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Thanks to Market Basket for hosting food pantry benefit on April 22

To The Daily Sun,

Thank you to the Tilton Market Basket for allowing us to hold a very successful food drive at their store on Saturday, April 22nd.
Also a big THANK YOU to the many patrons who contributed, to the Tilton Knights of Columbus for assisting and to the Food Pantry volunteers who donated their time.
St. Gabriel Food Pantry Staff


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If these allegations are accurate, Rep. Fisher needs to resign now

To The Daily Sun,

Belknap County Democrats are disturbed by the recent allegations of questionable behavior by state Rep. Robert Fisher (R-Belmont, Laconia). The alleged link of Rep. Fisher to the online forum The Red Pill does not represent actions or opinions appropriate for our elected officials, and neither his values nor his beliefs are representative of the citizens in Belmont and Laconia.

If these allegations are proven to be accurate, Belknap County Democrats join with the New Hampshire Democratic Party and N.H. Young Democrats in asking for Rep. Fisher's resignation.

A special election should be held subsequently to replace him. Rep. Fisher's constituents should not have to wait until the election of 2018 to weigh in, as suggested by the Speaker of the House. Action needs to be taken now!

Lew Henry & Kate Miller, Co-Chairs

Belknap County Democratic Committee

Elizabeth Merry, Chair

Laconia Democratic Committee


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