorney General, director Comey's boss, met with Hillary's husband while the investigation was in progress. The meeting was held on the tarmac of the Phoenix airport. The most transparent administration in history laid the groundwork for a candidate who is the embodiment of political corruption.

Clinton's ability to thwart the press and keep information from the American public and her ability to blame her mistakes on everyone other than herself are reason to fear her. Clinton, like our current president, will allow her top officials to ignore the rule of law and to pummel the American public with impunity.

Laws cannot be for some while others are simply above the law. We either have law and it applies equally to all or we are without the rule of law. We cannot tolerate a situation where political affiliation determines whether you are the target of the law or you are above the law. It is time to end the way business is currently done in D.C.

Marc Abear


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