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Time for 'We the People' to decide what kind of future we want

To The Daily Sun,

America is in a free fall. Already we have seen the Republican Party cave on important issues they said they would address in the first 100 days. We gave them the votes to take back country and what was the first thing the leadership did? — STABBED US IN THE BACK! We have allowed this to go on for too long. I believe the America we knew and loved is gone. We have been sold out by the very people we elected to keep America free. Both Democrats and Republicans are to blame. And now, do you really believe that things are going to change? Think about it for a minute or two. We re-elect the same recycled politicians and expect things to change.They want us to believe they will help the poor and middle class and keep America safe. The same crap they feed us every two years and we fall for it every time (look up the definition of insanity). Will we ever learn and realize they (everyone one of them) are a bunch of liars?

When will the American people regardless of party realize nothing is going to change?! What will it take to take America back?

Our country was founded on Godly principles by men who had the courage to write our Constitution that has served us well for over 200 years. It’s time for “We The People” to decide what kind of future we want for America. Do we continue along the path we are on or do we stand up and say we had enough and are not going to take it anymore? It's up to each and every one of us to make that decision. What will yours be? It’s time we let our so-called leaders in Washington know we want our country back

Harry Accornero.

  • Written by Edward Engler
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It's sign of our exceptionalism we're concerned about morality in war

To The Daily Sun,

Some people apparently think it would have been more moral to end WWII by killing 30,000,000 or more Japanese people via conventional means than by dropping the atomic bombs which killed fewer than 200,000. How it can be more moral to kill 100 times more people, or any more people, than necessary to end a war is beyond me.

People who condemn our use of the atomic bombs apparently have no understanding of the devastation, cost, and war weariness in WWII or have been influenced by anti-American propaganda.

Dropping the atomic bombs was a factor, if not the factor, influencing the Japanese to surrender without requiring an invasion which history and war planners believed would have resulted the deaths of at least 30,000,000 Japanese and the wounding of 1,000,000 Americans, 150,000 fatally.
I realize that no one celebrates being bombed, but a bombing which avoids or helps avoid the killing of another 30 million people is something that rational people should be grateful for. Many American soldiers slated for the invasion of Japan were grateful for the bombs that they felt probably saved their lives and the lives of many of their friends.

Most current Americans fail to appreciate the cost of WWII. Sixty to eighty million people were killed; over half were Allied civilians. In WWII, on average, more American soldiers died every month than in the whole 14 year-long Iraq war. Two and one-half times as many Americans died in the battle for Okinawa than in the Iraq war. By the time of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings, telegrams had been delivered to almost every city, town, village, and neighborhood announcing the death of one of the over 400,000 American soldiers who had been killed. No American wanted to get the word of another American relative, neighbor, or friend being killed.

It is a sign of American exceptionalism that we are concerned about morality even in war; our opponents never have been. Our opponents had no qualms about using new or superior weapons to ours or to mistreating American POWs. Our WWII opponents would certainly have used the atomic bombs to further their aggression if they had created them first.

Our country didn’t develop or use the bombs to enslave people. Americans shouldn’t be influenced by ignorant people or anti-American propaganda to condemn their use. Americans should be proud and happy that we used the bombs to end aggression, to end enslavement, and to minimize the killing.

Don Ewing

  • Written by Edward Engler
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