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Preserving integrity of zoning laws, in the end, protects us all

To The Daily Sun,

I am deeply impressed by the town of Gilford's efforts to preserve the integrity of zoning ordinances, that in the end protect us all.

In the latest article (Daily Sun of Dec. 15), attorney Patrick Wood, representing Timber Hill Farm/Beans and Greens, puts so many twist and turns in the rights of the Planning Board, the ZBA, previous court decisions and state laws, that one thing has now become perfectly clear: he's given up trying to connect agriculture to what Timber Hill Farm/Beans And Greens is proposing to do on its residentially-zoned property in Gilford. And the reason for that is there is no connection. He knows it, Timber Hills abutters know it and so do the owners of Timber Hill/Beans and Greens.

Creating a commercial enterprise, in this case a wedding venue, in a residential area and using "agritourism" to support that right because they have a farmstand on the property and that they will serve "farm grown" at the weddings, and that their business may fail without these weddings, in my opinion, is manipulative and an argument that is ridiculous and unsupportable.

Al Blake

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Vets from the 50s don't qualify for tax break? How is that fair?

To The Daily Sun,

It seems as we get older each one of us has things that upset us, and of course I am no different from everyone else and so I will begin by explaining that I am 77 years of age and I went to the town office in Meredith to pay my property tax bill and I stepped over to the Assessor's Office to see what the qualifications are for a discount on our tax bill. I was informed that if you had over $75,000 worth of assets — meaning your annuity, IRA, savings, etc. — you do not qualify. Well, this is something that — as, I hope, being of average intellect,  I can understand, But when I told the representative at the Assessor's Office that I was a veteran the rep asked when I was in the military. I said 1956 to 1959 and he said this did not qualify.

I feel that a vet is a vet and this is a case of discrimination. I personally spent three years in the Army Engineers — 34 months in England, France, and Germany during the Cold War and we are told this does not qualify. This is B.S. If there ever was any justice the legislators should correct this injustice and very soon.

Charlie Flanagan

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