Proceeds from benefits have allowed us to pay bills & take cruise

To The Daily Sun,

This letter is my attempt to thank every one on behalf of me, Suzanne Taggett, my husband, Mike, and our sons Charles, Andrew, Joshua, Arron and their families for the kindness shown to me by the many people who attended a Lakes Region Ice Racing Club Race on Feb. 15, and a ham and bean dinner, silent auction and raffle hosted by the Wicwas Lake Grange on Feb. 21.

I am very grateful for the caring and support shown to me, and was just floored by the number of people who came to the benefit dinner, many of whom I had never met before.

I would also like to express my gratitude to the many individuals and businesses who willingly donated items that were auctioned or raffled during the dinner that helped raise $3,128. Thanks also goes to members of the Lakes Region Ice Racing Club, the drivers, their fans and race co-sponsor Lou's Custom Exhaust for donating all the proceeds from the race, plus presenting me a check for $2,000.

A special thanks goes out to Garden Island Cleaners who was inadvertently left out of a listing of donors that was previously recognized in a thank you letter published on behalf of the Wicwas Lake Grange 292.

In the days following the race and dinner, we received many cards and notes with more generous donations. The combined proceeds of the benefits and other donations have allowed us to pay off our bills and given Mike and me the chance to enjoy a week-long Caribbean cruise.

I just wanted to let people known that the kindness they have shown have put a smile on my face and taken a financial burden off our backs.

Suzanne Taggett & family


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Republicans are wrong to grandstand on behalf of seniors

To The Daily Sun,

Executive Councilor Joe Kenney's recent (March 17) Letter to the Editor states the obvious: all Granite Staters are in favor of the maximal budgetary support for our seniors and nursing homes.

In the budget process, choices must be made. So far, choices at the Statehouse have favored business tax cuts over nursing homes, Department of Transportation jobs, elderly services such as home delivered meals and in-home caregivers, ServiceLink and the continuation of Medicaid expansion, which opened access to health care services to over 37,000 low-income New Hampshire residents. Other potential targets to offset these business tax cuts include the Tilton Veterans Home, the state University System and the State Police.

But as a recent Concord Monitor column pointed out, "there's no reason to believe that ... reducing business taxes will attract and retain businesses." What they go on to say deserves additional emphasis: "(t)here is, however, good reason to believe that making up for lost revenue will require even deeper cuts ... (that will) make the state less, rather than more, attractive to young, well-educated workers and the businesses seeking to hire them."

Businesses looking to relocate to our state look for great schools, safe roads, secure neighborhoods and services for extended family members such as grandparents and the developmentally disabled. These are the resources put at risk by our New Hampshire Legislature.

It's simply wrong to grandstand on behalf of seniors while supporting other budget cuts that will make that support impossible to deliver. Councilor Kenney and state Sen. Jeanie Forrester need to be honest with their constituents about the entirety of the budget package they support.

Kate Miller


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Republicans are trying to tear apart their country's creditability

To The Daily Sun,

To Messrs. Meade and Eddy: You both completely missed the point I was trying to make. In no way shape or form am I trying to take away your free speech, but would prefer facts when making an important decision. Free speech by both Meade and Eddy might tell you they are related, but fact-checking can prove it to be true or false.

The GOP has for years distorted the truth just to make themselves important or relevant. So, is free speech really called fact-checking which were the words I used in my letters. Also used the phrase "my opinion" which I think I'm still entitled to, or is it only the GOP entitled to have one?

I never implied taking away our freedom of speech. I feel we are entitled to the truth, especially from those who desire to lead our country. Advertising and candidates conversations appear to more shady the closer we get to the elections. By that time it's too late to check for the actual truth. Are we voting on lies, free speech, facts or just innocent mistakes? But, then again, facts are not high on the GOP list of priorities when your party comes before the country. Typical GOP hypocrisy.

I realize you on the political right are loving all the anti-Obama backstabbing going on while your party is trying to tear apart the countries creditability. Amazing how only 47 of your best and brightest could do so much harm in such a short time. You must be proud.

Fact check? ­Yes.­ Not every word, you fool, but at least when we go to vote we hope the person we are voting for will do what they promised or will try to anyway. The usual problem that runs rampant in the GOP is they will hide behind words like patoot, which was what Eddy called me. It's one of the few words that isn't in Webster's and has no meaning. Much like the GOP political agenda.

Jon Hoyt


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Purpose of Right-To-Works laws simply to weaken labor unions

To The Daily Sun,

Gov. Scott Walker just signed the so-called "Right-To-Work" legislation in the state of Wisconsin. As you know he is also running for president. The Republicans are ecstatic over the fact that he signed this law and did it in a blue state. Accolades all around for Scott; what a guy!

