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What is humane about denying medicine to deserving patients?

To The Daily Sun,

Who will listen to what you ask? To all persons suffering from chronic pain who for years have been on pain medications prescribed carefully by competent doctors? These are patients who have tried all other resources before reluctantly taking pain medications and because of these medications they have been able to achieve a modicum of relief and quality of life. There persons are not addicts; they are law-abiding, contributing members of society who, before surrendering to taking pain medications, have tried acupuncture, chiropractic, steroid injections, hypnotism and any other treatment which seemed promising. THESE TREATMENTS DID NOT WORK. How do I know this to be true? Because I am one of them.

Why do they need our help? This is why: because of the heroin epidemic, these people, many of them my neighbors, are suffering unjustly because their doctors have had to drastically reduce prescribing pain medications and the fragile quality of life they had achieved is gone. They are back where they started. I believe Maggie Hassan was involved in creating these regulations. (If this not true, Maggie, don't sue me; I have no money but I'd like to draw your attention to this epidemic because it is fast becoming one.)

So here is my suggestion: know who you are treating. This habit of making regulations "across the board/carte blanche" is ignorant, crass and unfair! Yes, pain medications, misused, lead to the most devastating of diseases: heroin addicts, alcoholics, depression, anxiety, suicide. These are among the most difficult illnesses to treat. DON'T PUNISH THE REST OF US!

I am one of the lucky ones. The kind of pain I hand been experiencing certainly would have shortened my life and possibly by my own hand. I could not get my legs off the bed after a night of sleep without screaming, crying out and pleading for God to help me. I slept, so-to-speak, in my recliner for eight months. I was taking pain medications. I can't imagine trying to live while being misdiagnosed and mistreated.

Doctors swear an oath to treat people humanely. What is humane about denying necessary medicine to deserving patients? Please tell me, I'm so tired of seeing my friends suffer. In retrospect, the reason I was lucky was because I was eligible for a spinal cord stimulant implant, which changes the pain, if you can believe it, to buzzing. I buzz like a bee. I would crow like a rooster if it would help.

Not everyone is eligible for this procedure. One of my friends has had her pain medication reduced so drastically she is expressing thoughts of: "can I go on living like this and do I want to?"

Again, I ask this question: who will listen; who will take care of their cause?

Many of these people are elderly. Are they not immeasurably worth our care and consideration?

Are you listening, Maggie?

Susan Goodnough



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I'm grateful to so many for their help in my campaign for sheriff

To The Daily Sun,

I would like to thank the voters of Belknap County for electing me Belknap County Sheriff. I am grateful to everyone who volunteered on my campaign, from the sign holders at the polls to the countless people and businesses that put up signs supporting me. It was an honor to meet so many great residents of our county, from Barnstead to Center Harbor, and I look forward to serving you. I cannot adequately express my gratitude to my wife Robin and my other family members for their tireless work and unwavering support.

I would be remiss if I did not thank my primary opponent, Sergeant Bill Wright, for the professional and aggressive campaign that he ran. It has been a privilege to get to know Bill better and I look forward to working with him and the professional men and women who make up the Belknap County Sheriff's Department.

Mike Moyer


Belknap County

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