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Lots of folks to thank for a seventh & again successful Bow Wow Fest

To The Daily Sun,

BOW WOW Fest held its seventh pooch parade on Saturday, June 3, and Mother Nature remained cranky — though not unbearable. She did get a bit carried away keeping the bugs away, inhibiting our ability to post the art work from Holy Trinity and Woodland Heights’ Grade 5. (A big shout-out thank-you to you kids!)

Still we were a hardy group and welcomed a new K-9 demonstration with Animal Planet local celebrity Ruger and his handler, Officer Robert Mancini.
Being the retired mistress of ceremonies, I wish to express my sincerest thanks to Marylee Gorham for bringing the event under the umbrella of the New Hampshire Humane Society and to these dedicated committee members: Lissa Mascio, NHHS’ Development Director; Cristy Martel of the Four Paws Inn; Alix DeLorenzo of Homeward Bound; and last but not least, Ann Saltmarsh of Laconia Public Works, who remained from my tenure as the nuts-and-bolts wizard. Kevin Dunleavy of Parks and Recs, another original hands-on volunteer and set-up guru with Public Works strongmen Dan and Tyler; Steve Smith and Alan Blakely, traffic coordinators; and our landowners, Michelle Dupont and Annie Boissoneault of the Opechee Inn and Spa — the event couldn’t run without you. Thank you.

While vendors adjust every year, these three local businesses have never missed a year: Brandon of My Coffee House, Kelly Arbogast of Doggonit Training and Happy Tails Dog Park. Your support is heartwarming and so appreciated.

A special thank-you to our mayor for taking time out of his busy schedule to judge our costume contest and our sheriff, equally busy, who lead the parade in uniform. Who else could do it as well?

I expect I may have missed naming others who were integral to its success and I apologize. To all those handsome and adorable fur children who took time out from their own busy schedules and dragged their owners to this annual feast for the eyes, a huge woofing thank-you. I hope to see you all again in another year.

Claire L. Hebert-Dow


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Sadly, the evidence for impeachment is not yet there, but it's coming

To The Daily Sun,

Since Mr. Trump started his campaign of bigotry and false promises, he has demonstrated not only to this writer, but to our country's citizens, as well as throughout the world, that he is a clear and present danger to our lives, our health, this planet's existence. The scandal that unfolds in Washington indicates this individual needs to either resign his office, or at least be subject to possible impeachment proceedings. Presently, the evidence needed to support impeachment is not there. Sadly, the current chain of events indicates this is coming.

This writer does believe in the Second Amendment, the second part. While I am not an advocate for violence, and never will be, the invoking of the “militia section” of it, could be a constitutionally approved act should certain parties entertain this idea. I do not advocate we attack our president, but it is a sobering thought that others may try. The damage this individual has done, threatens our health, safety, and welfare both in this country, throughout the world, and our planet. As Mr. Al Gore once said about another candidate, “It is time for him to go!!”

By the time this reaches print, I am officially changing my party affiliation from Republican to that of Independent. This is because I strongly believe in the progressive ideas promoted by Mr. Bernie Sanders. He strongly supports the citizens who are not of the one percent that he speaks of. He promoted ideas that are in advance of present currents today. His thoughts truly approach the conservation of our lives and health and safety. We are the people that define this country, not our president. This is true conservatism.

Both Democrats and Republicans need to take heed to Mr. Sanders' thoughts. His recent speech in Chicago defines a progressive movement that respects the dignity of all peoples, regardless of their race, religious orientation, sex, age, and sexual preferences. They embrace the concept of the fact we are all in this together. This progressive movement is the hope for our returning to being a United States of America. It is the hope for all the free world and beyond.

Being a retired individual (age 70), I would be severely impacted by Tump's proposed cuts to both Social Security and Medicare (not Medicaid). Many poor people who are on Medicaid who, mostly through no fault of their own, are unable to obtain the insurances needed to conserve any decent quality of life. Should the Republicans follow through with these massive cuts, (which I hope they do not), I stand to lose everything I own and worked hard for. I stand to lose my insurances and potentially my life (I have multiple myeloma which is currently being treated). I will become homeless and living in the streets begging for money. And, so will you, those who supported Trump. He attacks our very existence. He must be removed, hopefully in a peaceful manner. Any other method becomes unconstitutional and would not define the country we claim to be.

Mr. Trump cannot continue nor should he be permitted to advance the cause for those so bigoted, one percent, and the attacks upon the major and minor religions that make their home in this country. His actions are unconstitutional. He continues to hide his tax records. He has something to hide. He attacks the media, who rightfully so, exposes the vicious attacks on minorities and those less fortunate than him. This is an affront to the First Amendment. The press has a responsibility to examine all aspects of our government. Without the press, we would all be subject to the whims of those who abuse their position of power as Mr. Trump has demonstrated.

Those who continue to support Mr. Trump needs to know, they are just as responsible and accountable as he is. We cannot continue to have these attacks on our health, safety, welfare, and our lives. Enough is enough. It is time for Mr. Trump to go! Let's all work together to bring ourselves back to honor the concept, “We the People of this United States.” Obviously Mr. Trump and his supporters do not.

Robert T. Joseph, Jr.
New Hampton

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