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Perhaps delegation members could volunteer for dunking booth duty

To The Daily Sun,

I cannot imagine stronger evidence of failed management and a stronger argument for a new Gilford representative to the New Hampshire House than Glen Aldrich's letter on fundraising for the county home. What kind of leadership passes off fiduciary responsibility for a facility to the public in a charity appeal?

Aldrich and his delegation cronies are ducking their constituents who want answers and their responsibilities as managers. Common sense demands that adequate staffing in the care and safety of our elderly and our prisoners is not optional. The first rule of being an employer is providing a safe working environment. Understaffed jails and nursing homes are not safe and allowing them to be poorly run does not serve the county.

Perhaps the Belknap County Delegation conservative group could raise $44,000 by volunteering for a dunking booth for a few weeks or until they decide to do their jobs.

Andrew Sanborn


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Offer should have been passed on to Briarcrest residents immediately

To The Daily Sun,

Part 2 of 3 — "As I See It," Briarcrest/Hometown America:

The board of directors decided not to inform members of the Hometown America offer immediately, so they could check it out. And, evidently, the board of directors had at least several "conversations" (letter, phone, email?) with a person at Hometown America, as evidenced by a letter from D.M. at Hometown America dated Jan. 17, 2017 (first paragraph: "Per our discussions,......."; note the plural of the word "discussion"). This letter from D.M. of Hometown America was not shown to members of the cooperative until Jan. 30, 2017. Are the members of the cooperative not able to make a rational decision for themselves? Is the board of directors better able to make a decision for the members? I think not.

As I said above, the Hometown America offer should have been passed on to the membership immediately upon receiving it, to let the membership decide whether or not to proceed.

What is Hometown America giving us?

As for the letter itself, it spells out Hometown America's offer to buy the Lakemont Cooperative: re: purchase price, existing/in-place rent increases, market rent (new owner only), capital expenditures, staff, services, rule/late payment enforcement, resident application, 55-plus community, regional management and a "gift" of $350,000 for capital expenditure. If any member of the Lakemont Cooperative doesn't have a copy of this letter, please ask the board of directors for one. Basically, this is same offer Hometown America made two years ago.

Have we not acquired some equity in the past two years? Granted, very little equity, but at least some and the two banks we deal with are very happy in our dealings with them. We have done much better than predicted on our fiscal requirements. We are in the black! And can put some extra money away for capital expenditures and other reserve accounts — that's why the banks are happy with us. We have exceeded our fiscal expectations by a large amount!

Louise Rosand


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