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A realy lose-lose situation: loss of liberty & loss of quality medical care

To The Daily Sun,

Paula Trombly expresses her sheer joy for "The Supremes" saving Obamacare one more time. She finds triumphant joy with this victory for President Obama by using lyrics from a big hit by Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons — "Oh What a Night" indeed. Little does she know, apparently, that this may be a victory for our president, but it is a crushing defeat for our constitutional republic. Not to mention quality health care.

You see Paula, the Supreme Court used to be about dedication to the law of the land. But now it has become an activist choir in black robes singing the praises for dictatorial power within the executive branch. Gone is the "one of a kind separation of powers" that has made this country the fairest in all of the land. In its place is that most dreaded of progressive beasts — ever burgeoning centralized power.

Democrats tout the amazing fact that 16 million more folks now have health care. Of that tiny percentage, how many are happy with what they have? And what of the rest of us, or the 95 percent who will be paying more and getting less quality of care.

Insurance companies and bureaucrats are burying doctors and nurses with time-consuming paperwork. The result is less time to spend with patients, so better order more costly tests, just in case. Between staring at the computer screen and filling out forms, physicians will have less time to actually diagnosis the real problem and so will end up more often treating symptoms and prescribing medications. The underlying cause may miss proper diagnoses as insurance companies are interested in numbers of patients seen rather than proper treatment.

Loss of liberty and loss of quality of medical care. A real lose-lose happenstance just occurred today, June 25th. I have a golden oldie song for Paula. "My World is Empty Without You" by The Supremes (pun intended). More of us will lament — "And as I go my way alone, I find it hard for me to carry on. I need your strength, I need your tender touch. I need the love, my dear, I miss so much."

Soon, long gone will be that personal touch that we have for so long cherished from our family physician. "Inside this cold and empty house I dwell. In darkness with memories I know so well." Will those memories soon be lost and forgotten? Or will we hear the sounds of another Supremes hit — "Working My Way Back to You"?

Will the citizens of this country find the gumption to fight back against this socialist dragon and its quiver of poison pills? Or have we lost the will to be responsible stewards of our constitutional republic. Are we content only to desire what is in it for me, accepting the false promises of the ruling elite who care not a whit if we remain healthy and fit?

Paula, I'm afraid you have been deceived. The promises of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act are not to be believed. As for the Supreme Court, look into the mirror and check out the lyrics from "Reflections" — "reflections of the way life used to be. In you I put all my faith and trust." Start doing the job our Founding Fathers entrusted in you. Please.

Russ Wiles

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Religious fundamentalists started the abolitionist movement

To The Daily Sun,

Well by now it must be apparent that white radicals are roaming the land like wolf packs hunting down black people. That's if you believe the narrative being spread by Obama liberals — and who could ever question the accuracy from that source? Never mind the long, rich, proven list of outright lies from them it's different this time. Riiiiight! Lefty will provide readers with numerous references all from impeachable liberal sources of which there are no shortage. (Yes I meant impeachable) But how about we look to an unbiased, independent sources for the facts.

Let's try the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) for a little clarification on the matter. FBI stats collected by them show that where interracial violent crimes are committed over 80 percent are blacks on white. Less then 20 percent are white on black. Kind of blows the liberal narrative out of the water and has to make the honest news consumer question the honesty of our mass media, doesn't it? Well it should but you don't have to believe me just look it up yourselves on your PC, or one at the library.

Moving on, I feel like popping another liberal balloon. To hear them tell it, the Democrats are the saviors and protectors of the black, downtrodden peoples. Really though that's another myth spread by our so very truthful liberal progressive politicians. History says that's not so.

Way back in the 1840s it was religious fundamentalists that started the abolitionist movement (abolish slavery). It was abolitionists who formed the Republican Party, fought a civil war, passed constitutional amendments to give equal rights to blacks. On the flip side it was Democrats who opposed them, divided the nation in civil war, created Jim Crow, separate but equal and it was Gen. Nathan Bedford Forest CSA who founded the Ku Klux Klan. He was also a pledged delegate to the 1868 Democratic National Convention.

Democrats controlled Southern states after reconstruction and saw to it blacks were denied the rights to vote, get an education, kept illiterate and poor. Even back in the 1960s it was primarily Democrats who opposed the civil rights laws that were finally passed. Look to Wikipedia which gives a list of prominent opponents to the civil right laws. Out of a list of 80 only 10 are Republicans the rest are Democrats. Even until today with liberal Democrats constant promises to the black communities to improve their lives and rights while demonizing conservatives the lives of blacks are far far from those promises it seems to me.

In fact it looks as though the KKK in its highest days could only dream of how low black communities have been reduced from their hopes and dreams. How could these villains of old possibly imagined getting so many young black men to go around killing each other. How could they have convinced young black men to father so many black babies then leave their young black mothers to fend for themselves doomed to poverty and dependence. And who is it that glorifies these choices except white progressive Democrats.

And they call the Tea Party radical.

Steve Earle


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