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Obama and Hillary didn't found ISIS but they enabled it

To The Daily Sun,

President Obama and Hillary Clinton founded ISIS in the sense that their policies, neglect, and assistance enabled ISIS to become a well-armed, well-trained, wealthy, and effective fighting force. Without Obama's and Hillary's help, ISIS would still be the weak, ineffective terrorist group that President Obama declared to be the "JV" team.

No rational person believes that Trump was saying that Obama and Hillary were in the room when Muslims decided to try to establish the 1,400-year Muslim goal of a Caliphate. The people suggesting that this is what Trump meant (the media, other Democrats, and others in the political establishment) are intentionally trying to deceive people.

Despite the advice of American military leaders who knew that Iraq would destabilize without our strong presence and influence, President Obama pulled American forces out of a stable Iraq. We know Iraq was stable because President Obama, Vice President Biden, and other leaders told us so.

Unfortunately our military leaders were correct. Iraq quickly destabilized, creating an environment in which ISIS could succeed. Then Obama and Hillary funded, armed and trained Syrian opposition forces most of whom quickly joined ISIS taking their weapons and training with them. With better arms and more trained forces ISIS successfully conquered major areas in Iraq. ISIS's success enabled more successful recruiting efforts, the capture of thousands of major American weapons, and greatly increased ISIS's wealth from looted banks, homes, businesses, etc., and control of the oil fields.

After the world watched ISIS commit many atrocities, President Obama felt compelled to appear to oppose ISIS. But President Obama only allowed token efforts. The relatively few "airstrikes" that were allowed often weren't allowed to attack ISIS forces. The lives of American men and women were put in jeopardy, but they weren't allowed to significantly damage ISIS which continued to grow more powerful.

No, President Obama and Hillary weren't in the room when ISIS's plans were made, but they essentially "founded" the current version of ISIS. Driven by domestic political considerations and a naïve worldview, President Obama and Hillary Clinton helped ISIS become the cruel, powerful killing and enslaving force that threatens the lives of people around the world.

Don Ewing

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We don't elect officials to ram personal beliefs down our throats

To The Daily Sun,

In response to Dick Burchell's letter to The Laconia Daily Sun, which was published on July 29, I would like to address a few points. From the day that the newer commissioners assumed their duties, there has been a steady buildup of disagreements among county government leadership and has resulted in a hostile, at-best, working environment. This accomplishes nothing but chaos and ends up costing us money. Quite frankly, we are sick of it.

I'm not talking about disagreements in daily business that can be worked out or decided by vote in a civil manner, but rather Mr. Burchell's apparent overly outspoken opinions on issues that do not warrant that behavior. I could care less what he thinks. He shall do what we tell you to do. His conduct would not be tolerated of any county employee or appointee and I firmly believe that he falls under the same rules, regulations and code of conduct, portions of which were cited in the oath he took.

I took an oath also in 1982 which does not expire and I demand others who take an official oath to abide by it and conduct themselves accordingly. Therefore, I would highly recommend that Mr. Burchell temper his demeanor and work with his peers if he wishes to start effectively and efficiently carrying out the duties of your office.

In closing, I want to make one thing perfectly clear to the commissioners, that we do not elect officials to ram their personal beliefs, as Mr. Burchell headlined in his previous letter, down our frustrated taxpaying voter throats. Elected officials are selected by vote to perform ethically and effectively in that capacity to do the bidding of their constituents or face removal proceedings. An intelligent person who cannot see the light in such a case would simply remove themselves from the equation should such continued conflict undermine the office to which elected.

Ken Hamel

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