Good governance does not mean making cuts just for cuts sake

To The Daily Sun,

I have never started a letter with a postscript, but I attended the Belknap County Convention meeting on Monday night, March 9, and I forgot to make one more point.

A motion to cut 5 percent to all outside agencies by Representative Herb Vadney passed by a vote of 12-5. I find it ironic that the majority of these representatives voted this way when a letter sent by the whole delegation and the three county commissioners to Governor Hassan that same day stated: "We are writing to you with a combined voice, in all hope that you receive our message as urgently as we intend it."

The following are two other paragraphs from that letter:

"Since the news of the proposed reduction in funding of county nursing homes, we have been contemplating the impacts to the taxpayers of Belknap County. These include either significantly increased operating costs at the nursing home or a reduced ability to provide quality services. Neither of these situations is acceptable."

"We cannot stand by in silence and watch while these changes are made. On behalf of our taxpayers and the 94 residents of the Belknap County Nursing Home, we urge you to consider these impacts as the state budget is finalized and to ensure that the county nursing homes are not devastated by impending managed care environment."


Belknap County Delegation and Belknap County Board of Commissioners."

I have two questions: Why then, did these representatives do the exact same thing and, what is the cost effect and the impact of this cut on the average taxpayer?

The cost effect is a savings of $0.553 based on the average home valued at $250,000.

The question for the taxpayers is: "Is it worth it to us to cut the budget by 5 percent to save us 55 cents? I think not. I'd like to encourage all interested residents to look on the websites of the following seven agencies to see the good works and deeds that, we, in Belknap County are getting for so little money.

They are as follows: UNH CO-OP Extension, Belknap Conservations District, Belknap Economic Development, Lakes Mutual Fire Aid, Genesis Counseling Group, Community Action Program, and the Greater Lakes Child Advocacy.

The accomplishments of each of these agencies have continued to bring Belknap County many benefits that costs very little overall to Belknap County. Each of these agencies provide great service from health and welfare and safety of the residents from Genesis Counseling Group, the Community Action Program, the Greater Lakes Child Advocacy and the Lakes Region Mutual Fire Aid, as well as saving and keeping our environment clean, by the works from the UNH Coop Extension and the Belknap County Conservation District to the positive economic impact to businesses that are generated, survive and thrive because of the Belknap Economic Development Council (BEDC).

There was no compassion or thought as to what these additional cuts would do. It is my opinion that the motion made by Rep. Vadney and voted in by the 11 other representatives was, "Let's cut something by some amount."

Questions in the public comment section of the agenda do not allow the representatives/delegates to answers questions posed to them by the public at the county meeting. I would like to ask Chairman Tilton to ask Rep. Vadney or any one of those who voted with him: "Is saving 55 cents a year really worth it? If so, why?" I am sure that all of your constituents would appreciate hearing that answer at the March 23 Delegation meeting.

One other point: The other cut and passed by nine representatives was to cut $100,000 from of the admiration's budget. Again, I feel it was just cut for cut sake. I'd like to see good governance from our elected officials. I ask that you know when you vote that you are aware of the true costs of the cuts you propose not just the cents you are saving. Take into account the impact the cuts will have both socially and economically on all residents in Belknap County.

Paula Trombi



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Let's now engage in conversation about curriculum, not politics

To The Daily Sun,

I want to thank all of those people in Alton who voted "for" stuff and "for" showing those voters who are "against" stuff that we have still have our priorities focused on what really matters, our kids. I will not let you down. We will work to put technology in the hands of every one of our kids K-12.

We will improve our math, science, writing and English competencies. Somehow we will get rid of the lottery for pre-K.

Beginning with the next meeting I plan on starting the conversation with math competencies and civics. We will be busy this year, but we will not be busy with those few obstructionists who are just looking to feed their narcissistic self-inflated egos through the media. We will be busy doing what you have charged us to do: working for our kids and their future.

So at the next meeting I look forward to seeing the same large crowd of concerned parents this time engaging in a conversation about our kid's curriculum instead of our politics. I am looking forward to doing something positive for our kids each and every week and by the looks of the election results so are most of you. Thank you all again. I do not take your vote for granted.

Steve Miller


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Who owns the dogs in those 4 Union Ave. apartment buildings?

To The Daily Sun,

With the weather finally starting to turn warmer I decided on Sunday to take my dogs on a much needed long walk. For a change of pace I decided to walk the Union Avenue section between Laconia High School and Lakeport Square. Aside from the expected puddles and mud I was absolutely appalled to see nothing but dog excrement on the sidewalk in front of about four apartment buildings before coming to the light at the square.

Not only is it disgusting, unnecessary and unsanitary, but there is also a city ordinance against it. If you are going to own a dog then you need to clean up after it.

Responsible dog owners have already lost the use of the fenced area at Woodland Heights School due to the few irresponsible and careless dog owners not cleaning up. Unfortunately, now Public Works has to clean up the sidewalk while the offenders watch. In my opinion, they should look into who owns dogs there, and fine the landlords. Maybe the dog owners will learn once the fee is passed onto them or they are evicted.

