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City workers and Ward 5 staff brought positive energy to primary

To The Daily Sun,

I would like to thank everyone who made last Tuesday's primary a success in Ward 5. Kevin Dunleavy and his crew from Parks and Rec for setting up and breaking down the booths and tables, Eric Johnson and his teaching and janitorial staff were accommodating as always, and Mary Reynolds and her staff were great to work with. Their preparation, support and attention to detail made it possible for us at the polls to do our jobs.

A special thanks goes to the dedicated staff of Ward 5. Their commitment and positive energy is truly appreciated.

Thanks again for all of your efforts.

Greg Page

Ward 5 Moderator


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Cooperative Extension exists to freely share the best knowledge

To The Daily Sun,

I graduated from high school in 1972 and our motto was, "Knowledge is Power." I am writing today to ask the County Delegation to fully fund Cooperative Extension instead of making the severe cuts to an already threadbare budget request. It isn't public service to take away the ability Extension has to bring knowledge and self-sufficiency to the citizens of Belknap County. It is disservice.

Cooperative Extension's whole reason for being is to spread knowledge — to share the best available knowledge freely with all the citizens of the county, whether it be buying and preparing nutritious meals on a budget, learning to write a resume or speak in public, the proper stewardship of the land we all love so much, the protection of our lakes and forests and streams, or how to be a better parent, farmer, fisherman, woodsman, gardener, town planner, health official, Indian chief, etc., etc., etc...

Extension's programs teach skills and build capacity with a positive long term impact. The staff's work in Belknap County is invaluable to the general health of all our communities, and yet they are considered an "outside agency." They support people, businesses and communities in reaching their own goals.

We all have a right to that knowledge, and cutting the budget is very much like watching a surgeon decide if today she will take the head, the hand, or just the heart.

Christine Corrigan
Belknap County Cooperative Extension
Advisory Council Member from Meredith

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