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Thanks for great job moving readers from apoplexy to embarrassment

To The Daily Sun,

Kudos to Managing Editor Ginger Kozlowski, and to reporters Michael Kitch, Roger Amsden and David Carkhuff for your April 1 front-page April Fool stories.

What a great job of moving your readers from near apoplexy to embarrassment (for being "taken in"), and then to genuine amusement!

In a time in which most of us, regardless of political persuasion, have experienced anxiety, uncertainty and even some depression, and when letters to the newspaper have been filled with such partisan rancor, your front-page "gotcha" gave us the first occasion for a spontaneous belly laugh that some of us have enjoyed for some time. We needed that!

A sincere "thank you" with just one question: What are you going to do for an encore next April 1?

Terry C. Thomason


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Bring your own jar of PB or J on Thursday night and join in the fun

To The Daily Sun,

Friday morning, March 31, was a morning I will remember for a very long time. As an Advisory Board member of Got Lunch! Laconia, a healthy summer lunch program, I had an opportunity to see schools at their very best. We are truly blessed in this community with administrators, principals, teachers, aides and staff who really care about the children of this community. The Laconia School District is a critical partner and a huge part of the success of GOT LUNCH! Laconia.
LHS English teacher Tate Aldrich (N.H. Teacher of the Year) last year started what is now an annual Spelling Bee at the Laconia High School. Each team has a student from each of the four grades and admission to attend the spelling bee is a jar of peanut but, 380 jars of peanut butter and jelly were donated.
Well, this year Mr. Aldrich challenged the elementary schools and the middle school to collect peanut butter and jelly to be delivered to the stage of the high school for revealing at the Spelling Bee.
Here's where Friday March 31 comes in:Pleasant Street School (finalist for N.H.Elementary School of the Year) had an all-school meeting; there was amazing energy, singing, reading and news reporting and a presentation of the peanut butter and jelly collected for GOT LUNCH! Laconia. WEMJ's, Pat Kelly was broadcasting live from the event so the entire town could hear the energy and excitement. I'm not going to spoil the surprise but Pleasant Street school averaged more than 2.3 jars of peanut butter or jelly for each student.
Then members of the GOT LUNCH! Laconia Advisory Board rushed over to receive more peanut butter and jelly from Woodland Heights School — again energy, compassion and pride filled the school as they presented their donations!
On Thursday, April 6 at 6:30 p.m., come to the 2nd Annual LHS Team Spelling Bee to find out just how much these amazing kids and families donated to support GOT LUNCH! Laconia. Bring your own jar and add to the stack. (You can also listen to the program live on WEMJ!)

Thanks to all who teach and care for our children!

Paula Gile
GOT LUNCH! Laconia
Advisory Board Member

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