So what is the true purpose of "Right-To-Work" laws? It is a way to weaken unions by allowing any non-union worker in a unionized business to not pay for the administration of their collective bargaining agreement. You might think that this is great; don't want to be a union member, don't have to pay. The problem is that the non-union workers covered by a bargaining agreement get the same benefits and protections that union members get, including the right to file grievances, and legal representation in working condition disputes. "Right–to-Work" laws starve labor unions of the funds they need to ensure that rank-and-file workers have better wages and working conditions and a stronger voice in the workplace.

One way the middle class can grow and earn its fair share of this country's wealth is through union organizations and collective bargaining. Otherwise the wealthy corporations and the rich and powerful will dominate the working class and prevent wage growth and proper justice in the work place.

So, Right-To-Work is intended to destroy unions and put more power in the hands of the rich and powerful. Right-To-Work is intended to weaken the middle class and workers of America.

The Republicans might want this, but I believe in the long run it will threaten our democracy and cause hardships to the workers of America. (In fact, it already has.)

The N.H. House of Representatives has just passed the Right-To-Work bill. In the Laconia Delegation, Republicans Robert Fisher, Bob Luther, Peter Spanos, and Frank Tilton voted in favor of passage. Don Flanders did not vote. Apparently, most of our delegation believes weakening the working class is good policy.

Let us hope that Scott Walker's bid for the presidency fails. If Right-To-Work were enacted in the nation, workers would forever be subjected to low wages and unfair labor practices.

Tom Dawson

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Where do these aliens expose themselves? Right on these pages

To The Daily Sun,

The Lakes Region has been invaded by aliens from another planet. They have mastered our language and have been able to change their appearance so they look just like ordinary U.S. citizens. I spotted some of them around town recently. I was able to get a glimpse of their aluminum covered antennae peeking out from the hair on their heads. When they turned toward sunlight I briefly saw the reflection of sun glinting off the antenna. Really!

During this long winter most people are wearing head covering when out and about, so these "visitors" have been able to keep their identity under wraps (pun intended) while out and about in our presence. It's truly amazing to me that they have been found and exposed. But, you are just not going to believe where else I was able to find them.

Let me take a moment to explain how I uncovered their presence among us. These alien visitors from another planet have mastered the English language enough to continuously write mind-numbing, misleading letters to The Daily Sun.

If these (alien) writers were truly residents of planet earth for the last few decades, we could be confident that they would have been keeping track of our politics, observe how it has evolved and sadly deteriorated under Republican control. This rapid deterioration has evolved mostly since Ronald Reagan was elected president.

It has been blatantly obvious how each and every GOP administration since Reagan has taken away, eroded, watered down or challenged our basic freedoms and opportunities. Here is a depressingly sad short list:

1. Subverting the constitutional right of every citizen to vote.

2. Fewer rights and protections in the workplace, beginning with, but not limited to, union busting.

3. A soaring national debt as a result of mismanaged unfunded wars and giveaway tax cuts to the rich.

4. The lack of equal pay for equal work for women.

5. Less ability of those of us in the middle and working classes to save money.

6. Lack of basic regulation(s) and the enabling of fraudulent mortgage lenders.

7. The inability to send our children on to a higher education as a result of runaway and ever increasing college tuition.

8. No appreciable increase in the hourly wage as workers lose ground.

9. The 1 percent of the "one percenters" becoming obscenely wealthy and then buying our political processes and our candidates.

11. The ever-increasing need for food pantries — which are increasingly running further and further behind the need.

12. Millions of American jobs shipped overseas by the same corporations who ship their profits to overseas bank accounts.

13. More widespread air and water pollution.

These are but a part of a very long list of what we as Americans have experienced and for which we can thank the Republican Party. The GOP/Tea Party continues to erode our freedoms, diminish our incomes, threaten to take away our health care and are taking away any hope of a better future.

Where do these aliens expose themselves almost every day? They are actually too easy to find. Just get your hands on a copy of The Laconia Daily Sun, turn to the letters to the editor and, lo and behold, there they are in plain sight (actually print) for all to see. These visitors from outer space, aka letter writers, Republican pod people, continually show us that they are out of touch and unfamiliar with reality. In order to mislead and subvert our politics they are more than willing to lie, make up their own "facts" from scratch, and create smoke screens.

If you are lucky enough to spot them in public, please give them the V sign (two fingers on each side) to show them that you mean them no harm. If you are able to get their attention let them know that E.T. phoned and has asked them to return home.

Bernadette Loesch


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