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Naïve to think that Hillary cares about you or your family

To The Daily Sun,

I am writing in response to the letter to the editor written by Alan Vervaeke of Gilford regarding the Trump family.

First of all, the Trump family is exactly that — a family that supports each other. Who are you to say differently? Have you spent holidays with them, graduations, birthdays etc.? Just curious how you know so much about the truth of their family.

I suggest you start reviewing the history of Hillary Clinton and the many failures of her actions ever since her days at Wellesley College. She has proven to speak out against blacks, Asians, minorities, etc. in the past, and all of a sudden run for president of our country and change her tone?

She and her family; may I remind you of Bill Clinton and exactly what he did as far as womanize in the Oval Office, have failed to do many things for us Americans. Explain to the families of the United States Marines who were left with lack of support in Benghazi. Thank you Hillary, I am sure their families are not sleeping well at night. Thank you Hillary for sending our United States American jobs out of the country.

It's time to thank Hillary and see "See ya later" and the Obama reign.

Thank Hillary for using personal email servers for issues pertaining to your family and mine and every other American family and threatening our national security.

Thank Hillary for being such a good family person that she saw it fit to steal furniture and art from the White House that belongs to the American taxpayers. Nice of her to do that when her husband Bill left office. Do I need to continue on her failing policies?

Great example for our younger generation. So who is the naïve one?

If you think that Hillary Clinton cares about your family or mine, you are the naïve one. If you or I did what she did with our national security, we already would be in a federal jail cell. Tell me that's not rigged?

So, I urge you to research just what Hillary Clinton is made of and what her lack of judgment for American families really is.

Sue-Ann Stanfield Fecteau


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Civil unrest of today has overtones of ‘60s Communist agitation

To The Daily Sun,

Surviving the 1960s with your mental facilities intact gave one a lot to be thankful for. If you feel a little wiser for not getting caught up in the hippie or the communist propaganda movement that inflicted our college campuses and the black communities, you are.

Civil unrest today has many of the overtones of those past days. They are all too familiar. Little has changed. Scientific Mobocracy, a communist technique designed against our police, is still used today. The 1964 New York City riots was a well-organized effort conducted by the Communist Party. Pamphlets were scattered throughout the city in hopes to discredit and neutralize the police.

On June 13, 1961, the Senate Internal Security Sub-Committee heard the testimony of Lyman B. Kirkpatrick Jr., inspector general on the staff of the director of the Central Intelligence Agency. He testified concerning a instructional manual for Scientific Mob-Making: "It has been distributed to Soviet agents and Communist Party activities throughout the free world. It included diversionary tactics, how to badger the police, and ways to distract the police."

Mob psychology is used efficiently in conditioning the youth with propaganda that once a signal is given, violence erupts spontaneously. J. Edgar Hoover, director of the FBI published a special report titled "Communist Target-Youth."

"Recent world events clearly reveal that world communism has launched a massive campaign to capture and maneuver youth and student groups," (the report said). Following the riots in San Francisco in May 1960, the Communist Party congratulated themselves for " the initiative and leadership they displayed at all stages of the demonstration."

Kirkpatrick testified how Soviet agents use effective methods to downgrade the police profession and use agents or sympathizers in the press to harp on certain themes. Another method to paralyze police action is to get communist fellow travelers into political office. In doing so, they are not known as communists, but as members of a political party. They then go to work to "rule or ruin" police services in their area.

The FBI stated that mobs pass through three stages. (1) an incident in which the police were attacked while performing their duty. (2) almost on signal, violence suddenly flared across an area, as it did in Watts. During the second stage the cry was "get Whitey." Most of the local population fled in terror to their homes. (3) the mob intensified their fury on the residences and burned 787 buildings, killed 37 police officers, property damage estimated to be 50 million.

Liberals and left-wing establishment cried McCarthyism when Mayor Samuel W. Yorty blamed the communist leadership. The truth surfaced in an article printed in the Los Angeles Herald Examiner on Oct. 7, 1965. Michael Laski, of the Communist Party boasted that his group had spent two years "toward agitation of the uprising" in Watts.

Nineteen-sixty college campuses were invaded with a new tolerance for communism under the guise of "academic freedom." Gus Hall, a communist agitator, called for taking over the civil rights movement and creating a revolution. War against our police commenced under two fronts: 1) Overwhelm the police, and 2) set up a machinery to paralyze the police.

The propaganda of hate toward our police ensued. It had a design. In 1948 Dr. Bella Dodd, a Communist Party member, informed the FBI that the plan was to establish police review boards. She stated the idea originated in the 1930s in hopes that communist agents could infiltrate and control the boards in hopes of "punishing the police until they were intimidated into a benumbed, neutralized, impotent and non-functioning agency."

Hall boasted in 1961 that communist cells had infiltrated every segment of American life. Mob violence erupted between 1961 and 1963 in major cities. Senator James O. Eastman, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, spoke in the Senate on July 22, 1964, and named the communists and their fronts who had initiated the riots in Cleveland, San Francisco, Chicago, New York and St. Louis.

Objectives were leaked by the party's hierarchy:

— Use the civil rights demonstrations as a means of provoking violence and riots in targeted cities.

— Blame the riots on "police brutality," confusing the public and spread "hate the police" propaganda.

— Frighten and isolate the Negro voter in hopes that they will vote in a radical bloc for candidates who will scrap the Constitution and set up a "new order."

— Demand civilian police review boards in hopes of removing the police from under the discipline and control of the people's elected officials.

Subversive aspects of the Communist Party focus on two efforts: 1) Penetrate and control every phase of the political, economic and cultural life of a country, 2) The militant part work on agitation, demonstration, insurrections, riots and rebellion.

" ... always we have a clear and precise aim towards which we strive, for one of the great merits of communism is that nothing is left to chance." — Joseph Stalin

Support your local police.

Gene F. Danforth

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