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Advocating for placing our soldiers in harm's way is foolhardy

To The Daily Sun,

Some impressions of the confirmation hearings thus far: Senators Graham and Cruz are showing real concern for the people who are coming before them to testify. As with the Democrats on various committees they too are asking probing questions (something new for any GOP/Tea Party member of Congress, right? You bet!).

But, and there is always a but which has to be added to this conversation.

Senators Graham and Cruz are to be considered the ultimate hypocrites. Where were these two individuals during the GOP primaries? Are they now suffering from buyer's remorse? It seems to be their stock-in-trade that they say one thing and do another. Will they follow their conscience or follow the party line and do what they are told to do?

They and other congressional GOPers and Tea Party members are not doing any favors for the citizens of these United States. They are truly making a mockery of our legislative process and body of laws. They sadly continue to speak out of both sides of their mouths.

Is it any wonder that this country is in such horrible straits? Come on America! Wake up and see the truth of just how the GOP/Tea Party members of Congress have taken this country to a very scary place. They will now support President-elect Trump and Vice President-elect Pence for one reason, that is to save or guarantee their own re-election and continued place in Congress.

Now it remains to be seen if Rubio will back up his strong words with actions and vote against Tillerson. Otherwise Rubio becomes yet another party hack who follows the pack of congressional hypocrites.

In watching this latest round of hearings now and listening to Senator McCain try to make a case for again intervening in other countries' troubles, one has to wonder why in the world he continues to believe that inserting this country into more war and strife will resolve centuries of deep discord, hatred and bloodshed.

Advocating for placing our soldiers in harm's way is foolhardy and purposely short-sighted. A short planned trip to other countries, then framing it to sound as if one is now an expert about their affairs is both misleading and a great disservice to the American public at large.

Bernadette Loesch


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County commissioners weren't allowed to tax the people again

To The Daily Sun,

We write this letter to comment with clarity on a recent letter offered by Commissioner Hunter Taylor, titled "Delegation has used fund balance to create artificially low tax rate."

The commissioner is certainly entitled to express his right of free speech to promote a tax-and-spend philosophy which he embraces with comfort. However, in doing so he should be very careful not to liberally try to spin the real facts with his fiction to the Belknap County taxpayers.

First item to address, "...a majority of the delegation, over my objection and that of Chairman DeVoy, dramatically increased the amount to be taken from the fund balance to reduce taxes to be raised." Dramatically, please no lectures. Now the rest of the story, on page four of the Feb. 16, 2016, approved Delegation meeting minutes the delegation voted 12-yes, 3-no to increase revenues from the available $4.3 million fund balance by approximately $600,000 dollars, "... and pay off previous debt services from the fund balance." This allowed existing debt to be paid.

These commissioners were not allowed to tax the people again when money was readily available.

Secondly, on Dec. 12, 2016, these county commissioners presented to the public a 2017 budget proposal with a "to be raised by taxes" recommendation of plus 6.31 percent. The issue here is that the projected increase is clearly factually deceptive. Both of these gentlemen included revenues in the amount of $175,000 from a source where no legal agreement to pay exists. The previous agreement expired in December 2016, thus no guarantee of these projected funds at this time.

In addition these same two spender commissioners increased by $408,657 the customary amount to be drawn from surplus to balance their budget (except for the one instances where the delegation chose to pay down obligated debt) to further hide the their true budget proposal spending increases. Gentleman please at least try to be transparent to the people in Belknap County.

Folks, when you look at the two revenue components above it is closer to a 10.5 percent true budget spending increase than what the two tax-and-spenders would have you believe of 6.31 percent.

Finally, the commissioner said, "To put this in a more realistic perspective, the decrease generated an average reduction of approximately $13 on a $200,000 property." Not a large windfall, however, since this commissioner takes approximately $9,000 in salary for his time (which is 90 times higher than the state representatives members who set the final budget) maybe he would consider a humbling gesture of offering 692 hard working taxpayers his salary at $13 each to help them pay for his decision making. If both of these commissioners were to consider this proposal 1,384 folks could be truly helped. That would show leadership.

It is important for District 3 Commissioner Taylor to recognize that in November of 2016 the voters elected very thoughtful, hard-working and conservative state representatives members to safeguard their hard earned monies on the delegation for a responsible budget. These members represent the towns of Alton, Center Harbor, Gilford and Meredith. Maybe next election cycle the voters should consider the same when it comes time for electing a commissioner also.

Brian Gallagher


George Hurt


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