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Results of Vision Survey have been shared with Mill's Advisory Panel

To The Daily Sun,

The Board of Directors of the Belknap Mill Society would like to extend their sincerest gratitude to the various members of the community who have graciously volunteered their time and expertise through participation in a Vision & Long Term Planning Session conducted at the Mill on Jan. 21.

The board was joined by its Advisory Panel members, Pastor Mark Warren (Grace Capital Church), Matt Lahey, and Paul Fitzgerald (Wescott Law Firm) and friends of the Mill, Alan Veazey (Boulia-Gorrell), Mary Ellen Boudman, and David Stamps (Stamps Associates).

The Mill's Advisory Panel was created this past summer in an effort to expand our outreach and broaden our collective understanding of the history of the Mill and the needs of our community.

In addition to those listed above, we are grateful for the service of Advisory Panel members, Mayor Ed Engler, Justin Slattery (BEDC), Rod Dyer (Wescott Law) and Debbie Frawley-Drake. The recent planning session was the second opportunity for our Advisory Panel to meet with the board and other interested community members to discuss the results of a Vision Survey, distributed to previous and current Mill Society members. The input we received from this survey has helped reaffirm our mission to continuously expand our programming for the community to enjoy. Engaging in this discussion has cemented our commitment to actively seek collaboration with other organizations regarding educational, historical, and cultural innovations.

We remain grateful for volunteers at any time of the year, and we can accommodate a variety of commitment levels. Whether serving on the board of directors or a sub-group, or volunteering for an event or our award winning 4th Grade Program, any time you can spare for us is appreciated and necessary for the sustainability of the oldest unaltered textile mill in the country, the Official Meeting House of New Hampshire — our Belknap Mill.

The Belknap Mill Society

Board of Directors


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Sadly, the Busy Cormer building must soon be demolished

To The Daily Sun,

It is with great sadness that Laconia's Heritage Commission agrees with the city's Planning Department that the structure at 153 Church St., fondly known as Busy Corner, must come down.

Years of neglect, followed by a structure fire, has accelerated the need for this building to be demolished in the very near future. While we are charged with preserving architecture and artifacts that reflect the cultural history of our beautiful City on the Lakes and strive to preserve our heritage, we also recognize reality. Lest you think our efforts to preserve the Hathaway House failed, it could have been saved if Dunkin' Donuts/Cafua Management had honored their agreement with the city. At this time and for this historic site, there is no other option and we are sorry that this is the only possibility left.

There is a silver lining and we must be diligent in looking and finding those at every turn. There is a purchase and sales agreement in place. Plans are to create a mid-town, Gateway Park with benches, flowers, shrubs and lighting. And, so, the permit is in the approval process. These are our addenda to the permit.

We, the Heritage Commission of Laconia, regard Busy Corner as a significant historical site based on its age of 99 years combined with the many memories associated with its operation over those years. We also appreciate the efforts of the purposed purchaser to create an attractive mid-town, Gateway Park and will consider this park a memorial site.

The demolition permit for Busy Corner was signed by the chairman on Jan. 27 with three conditions for approval and one request. They are:

1. The lamp post at the corner of Church Street and Union Avenue shall not be demolished and shall be preserved in working order.

2. The Busy Corner sign, currently atop the structure, shall be preserved and donated to the Laconia Historical & Museum Society.

3. The curved front step leading into the front door of the structure shall not be demolished and shall be preserved and retained for a future Busy Corner Memorial.


1. As this is a park within the city, we request that the purchaser erect "No Smoking" signs that will encourage seniors, families and children to utilize and enjoy the amenities the purchaser has created with the City of Laconia without the inherit risks of second hand smoke.

It is our hope that a fitting memorial commemorating this historical site will become a reality. And, now to those of you who hold those fond memories of Busy Corner, please consider sending them to Pat Tierney, Executive Director, Laconia Historical & Museum Society, PO Box 1126, Laconia, NH 03246, (603) 527-1278 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Laconia Heritage Commission

Catherine Tokarz, Chairman

Mary Ellen Boudman

Pamela Clark

Ava Doyle

Dorothy Duffy

Mary Jane Hoey

Charlie St. Clair

Jane Whitehead

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