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Most of problems facing Postal Service were caused by Congress

To The Daily Sun,

Issa vs. the Post Office: Another typical Republican who follows the GOP guide lines. Smaller Government, less taxes (for the wealthy) and less regulations. His Postal Reform Bill has less services, you pay for some services, no union negotiations or imput, possible 100,000 layoffs, post office closings and more.

This will NOT work, especially in this day and age where people, in many respects, do NOT need the PO. Almost everything can be done online. The reputation the PO has is that their service is excellent. Since the early 2000s, I have averaged about 600-700 or so packages per year. About 90 percent were under 4 pounds with most envelope sized around 1-2 ounces. So, believe it or not, have had NO claims and maybe less than 10 were "late" — but no serious complaints. The other main advantage the PO has is that they are cheaper than both UPS and FedEx.

The PO does have its share of problems, most of which were created by the Congress by having to fund some programs years in advance. Almost like making you fund your IRA no matter if you have the cash or not. By re-arranging the post office is NOT the way the you creates jobs and stablize an industry. It might be the Willard Romney way, especially with all that money put aside for pensions waiting to be split up, but not by the PO employees, but maybe by somebody else. I would think the PO should be the ones, maybe with some outside help, to solve the problem Congress got them into in the first place. There are a lot of people in every community who rely on the post office so they should be given every opportunity to fix there own problems instead of being forced by a power hungry member of the do nothing Congress.

Most of the following info came from Wikipedia. Oddly enough Issa got his start in the auto alarm system early on by stealing cars all the way up to grand theft. I wonder if he is legally able to vote. This is how Issa made his fortune. He is the richest person in Congress, with a auto security alarm company he worked for. This was Quantum Enterprises and a side company called Steal Stopper. This one he ended up owning after foreclosing on his friend, the owner, who he had lent money to but had missed a payment. He is more like Romney every day. From there the cash came rolling in by devious means, I might add, at least after the fire. But he is a smart guy because BEFORE the fire, he had raised the fire insurance coverage by around 462 percent and had moved all the computers and related material out of the building. The fire was suspicious in nature with accelerates like gasoline found in the area. He wasn't convicted.
Now it was on to politics and after losing his first race in 1998 after spending $11 million of his own money things changed. The districts were re-drawn so from 2002 on he hasn't lost — there is a message in there someplace. He has become the head of some powerful committees and is on a constant witch hunt.

If Issa spent as much time looking for WMD's in Iraq as he has spent trying to ruin Hillary through Benghazi, we NEVER would have gone to war in 10 years ago. He has a one track mind and that is to take down as many Democrats as possible in any way possible. Every time he asks for and gets any sensitive but un-classified high level information, the first thing he does is release it to the media. He makes Snowden look like a saint.

Jon Hoyt


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Did we learn nothing from the peace speeches made by Hitler?

To The Daily Sun,

More than a decade of bloodshed and sacrifice took place in the rugged terrain of Iraq. President Bush's successful surge brought a chance for real democracy for the Iraqi people. Al-Qaeda had been decisively defeated and actually "was on the run". All this was accomplished remarkably, with an historically low casualty rate for a war of this length and with a terrific effort by our dedicated troops.

Fast forward to the end of 2013, and the final days of President Obama's 5th year as our Commander-in-Chief. Thirty-seven killed in a Christmas Day bombing in Iraq. Accomplished by two targeted bombing attacks. One at a Christian neighborhood and the other during a Christian mass. Four-hundred people have been killed in Iraq in December alone and over 6,000 this year.

During his year-end speech, President Obama cited as one of his accomplishments, the success in Iraq by virtue of ending the war in Iraq. There is a good chance that these deaths would not have happened had President Obama been willing and able to put together a "status of forces agreement" which would have left a small contingent of U.S. forces in Iraq to ensure stability within the country and avoid the kind of bloodshed that has occurred this year.

Iraq is now considered, by most experts, to be a client state of Iran. Al-Qaeda and it's many affiliates, rather than being on the run, has had an inspired revival. It now controls most of Iraq and Syria and according to most Middle East experts, is now a dominant force in that part of the world. People in those countries are wondering, "just where is the United States?" Charles Krauthammer says the answer lies in "Obama's foreign policy of retreat". "And when Americans retreat, the bad guys fill the vacuum". Our influence has been diminished and with it, lost opportunities for peace around the globe.

