And now, we have our very own Steve, The Great Prevaricator

To The Daily Sun,

Historically, our great nation has produced such men as Henry Clay — The Great Compromiser, Abraham Lincoln — The Great Emancipator, Ronald Reagan — The Great Communicator, and most recently, in the Lakes Region, we have Steve — The Great Prevaricator.

In his letter to this forum, dated March 13, he entertains us with a copulation of all the lies his "blogger buddies" have relayed to him during the course of the Obama administration. As we have learned, there is no lie so outrages that Earle, a professed "hater" of President Obama, will not share. His intent is to deceive by passing along these malicious lies to convey to the readers of this forum a false impression of the president.

In his letter, Earle lies with impunity, by rationalizing this diatribe by stating, "I can't attest to the accuracy of every detail." Of course not! Earle "doesn't have to prove anything."

To exasperate the hypocrisy of his letter, he has the audacity to accuse Obama of lying, rightfully or wrongly, but has no qualms about spreading lies of his own. It appears he holds himself to a different standard, whereby he can lie and relate lies and "doesn't have to prove anything"; by doing so, Earle loses all credibility.

It's one thing to blather on in the absence of facts, but it's quite another to deliberately ignore evidence. At some point, you'd think it would become embarrassing.

To further shed some insight into Earle's thought process, I refer you to an opening statement in which he claims of reading "a couple of things which might shed some light on these issues". Apparently this "light" is inspired by an article written by "Benjamin Weingarten, publishing manager of The Blaze."

While I would not be so arrogant as question Earle's right to his sources, I will point out that The Blaze is a conservative news and entertainment television network founded by libertarian Glenn Beck, an outspoken critic of President Obama — hardly unbiased.

L.J. Siden


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An impromptu gift of $100 cash was bright spot in a dark day

To The Daily Sun,

Reading this newspaper on a regular basis, I learn about the problems in our community. People are overdosing on drugs. Drug addiction in general is a problem, as is all the crime that goes hand in hand with it. We hear of robberies, assaults and people on the verge of dying almost daily in our community. All of this can take its toll, causing a jaded view of our community.

Over the weekend, I witnessed an act of kindness that I feel compelled to share. On Saturday, March 14, I was at the scene of the car fire in Laconia at Jon's Roast Beef. The young driver of the vehicle is my son, and his passenger is a close member of our family. These kids made it safely out of the vehicle just before it quickly burned to ashes. It was an extremely emotional experience for all of us.

In the midst of everything, an unknown woman walked up to my son's friend, and very quietly and discreetly handed something to her. She then continued to walk down the street. The gift she gave was $100 in cash. I don't know who she is, but I would like to say thank you. These are good kids, who had a terrible thing happen to them that day. This act of kindness was a bright spot in a dark day.

Carol Cheverie


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Thank you Belmont voters for continued support of Heritage Commission

To The Daily Sun,

The Belmont Heritage Commission is grateful to citizens for again supporting the Heritage Fund. As written for the newest Town Report, we have returned $3 for each dollar invested since 2005 through grants and fundraising, besides hundreds of locally volunteered hours annually.

Public thanks are also due to the John M. Sargent Fund committee, for their sponsorship of a Saturday, June 6, evening performance at the historic Belmont bandstand. The program is the first of a Heritage Series, offering free programs June through September. The full line-up will be announced later this spring.

Linda Frawley, chairman

Wallace Rhodes, vice chairman and town historian

Priscilla Annis, secretary

Shayne Duggan, Alyce Jewell & Vicki Donovan, members

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We've not given energy companies permission to 'take' our property

To The Daily Sun,

Our state's Site Evaluation Committee (SEC), which evaluates and permits the siting of all energy related projects, is in the process of creating and fine-tuning the rules and standards by ,which they will function, following changes created by the Legislature last year. Last week the SEC heard testimony from both private citizens and interested energy companies concerning these changes.

Several attorneys, including Susan Geiger, who at one time was herself a member of the SEC, represented the multibillion-dollar Portuguese company Energias de Portugal. In her testimony she expressed her company's view that private property boundaries are fluid, and do not need to be respected. She urged the Site Evaluation Committee to do the same.

