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Andrew Hosmer's commitment to public service is clear

To The Daily Sun,

I voted for Senator Andrew Hosmer in the primary and I will vote for him in the general election on November 4th. It was so nice to see him at the polls in Gilford. His character and commitment to public service is clear as he engages with constituents — even those who may disagree with him. Every time I see him he always wants to know how I'm doing and if there is anything he can do for me.

I'm supporting Senator Hosmer because he's committed, hard working and a friend of senior citizens. I know he'll continue to look out for what's best for his constituents. I hope you'll give him your support as well.

Muriel Middleton

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Dave Pollak is a reasonable guy; let's elect him commissioner

To The Daily Sun,

David Pollak is a candidate for the Belknap County Commission. I met Dave a week ago and believe that he would make an excellent commissioner.

For one thing he is giving the "county jail problem" a lot of thought and research time. He's done a lot of reading. He continues to talk to anyone with something to offer on the subject, and he's toured three jails and has at least two more on his schedule. There is no doubt that he can help craft a solution that would be best for our county.

Second, Dave, a 10-year college professor, has a very wide command of the social sciences. For example, he has taught psychology, philosophy, American government, sociology, human growth and development, and critical thinking. And, in a past life, he worked as a construction manager in New York City.

Third, he's a reasonable person. Dave doesn't care what party you are from. If you have a good idea, he will listen.

My vote will be for David Pollak. I hope you join me.

Thomas W. Dawson


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World has become an absolute hotbed of terror & destruction

To The Daily Sun,

Marty Valengavish suggested to Steve Earle that he go polar bear hunting. I suggest Marty needs go cognitive-reasoning hunting. Marty please take a scope, microscope that is. Your on a fine particle hunt. Marty has elevated himself to first team, liberal lip to The Sun, demoting poor Jimmy Veverka and Bernadette Loesch to junior varsity.

It seems Marty sees our local, Lakes Region neighbor Mitt Romney as a lying, no-good low life. That is rather interesting given that trusted news organization CNN conducted a nationwide poll last week pitting 2012 presidential rivals Obama and Romney against each other. If an election rerun were held today Romney would not just beat Obama but shellac him by almost double digits. The CNN results: Romney 53 percent of the vote, Obama 44 percent. The public, at long last has lost its infatuation with Barack Obama. Even a smooth talking "rain maker" like Obama could only defy the gravity of incompetence for so long.

This country is going to be a lot more Republican and conservative in eight weeks. The failure, fraud and harm perpetrated on the public through the insane ideas and policies of Democrats is going to come to an abrupt halt unless you want more Americans beheaded. The word Democrat screams weakness and indecisive, inaction to every enemy this country has.

Another recent poll from Quinnipiac University has the public identifying Barack Obama as the "worst president " since the end of World War II. Yup Marty, Obama beat out Bush for the dubious honor of worst president in 70 years by more than five points. This country has finally come to discover what several writers to The Sun have been saying about Obama for the past five years; he was an incompetent, naïve, political amateur guided by ideology that was putting our economy and foreign policy in great peril. The economy is still a mess, barely growing and tens of millions more Americans feel less safe today than the day Bush left office according to last weeks NBC/WSJ polling.

We have spent nearly six full years withdrawing from the world stage with Obama megaphoning, "I will not be drawn into military action any place, no matter what you do, how many people you kill, or how you kill them, gas or otherwise." All said in Obama's comforting cloak, it will make American safer.

Consider the common sense of that policy. What louder signal could you give to the world's worst dictators, want-to-be dictators and brutal tyrants? If there ever was ever a siren call for action on their part it would be now. Obama provided an open invitation for them to strengthen and coordinate their forces to attack. Barack Obama screamed to the world that America was resigning from the job we have held as the world's top cop and peace keeper for the past 70 years. It was classic, bungled, Jimmy Carter thinking. (By the way, Carter came in fourth in the poll of worst presidents). Obama's logic was so basically flawed a fifth grader could have figured it out. Let alone the world's worst minds.

Because of Obama's poorly conceived policies and lack of decisive decision making (pointed out bravely by Hillary Clinton) the Ukraine is now under Putin's control while the rest of Europe cows in fear of who might be next. Obama hung our allies around the world "out to dry" while greatly endangering them.

The world has become an absolute hotbed of terror and destruction in countless places with innocents ripe for the slaughter during his presidency. The Cold War, long thought dead, has risen from the grave was given new life by Obama who signaled paralyzed dove to the world. It is no wonder Mitt Romney now whips Obama if an election were held toady.

Tony Boutin


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Readers can judge for themselves what Dems were saying about Saddam

To the Laconia Sun,

Once again Hill's favorite liberal and revisionist historian has presented readers with a favorite Democratic talking point that just isn't so.

Henry Osmer tells readers in Thursday's paper that President Bush got us into war with Iraq on false grounds. So once again I will correct the record. Democrats, long before G.H. Bush became president, were on the nightly news telling America that Saddam Hessian had weapons of mass destruction. Those Democrats included both Clintons, Polosi, Reid, Albright, Berger, Rockefeller, Edwards, Dean, Bayh, Gore, Biden, on and on.

Readers can watch and listen by going to www.youtube.con/

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My effort for you in Concord will be full-time; please send me back

To The Daily Sun,

Sincere thanks to my friends in New Hampton and Center Harbor for asking me to serve in Concord as your representative. The learning curve, the amazing cast of characters and the time demand were all greater than I could have imagined. It has been exciting and rewarding.

A happy aspect of the adventure has been the communication you and I shared. I'm convinced that the smartest people in New Hampshire reside in Belknap District 1. Moreover, even when our views didn't jibe, the conversation was always civil, if not gracious. Thank you for that.

I ask that you re-elect me. (You saw that coming.) Despite reasonable progress in the well-being of our citizens, businesses and environment, there is much left to do.

Don't you agree that if Northern Pass comes to pass, that the lines are buried? The burial would preserve the beauty of our state and bring it some income at the same time! Further, among other things, our children require protections yet to be enacted. My efforts for you will be full-time; and my responsiveness to you, paramount. Please send me back to Concord.

Ruth Gulick

New Hampton

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