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Forcing PSNH to sell off those 12 power plants is going to cost us all

To The Daily Sun,

Wouldn't you agree that our electrical power generation is a major part of the bedrock of our modern society?

We've all experienced power outages. Do you enjoy having no power? Wrapping up in blankets with a candle may be fun for an hour but, really, power outages are a serious mess for everyone, each time they occur.

So, wouldn't it make sense, if our public utility company, PSNH, has nine hydroelectric power plants and three fossil fuel plants, all sited, designed, built and paid for over the past century, and has kept them updated with the latest improvements, as they've become available, and PSNH wants to keep them in service for their source diversity and because they feel the plants are "an insurance policy against price spikes," shouldn't they be left alone and allowed to do their job, keeping their power flowing to us? This is so important that it bears repeating: PSNH believes these 12 plants will help to protect New Hampshire citizens against price spikes.

With all the decades of PSNH's experience, providing us with power, shouldn't we give them the benefit of the doubt that they know something about power generation, distribution and costs? Aren't they in the best position to have continuously studied whether their power plants are cost effectively producing power, and whether that will continue to be the case?

Well, it may be PSNH knows more about the subject than the individual legislators who ran the state Legislature in the previous session, but those legislators had the power to pass a bill to force the Public Utility Commission (PUC) to force PSNH to sell off all 12 of those plants as soon as possible, and they did passed that very bill. The legislators' supposed rationale at the time was that if PSNH kept running those plants, they would eventually have to charge people higher rates.

Isn't the cost of almost everything going up, continuously? And even as the rates creep upward, and the world becomes an ever crazier place, don't you take some comfort in the fact that we in New Hampshire have 12 diversely-sited and diversely-fueled power plants on our own soil, owned by PSNH? And just maybe those nine hydroelectric plants, being a "green" source of power, cost a little more to run than other power plants (or maybe not), but every time there's a power outage, I'm happy to remember the water keeps perpetually running over those river dams, and as soon as the power lines are again intact, that power, generated by flowing water will once again surge through our lines. And, as a consumer, I see those plants as our home-grown insurance, and they're paid for and they're doing their jobs.

And, as for the three fossil fuel plants, I really believe I remember reading that they are fueled by United States-sourced fuel. I think there's one oil, one coal and one gas. Isn't it smart to have diversity to keep down price spikes during these shifting times?

But while those previous legislators' supposed rationale was that this sell-off would eventually save us money, the immediate sell-off their legislation requires will immediately produce a $435 million loss (Reference: Laconia Daily Sun, Associated Press (AP) article, Saturday, January 17, 2015, page 15), which will fall to all New Hampshire electricity consumers to pay off — now. Maybe those legislators didn't realize their actions would create a $435 million immediate loss. (Maybe they thought it would generate a profit). If so, all the more reason to reverse that legislation

Further, I'm fully aware that our power is part of the grid that comes from all across New England. But then, I am reminded by the recent big blizzard, that there are times we, in New Hampshire, may become cut off from power generated in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, or Vermont, due to storm damage to the lines coming in from those other states. In this last storm Massachusetts and Connecticut took the big hit. Our power generation from our 12 plants continued to flow out to all of us, here, in New Hampshire. And, it would also continue to flow out to anywhere else in the New England grid where the power lines remained intact.

Remember, years ago, the big "brown-outs" that spread out from big metropolitan centers and how people, way out in other states, far from the source of the power problems, suddenly lost power. We need our plants and we need our legislators to know we want that previous legislation reversed — now.

Please help. Contact all our New Hampshire state representatives and senators. And get the word out to people you know to spread the word to all our media: newspapers, TV and radio, that this is a big issue and we want to see more coverage of it.

Carol Grasso


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Alexandria needs to stand together in opposition to wind corporations

To The Daily Sun,

The residents of Alexandria are facing the threat of an industrial wind turbine project. The Spruce Ridge Project by Energias de Portugal (EDP) is threatening the health, safety and welfare of local residents and the surrounding ecosystems of Alexandria .

Dealing with these industrial wind corporations is like playing a game of chess. You plan and strategize and try to figure out what's their next move and plans are; and just when you think you have a well planned strategy, things change. Every time you play, you learn different strategies and you get better.

Alexandria learned from a lawsuit brought by EDP against the town, over a met tower building permit, that our current RBO (Community Bill of Rights Ordinance) didn't address the future plans the industrial wind developer has for our community. We needed a new RBO to protect us better.