Egypt and Libya have been disasters for the United States as we all know. Syria could have been a worse disaster if Putin had not stepped in to save Obama's red line ultimatum. West Africa would be under al-Qaeda control if not for the French stepping up in Mali. Steve Hayes reminds us of how our president dithered and dallied for weeks on end while the Green Revolution was sparking in Iran and the whole world showed concern and looked for that "bright beacon on the hill" to again light up the cause for liberty. Apparently, the White House did not want to meddle in the affairs of others and Dennis Rodman was not available.

Now, we are supposed to believe that the new Iranian President Hassan Rouhani's speeches for peace are believable? Have we learned nothing from Hitler's peace speeches? If there is anyone who has a clue what our president's foreign policy is, could they please enlighten the rest of us. Steve and Charles believe that there is not now and never has been a coherent foreign policy under this administration. I suppose it's possible that our president is inspired from a song of harmony. That song is probably not from Beyonce, Jay Z or Kanye West, or even his favorite song for singing in the shower, Al Green's, "Let's Stay Together". No, I believe it is "Give Peace a Chance", by John Lennon, Yoko Ono and the Plastic Ono Band.

Sometimes it seems as though America's soul has gone to sleep. How to awaken citizens from our complacent slumber? Is repeating, "Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Hare, Hare, Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama, Rama, Hare, Hare", the answer to awaken our soul? Or should we reread the history of Ronald Reagan, Maggie Thatcher, Pope John Paul II and Lech Walesa and their indomitable spirits that brought down the Soviet Union? As Holocaust survivor, Elie Wiesel reminds us, "Indifference to me, is the epitome of all evil". Should we not demand a coherent foreign policy from our president and proper accountability for how our tax dollars are spent on defense? I think so. What say you?

Russ Wiles

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I urge pregnant women to take the choice of life, it's precious

To The Daily Sun,
The column by Michelle Malkin in the January 3rd edition of The Sun was a perfect reminder of the sactity of Life. Her words prompt me to remind everyone that coming up in just three weeks is the anniversary of the terrible Roe v. Wade decision. Now, 42 years of horrific abortions have been committed in the United States since that decision was made. Many New Hampshire residents will be traveling to Washington on January 21st to protest that decision and encourage lawmakers to change the law. However, choice is still the law of the land; I urge pregnant women to take the choice for Life, as Michelle said, Life is precious.
Harry Mitchell

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Mr. Siden clearly follows examples given to him by Obama

To The Daily Sun,

Here in Thursday's paper I find that L.J. Siden has once again out done himself. He decided to take a few words out of a long sentence I wrote in order to personally attack me. Wow ! I must be really getting under his skin. People like him get that way when they can't debate and support their positions with reason and logic. I suppose I should just be grateful he didn't resort to calling me a four letter word or a racist or something. The gist of his description of what I said was — I don't have to prove anything — and thus I was lying. Taking these words from a sentence that I must paraphrase because I don't have the letter in front of me, is: I don't have to prove my criticism of Obama because he has proven it beyond any words that I could say or write. That's a lot different from what Siden wrote.

I stand by those true words because anyone with half a brain who has not been in a coma for the last five years has seen, heard or read of all the lies, deceptions, deceit, scandals and underhandedness of this president. Siden clearly endorses, supports, and follows the examples given to him by Obama. And he has the gall to call others LIERS.
Any means justifies the ends, right Siden?
Steve Earle


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Local planning boards are in tune with the local population

To The Daily Sun,

Local control. How can that not be the best answer for a community? It is true for ANY community, but I'm particularly thinking about OUR beautiful, educated, informed, small, involved community. What can possibly make a reasonable person believe that a centralized forum would reach a "better" answer than we could locally? They wouldn't. Children are best served with parents who care about them and take responsibility to raise them. Schools are best served when the local residents are involved in guidelines for schools and set parameters for education. Local towns are best served when the local organizations are vibrant, have input from citizens, and work together with local townspeople to deliver the best government for their residents.

Planning boards are key to the development of a town. The local planning boards are in tune with the local population and can best provide a positive direction for the evolution of a town.

Why would we think that a centralized process would be better? It certainly won't be cheaper, and it's not likely to be more aligned with our town values. What's the incentive? The incentive is to control and to take our resources. "Centralized Planning". Planning is difficult enough. The only reason someone outside wants to plan "for" is to control us.
Watch out for the rhetoric around centralized processes. Jane Cormier (R, State Representative) is articulating the details around the regional planning boards and their drive to usurp our local control. Take a look at what she is doing and think about it. She has my support!

Janet Cramer

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