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Is there a male out there who has not had a similar conversation?

To The Daily Sun,

As a private citizen, 11 years ago, Trump had a private conversation recorded (I wonder how much the Clinton's paid for that recording?) No one was hurt/assaulted by that conversation (unlike the actions of Hillary's husband) and for God's sake, if there's a male out there who's not had a boisterous sexual conversation with his buddies at some point in their life, I want to hear about it.

Now most of the news media, people in his own party and just about every Democrat is now demanding Trump drop out of the race. Folks he's running for president and not running to be the pope. (If Trump was talking about a male in his conversation, he would probably now have 10 million LGBT votes.)

As secretary of state, Hillary jeopardized national security by using an unsecured server. She then lied about sending classified emails and violated the law by deleting public record emails and then the Department of "Injustice" grants immunity to five of her top aides and she herself is given a free pass by the FBI. No one is asking her to drop out of the presidential race.

Why did Hillary wait till now to release this recording, when she likely had it over a year ago? Because she did not want any competition in the presidential race. If she had released this earlier, the Republican Party could have fielded another candidate. It's too late to do that because absentee votes have already been cast for both Hillary and Donald. As crude as Trump is, I believe he still has America's best interest at heart.

Dennis Robitaille


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Without that moral underpinning our republic just will not survive

To The Daily Sun,

I will continue to repeat this message ad nauseam because the big picture is too important not to emphasize again and again. The ideology of the progressive left has been the most powerful movement in this country over the past century. It has surpassed the influence of Christianity with devastating moral and cultural results, according to many learned scholars.

If one reads the works of Thomas Sowell, David Horowitz, Michael Savage, Charles Krauthammer, Dennis Prager, Star Parker and others, then it becomes crystal clear as to why more of us have this feeling of a foreboding darkness descending upon a nation built on Judeo-Christian principles. Without this moral underpinning, our republic as given to us by our Founding Fathers, just will not survive. They warned us about this and we can only ignore their words at our peril.

Education is one prime example of this moral decay. What the progressive left has done to our educational system, from John Dewey's disciples to the advocates of Common Core, is the creation of mediocre schools that increasingly fail to prepare students for college. "The U.S. has a two-tiered educational system: a superb set of schools and colleges for the upper classes and a mediocre set for everyone else," says Frank Buckley, foundation professor at Scalia Law School at George Mason University.

The cruelty that has been done to black students by modern-day liberal Democrats, who by and large embrace the progressive left ideology, is crystallized in a recent column by Dr. Walter Williams. The cruel irony is that blacks students are now demanding segregated campus housing and racially segregated programs and spaces, according to Dr. Williams. This is because they feel that campuses are discriminatory, oppressive and imbued with institutional racism.

Why would they feel that way in 2016? Is it because of "white privilege" as espoused by the academic elites (progressive left)? The elites feign helping them with ethnic and multicultural studies which deliver propaganda rather than serious education. Dr. Williams says they feel this way because of affirmative action, "a most pervasive form of racial discrimination." Admitting blacks to universities when they are not equipped to compete with their white peers is unconscionable. It is benign discrimination that makes them feel so isolated as Dr. Williams asserts.

Blacks are stuck attending inadequate public schools run for half a century by Democratic bureaucrats and their union cronies. School choice and competition are not allowed despite the following well known facts. SAT score averages for whites is about 1,576, while for blacks the number is around 1,277. A score of 1,550 is the benchmark that defines readiness for college. Studies show that the average black high school senior has the academic proficiency of a white eighth or ninth grader.

So progressive leftists assuage their guilt for delivering inadequate grade school education for blacks by using affirmative action to send blacks to schools where they end up feeling inferior and often ultimately fail. So the academic elites teach social justice classes for easy grades and to indoctrinate them about the evils of white privilege, all the while failing to prepare them for the competitive world that awaits them. That is just plain evil if you ask me.

Dr. Williams concludes his column with the following statements. "The academic elite feel righteous seeing blacks on campus, even if they are severely mismatched. Black people must ask: Are we going to sacrifice our youngsters so that white liberals can feel good about themselves?"

School choice, voucher programs, more charter schools, real competition and a positive message about the great country they live in will give blacks a real chance to succeed.

Now all we have to do is defeat the powerful forces of the progressive left who really only care about garnering votes gleaned from a broken and needy underclass. Do we still have the stomach for it? I pray to God that we do.

Russ Wiles

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