Article 16 on the Alexandria 2015 Warrants prohibits wind resource extraction and strengthens the current RBO which prohibits the siting of new energy projects. The new RBO is meant to complement the existing one not to replace it.

Just like in chess if the queen stands with the king it makes it harder to over come you.

We are a community that needs to stand united. We are all pawns, but together we stand strong. Come out and vote on March 10 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the Alexandria Old Town Hall. Vote "Yes" on Article 16.

Debra Burke



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Their drive to turn U.S. into Marxist/socialist state is all consuming

To The Daily Sun,

Another day and more atrocities by the Muslim terrorists of ISIS.

The U.N. released a damning report of how these savages are treating children. Among other things they bury children alive. They crucify them; they use them as human shields; the developmentally delayed are used as suicide bombers; beheadings and mass executions are reported; some are sexual assaulted and sold as sex slaves; and there is probably more to come.

Now if anyone wants me to prove any of this, then no, I can't. I was not there, I didn't witness it. If you have a complaint take it to the United Nations, they're the ones who say it. But face it readers, this dovetails with the hundreds of authenticated reports and evidence of past atrocities by these terrorists.

With everything that has happened already, I just have to ask,what are all those moderate Muslims who say they are against terror going to do about it? Are they just going to mutter some meaningless statements that they are against violence? They have been saying that for 30 or 40 years but the crazies among them keep killing. So when do we stop letting them off the hook? When are the so called liberals going to stand up and stop enabling these butchers?

When does it sink in that, as Bill Maher said, "It's not my fault that the part of the world that is most against liberal principles is the Muslim part of the world."

And what about American Jews who stand by while universities and collages vilify Israel and promote the Arab right to destroy Israel and kill Jews? I can't understand that or how they let Obama slide on the issue? It's all so familiar to the history leading up to WW2.

This brings me to the liberal position, which most resembles the little statues of three monkeys of see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. So what's up with that? Do they have no empathy, sympathy or consensus? Perhaps they just don't care, can't be bothered. Their drive to turn America into a Marxist Socialist state is all-consuming and the lives of children far away is of no mater? I don't know readers. You tell me.

Steve Earle


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Year-Round Library appropration amounts to 0.4% of tax rate

To The Daily Sun,

The Gilmanton Year­Round Library is asking for your support at the second session of the Town Meeting (Voting Day) on March 10. The request is for $45,975. This is less than half what it would cost for the town to operate a comparable library. The request amounts to 10 cents per $1,000 of assessment or about four-tenths of 1 percent of the total tax rate at the current $22.93 per $1,000.

A quick review of the value of the services shows that for a few dollars on their tax bill a household will have access to the library's collection of more than 14,000 holdings, including books, audio books, movies on DVD and subscriptions to periodicals and local newspapers. Of additional value is the State Interlibrary Loan System that makes available, at no additional cost, thousands of additional books and hundreds of periodicals. A revolving loan arrangement with area libraries, called Scrooge and Marley, widens the availability of movies on DVD.

The library now offers e­books, which further expands the media available for those who wish to download books to their electronic devices. Six public computers provide free high­-speed access to the Internet. These computers allow many folks the opportunity to search for employment and the capability to write and submit their resumes.

Every citizen of Gilmanton will have access to all of this for the cost of one or two paperback books, or a couple of movie tickets. Half the property owners will pay less than $25.68 on their tax bill to keep the Library open. This amount will not buy a subscription to many magazines or newspapers, or even a month's access to the Internet on cable (unless you are willing to tie your phone line up with a very low speed connection).

The library is also a cultural resource that enriches the entire community. It is impossible to put a price on other offered services: Story hours (7­8 each month) for children, meeting spaces for organizations and interest groups; space for activities like "reading buddies," where older students mentor young readers. Space for this kind of activity is no longer available at the Gilmanton School.

Programs of general interest, exhibits by local artists, and interest groups ranging from crafts exchanges to scrabble, draw visitors and patrons into the library.

Stan Bean


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Way too much money to be seeking in these difficult times

To The Daily Sun,

I am writing to state that I agree with both Mark Mooney and Donna Hepp in regards to the town's proposal concerning the Belmont Mill.

This is way too much money to be seeking from the taxpayers in these difficult times. Belmont taxes are outrageous and with the school's proposal of full-time kindergarten residents need to be careful when voting this year.

The town needs a better and more active capital investment program as stated by Ms. Hepp as well as Mr. Mooney.

I will be voting against this proposal.

Don Irvin


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