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Guarino is the type of person Gilmanton needs as selectman

To The Daily Sun,

I would like to ask the voters to support Don Guarino in his bid for re-election as selectman in the Town of Gilmanton.

Don has worked tirelessly for the residents of the town and has endured some unjust criticism for trying to correct the Gilmanton voters guide put out by the Board of Selectmen.

I had talked to Don about some wording in the voters guide that, based on opinion from town counsel, absolutely needed to be removed. Based on documents I received from a Right-to-Know request, the amount ($72) spent by the town pales in comparison to amounts spent by the town ($411) to push forward the multiyear Gilmanton Year-Round Library funding petition.

At more than one selectmen's meeting, Don was interrogated about his acting to correct something that
was proven needed to be done.

That is the type of person that is needed as a selectman in Gilmanton. One that will work for you and the town to make things right.

Leonard Swanson

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Community center would meet needs of all M’boro residents

To The Daily Sun,

Four out of five Moultonborough Select Board members support construction of a $6.5 million community center to be constructed mainly on the former Adele Taylor property and partially on School District property. Each and every study conducted over the past decade regarding the need for a community center has supported the concept of building a new center and/or renovating existing town-owned facilities.

There has been much discussion in the past about constructing a "senior center" rather than a "community center." I concur with the Select Board that what is needed is a "community center" that can support both our growing senior population and our youth and young adults. The proposed location is ideal for both elementary and high school students, as well as for parents who are picking up and dropping off their children at Moultonborough Central School or Moultonborough Academy.

As for those of us who are "senior citizens," a "community center" will meet our recreation and education needs as well. As former superintendent of schools in Moultonborough, I know that school-age children spend 180 out of 260 weekdays a year in school. In effect, when our schools are in session during those 180 weekdays the "community center" would indeed be a "senior center."

Senior meals would be the centerpiece activity on Monday through Thursday and the gymnasium would be available to seniors for activities such as the increasingly popular pickleball.

The need for another gymnasium in Moultonborough has been justified time and time again over the past decade. Anyone who has toured MCS knows that the multipurpose room is not safe for competition of any sort and was not designed for that purpose. Most importantly, MA "opened its doors" in 1979 just a few years after Title IX was passed. Since then, Title IX has "opened the doors" to girls athletics and has literally doubled the number of athletic teams practicing and competing in high school gymnasiums, including Moultonborough Academy, across the country.

I applaud the super majority of the Select Board for choosing to support the proposed bond article to be voted on during the annual Town Meeting to be held on Saturday, March 12. I encourage residents of Moultonborough to vote "Yes" on the proposed community center. Now is the time to move forward with a Community Center designed to meet the needs of all residents.

Mike Lancor


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