If, once in place, the 499-foot wind towers that the company Ms. Geiger represents do happen to throw ice, snow, or turbine parts, inflict noise or shadow flicker anywhere onto your property, Ms. Geiger's testimony shows that she is fine with that. In fact the only part of your property she would like to require the SEC to respect for permitting is a "permanent occupied dwelling". So, livestock out on pasture or in shelters? No concerns. Pottery studio? Trails or logging roads used on your land? Not important. Sugar shack? Oh well. You don't live in it so if a hunk of ice traveling at 140 mph flies off a turbine blade and through the building and workers inside, no concerns. The testimony advocated by Ms. Geiger is intended to tailor the rules in order to benefit any company involved in obtaining a siting permit, to the detriment of private property owners of New Hampshire.

Neighbors certainly have the right to lease their land to developers and have a company erect 499-foot-high turbines on property abutting mine. However, I have the right not to give anyone permission to impose their "extras" on any part of my property. No ice, shadow flicker, excessive noise or turbine parts. We all have that right, as per our state Constitution, excerpted here:

"[Art.] 12. [Protection and Taxation Reciprocal.] Every member of the community has a right to be protected by it, in the enjoyment of his life, liberty, and property; he is therefore bound to contribute his share in the expense of such protection, and to yield his personal service when necessary. But no part of a man's property shall be taken from him, or applied to public uses, without his own consent, or that of the representative body of the people. Nor are the inhabitants of this state controllable by any other laws than those to which they, or their representative body, have given their consent.

Ms. Geiger, and New Hampshire SEC members, please keep in mind these words in our state Constitution. We, the citizens of New Hampshire, believe in them. And note that the Legislature has not given private companies such as Energias De Portugal permission to "take" our property. We ask permission before shoveling snow on your driveways. We count on you to do the same.

It is not enough to site wind towers a short distance from abutting property boundaries. These gigantic towers must be sited at distances that do not in any way, override our legal property rights as per the state Constitution.

The New Hampshire Site Evaluation Committee is, it appears, being told by a former member who is now a consultant to a company which will come before it for project permits, to do just that, to "take" our property rights. Our properties and our property boundaries are not for "the taking", Ms. Geiger. Property owners statewide are counting on the Site Evaluation Committee to abide by the state constitution, not to give in to the self-interests of a company raking in profits from our state, and our taxpayers, from a country thousands of miles away.

We deserve better than that.

Jennifer Tuthill


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We need senator who will strengthen our country, not embarrass it

To The Daily Sun,

U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte has embarrassed the Senate, embarrassed the United States and embarrassed herself by signing a letter to the Ayatollah in Iran schooling them on the way the government works in the U.S. The U.S. government is just one of many partners — the UK, France, Germany, Russia and China — negotiating with Iran to verify that Iran is not in the process of developing a nuclear weapon. Any imposition of further sanctions will be fruitless if these other countries don't agree.

By scuttling these talks, the signatories are saying the only way to stop Iran is a military option. By undermining the negotiations and calling for regime change, they are succumbing to the Bill Crystal neo-cons, the people that greased the wheels for our involvement in Iraq.

Our foreign policy in the area since 1945 has been an abject failure. From covertly toppling a democratically-elected government in Iran in 1952 and installing the Shah (a brutal dictator), to supporting the religious fanatics in Afghanistan against the Soviets — which then morphed into the Taliban — to supplying weapons to Iran in the Iran/Contra scandal in the 1980s, to believing we would be treated as heroes in toppling Saddam in Iraq.

Contrary to the belief that the U.S. isn't respected by the world, the present administration has worked hard to change the perspective after the disastrous Bush years where were derided by our European allies. We can't unilaterally make the world march to our tune and as we become more energy independent — the success of all of the administration's energy policy — we are no longer tied to Mideast oil. The policy has brought the price of oil to under $60 a barrel from $100 and has done more harm to Russia, Iran, and Venezuela than the sanctions the West can impose.

Let's get a senator in 2016 that will work to strengthen the U.S., not embarrass us.

John Morrissey


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