Out of 4,700, less than 1,000 Meredith voters bothered to vote

To The Daily Sun,

Residents of Meredith, thank you to all of you who came to the polls and voted for me in my first attempt running for public office. And thank you to all of the others that came and voted for their candidate of choice, and especially to the seven other candidates trying to fill the two seats available on the Selectboard. All of you showed great professionalism, were very polite and open minded and willing to talk amongst us all about the issues that you felt needed to be brought forward to the board and showing great interest in the future of Meredith.

I am sorry that we cannot sit on the board together. Our individual knowledge, experiences and our abilities cover a wide wealth of resources that collectively could accomplish a lot of good for our town moving forward. Again thank you, you all have taught me a lot in a short period of time.

To you who live here and have registered, approximately 4,700 of you, only less than 1,000 took the time to participate in our future. What to hell are you thinking? Without your support or interest, this town will never be what it could be, it will never get better, we will slowly price ourself out of being able to live here.

If you are not supportive or don't care about Meredith, why the hell don't you just leave, move out, go to another town and help drag them down and backwards. I'm so glad my parents and grandparents have passed so that they will not see what is slowly coming to our town.

P.S. Never let me hear you non-participants complain why or how things are going. You really don't want to hear my answer to you!

David Lund Bennett, Sr.


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I promise to do my best to meet expectations that've been set for me

To The Daily Sun,

I want to thank every Meredith voter who participated in Tuesday's election, your vote truly does count. I especially want to thank the people that supported me and helped with my candidacy. My being elected was largely due to the high regard our community has for you and their respect for your opinions.

As your new selectman I promise to do my best to live up to the expectations you have set for me.

Ray Moritz


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Salute LRCC's ongoing efforts to enrich educational experience at LHS

To The Daily Sun,

I wanted to take this opportunity to publicly recognize Lakes Region Community College for its efforts to collaborate with Laconia High School over the past three years. Their efforts have created many opportunities that support and motivate our students both while they are attending LHS and when they graduate. Recently, they have created another opportunity for our students and I wanted to share this good news with our community.

It is amazing to think about the changes in education that have occurred over the past 20 years.

Dual enrollment, students having the ability to take on courses that offer both high school and college credit at the same time, have been initiated and expanded during that time. Students in some states now have the opportunity to complete up to an Associate of Arts Degree during their final two years of high school. We are now moving in that very same direction.

Lakes Region Community College has been working with us to create those opportunities right here in Laconia. Over the past three years, we have worked together to create dual enrollment opportunities on our campus that support our students' college aspirations. The program, called Project Running Start, offers students college credit for courses offered at the high school campus. These courses are taught by LHS teachers with a Master's degree in the subject area in collaboration with a professor at the college. The syllabus is approved by the college to ensure its rigor. Students who choose to take these courses can receive college credits for them for the nominal fee of $150 (per three credit course.) This represents a significant reduction in cost for courses of any college I am aware of.

But Lakes Region Community College has now taken it to the next level. Beginning the in fall of 2015, LRCC will be providing LHS students with the opportunity to literally attend college while still in high school. That is correct, Sachem students who have committed themselves to educational excellence (as defined by the attainment of a 3.0 GPA) will be able to take some courses at LRCC next fall, on their campus, and begin exploring their college aspirations with actual college course opportunities. For students who do not have a strong frame of reference about "what college is all about" this represents a tremendous opportunity that will serve to open the doors to their future.

We are very excited about this for several reasons: It serves to enhance students' perceptions and understanding of what is required for college success. It is a springboard that reinforces the pursuit of higher education during an era when higher education has never been more important (nor costly). This opportunity is earned through academic performance that precedes the opportunity. It is therefore consistent with how the world generally works. It comes at a very low cost ($250) when compared with actual costs for regular students entering their freshman year of college.

As the proud principal of Laconia High School, I want to publicly thank Lakes Region Community College for their ongoing efforts to support and enrich the educational experiences and opportunities afforded students attending Laconia High School. We are privileged to work with a local community college that so consistently demonstrates its care and investment in the aspirations of our students.

Jim McCollum, Principal

Laconia High School

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When Israel is gone, Obama will be safe & sound & blaming others

To The Daily Sun,

I watched/listened to Prime Minister Netanyahu's speech before Congress last week. He gave a great speech and I felt debunked Obama's and Kerry"s opinions that it's their version of a treaty or war. Pointing out that conceding to Iran's demands will most assuredly lead to a nuke-armed Iran, a far more aggressive Iran and a nuke arms race in the Middle East makes perfect sense in my opinion.

Iran has not been a trustworthy regime to deal with. It's the leading exporter of terror in the world, and clearly states it's intention to destroy Israel and has been our enemy ever sense they overthrew the shah. The answer is not a bad deal that gives a clear path to nukes, but stronger and stronger sanctions for failure to comply with civilized behavior. Their threats to walk away from the negotiation table are a bluff because they need this treaty far more then we do.

It's Obama, who feels he needs this treaty to try to salvage any semblance of a legacy in history, who is willing to risk the entire nation of Israel and its people to a nuclear holocaust for his own place in that history. When Israel is wiped off the face of the globe and a nuke war spreads across the Middle East and surely to our own shores Obama will be safe and sound and blaming others as usual.

Oh yes, Kerry and Obama want us to trust them, but that train left the station long ago. Lie after lie, stonewalling after stonewalling, and a record of deceit and failures mark his administration in shame and dishonor forever.

Steve Earle


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Ask my parish priest if he thinks I am a 'Christian basher'

To The Daily Sun,

In his latest letter, Mr. McCoy is under the mistaken assumption that I was offended by a previous correspondence. Mr. McCoy, just because I may express a view of my own and question yours, does not equate to offense. I also have a higher regard of you than to put you in the "same club" as Mr. Earle.

You express that Earle told us he is a Christian and believes in God, but does he really? Does he live his life as if God were in the room, or does he assume he's not paying attention? He calls himself a Christian. Is he who he says he is?

I want to assure you, Mr. McCoy, I am not a "scholar," but I am familiar with the numerous outreach programs being conducted in neighboring communities. I am reluctant to characterize any participants in these programs as "bums".

"Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine (bums?), you did for me – Mathew 25:40.

I agree that you and I should "shut up" and let God judge and decide the heirs of heaven.

Mr. McCoy, it may surprise you, but you and I share many of the same feelings about abortion. Our beliefs diverge, I believe, when it comes to a women's right to choose. As a man, I would never presume to know a women's reasoning for opting for abortion, and I would certainly not condemn her for her decision. One far greater than me will make that decision.

It's unfortunate, but Mr. Earle continues to attribute to me, views that I have never advocated. His latest lie is that I am a "Christian-basher".

Earle is able to make this erroneous accusation with impunity. Why? "Because he doesn't have to prove anything." If he possessed any moral character, he would substantiate this outlandish slander.

As an active member of my parish, my priest may want to know the facts that apparently only Earle knows. I'm sorry, I forgot, Earle is immune to facts.

L.J. Siden


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