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Once again, these explorers didn't get warm reception they expected

To The Daily Sun,

Groundhog Day, the environmental extremism version, has reached the frozen shores of the Arctic Ocean. The global-warming dogmatists, you know, the group where ideology trumps science, have done it again. Remember when just a few short years ago, the global warming alarmists went on an expedition through the supposedly open waters of the Arctic, only to get unexpectedly and annoyingly stuck. Well, the Polar Ocean Challenge has partaken on a two-month journey to sail around the entire Arctic Ocean through the Northeast and Northwest Passages. Yes indeed, so convinced, "again" were they that the Arctic Sea ice coverage had shrunk back so far now, that in the summer months, this area must no longer be blocked up by ice.

Once again, they did not get the warm reception that was expected. They are now stuck in Murmansk because the Northeast passage is completely blocked with ice. What will the ideological and dogmatic soldiers of global warming madness say now to stem the tide, so to speak? You know, in order to keep the money flowing so that their assets do not freeze up under the hot light of reality.

Global warming begets climate change, begets climate disruption, begets global cooling caused by man-made carbon dioxide emissions. You say, get serious Wiles, they will not go so far as to say global cooling is caused by global warming. Oh yes they will, these unprincipled pirates of the frozen summer seas.

In fact, do not be surprised if they find a way to make the oil companies walk the plank. "Sue them" the "warmulists" will scream. Better to keep the money flowing while they seek the buried treasure of stolen capitalist wealth while traversing those elusive open Arctic Sea. And a necessary distraction while they await for the long predicted, but long missing category five hurricanes. If only this corrupt madness would just blow over!

Russ Wiles

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Socialist Eurpope has dire economic outlook far into the future

To The Daily Sun,

Scott Cracraft admitted it. As bad as Hillary Clinton is, he is going to vote for her. His announcement is as much a revelation to Daily Sun readers as the pope is Catholic.

Scott would vote for fascist dictator Benito Mussolini if he were on the Democratic ticket. God could be running as the Republican being demonized by Scott for not being kind and thoughtful enough.

It seems Hillary would be far more acceptable to Scott if she would just let her hair frizz out, Bernie style, dressing up in a Sanders, clown suit screaming "I hate all rich people, and the system is rigged" — while at the same time we are all supposed to forget the billboard-face, Democrat Barack Obama, that has been president the past eight years. You know Obama, the president who filled the bank accounts of the rich while he oversaw the greatest erosion of the middle and lower economic classes of any president in American history. If Hillary would just press a far more progressive agenda Scott could be more enthused with her.

Let me explain this donkey double-speak. When a far-left wingnut like Scott suggests he wants a far more more progressive agenda that is code for "I want a Russian, Putin-style, welfare, dictator state where government tells you when to pee, where to pee and how much.

I have been to Russia twice. The country still lives in the 1950s. Its middle class still talks like it's the Khruschev period. Russia has been the victim of an endless string of socialist, fanatic despots that sound exactly like Scott Cracraft. If we only will agree to give government more power, and the people less, all will be well.

"More progressive" is also code for "I want capitalism replaced with socialism," to produce a more equal economic outcome, all while forgetting it is capitalism over the past 200 years has made America the most successful, innovative and prosperous country on earth despite its warts. The great conundrum for steeped-in socialism academics like Scott Cracraft is they have no counter argument to that fact. It's the equivalent of getting checkmated in a game of economic chess.

Besides, stoking the flames of envy, Scott Cracraft, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have not one tiny shred of evidence progressive socialism leads to a better outcome. In fact the overwhelming evidence suggests the exact opposite.

Almost all of Europe, steeped in the type of far-left, progressive socialism Scott Cracraft craves, has been in varying stages of economic decline for the past 30 years, leading to a frustration level so intense the UK just abandoned the EU because England sees itself falling off an economic cliff. Unemployment across most of socialist-drenched Europe is sky high, while youth unemployment in many countries like Spain, Italy and France runs well over 25 percent.

Socialist Europe has a most depressed and dire economic outlook for as far as the eye can see. Tens of millions of Europeans have experienced an even worse decline in living standards than Americans.

So when Scott and Hillary shout more progressive socialism will save us all, they are both whistling Dixie past one huge graveyard of countries that have gone bankrupt or ended up far worse than America have following that path. But If it takes an envy, socialist blowtorch for you to lose your mind they can't wait to brown your backside with it. It is, after all, summer barbecue time.

Tony Boutin

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