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Law-abiding folks who are here illegally should be allowed to stay

To The Daily Sun,

Is Bernadette Loesch just being coy or is her reading comprehension declining, given her recent reply to my letter about illegal aliens or illegal immigrants? Or should I refer to those who crossed our borders illegally as undocumented immigrants, undocumented workers or new Democratic voters? One can't be too politically correct can one? Well not if you are on the left. Those would be the folks who lust for complete open borders so that we can all just become citizens of the world and our children can all become wards of the leviathan state collective.

She takes me to task for saying that folks here illegally receive "welfare benefits" because the native born kids of those parents who come here illegally are eligible. Yes Bernadette, I understand that makes the kids American citizens. But are they not tethered to their parents who are here illegally and so those parents therefore gain access to those benefits? I mean come on, those children are not yet tethered to the "collective" yet, as far as I know.

Then Ms. Loesch sites the Washington Free Beacon as my source for folks here illegally getting welfare. Actually, I sited the Center for Immigration Studies, which gleaned information from the Census Bureau. The Free Beacon source was merely a commentary on the situation. She assures us that the Beacon is not credible because the Atlantic, David Brock of Media Matters for America and the New York Times have all decreed it is so. So shiver me timbers and blow me down, the elitists on the left really believe they own the whole town. So much for my "shady and shallow claims," Ms. Loesch.

Bernadette states that U.S. Social Security Administration estimated that in 2013, undocumented immigrants and their employers paid $13 billion in payroll taxes that they will never get. Perhaps that could go to help cover the costs of the estimated $18.5 billion that we will all have to pay for health care for folks her illegally. That is according to a Rand Corporation study from the year 2000, when illegal immigrants accounted for $6.45 billion in national medical spending. When the number crunchers factor in all the variables 16 years later, that amount will likely have tripled. Oh, and the Center for Immigration Studies just came out with a report that shows that illegal alien households receive an average of $5,692 in federal welfare benefits each year. That turns out to be much more than the $4,431 average that native American households receive. "The total cost is over $103 billion in welfare benefits to households headed by immigrants (legal and illegal). A majority, 51 percent, of immigrant households receive some type of welfare compared to 30 per cent of native households, said the analysis of census data," according to Dennis Michael Lynch, who has spent months upon months investigating the illegal crossings at our southern border. Let's close the border and put Americans first while we still have a culture worth saving. Folks who have been here illegally, but have been law abiding should be allowed to stay. However, deport all the criminals and violent offenders here illegally and don't let them return. Remember Kate Steinle?

Finally, Bernadette Loesch has the audacity to claim that the Southern Poverty Law Center(SPLC) is a prestigious outfit. That is of course because they call out hate groups such as the KKK and all manner of domestic hate groups including skinheads, neo-Nazis and anti-government militias etc. Those are the terrorists we fear the most across this great land of ours and beyond. Oh wait, they are not in the news every day plotting to destroy this country and our way of life? Apparently not, because if that were so, the leftist media would be all over the atrocities with daily reports. No, it's actually the "Terrorist Next Door" (Erick Stakelbeck) who the left dares not mention by name that we fear. You know, those "lone wolves" and "workplace violence" nasties that have cause the TSA to check out disabled granny and our military to engage in "overseas contingency operations" strapped by "rules of engagement."

Make no mistake about it and let me make this perfectly clear, the SPLC is a despicable organization. Morris Dees and the SPLC have been running a direct-marketing scam for many years. William Jacobson of Legal Insurrection found out that most of their money goes to pay an exorbitant salary to Morris and to pay for platoons of telemarketers to raise money for his bogus operation. Apparently, most donors do not realize that their money is not going to a worthy goal, but rather to fund their money making scheme. That is of course why they had to greatly expand their hate map to anyone who dares to oppose the left's favored causes. That would be how Dr. Ben Carson and the Family Research Council made the list. Or why Pamela Geller and Daniel Greenfield made the list for pointing out and protesting the attacks on Jews by Islamists.

I do not expect Bernadette Loesch to do any research on the evil one, Morris Dees, but others may want to do so while holding your nose. Why the man is not behind bars is beyond me. Well, perhaps not totally beyond me. Perhaps belong the left means not only, not having to say you are sorry (for the vast array of failed policies fund by taxpayers), but also not having to go to jail for disobeying our laws. That certainly applies to the disgusting Morris Dees and the quite disgusting Al Sharpton, who is a frequent visitor to the White House while owing the IRS in excess of $4 million. And of course, the beloved "Clinton Crime Family." Scandal heaped upon scandal and yet Hillary fully expects to be the leader of the this great country. So many naïve folks have been duped by Morris Dees and the SPLC and are being duped by Hillary Clinton because they believe both parties actually care about them.

Russ Wiles

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They sacrificed their lives so a man can use the ladies room

To The Daily Sun,

President Kennedy put a man on the moon. President Obama put a man in the ladies room, and our governor, Maggie Hassan, supports this crazy idea.

And there are those out there that want her to be our next U.S. senator.

I attended Memorial Day services in Meredith today and when I returned home all I could think of was my fellow veterans who never came home while protecting our freedom. I don't know now, or if I ever will believe they made these sacrifices so some man can go into the ladies room with one of our young daughters.

L. Michael Hatch

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