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Ayotte doesn't seem to have a mind of her own, and no spine

To The Daily Sun,

Really, Kelly! Really, you, a U.S. senator, are not even voting for a candidate in this year's presidential election! Oh yeah, you said you would vote for Mike Pence for president. News flash, Ms. Ayotte, Mike Pence is not on the ballot for that office. Another chance wasted for Kelly Ayotte to show some sort of leadership, at the end of a long string of childish behavior from her.

It really began when then, attorney general for New Hampshire, Mrs. Ayotte never answered for the massive FRM scandal that took place under her nose, then defended herself by saying, "it never got to my desk." Her six years as a U.S. Senator from N.H. have been completely bland, to put it best. She claims to have worked for the citizens of New Hampshire, but her record of voting suggests she is lying just to get elected again.

As a retired person, her voting record shows she is not at all concerned about me, in any way. Her joining a bunch of Republicans in writing a letter to any enemy country, undermining the efforts of the president and secretary of state, could be considered treason, was extremely irresponsible for any U.S. citizen, much less a U.S. senator.

And all this business about whether or not she supports Trump or thinks he would or would not be a role model, just shows again someone who does not seem to have a core set of values, or character that I prefer to see in our leaders.

And on top of all that, Kelly Ayotte really does not seem to have a mind of her own, or at least a spine, for she votes with the old Republican boys almost all the time. Where is that other side of the aisle anyway?

Six years, and this is all we get. Well, it's not enough, time to step aside and let Maggie Hassan have a turn. She has earned this opportunity with her leadership as governor, and we need someone who has the knack to get things done. Vote Maggie Hassan for U.S. Senate on Tuesday.

Jim Babcock


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Please vote on Tuesday to restore our constitutional government

To The Daily Sun,

Mercifully, the political campaign is coming to an end, but not until the votes are counted on Tuesday night. As we go to polls we still need to remember that this election for president and down ballot offices is not just a referendum on Hillary and Bill Clinton's lifetime record of corruption and deceit, it is also a referendum on the never-ending failures of eight years of the Obama administration.

How could one not laugh this week and in recent weeks as local Hillary propagandist's told us there are no "bombshells" in the FBI investigations (multiple), Wikileak's or Project Veritas revelations. They reminded me of Baghdad Bobs' telling the world that the Iraqi's were defeating the coalition as the tanks rolled past.

Hopefully most people have figured out how deep and how wide the Clinton and Obama corruption goes. Richard Nixon was a Cub Scout compared to what this bunch has done.

Regardless of whether she is elected, our country will be in chaos for years cleaning up their mess at great additional millions of taxpayer dollars rather than being able to try to fix the inherited problems.

Here are some of them. Obamacare and the budget-busting costs that families now are facing, the debt, the deficit, the catastrophically low labor participation rate, the calamity pending in the Middle East and the divisive country he is leaving behind. Clinton has supported his entire agenda and will double down on the policies and problems.

Also, remember that not one, and I repeat not one, of the Democrats has condemned the corruption. Identity politics doesn't cut it. The Constitution was specifically written so that we are all equal under the law, no kings, and no queens.

So please do some serious soul searching as you vote on Tuesday. Please vote for those people who will restore our constitutional government.

David R. Horvath, Sr.


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