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Left has no idea what 'reasonable' gun regulation looks like

To The Daily Sun,

Ninety percent of us have consistently supported gun regulations.

I have had to lay back the past few weeks since major surgery, and I am now in rehabilitation at Golden View in Meredith.

Day after day, reading letters to the editor, my old blood has been boiling more than more.

After the killings in Orlando it finally reached its boiling point. After a letter in Tuesday's Sun, it was time to react.

I have never had trouble disagreeing with people and had no trouble naming who I disagreed with. I have tried not to use name-calling, etc., but in the case of Bernadette Loesch it is hard. We have had gun laws on the books for years and unlike all the bull from the left, led by that president of yours, they have worked well. For a statement that 90 percent of us have consistently supported reasonable gun regulations is true.

The untrue part is she is one of the 10 percent that wouldn't have a clue what reasonable meant.

Obama, the mainstream liberals, and liberal-leaning people like you, blame everything on guns.

Over the past few years — mass killings after mass killings, time after time — these killings are done by people who either own a gun legally, or used a stolen gun that a gun check would not have prevented.

She mentions the NRA over and over, and gun makers. I want to ask anyone reading this: when is the last time you saw the NRA or a gun maker stand there and actually kill someone? Right. You haven't.

You state that by the NRA having well-funded candidates for Congress to stop election challenges in any other setting would be called legalized bribery or blackmail. Our founders, who wrote our Constitution and gave us all our freedoms, including the Second Amendment, fought to give us that gift.

And for you Bernadette, to think you, your president and the rest of you big-time anti-gunners have any idea what is reasonable gun regulations is really shameful.

One last thought which I have brought up before: how come all you anti-gunners never mention Chicago. Chicago this year alone has more people killed by guns than all the mass murders the past few years throughout our country. Yup, Obama's hometown. And it is easy, when someone steals guns it's no surprise there are no background checks. But in all your anti-gun mumbo jumbo you don't even have the guts to mention Chicago.

L. Michael Hatch

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Charlie Chandler has 45 years in elected & appointed positions

To The Daily Sun,

I met Charlie Chandler long before he decided to run for the New Hampshire Senate, and I believe that his experience, judgment, and temperament make him the ideal candidate to represent the people of New Hampshire District 2.

With 45 years of experience in both elected and appointed positions, he is highly qualified to lead our state and district to a better educational system, a stronger economy, alternative energy sources, and a commitment to fighting the opioid epidemic.

By electing Charlie and achieving a Democratic majority in the Senate, we will keep our state moving forward so that it continues to be a great place to live, raise a family, and grow a business. I invite my neighbors and friends from all across District 2 to join me in supporting Charlie Chandler at the ballot box.

Valerie Scarborough

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