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Belmont should shovel sidewalks for elderly & disabled

To The Daily Sun,

I think it's a crying shame that sidewalks are not plowed for the elderly and disabled. It's pretty sad when you can't even use a walker on the sidewalk. Put the bums to work that won't work and shovel the walkways to save taxpayer dollars.

Francis Hilliard


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The Holy Grail is not a church anymore and it's their building

To The Daily Sun,

The Holy Grail is NOT a church anymore. It was SOLD and is now a restaurant which serves food and drink. Really good food and drink, too! That cross has not, nor ever will, cause the owners any "mystical" downfalls. Mr. Blake and HIS religious "meddling" is the issue. John Demakowski may call it "preaching," but I will call it bordering on harassment.

Mr. Blake has on NUMEROUS occasions entered the establishment with letters and "sermons" for the owners. If Mr. Blake is not there to eat, drink, work, or do maintenance, then he should not be IN the restaurant. The owners do not, nor should ever have to remove the cross because Mr. Blake finds it offensive. It is THEIR building and they may do as they wish with it. And if you consider me a "meddler," than I will continue. I don't oppose God, I oppose John and Mr. Blake for their pointing the "finger of God" at everyone they think needs it — even when they don't.

I will leave with this quote,"Going to church doesn't make you a Christian; anymore than standing in a garage makes you a car."

Denise C. Burke

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