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Meredith town clerk neglected to provide an absentee ballot

To The Daily Sun,

Dear Meredith selectmen:
I want to start off by saying thank you. Thank you for all that you have done for me. I want to especially say thank you for preventing me from voting this year. There is nothing I love more than having my constitutional right taken away from me and being prevented from participating in this year's presidential election.
I am a full-time college student who attends a university in Washington, and this was supposed to be the first time I participated in the election process. Kerri Parker, the town clerk for Meredith, has been absolutely no help. On October 15, I sent an email to Kerri requesting an absentee ballot form (this was the second time emailing because the first time I got no response from her). After a week of waiting (October 24) I finally received a response of, "Are you not able to come in to town hall? This week?". To my understanding, if someone is requesting an absentee ballot, chances are they are not able to come in or else they would have done that to begin with.
She sent me an email with a document to sign and send back to her, which I did. All the information on it was correct. She tells me I did not fill out all the forms. But, she then realizes she never sent me all the forms, so I had to do that as well. The entire process of filling out forms was finished on October 30.
On November 4, I still had not received anything in the mail. So, I emailed Kerri asking if I should have gotten anything by now. The conversation we had went as follows:
Kerri: "There should have been a separate envelope with a ballot in it. Did you not receive that?
Marcus: "I have not received anything in the mail. Was it sent to the address that I am currently at in Washington, or my Meredith address?"
Kerri: "WASHINGTON. I can try to send out again. "
Today is November 8 (election day) and I still have not received either the first ballot or the second ballot. I cannot explain how furious I am with Kerri Parker and the entire system she has set up for residents who are not able to come in person to vote. She was absolutely no help and has caused me to be deprived of my constitutional right to vote. Furthermore, Kerri Parker has neglected her duties to provide me with what I am entitled to, and I can only guess she has deprived (and been depriving) other residents of their same or similar rights.
Marcus Sauter

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Their sacrifices provide us with the freedoms we so cherish

To The Daily Sun,

Since we became an independent country many years have come and gone, however, there is one constant that remains from the 1700s through today. Our country has had many brave men and women volunteer to defend our country.

There was a movie produced about World War II, the name of which I cannot recall, but at the end there is a line which rings true (even though the words are not an exact quote), "Where do we get these brave men and women to always step forward when the need arises?"

These men and women come from all over our country and too many times are taken for granted. Men and women, who during times of war and peace, are on-call 24 hours a day seven days a week and spend countless holidays, birthdays and special events away from their family and friends. The pay is not great, but they continue to volunteer and many make it a career. They are mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, cousins and friends. We may not always agree in the wars and battles that we fight, but this should not deter us from the support we give to these men and women in uniform. It is through the sacrifice that they and the numerous individuals before them have made, which provides us with the freedoms we have to disagree and speak our objections.

While words cannot pay what we owe you and your families, we thank you for your sacrifice. To the families who have lost loved ones, we offer our most heartfelt condolences. Many of us have never endured the pain you must feel, but our hearts hurt for your loss and wish we could help ease your pain. Let us never forget the people who did not make it home. Remember those still serving in our prayers and never take for granted the sacrifices they make.

In closing, one more time I would like to say ... THANK YOU!

Karen Thurston
Blue Star Mothers of New Hampshire


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