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These methods are all of same species so lets not pretend they're not

To The Daily Sun,

I have been quite entertained with the back and forth that began with Bob Meade sending a website to Marty proving the persecution of Christians (probably Fox Howler Todd Starnes' site GodlessAmerica). Russ Wiles doesn't like Marty's answer and Steve Earle thinks Marty is stupid and Dale Channing Eddy thinks we should stop the name calling. So, what is name calling? Firstly, they are labels meant to degrade and diminish someone's worth so name calling isn't just calling someone a stupid libtard or a hallucinating conservatard. It actually covers considerably more territory. What is the difference between Steve Earle calling Marty stupid and Russ Wiles calling Obama a lawless dictator? There is no difference because they are untrue to begin with. None of us are stupid and Obama isn't a dictator or a fascist or a socialist except as defined in the New Huckabee Conservatard Dictionary. And what of Dale Channing Eddy who wants us to stop calling people names but then takes a break midway in that same letter - in parentheses - to call Obama incompetent? Using a word in a way that doesn't fit its definition in the dictionary is name calling because his opinion is hyperbole, not fact based. The stock market is at 17,000, Iraq war is ended, unemployment at lowest since recession, the child immigration surge is over, the deficit has been cut in half (Reagan tripled it), and we have far more healthcare options now shows a competence that passes the test. In fact, he has accomplished much more than the religious fundamentalists or economic libertarians wanted. Its been a "disaster" for the fringes.

And how about those who accuse others of being hateful just because the other person incinerates their ideas in a not so congenial way? That is name calling too because none of us are really hateful. Possibly contemptuous, disdaining, disrespecting, and angry maybe, but its not hate. Hate is black. People often project too much of their own way of thinking on to others' letters; psychological projection is a weakness that has no place in a debate. So when you use labels within what we consider our opinions, you can be just as offensive and wrongheaded and name calling as someone who uses gutter talk like stupid or heartless scumbag. Its all about painting someone with distortions and misinformation. These methods are all of the same species so lets not pretend they aren't. False accusations, deliberate mislabeling, and trash talking are all just siblings of the same family meant to degrade and insult. Its all name calling. In fact, who can call me anything you want. Everyone does it in their own way from behind the mighty keyboard. Just ask those barking dogs at Fox.

James Veverka


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Democrats can run from Obama legacy but they can't hide

To The Daily Sun,

Does anybody still read Newsweek magazine anymore? Well you won't after this last issue of this liberal icon. It's closing its doors. But before it does they have finally printed the truth about Obama.

In the article they confirm ever criticism we conservatives have leveled at the man. They use the word "incompetent" to describe him. His polices are "warmed over Marxism" they write. A political philosophy which has continually failed for a hundred years they wrote. He is a man of no accomplishments, no leadership ability, well as I said he is everything we conservatives said he was, and more.

Now, Obama did not create the list of failures and disasters all by himself. He had the help of every elected Democrat in Washington and in the states for that matter. We sent our elected representatives to Washington expecting them to represent the people of New Hampshire but they did not. They fell into the cult of Obama, seemingly oblivious to his lies, his deceptions and in denial of his scandals and blunders, cover-ups and stonewalling. In fact, they participated in the frauds and harmful polices.

You would have expected that at some point in their tenures they would have seen that what he was doing was wrong. But they acted, and are acting as though they were locked in a sound-proof dark closet and didn't know. They were not. These Democrats are fully vested in his failures, lies, and scandals.

Right now their entire re-election campaigns are predicated on personal attacks and smears. They are trying to run as far from Obama and their own complicity in violating our laws and the Constitution as they can run. They can run, but they can not hide, as the saying goes. But regardless of the election outcomes they will forever be tainted with the stains of corruption and betrayal by history.

Voters must decide in only a few short weeks whether they will vote on the dark side of lies, deceit and polices that are harming every working family every American and the nation as a whole. Please consider carefully. Do we really want this lawless administration running amok in Washington? Vote out those who have sided with Obama 99 percent of the time and return us to a lawful and constitutional government.

Steve Earle


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This should answer every one of your assumed assertions

To The Daily Sun,

In the last paragraph of Terry Payton's letter published on Oct. 7 he claimed he had, "Yet to meet a veteran who's gone from Republican to Democrat." I'd like to respond to him in particular, and hopefully to inform the readers of this newspaper in general.

First, we will get the easy stuff clarified. While I did not serve in the military of this country you should know that I was registered to vote in national and local elections as (in this order) a conservative, a Republican, an independent and am now happy and proud to say I am a registered Democrat. If you know no vet who has changed from Republican to Democrat you either know very few people or you should expand your circle beyond your selected few. Hopefully you will hear from people who have served.

Now for the nitty-gritty: You state the following in your letter:

1. "... I must comment on one of your followers (I presume)."

2. "... Bernadette Loesch and her list."

3) "Not bad Bernadette, despite 90 percent of what you report is completely incorrect."

One: why would you dare to assume I follow anyone or any philosophy as you do not know me? Remember that ol' adage: "To 'assume' something without knowledge makes one out to be a 'donkey's rear end" (paraphrasing here) . . .

Two and three: Since my "list" was fully researched and verifiable, can you kindly tell us which 90 percent is as you allege, are "completely incorrect?" We respectfully request, and you certainly have the obligation to present facts which you claim counter my points. A sense of responsibility should lead you to do more than simply throw out blanket claims.

And last but not least, "'watch FOX News for a change..." I do.

Suffice to say this should answer each and every one of your assumed assertions. Maybe it also accounts for your throwing out wild claims without any facts behind them.

