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What do you expect when Obama has Al Sharpton as advisor?

To The Daily Sun,

Watching and reading the mainstream media these days is like reading Alice in Wonderland presented as historical documentaries. The current president is a proven liar and incompetent, while the leading candidate for the Dem nomination looks to be a dishonest, untrustworthy sneak who is very likely guilty of influence peddling, taking bribes from foreigners and breaking regulations if not laws while acting as Obama's Secretary of State.
I read somewhere that Ann Coulter once said liberalism is a mental disorder and I'm not sure she was far from joking. After all look at the way things are being viewed by the left's media these days. All cops are suspect or criminals, all criminals are victims, 90 percent of the young blacks killed are killed by other young blacks, over 80 percent of interracial violence is committed by blacks against whites but whites are presented as racists hunting down blacks.

Also, some of us remember "Fast and Furious", where Obama and Holder sent hundreds of assault rifles to the drug cartels all while trying to take all the guns away from honest American citizens. Then, too, we still see thousands of illegal immigrants coming across our boarders and immediately getting public assistance and their children promised free collage educations while our kids come out of collage with staggering debt.

Meanwhile, Obama is negotiating with Iran, the leading exporter of terrorism, caving in on every point and giving the radical clerics a clear path to obtaining nukes. Let's not forget the promise made to bring people together in America in a post-racial presidency, but look how divided and polarized the nation is now.

What can be expected when Obama has Al Sharpton, a true racist and agitator as his chief adviser on race relations.

Political correctness is used as a club to blister those who would speak out against these truths. Smears and slanders substitute for honest debate by those on the left when they can't defend their positions or positions or actions of their leaders. And still after seven years of Obama's rule there fallback is to still blame Bush and call conservatives racists and the Tea Party radical.

Ann was wrong, no mental disorder here, just nasty, evil power-hungry Marxist socialists using any means to justify their ends. Anything to destroy America and claim the spoils.

Steve Earle

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