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Year-Round Library is one of the jewels in the crown on Gilmanton

To The Daily Sun,

The old barn exterior provides a mild disguise, but upon entering you instantly see how beautiful your Gilmanton Year-Round Library really is, spacious, inviting, and comfortable — it is everything you could want in a community space. A welcoming, knowledgeable, and friendly staff greets you as you pass the latest best sellers on your way to the cozy and quiet reading nook, which is stocked with current newspapers and magazines, and comfortable chairs of course, so you can catch up on current events or settle in with a great book.

Across the central meeting area, next to the easy to navigate book stacks, are two rows of private computer stations hooked to the internet for anyone to use. The Children's Room is very impressive, filled with books, puzzles, games, and events, almost anything a child would enjoy, and a dedicated children's librarian to keep the joy of learning flowing through our next generation. Our teenagers are not forgotten, they have an area all their own on the second level where they can meet to play games, do art, or just relax with friends.

Through the hard work and generosity of many, our community has been given this wondrous building and grounds, truly one of the jewels in the crown of the small town we call home. A jewel that serves all of our citizens from the youngest to the oldest in a multitude of meaningful ways.

Please come and enjoy the Gilmanton Year Round Library. It is here for you. Please support your library on March 14.

Lew Henry

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Bristol Selectboard can't outspend our ability to pay the bill

To The Daily Sun,

Does Bristol need a change in management at the Selectboard level? I think it is about time and we have the opportunity to make that change. This is why I am endorsing John Sellers for Selectboard! He would give Bristol a fresh set of eyes. For all too long we have had the same people in control with power to protect the status quo.

John Sellers has the credentials along with his analytical and management background to understand what the budget numbers actually represent. He is proactive on the Budget Committee with investigating and requesting back up information for expenditures, even if this is bothersome to some, it is a normal process to question expenditures and he is entitled to do per RSA-32, its also called doing your job. Having to defend ones expenditures should not become a reason to be upset.

It seems to some Selectboard members that we are not allowed to question why we are not reducing instead of constantly increasing our taxes. Bristol has a limited tax base, our residential areas are being taxed to the max, and our commercial development areas are limited. We need an individual with vision who will work to attract new businesses — businesses that fit our community and add to our tax base. What we don't need is less taxable property and a bigger tax burden to bare. We need an individual to work with all department heads and make sure they are working in Bristol's best interest. Yes, there are projects that need consideration but we also need to keep our finite tax base in mind.

What has Bristol gotten for our tax money? Well let's go over a few things: the downtown was suppose to be the holy grail of Bristol's rebirth, that if we built it they will come! The downtown, looks nice but its still largely empty!, The Mica Building and Mill Stream properties that the Selectboard managed and took off the tax rolls proved to be a real boondoggles. What do we have to show for them? A couple of parks, which we now have to maintain. If not for our voices they would have taken the boat property off the tax rolls also. We have limited infrastructure to work with in Bristol and we need a Selectboard that will not outspend our ability to pay taxes. The constant of increased taxes has a common tread, the same selectmen have been involved for a number years, now is an appropriate time to change the direction of Bristol with a Selectboard more aware and considerate of its tax paying citizens

Do we need new people on our board? You bet we do, VOTE JOHN SELLERS.

Ernie Richards

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