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Vintage Vareity Show was a fun and low-pressure share

To the Daily Sun:
I want to thank all who participated in our 1st Annual Vintage Variety Show Fundraiser this past weekend! What a delightful group of performers from the community. We had singers and songwriters, guitarists and lip syncers, barbershop, comedians, impersonators, MC'd by the colorful Kelly brothers, Chris and Pat. It was quite sweet and charming! The audience really appreciated a lovely evening and afternoon and have asked for an encore... so Annmarie Karayianes (Tuckernuck Inn), Fran Page, Adam Nudd-Homeyer, Alfred Columb, Kevin & Kitty Boyle, A# Foursome, Brian Krautz (Ballard House), Cindy Duchin and Lakes Region Chordsmen... start warming up for another show and share with other amateur performers! This was a fun and low-pressure share.
Nancy Barry

Producing Artistic Director

Interlakes Summer Theater

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Mr. Grey has long history of drama & upset that is unproductive

To The Daily Sun,

So I have been accused of being unfair, mean and "liberal" in my criticism of Roger Grey as a candidate for Budget Committee in Sanbornton. I assure the voters that Mr. Grey's conservatism is not the reason for my disapproval.

First, accuracy. I was at a hearing recently where Mr. Grey's first statement in a long presentation was that it costs Sanbornton $200,000 annually to operate the EMS service. I don't know who else he has reported that to, but it is simply untrue. Approximately $200,000 is the entire annual labor cost for the Sanbornton Fire Department, including fire service, inspections, everything. A more accurate figure would be $100,000, as about half the runs are EMS calls. This is one of many examples.

Mr. Grey expressed an opinion that Sanbornton Public Library should pay rent to the town. The town doesn't own the library.

Second, responsibility. Mr. Grey complained loudly that the Budget Committee was "rushing" the process of completing the budget and that he had to vote "no" on every line item considered because he hadn't time to consider properly. He was then asked if he had not been given the proposed budget and budget narrative weeks previously to study, and had nothing to say.

Mr. Grey volunteered for the responsibility to be the secretary for the Fire Department Regionalization Committee. The Selectboard called the committee to task for the minutes being repeatedly in violation of RSA 91a. Mr. DeVoy and Mr. Grey attempted to excuse themselves with "the town should have told us how to do this." This is responsibility?

Writers in support of Mr. Grey call him an advocate for the little guy. How is it that the elderly, the retiree, and the fixed-income resident is served by his continuing efforts to derail the town's emergency medical services and reduce the level of service?

How is it that Sanbornton's children and seniors are served by his relentless proposals to defund the library, so that meeting space was limited last year?

How does it serve the town to chastise a fellow committee member in the newspaper over a misunderstanding to the detriment of the committee?

I applaud Mr. Grey's willingness to serve as a volunteer for the town. The problem has been and will continue to be a long history of drama and upset that are unproductive and do not serve the people of Sanbornton if he is re-elected.

Andrew Sanborn

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