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The facts simply don't support anything Donald Trump has said

To The Daily Sun,

Linda Riley of Meredith is a wondrous parrot for the anti-Hillary crowd. However, she lacks many facts when she delivered her latest anti-Hillary letter. To wit, the two families suing Hillary for "wrongful death" of their children are saying that her private e-mail server contributed heavily to the deaths of those two men stationed in Benghazi.

Let's get serious Ms. Riley — if you think for one moment this is not politically motivated then you are operating a few fries shy of a Happy Meal. One of the parents already spoke at the Republican National Convention, and they are both being represented by a lawyer named Larry Klayman, the founder of Freedom Watch, which is an ultra-conservative group that has been attacking both of the Clintons for well over 20 years.

Secondly, several former secretaries of states have already said that they, too, had private e-mail servers and have supported Hillary on this issue. Why don't you ask your GOP congressman who voted against additional funding for security for embassies and outer stations?

Secondly, you mention our military. You mention that there are insufficient pilots to fly our jets. So why is that? Well, it has to do with how good things are here in the United States, because the Air Force never counted on that. So here are a few points to consider:

— The improving domestic economy, which historically is not good for military recruitment.

— A decline in fuel costs for commercial airlines pay which made flights cheaper and more in demand. The price war between Middle Eastern oil and frackers has been part and parcel of that.

— That leads to more commercial flights and a greater demand for experienced pilots. We have no shortage of junior pilots in the services, only of senior officers.

— There has been a sudden decline in commercial pilots due to retirements after a decade of non-hiring as an airline cost-cutting measure.

— The sudden demand for commercial pilots leads to big dollars being offered to senior Air Force and Navy pilots to go into the private sector.

— Senior pilots make up the majority of flight instructors in the military. They are leaving and creating a massive bottleneck for new pilots to get trained.

You speak to Hillary's temperament and, unless you are supporting Gary Johnson for president, you're a massive hypocrite. I'm sick and tired of listening to Donald Trump lie, cheat, steal, and swindle the American people. He is advocating the violation of the United States Constitution and American security laws. He plays to the worst aspects of American society and some people are licking up that verbal vomit like it is Godiva chocolate. Not me. Not ever. He is singularly the most disgusting mainstream candidate this country has ever seen. He even beats out Mike Huckabee as a singularly vile individual.

You mention our economy, and yet the Dow, NASDAQ, and S&P all closed at record highs on Thursday, but apparently you don't want any "more of that." You say the "rich create jobs," but 12 years of Reaganomics under both Reagan and Bush proved you horrifyingly wrong. The rich get richer because they keep the money. They send jobs out of the country because it makes them more money. And when Ronald Reagan "cut taxes" for the wealthy? He also raped and pillaged his way through the tax code and cost many of the middle class (including me as a Navy man) money by taking away deductions and options that allowed us larger tax refunds. You say taxing the rich is wrong, and yet we have seen, year after year, that the rich pay a proportionally lower tax rate than most people.

You need to get your eyes away from Fox News and read the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Boston Globe, and the Washington Post regarding the money for Iran and the basis and source of it. Or this nonsense about Russia "taking back" the Crimea. How can they take back what was never theirs?

You talk about Golda Meir and Margaret Thatcher as role models. Golda Meir was considered a renegade, instigator, and domestic terrorist by the British in Palestine. She was a hard woman in hard times. Just like Margaret Thatcher. And yet both of them were accused (by men) as to not having the temperament for leadership. Especially Margaret Thatcher. You have just blathered out the No. 1 reason that a male-dominated political base have used to keep women in their "place."

Congratulations, because based on that mindset you should simply stay quiet in Meredith because you don't have the temperament for political discourse. But that, of course, it is total nonsense.

Finally, we all have opinions about the candidates for president, but please base it on facts. The facts are out there and they simply do not support anything that Donald Trump has stated. Nothing. has rated Donald Trump with more "Pants on Fire" ratings than anyone else in recent memory. More than Ted Cruz. More than Mike Huckabee. That in and of itself should tell you something. But I don't think you're willing to listen anyway. You and Don Ewing could get together and watch Trump's Greatest Hits and have a martini because I foresee a lot more anti-Hillary letters spewing forth from you two over the next four to eight years.

Alan Vervaeke

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Moyer was terrific police chief & he'll make an excellent sheriff

To The Daily Sun,

This is a letter explaining why Mike Moyer will make an excellent sheriff of Belknap County. Mike has the ability and knowledge to perform the multitude of duties incumbent upon the sheriff.
A graduate of Laconia High School, Mike then went on to attend Southern Wesleyan University, where he majored in Criminal Justice; he graduated from the New Hampshire Police Academy; He attended the Babson College Command Institute and the FBI National Academy. He brings with him vast administrative skills and abilities as well as years of experience performing a multitude of police duties.
Mike began his career with the Laconia Police Department in 1985 as a patrolman and worked his way up through the ranks: corporal, detective, sergeant, lieutenant and captain, becoming chief of police in 2007, a position that he held for five years. These positions saw him performing a variety of duties mandated by the following roles: Patrol Division; Bureau of Criminal Investigations; watch supervisor; Administrative Division commander; Operations Division commander and chief of police.
I was elected to the Laconia Police Commission during Mike's time as Chief and took an active part, with the other commissioners, in performing his annual evaluation. The evaluation criteria encompassed 15 areas, including communication skills, knowledge of laws, dependability, work habits and acceptance of responsibility, quality of work, performance under stress, problem solving and community relations.
Great emphasis was put on performing a fair and equitable evaluation of the chief's performance of his duties. The following areas were of particular interest in completing his evaluation, as the commission felt that they were critical to the functioning of a well-run law enforcement agency.
1. The establishment of goals, policies and procedures based upon the needs of the city, its residents and the department.
2. Communication within the department.
3. Intra-department discipline and moral.
4. The image of the chief and the department within the community, as it relates to various civic and service groups; and other city departments, such as the school and City Council.
5. The training of personnel, both mandated and opportunities offered.
6. The preparation, presentation and overseeing of the department's operational budget.
Chief Moyer consistently met or exceeded the expectations of the commission in these areas.
One of the many initiatives established by Chief Moyer, was his desire to involve the department in a process to have it certified nationally, through CALEA – the Commission of Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies. This process necessitates that the department prove and demonstrate that it meets or exceeds over 380 standards that address best practices in Law Enforcement. Under Chief Moyer's initiative and direction, the Laconia Police Department became one of the first departments in the State of New Hampshire to be CALEA certified.
In summary, Mike Moyer, is a knowledgeable, hands-one administrator, "who thinks like a wise man but communicates in the language of the people". He has the experience, ability and desire to be the sheriff of Belknap County. Mike Moyer will make an excellent Sheriff!

Douglas Whittum


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