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Here is a link to the Swedish Crime Survey data back to 2006

To The Daily Sun,

Steve Earle has once again delivered another double-wide truckload of manure. He wrote this week regarding the so-called crime wave in Sweden, "Even Sweden's prime minister denied the description even though Sweden's own statics show a 70 percent increase in crime."

There are no such crime wave statistics. Unlike Mr. Earle, I have actually researched the statistics for both Sweden and the USA as have most of the major publications. But Steve couldn't miss the opportunity to spew his poisonous demagoguery and falsehoods from the alternative right wing universe. Facts don't matter to Mr. Earle.

Actually, "Swedish government data show overall crime rates down slightly in 2015 and 2016 after the nation of 10 million admitted 163,000 asylum seekers, more than any other European country as a share of its population. . . Recent data published by Brå found that from 2015 to 2016, overall crime rates decreased slightly. There was a 13 percent increase of reported rapes in 2016 over 2015, but the number was lower than in 2014 and about the same as in 2011" (see USA Today link below). Brå is the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention.

Here is the Swedish Crime Survey with graphs going back to 2005, see https://www.bra.se/bra/bra-in-english/home/crime-and-statistics/swedish-crime-survey.html (Click 'translate' if needed). As Factcheck noted, "Statistics show there has been an uptick in some crime categories since the country took in 160,000 asylum-seekers in 2015. But experts said there is no evidence of a major crime wave." And let's not forget that our murder rate per 100,000 dwarfs Sweden's. Also, Sweden has a much more expansive definition of rape than most nations due to its strong feminist culture, so we have to remember this when comparing Swedish rape statistics with those of a nation with a narrower definition.

Steve and #Fakepresident got their alternative facts from Tucker Carlson's Fox-TV show that that highlighted Ami Horowitz's bogus and dishonest film, "The Stockholm Syndrome." Steve parroted the 70 percent statistic from Horowitz claims on that show. But the Swedish officer interviewed on Fox News claims that Horowitz "edited the answers."

"Anders Göranzon, one of the officers, has since spoken out, saying he and his colleague's comments were stripped of context. He told a reporter in Sweden, "It was supposed to be about crime in high-risk areas. Areas with high crime rates. There wasn't any focus on migration or immigration." (See https://www.aol.com/article/news/2017/02/20/filmmaker-criticized-for-reporting-that-spurred-trump-s-sweden-c/21717885/).

So check out the actual crime data in the Swedish Crime Survey and you will see that Horowitz, #Fakepresident, and Mr. Earle lie. Read http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2017/02/21/sweden-migrants-trump/98187090/ to see how Ami Horowitz does his editing and manipulation of Swedish crime statistics.

When a white supremacist recently murdered six Muslim worshipers and injured many more in Quebec, did Steve Earle or #Fakepresident say anything? Their silence on crimes against Muslims and minorities tells us what kind of men they are. When Adam Purinton shouted "go back to your country" and shot three in a bar last Wednesday, murdering an Indian man named Srinivas Kuchibhotla, did Steve Earle show us his outrage? Silence again because it wasn't committed by a liberal, a black, a Mexican or a Muslim. When the Islamic Center of Victoria, Texas, was burned down shortly after our so-called president signed his failed unconstitutional Muslim ban, did Steve Earle remark on how terrible this was? Steve probably wished he could have supplied the gasoline. (A million dollars was raised to rebuild it, $800,000 on the first day.)

When arsonists set fire to a Mosque in Seattle, did Steve Earle respond to this with condemnation? Steve would have liked to provided the matches. When the Islamic Center of Lake Travis, Texas, was torched, did Steve voice any disapproval of such attacks on religious freedom? No, Steve would have thanked Jesus. When 111 Jewish community centers in 33 states received bomb threats and their cemeteries were vandalized, did we hear a peep from Steve? No, and it's because in all of the above, white Christian nationalists likely committed the hate crimes. That should tell you all you need to know about Mr. Earle.

James Veverka

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Special interests fighting to prevent Trump's common sense changes

To The Daily Sun,

Unbelievably, Democratic Senators and Congressmen at Donald Trump's speech before Congress rejected not only his plans but the very idea that American presidents should put the interests of our country and American ctizens first.

It's understandable that Democrats oppose repealing Obamacare; it's been a nearly century old dream that Democrats felt would ensure their eternal control of our government. To them that justified implementing Obamacare against the clearly expressed wishes of the American people, without prior open review, and without Republican input or support.

Obamacare hurts far more Americans than it helps, although we only hear about the approximately 6 percent more Americans insured with money taken from others, including hard-working struggling taxpayers.

But, almost all of the 85 percent of the American people who previously had health insurance suffered because Obamacare increased premiums, reduced choices, reduced wage increases, reduced access to medical care, forced harmful changes on our health care system, increased medical device and service costs, and/or lost jobs. Obamacare also took $700 billion out of the already inadequate Medicare Trust Fund further jeopardizing future healthcare for seniors.

President Obama's repeated lies were exposed. People discovered they couldn't keep their doctors, hospitals, good insurance plans, or save $,2500; that Obamacare pays for abortions and covers illegal aliens; and, despite everything, about 9 percent of Americans remain uninsured.

President Trump's proposals, including repealing and replacing Obamacare, aren't radical or, in a political environment dedicated to helping the American people, difficult to achieve.

Any president could ask businessmen what encourages investment and job creation, and then do those things while protecting our environment; could enforce our immigration laws to protect the American people and workers; could develop a market-based patient-centered health care system that addresses the real causes of cost increases and uninsured Americans; could ensure veterans receive the benefits they deserve; could make children's educational opportunity and results the top priority; could support law enforcement in their difficult and dangerous efforts to protect Americans; and could ensure that our military is adequately funded to protect our soldiers and our country.

I'm sure that most Americans, Republicans, Democrats, independents, and others want all these things. Unfortunately, there are special interests which benefit from the status quo, who oppose these common sense changes to benefit the American people.

Sadly, Democrat politicians have thrown in with the special interests that benefit from the status quo and provide financial and activist support for Democrat candidates. And this is why Democrat senators and congressmen oppose Trump's common sense efforts to make Americans safer, freer, healthier, and more prosperous.

Don Ewing

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