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We have a clear moral choice when we vote — for Shea-Porter

To The Daily Sun,

Former Congressman Frank Guinta says he's a proud Catholic living in a Christian nation. Yet, Mr. Guinta endorses the Republican-Ryan budget that he helped write in committee and voted for four times. Mr. Guinta should heed what Catholic faith leaders said about the Ryan budget.

On April 13, 2012, 60 Catholic faith leaders released a statement calling Ryan's budget "morally indefensible," saying it "betrays Catholic principles of solidarity, just taxation and a commitment to the common good. A budget that turns its back on the hungry, the elderly and the sick while giving more tax breaks to the wealthiest few can't be justified in Christian terms."

John Gehring, Catholic outreach coordinator at Faith in Public Life, commented on their statement: "This budget turns centuries of Catholic social teaching on its head. These Catholic leaders and many Catholics in the pews are tired of faith being misused to bless an immoral agenda."

We have a clear moral choice when we vote on Nov. 4. Whatever your religious practice or political affiliation, there is wisdom in these faith leaders' verdict on the Ryan budget that Mr. Guinta endorses.

The Rev. Susan (Andy) Jepson


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Clearly the Executive Committee has to pay & they must know it

To The Daily Sun,

As a soccer referee, my job is to ensure that the game is played fairly. When I see play that is blatantly unfair, I can show a red card to a player and ejected him or her from the game. I would have shown my red card to the Chairman and the Executive Committee at Monday night's hearing when they continued to play chicken with the lives of Belknap County employees. I would have shown it again for berating county staff members in public and yet again for issuing and permitting public insults to the commissioners.

Despite an eloquent plea from County Attorney Melissa Guldbransen, the committee refused to assure the county employees that their contract with the county will be honored through the end of the year causing unnecessary worry and stress to those who take care of our most vulnerable senior citizens. The county will face massive legal action if they don't pay, as County Attorney Guldbrandsen warned.

Clearly, they have to pay and they must know it. So, what is the purpose of this charade? My father and mother were lifelong Republicans who wouldn't recognize their party today. Who behaves this way?

If I am elected with your help I will bring a level head, a rational approach, and a commitment to dialogue to county government. I will work diligently to solve problems. I can work with anybody, but I won't have my staff belittled in public. I won't tolerate rudeness, and I will honor signed contracts. If you want to see county government work like it is supposed to, choose carefully next Tuesday. Say enough is enough. Show your red card.

David Pollak

Candidate for Belknap Co. Commission


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I will continue to work with House members on both sides of the isle

To The Daily Sun,

Overall, as a state Legislature, we did many things over the past two years that we should be very proud of. We passed state budget that continued business tax reforms and incentives that were previously enacted. We eliminated an additional 20 cent increase in the tobacco tax, added no new government funded programs, and included zero new taxes and fees.

We allowed small business owners more freedom in how they operate, reduced their tax burden, and facilitated their financial success by increasing the amount of record-keeping safe harbor deduction under the business profits tax. Also, the Legislature increased the research and development tax credit, which encourages small business growth and investment in new technologies.

I was also proud to vote for many landmark bills that came to my committee, the Criminal Justice & Public Safety Committee. Those bills included ones that establish a crime of domestic violence, make the law stronger on human trafficking, paycheck equity, require criminal background checks for employees at child care agencies and institutions, and establish a crime of financial exploitation of an elderly, disabled or impaired adult.

Along with being proud of my voting record in the state House, I am proud to have 13 bills, that I sponsored, pass both the House and Senate then go on to be signed by the governor. If I am fortunate enough to be re-elected, I will continue to work with House members on both sides of the aisle and continue to work hard for my constituents. I thank the citizens of Sanbornton and Tilton for giving me the honor to serve you, and I once again ask for your vote on Tuesday, Nov. 4.

Rep. Dennis Fields


Belknap District 4

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Dave Pollak will bring a moderate voice to Belknap Co. Commission

To The Daily Sun,

Since deciding to run for the office of Belknap County Commissioner, Dave Pollak has been tireless in his research and preparation to represent the citizens of Laconia, Sanbornton and New Hampton. Dave has consistently taken an open-minded and forward thinking look at county government, and the needs of Belknap County.

Dave Pollak has been actively engaged in county affairs, attending many meetings of the commission, the convention and the Jail Planning Committee. He is inquisitive, insightful and reasonable in his approach, and he makes the extra effort to engage everyone he meets in thoughtful dialogue. Dave's work is not all public. He has had many one-on-one meetings with county officials in the nursing home, the jail, in administration, and maintenance. Dave asks tough questions and is always willing to listen.

Dave's positions are grounded in facts, not in ideology. This enables him to look at problems in the best interests of our county, and the individual communities that are served by our county government. I am constantly impressed with Dave's ability to get beyond politics, and reach the core of an issue with a thoughtful, deliberative and insightful approach. We don't always agree, but we have always been able to engage in a thoughtful and respectful dialogue.

We need Dave Pollak on our Belknap County Commission. He will bring a moderate voice and a moderating countenance that is much needed in our county right now. He has a firm grasp of the issues, a well thought out and comprehensive vision as to how to move the county forward, and he has the energy and will to do the work necessary to move us forward.

Please vote for Dave Pollak, County Commissioner, on Nov. 4.

Ed Philpot


Belknap County Commissioner

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Rep. Gullick found reasonable people in House she could work with

To The Daily Sun,

Let's give another go to Ruth Gulick, our state representative, and re-elect her to Concord. Voting for Ruth Gulick on Tuesday is so important; everyone must do their part. Despite the mix in Concord, Ruth found many reasonable people with whom she could discuss ideas and solve differences. Frankly, she enjoyed the challenge and did well.

While in Concord, Ruth worked very hard on CHINS (Children in Need of Services), so to expand the program to include more children, truants, kids with a variety of problems. The program, taken away by the O'Brien Legislature, is now back. She further has worked, and made some progress, with a program to protect children from sexual abuse, for which she is a co-sponsor of appropriate legislation.

Ruth was a co-sponsor of the effort to have more equal representation on the county delegation and she has plugged for greater collaboration between the business sector and our schools and colleges. She is firm on No Northern Pass or such violations to our natural beauty, diligent in support of our working families and plain-old Yankee common sense.

Recently I went door-to-door campaigning with Ruth in Center Harbor and what great fun. Approaching the unknown tentatively, perhaps a Republican door, she left the home after finding new friends and had had a good discussion, most often coming to agreement and support.

Ruth has spent the greater part of the past two months, doing just that in both our towns, and how she relished the larger discussions at the transfer station. Ruth and Peter raised their family in New Hampton. She went to law school as an adult and practiced in town, while Peter taught at the New Hampton School and Plymouth Regional High School, and served in various capacities in town governance.

Please contact your friends and neighbors and remind them of Tuesday's important vote, and not to forget their photo ID.

Pat Schlesinger

New Hampton

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