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Thanks to Franklin police for rescue of a dog from very hot car

To The Daily Sun,

On Monday, Aug. 15, around noon, I drove to Hannaford in Franklin. It was about 80 degrees out and sunny. As I got out of the car and started walking toward the entrance I heard a dog barking. It was coming from a nearby car that had two windows opened a little more than a crack. I went into the store and came out about 10 minutes later. By then, the dog had stopped barking and was lying down, panting.

I went back into the store and gave them the license number of the car and asked them to page the owner. They did and no one came. I waited about seven or eight minutes. Still no one. I called the Franklin police. About 15 minutes later they showed up, went inside the store and came out with the owner of the car. The officer walked with her to the car, at which point the owner opened the two windows all the way and the dog stuck his head out. She and the cop stood there talking for about 10 more minutes, which told me the officer must have had concerns of her own or she wouldn't have spent that time.

I want to thank the Franklin police for showing up and handling the situation. Do we ever stop to think how fortunate we are to have a police force that we can rely on in times of trouble and danger to ourselves or others? I know I don't. I take it for granted. After today, I won't.

Let's all remember to appreciate our police and give them the thanks and credit they deserve. Especially now when they're under attack all over this country.

Hillarie Goldstein

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Hillary is already beholding to half the Muslim nations on Earth

To The Daily Sun,

I see where Bernadette Loesche wants to make voting more expedient and easier. Well, fine. I just question her plan to achieve this.

First she suggests mandatory voting for all citizens. Two problems here are: First, we would have to correctly identify all the eligible voters. That could put a slight crimp in Democratic Party's turnout in some places like Chicago; second, it would seem to me to violate the individuals rights. No one should be forced to vote any more then someone should be restricted from voting (providing they are eligible).

Her second point I could agree with — an end to gerrymandering. Only problem is how? Gerrymandering has been around as long as (anyone can remember) getting politicians to agree how it could be done is near impossible.

Berni writes as though this is a problem created by Republicans and the Tea Party. Nonsense. Keep in mind many voting districts are designed to assure minority populations have representation. That's gerrymandering, and I'm sure she would scream bloody murder if anyone suggested those districts be carved up.

Then she suggests weekend voting which I can't see affording any greater turnout. Would sports fans give up their games for the chance to vote, or a family vacation be curtailed? Doesn't sound like a valid improvement to me.

So what is so difficult with the way it is? If a person is away, say in the military or overseas or out of state on business, they can get absentee ballots. If home all they have to do is go to the polls and vote. Businesses allow workers time to go and vote if they want to. Thing is, many people just don't bother. So nothing Berni suggests would change that but her intentions are good even if she slips in a cheep shot at the GOP and the Tea Party.

On another subject I read where Hillary is being sued by two of the Benghazi victims families for wrongful deaths. Good luck to them, but they have a snowball's chance in you know where. I don't believe there is a court in this country that would touch this. We have already seen that the FBI and the Justice Department are no longer independent from political power so why should we expect anything more from the courts?

The Clintions have been investigated for more criminal activities then Al Capone and have slipped through the justice system time and time again. The system is rigged, folks. If any one of us had done even a fraction of the things Hillary has done we would be sitting in a federal penitentiary counting the years until we get out. And this is the person Democrats say is qualified for the presidency?

Hillary is already beholding to half the Muslim nations on earth and these are nations with some of the worst human rights violations on the planet. Does Hillary ever address any of this, heck no, she's been bought off and everyone knows it. She gives lip service it women's rights, gay rights and condemns fundamental(ist) Christians, the Tea Party, conservatives — anyone except Muslims.

How is that even possible? It's only possible because she will do anything to win. Any means justify s the ends and her ends are total control and subjection of the nation to her views and agendas and the rules and laws and rights of anyone else is expendable. You see it's all about Hillary.

Steve Earle

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