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Building was shaking at finale to Interlakes Theatre’s ‘Footloose’

To The Daily Sun,

The 2016 season ended on a high note this past weekend at the Interlakes Summer Theatre in Meredith with sold out performances of "Footloose." And what a show it was!

The cast was outstanding, including my two personal favorites: Mikey LoBalsamo and Emma Flynn. The music had the audience rocking and rolling, and the finale had the entire building shaking. A great night of musical theater in the heart of the Lakes Region.

The season unfortunately has come to an end, but what a spectacular year it was. From "Patsy Cline" to "The Producers," "9 to 5" to "My Fair Lady" and culminating with "Footloose," it was a season of outstanding musical theater for the entire family.

Thanks go out to the talented cast and crew of ILST for their outstanding work, to the musicians and all the background people who keep the theater running so smoothly each week, and most especially to the executive producer, usher, answer the phone, performer and do just about anything to bring these spectacular shows to Meredith, Nancy Barry. She does everything that needs to be done tirelessly and willingly on behalf of ILST, and always with a smile.

Of course, with the ending of the 2016 season, we turn the page to 2017. And what a season it looks to be. The 10th Anniversary Year of the Interlakes Summer Theatre will feature four shows, the beautiful music and serenity of "The Sound of Music," the hand clapping and foot stomping of "All Shook Up," the comedy, dancing and joy of "Mamma Mia," featuring the outstanding music of Abba, and the musical celebration of "Gypsy." An outstanding lineup of musical theater situated in what will be the newly-refurbished auditorium at Inter-Lakes High School in Meredith.

You don't want to miss any of these shows. How about a season pass for next year? It makes a sensational birthday, anniversary or holiday gift, and you'll be thanked for your thoughtfulness at the time you make the gift along with thanks throughout the summer of 2017. You can't lose on that idea. Or you can do as my wife and I have done — we've already renewed our season pass. And if you purchase a season pass before Sept. 30, you'll receive free tickets — that's right, free tickets — as a thank-you. But don't listen to me. Just go to for all the details.

Don't wait too long before you visit that site and secure your season pass. The 2017 season looks to be spectacular! Join us at Interlakes Summer Theatre in 2017. You'll be glad you did.

Vincent Martino
Braintree, Massachusetts

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Hillary leveraged her Secretary of State position for profit

To The Daily Sun,

The Associated Press had a story Thursday. It was not covered by major networks or WMUR-TV this (Thursday) morning.

The Associated Press did some investigating. I think if this happened in the Nixon era, Hilary would not be allowed to run for president.

Now The Associated Press has found instances where at least 85 donors to the Clinton foundation met with her when she was secretary of state. The Associated Press said there was an "intermingling of access and donations." This does not include foreign donations. This does not include speeches given by Bill (where Bill was paid in the hundreds of thousands) and access to Hillary.

The Clinton Foundation finance director, Dennis Cheng, was the middle man between the foundation and the State Department.

This does not include that Huma Abedin was an employee of the State Department and the Clinton Foundation among others. She also was paid from Teneo, a group connected to the Clintons while she was a government employee.

How can employees of the State Department also be on the Clinton Foundation payroll?
This stinks.

More than 50 percent of donors to the Clinton Foundation met with Clinton as secretary of state. This stinks, really stinks.

Hillary pays no penalty. How can Democratic voters still want her as president? Do the rules that apply to us not apply to her? If so, isn't that dead wrong? How can anyone vote for her when she sold her access as secretary of state?

Hillary, this is corruption. She leveraged a government position for profit. It is morally wrong. This is racketeering if anything is. Money came into the Clinton Foundation for favors and access to Hillary as secretary of state.

Clinton says she will not take money from foreigners if she is elected president. But it was wrong for the foundation to take money when she was secretary of state. This is insane.

What would she sell as president? How can anyone vote for her as president?

Linda Riley

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