Bernadette Loesch


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How about recognizing women by not treating them as fools

To The Daily Sun,

There you go again, Terri. On Aug. 14, Ms. Norelli, New Hampshire's Speaker of the House (a Democrat), in recognition of Women's Equality Day fanned the fires of ignorance by repeating the misleading mantra of the left: "men...still earn on average 33 cents more to the dollar than women."

Give me a break! If Ms. Norelli wanted to truly recognize women on this special day she would not treat them as ignorant fools. With the Equal Pay Act the United States has had equal pay laws on the books since 1963.

Paying more or less based on gender is illegal.

As is most everything in life the truth is often complex. How, for example, can the left continue to get away with the claim that women are being treated unfairly? Especially when as reported by the Washington Post on July 1 in an article titled: "Male-female pay gap remains entrenched at White House:" "The average male White House employee currently earns about $88,600, while the average female White House employee earns about $78,400,..." That is a gap of 13 percent.

So there you have it. After six years in control the man who routinely blames Republicans (or Bush) for all of his ills has maintained the "gender pay gap" in his own administration. Ridiculous you say? I say look it up.

Hmmm, doesn't Mr. Obama fan the flames of inequality, too? Oh wait it's in his political interest to prop up the myth that women are oppressed, that everyone else is waging a war on women, and the left will be their salvation. In my opinion the tax policies of this administration with one of, if not the highest corporate tax rates in the world of 35 percent, a job-killer for sure. Oppressing the free market is the most deadly assault on women one could ever imagine. Jobs are what are needed. Clearly the real war on women is being conducted by the left and their job-killing tax, spending and onerous regulations.
Jobs set you free. More jobs equal more freedom.

So what's going on here? Or better said, exactly what is the truth? Perhaps some of the truth may be found in a study paid for by the U.S. Department of Labor in 2009 conducted by CONSAD Research Corporation: "This study leads to the unambiguous conclusion that the difference in the compensation between men and women are the result of a multitude of factors and the raw wage gap should not be used as the basis to justify corrective action."

Careful everyone, as the old saying goes: Fool me once; shame on you. Fool me twice; shame on me.

Some of the multitude of factors that result in raw data showing women's wages are less than their male counterparts: the Department of Labor states that men work on average 8.14 hours per day while women work 7.74 hours per day. The U.S. Department of Labor! General walking-around common sense observation tells us that men often choose higher-paying, more stressful careers, like construction and engineering, or work more overtime than women.

In Katie Pavlich's book "Assault and Flattery" she states, "Women are overwhelmingly doing better than their male counterparts. According to the Census Bureau, more women than men are going to college than men, women are on pace to be making more than men by choosing more lucrative college majors, and more women are employed than men straight out of college, a far cry from being held down through employer's paying less based on gender."

The truth is sometimes complicated and difficult. But in the end the truth will out. The truth is that Ms. Norelli is trying to hoodwink the women of New Hampshire.

Don't be fooled again.
Marlene Rivers

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Do any of our candidates care about EDP Renewables' project?

To The Daily Sun,

On Sept. 30 there was a special selectboard/town meeting in the town of Alexandra. The issue was that EDP Renewables has filed a writ of mandamus with the Grafton Superior Court against the Alexandria Selectboard for failing to issue a building permit for the construction and placement of a meteorological tower as a predecessor to the Spruce Ridge wind turbine project. The lawyers for the plaintiff are Pierce Atwood LLP, Portsmouth. The good citizens from Alexandra and the surrounding towns that were in attendance realized the fact that we have no say in what the PUC (Public Utility's Commission) and the SEC (Site Evaluation Committee) is shoving down our throats.

I've been around politics most of my life and have witnessed candidates campaign with the promises to voters to, "work for the people." They get into office, land on boards like the PUC and SEC, then screw the same people into the ground, using our own state's Constitution that has so many amendments tilted towards "franchise" industry it's sickening.

What promises were made, to work for what people and how much big money is involved? How much is it going to cost all of us in the end? The town of Groton, facing a 190 percent (county) tax increase this coming year, can best answer that one.

Rather than ending up in Superior Court, the building permit was issued. We will not throw the selectboard members under the bus. It's a sad day when the citizens who have been yelling at the top of their lungs for over three years, "We do not want this junk in our back yards, " can't seem to penetrate the thick skulls down in Concord. Again, we are hung by our own Constitution. Again, it's big money driving the bus.

What is even sadder still is the fact that none of the six candidates (R, Libertarian or D, Libertarian) who won the primary for District 9 and Flotorial Dist 17 attended this meeting. Maybe they are waiting to see if they get elected before they extend their hands. Maybe after the election they will come out and start to listen to their constituents. Maybe, maybe not.

It is obvious that they just don't care. I don't believe for one minute that they are going down to Concord to continue to fight for the people in the Newfound Lake region on this or any other issue. All the roadside signs and expensive advertising means nothing if you could care less for the very people your expecting to hand you the keys to the kingdom. Do us all a favor, extend your hands and sneak back over here from your Free State Libertarian town of Grafton and pick your signs back up off the sides of our roads. You're polluting our scenery.

As the only (write-in) candidate present at the meeting, with a lot of time and effort I've devoted on the subject of the wind farm project, and all the little nastiness that go along with it, I can safely say that this is not over yet. I refuse to bury my head in the sand while Alexandra is facing the same faith that has happened to Groton. I spoke at the meeting and I will speak down in Concord. If I can't get into office to serve my constituents as House Representative with a write-in campaign so I can go to Concord and represent this District properly, than I will go to Concord to testify before committees on behalf of my neighbors. State Representative is not a job. It's a responsibility. I will meet that responsibility head on.

Write-in, Rottenecker for Representative, Nov 4.

Eric T. Rottenecker (R)
USN veteran, fiscal conservative
Write-in candidate, Dist 9
Alexandria, Ashland, Bridgewater, Bristol, Grafton

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