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Voting for Glenn Cordelli ensres a leader with integrity & confidence

To The Daily Sun,

I would like to take a moment and give credit to where it is deserved. New Hampshire prospers from great leaders who make a difference in our community, schools and our great state. Glenn Cordelli is our Carroll County District 4 leader representing Tuftonboro, Sandwich and Moultonborough. He has demonstrated excellence with his promotions while serving on the House Education Committee.

New Hampshire needs Glenn Cordelli as state representative to continue advocacy on higher educational standards and freedoms but also as a strong honorable leader of legislation. He supports parents' decisions, privacy and protects students' and teachers' information.

His view in opposition for sales tax work hand-in-hand for budget reform. Glenn believes in free enterprise and encourages individual initiative with actions. He is receptive to new ideas and thoughtful change while retaining principles of strength and pride for freedoms and human rights. Glenn's honesty is a tribute to his character reflecting his fearlessness to criticize the topics that need to be held accountable.

Glenn Cordelli demonstrates compassion for New Hampshire's needs by converting knowledge to wisdom and determining a course of action to improve the quality of life for all at home, in New Hampshire. Voting for Glenn ensures a leader who posses integrity and confidence that inspires and motivates us all to get the job done. We are all reminded to keep in mind what is good and right is in the best interest for the nation as a whole.

I am asking you to join me in voting for Glenn Cordelli on Nov. 8.

Darlene Martino


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Joe Casey has been a working-class leader for most of his life

To The Daily Sun,

I am excited about this election, from the top of the ballot all the way down. We have such amazing candidates running in Belknap and Strafford counties. The towns of Alton, Barnstead, Gilmanton, New Durham, and Farmington, along with the City of Rochester, have a chance to elect one of those amazing candidates as their new state senator. Joe Casey has my total support in this election. Joe will make a great state senator because he a serious leader who does not mistake self service for public service.

Joe has been a working-class leader for most of his life, he has worked to create hundreds of good paying jobs, thus improving the lives of New Hampshire workers and their families. He wants to protect those jobs and create more good paying jobs for New Hampshire citizens. Joe also will work to improve our public schools for New Hampshire children. As a father of four he has volunteered his time as a sports coach, and as a life long New Hampshire resident he has a deep feeling for helping his community.

Joe is extremely passionate about fighting the opioid epidemic, and he knows that we can not just handcuff our way out of it. The vicious cycle that this crisis thrives upon must be stopped in its tracks and that is exactly what Joe will work to do. Because of Joe's passion about a comprehensive approach using prevention, treatment, and help with recovery, he has received the endorsement of first responders from the New Hampshire Troopers Association and the Professional Fire Fighters of New Hampshire, along with many other groups and all three Strafford County commissioners.

I hope you will join me in voting for Joe Casey for state Senate on Nov. 8.

Lew Henry
Gilmanton Iron Works

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