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Migliore is a creative problem solver & an excellent listener

To The Daily Sun,

As a former state representative and former deputy majority leader of the N.H. House, I am honored to formally endorse Vincent Paul Migliore for state representative for Grafton District 9 in the special election that will be held September 5. Vincent is a successful small businessman with the experience and skill sets to effectively represent you in Concord. As a 10-year member of the Newfound School Board, he has worked tirelessly, effectively and honorably as an elected official to solve the problems and deal with issues affecting our local communities.

Vincent has laid-out specific, detailed plans for addressing the opioid epidemic and other issues facing New Hampshire. We need him in Concord because his knowledge, experience and attention to detail in designing effective, sensible solutions clearly sets him head and shoulders above his opponent.

Mr. Migliore is a creative problem-solver and an excellent listener. He understands public service, and he understands the impact of taxes and regulations on our people, businesses and institutions. His reasoned, rational, balanced approach will enable us to continue building a better future for New Hampshire.

Please remember to vote on Tuesday, September 5, (the day after Labor Day) in this important special election. If you live in Grafton, Alexandria, Bristol, Bridgewater or Ashland, please make it a point to go to the polls, and cast your vote for a successful, respected, experienced leader.

Please vote for Vincent Paul Migliore on Tuesday, September 5.

Bob Giuda
State Senator
N.H. District 2



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I want to tell our positive story while we work on our problems

To The Daily Sun,

I was born in N.H. but moved to the Midwest when I was fairly young. As I grew up, our family often visited and I always wanted to move back. When I graduated from college my wife and I decided to move here to Laconia.

Once we settled in our new hometown, my cousin and I decided to open a business together. Since we lived in this community, our main priority was to be located downtown. We have been so thankful for the support we have received for Burrito Me, and we love being a part of the business community.

Five years after opening our first Burrito Me restaurant in Laconia and having opened a second in Plymouth, we were able to use our experience to help accomplish my wife, Karen’s, dream and vision and open Wayfarer Coffee Roasters. Wayfarer has been unique because it has not only satisfied customers need for quality coffee but also has provided a community gathering place that downtown so desperately craved.

My wife and I have a four-year-old son as well as a six-year-old daughter who is going into first grade at Pleasant Street School where my wife taught for three years before we had our kids. We love living, working, and raising our children in Laconia. We often tell people that we feel so fortunate to get to live where others build vacation homes. We also see a vast amount of untapped potential. We have loved getting to see and be a part of the revival of downtown but know there is still much that needs to be done.

As a community member and business owner in Laconia, I am not blind to the issues we face. I also know that we have much of which to be proud. I want to have a more influential role in telling that positive story while we work on our issues.

One of my strengths is being able to listen, observe and understand different sides of an issue which allows me to work well with people who have views different than my own. I think that our current City Council has done many good things and has some great momentum going. I hope to help keep that momentum moving forward.

Our current councillor here in Ward 6 has served the city in various capacities for decades, even serving as mayor for a stretch. He has volunteered outside of the council with many projects solely to benefit community. I commend and thank him for his service to the city and my campaign is in no way meant to diminish that service, but to ask you, the community, to allow me the opportunity and privilege to serve you and to bring a new unique perspective to our City Council.

Reuben Bassett
Ward 6


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