Grossed out in Laconia,

Shannon Allain


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Enough said here to question where Obama's loyalties lie

To The Daily Sun,

More Christians kidnapped by Isis, 250 of them. I shudder to think of what their fate will be. Death to be sure but how? Beheading, burnt alive, buried alive or some new atrocity designed to horrify the world's senses?

Obama must be golfing again as is usual response to these things. I don't know but that's my guess.

Then there are his excuse-rs that write here to the paper trying to distract folks from the issue by citing how terrible crusaders were hundreds of years ago or Christians during the Thirty Years War back in the 1600s. All irrelevant to today.

But why does our "Christian" president respond or not respond to these acts and why are these Muslims so intent on killing and murder? I've recently read a couple of things which might shed some light on these issues. An article written by Benjamin Weingarten, publishing manager of The Blaze, I found interesting. Weingarten wrote about his review of the book, "Honor Killing" by Daniel Akbari, a leading Sharia law graduate of the Tehran University School of Law. He describes Sharia as "generally antithetical nature of Islam to Judo-Christian society and specifically Sharia-dictated domestic violence toward women — up to and including honor killing." He also goes on to say. "Many things like beheading and stoning are not extremist acts these are pure Islam."

Whether or not those on the left choose to agree with the author's view, it appears the terrorists fundamentalists do.

As for the president's approach to the issue many wonder how an avowed Christian president can take the stands he does. To many it brings into question his true allegiance. A Mr. Mike Gallagher posted these interesting observations on the Internet.

Obama, speaking at an Islamic dinner, said, "I am one of you". On an ABC News interview, he referred to "my Muslim faith". He gave $100 million U.S. funds to build mosques. He wrote that, "In the event of conflict I will stand with Muslim". He assured Egyptian Foreign Minister, "I am a Muslim." Millions saw Obama bow in submission to the Saudi king. He exempted Muslims from penalty's under the ACA, which the rest of America must pay. He mocked Biblical scripture on the sermon on the mount while constantly referring to the "Holy Koran." He instantly threw his support to the plan to build a mosque adjacent to Ground Zero in NYC. He ordered both Georgetown University and Notre Dame to shroud all statues of Jesus. Appointed anti-Christians to his czar group. Appointed rabid Islamists to Homeland Security.

Obama said "NASA's foremost mission was an outreach to Muslim communities. H hung photos of Chairman Mao on the White House Christmas tree. He curtailed all military tribunals of all Islamic terrorists. He refused to speak out concerning the horrific executions of women throughout the Muslim culture. He refused to condemn the Fort Hood killer as an Islamic terrorist. When questioned in India, he refused to acknowledge the true extent of radical global jihadists but praised Islam. He funneled $900 million taxpayer dollars to Hamas. He ordered the U.S. Post office to honor a Muslim holiday with a new stamp. He ordered our Embassy in the U.K. to conduct an outreach to "empower the British Muslim community." He embraced the fanatical Muslim Brotherhood in its quest to overthrow Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

Obama funded mandatory Arab language and culture studies in grammar schools across our country. He remained silent on Muslim Brotherhoods slaughter of Christians after Mubarak's overthrow in Egypt.

Well this is a rather rambling denunciation of the president and though I can't attest to the accuracy of every detail there is certainly enough in it to question whether it doesn't provide enough questions in the minds of people of where Obama's loyalties do lie.

Steve Earle


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Selectmen will have to manage town day-to-day if #29 passes

To The Daily Sun,

Article 29 on the Moultonborough Town Warrant asks the voters to eliminate the position of town administrator and to forbid the Selectboard to increase the salary of, provide severance payment to or amend any agreement with the current administrator.

I do not believe that the petitioners understand the basic difference between a town manager with statutory powers and a town administrator who functions at the pleasure of the Board of Selectmen. That is, the board gives directions to the administrator but all of the decisions are made by or at the instruction the Board of Selectmen, not by the administrator.

This critical position, if eliminated, would revert the duties assigned to the administrator to the Board of Selectmen. Basically, a volunteer board, that would be tasked with overseeing a host of departments and managing the day to day functioning of a town with a $2.7 billion tax base. This is a daunting duty at best and an unmanageable chore at worst for non-professionals.

Retaliation for perceived injustices can be a fickle passion that results in costly peripheral damage with unintended consequences. Decisions are made by the boards, which in hindsight might have been handled differently, but it would be erroneous to say that the performance of Moultonborough's administrators have not been of significant benefit to the town. Throwing out the baby with the bath water seems too Washington-esque for our town.

Twenty-six years ago I authored and promoted warrant articles to establish and fund a position for a town administrator. They received overwhelming support at that town meeting from voters across the spectrum. May those same thoughtful voters and fellow residents demonstrate a continued support for reasonable municipal governance and vote nay on Article 29 at this year's town meeting.

Natt King


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