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Capitalism also created deep divide between super rich & others

To The Daily Sun,

The Wall Street Journal has commented about Pope Frances' visit: "How ironic it is to see progressives claiming the pope as an evangelist for their agenda. These opportunists are seizing on the views they like and ignoring the church's teachings on abortion, same-sex marriage, and all of that catechistic unpleasantness. But perhaps the pope's visit to the land of the free will educate him about the benefits of capitalism. Economic freedom has not only created wealth that has lifted millions out of poverty, it is also — if history is any guide — our best hope of creating the resources to deal with climate change. The pope may speak for God on matters of faith and morals, but his infallibility does not extend to economics or environmentalism."

Is one of the "benefits of capitalism" the ability of Martin Shkreli, 32-year-old CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals, to raise the price of Daraprim 5,500 percent, from $13.50 per tablet to $750?

"Economic freedom" may have lifted millions of people out of poverty, but created a deep divide between the super-rich and the rest of us.

When it comes to the environment, the economic freedom of land-grabbing for the purpose of making money by turning bio-diverse land into soil-depleting monocultures is making a mess of the earth. I think that Pope Francis knows more about the environment than does the Wall Street Journal.

Dick Devens
Center Sandwich

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Hillary is showing she is indeed the 'one who fights for others'

To The Daily Sun,

Hillary Clinton performed like a champion in the Democratic presidential debate, not just as the embodiment of the most widely used definition of champion, "a winner", but most importantly, champion as it applies to "one who fights for others".

Hillary's debate performance exemplifies her compassion in regard to the care and education of children, the need for health care and paid family leave and the needs of the average American worker. She engenders hope in those who are marginalized everywhere, especially African Americans.

Her accomplishments, too numerous to list here, as a lawyer, senator, and secretary of state, reveal her traveling the nation and the world, espousing everything from gun control reform to sanctions against Iran. A standout accomplishment, being a mentor and example of achievement for women,was wonderful and historical to witness, and also was done with humility, decorum and confidence.

In essence, she spoke for all of us who know the importance of being presidential, who desire the ability to apply diplomacy, who value beyond words the crucial role of supreme negotiator as the leader of the Free World.

She has stood persistent and passionate in the face of partisan accusations, and is open, through careful research, to changes of opinion if the current public good proves that her previous stance is not efficacious.

I believe in Hillary Rodham Clinton, and I believe she wants to be a champion for all Americans. I thank her for solidifying my belief in her with her debate performance.

Hillary cares, prepares ... and delivers.

Patricia Stansfield Tarbox


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