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Please replace those tattered, faded American flags with new ones

To The Daily Sun,

As I drive through the Lakes Region I am overwhelmed at the patriotism displayed by our residents. I am also made aware of the condition of some of the American flags that are displayed. Some are tattered and torn from the high winds. Others are very badly faded. If yours falls into this category I implore you to replace it with a new one, hopefully made in the U.S.A. It keeps people employed and no other country should be allowed to manufacture our flag just to save a few bucks. The old flag should be destroyed by burning, according to the U.S. flag code. The American Legion disposes of flags by burning on several occasions each year and will do so again on June 14, which is Flag Day.

Incidentally, nowhere in the U.S. flag code is cutting up the flag for any purpose covered. When retired, it should be disposed of intact. Someone came up with the bright idea of cutting out the stars and presenting them to service members. Although they graciously accept the stars, many feel uncomfortable about "Old Glory" being cut up.
My last observation is the raising and lowering of the American flag. The president of the United States and the governor of each state have the power through executive order to lower the flag on occasions other than holidays. He or she sets the dates and times that the flag will remain lowered. Mayors and other city/ town officials do not have the right or privilege to make this order. Please pay attention to flag etiquette and to the condition of your flag. Display it properly and replace it when it is worn out.
Earl Beale

Adjutant, Post 1, American Legion

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Only 23 Laconia voters same-day registered with out-of-state IDs

To The Daily Sun,

I appreciate your effort in calling out Mr. Youssef and Mr. Baer in your Saturday, April 1, article about the duos appearance on a segment of CNN's "New Day." The segment was intended to be about Trump supporters assessing his performance but quickly turned to blatant lies about how the two had personally witnessed voter fraud here in the Lakes Region.

While it was pretty obvious throughout the segment that Mr. Baer was lying in stating (and a moment later retracting) that he saw busloads of people coming into New Hampshire to vote with his "own eyes," had I not known he wasn't telling the truth I think Mr. Youssef was almost convincing. Unfortunately, it does very little for them to "back off" claims in our little local newspaper when the lies they told hit upon a national audience. It's one thing to go on a popular television show to support your candidate, but to spread lies (or as it is now referred to as "fake news") was in bad taste and inexcusable.

Maybe rather than reading Trump's book they should have brushed up on data available from the state of New Hampshire. According to an article on nhpr.org, the New Hampshire State Department concluded that statewide "Election Day registrants of all kinds made up about 11 percent of all ballots cast. Within that, first-time New Hampshire voters made up six percent of all votes in November — and, within that, first-time voters who registered without a New Hampshire driver's license made up less than one percent."

In terms of their claims, in the 2016 general election it was determined that seven voters in Gilford, and 23 voters in the entire city of Laconia had out-of-state licenses (a significantly small number considering all the seasonal residents). The "bus" that Mr. Baer allegedly saw with his own eyes was pretty empty because according to the state it carried in two voters from Colorado, and one each from Georgia, Maine, New York, Oregon, and Wyoming, while in Laconia they traveled extensively to fill up those out-of-state cars (who all apparently decided to vote in Youssef's ward) as there were in total four from Florida, Massachusetts, and Maine, three from North Carolina, two from Nevada, New York, and Texas, and one each from New Mexico and New Jersey.

Perhaps the buses that Mr. Baer declared he saw (after changing his previous story) "on TV" were the shuttles from our colleges (Keene, Manchester, Plymouth, and Durham) as it is perfectly legal and common practice for college students to vote in New Hampshire (and is the general rule in other states as well). In fact the data collected does show that the only areas where larger amounts of out-of-state voting occurred was in college towns. Thus the real issue for Republicans (is that) college students have a tendency to vote Democratic, and incidentally those counties just happen to be where we had the most Democratic votes. Is it coincidental that SB-3 that just passed the New Hampshire Senate is by some respects considered a means to intimidate and deter the college student from voting?

It is very important for our residents and the country as a whole to know that there is no widespread voter fraud in New Hampshire. With all that is happening in our state and federal government it is concerning that people are being mislead and bills currently being passed that are nothing short of voter suppression. This should worry everyone. Spreading such untruths is not helping the situation whatsoever.

In the future when representing our state on national TV, I would appreciate it if Mr. Baer and Mr. Youssef would refrain from taking any more pages out of Mr. Trump's book.

Johnna Davis


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