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Teachers will answer to God for leading a generation astray

To The Daily Sun,
In a recent letter James Veverka tells us that he is well versed in the Bible. Though Jim it seems has read some of the Bible, and has a good intellect. His problem here as well as in almost everything he writes is he lacks understanding. This lack of understanding, I observe is an epidemic among liberal intellectuals. They often, it seems have lots of knowledge but have little idea of what it all means. It's sad.

I will take a moment to speak to teachers and college profs. It seems that these we pay so that they will have the time to study and then to teach our future generations what they have learned. When most of these lack understanding, well, we can see the results in our society today. These teachers will have to answer to God in the judgement as to why they led a generation astray, unless they repent, for have not they been given time to seek out the truth? I say this not to condemn teachers but that they would come to Jesus and be saved. The scriptures says "Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom." Unless you start there my friend you won't have understanding; just a bunch of "knowledge" some of it true some of it not and no anchor that makes it all come together in real wisdom and understanding.
Jim's letter got me going here, but I'd like to leave the specifics of that, and talk about how we view history. Almost every liberal historian that I have listened to teaches not just history but serves it up with an unhealthy portion of a philosophy of history. Viewing the historical details they reveal through this philosophy renders them useless in forming any useful understanding which can lead to benefiting from the knowledge handed down from past generations, understanding where we are in history and deciphering the signs of the time. It is meant only to affirm their political philosophy and obscure the real lessons of history.
I will, Lord willing explore these things in more depth in future submissions.

John Demakowski


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Portsmouth is not under water yet; it would take centuries

To The Daily Sun,

News flash, news flash, the sky is falling. It's been confirmed by Chicken Little, Henny Penny, Turkey Lerky and James Veverka. What more proof could anyone want? I'm wrong? James you said it yourself in your letter both Time and Newsweek magazines in the 80s predicted a coming ice age. Call it cooling or whatever you want. Not based on science? So was it from some dream perhaps? And lets see, oh yes the seas have risen three and a half inches since 1993, which is proof of human causes? I don't think that's proof of anything except the planet warming, which is from natural causes. I've been to Portsmouth, it's not under water, and about middle America flooding, yes the did predict it in their computer modeling and still are. Page after pager of it all you have to do is Google it. What the bottom line there is that it likely will take centuries, centuries, James.
About those wild fires out in the western U.S.; those are localized, not world-wide, famine causing, population starving events as was predicted by you Gods of science. You know what else, James? Columbia University, in it's study of reefs, listed a number of damaging causing things such as hurricanes, El Nino, diseases, over fishing, destructive fishing techniques, coastal development, pollution and careless tourists. Then at the very end of this it includes CO2 increases and warming seas. Most of which are non CO2 creating human causes, just human stupidity. Which reminds me of the loss of species, which is due to losses of habitat not warming.
Have to give James credit for twisting evidence to fit his obsessions, inventing unrelated facts to support them. Nice try, James, but come back and talk to me in about a thousand years which by then we humans will likely have solved all your panic-driven hysteria. Until then I'm not investing in any electric car that isn't at least as efficient or more so then a gas powered car. Not going to build any windmills to tilt at or otherwise. But good news for you. They have created solar panels that look just like housing roof shingles, enjoy.
Steve Earle


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