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We need to keep an eye on our two tax & spend commissioners

To The Daily Sun,

It's that time of the year when many wonderful and joyful holiday events occur with Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. This year for Belknap county residents and especially Belknap taxpayers there is a new additional reason to celebrate as our county property tax bills are finally decreasing during this busy time of the year.

Recently I received mine from the town of Sanbornton and was very pleased to see that the county portion of our property tax bill (due in early December) has decreased by 7 percent. Potentially a small dollar wise but certainly going in the proper direction — down, not up!
I would encourage you all as taxpayer to check out your own county tax bill portion.

Ladies and gentleman this is not by shear chance. The Belknap County Delegation (comprised of all Republicans) approved a responsible spending package last year to support all necessary critical county services with realistic revenues to support this sound financial package for the county.

I would encourage all residents and taxpayers in the towns of Center Harbor, New Hampton, Gilford, Meredith, Sanbornton, Tilton, Gilmanton, Belmont, Barnstead, and Alton to review your county portion of the newest tax bill. I believe you will be pleased to see that the rate have gone down from your last bill received this past summer. Surely, every little bit helps us all, especially for those on fixed or modest income levels.

The hard work of the Republican Belknap County Delegation voted for this tax relief on your behalf by a 16-0 unanimous vote on March 1, 2016. This vote was in spite of the strong consistent opposition voiced by two of the Belknap County commissioners, which included the current Chair DeVoy and Vice-Chair Taylor. Both of these officials sought to deny you the taxpayers even this small relief. Folks, be very careful of this kind of commissioner thinking. They work for you and need to answer to you.

As the new county budget cycle begins in early December and lasts into March of 2017, please keep a close eye on these two tax and spend commissioners. They may try to deny you again for a second year in a row modest county tax relief or even propose new tax increases upon you and your families. Folks, it is your money not theirs.

I would encourage you to let your state representatives who represent you on the delegation to know how you feel going forward. Your choice options are higher county taxes from the commissioners or continuing responsible county taxes set by the county delegation.

Brian Gallagher

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GHS Class of 2017 very grateful for support of Holiday Craft Fair

To The Daily Sun,

The Gilford High School Class of 2017 just had its annual fundraiser, the GHS Holiday Craft Fair and it was a rousing success! There are so many to thank for their support. Mother Nature certainly complied with a beautiful sunny day! The Gilford School District facilities staff, as always, did a great job helping with and supporting the students in the set up and break down of the electrical needs and tarping the floors to protect them.

The following businesses donated space on their electronic signs; Melcher and Prescott, Cross Agency, Patrick's Pub, Laconia Daily Sun and The Taylor Community. Also thanks to the Bank of NH and Sawyer's for allowing the placement of wooden advertising signs. Thank you very much!

The crafters remarked time after time on how pleasant, helpful and courteous the students were.
Mark your calendar, next year's fair is Saturday December 2 from 9-3!

Margie Cybart
Meg Jenkins

Gilford High School
Craft Fair Coordinators

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