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What kind of person would steal a wreath from grave of our son?

To The Daily Sun,

We lost our son seven years ago, six months before his 21st birthday. Every year on his birthday, we bring to his grave a wreath with a big birthday bow and a rose for each birthday we missed with him. Every year, Prescott's adds a rose; like birthday candles on a cake, we add a bright blue rose (his favorite color). There were seven blue roses this year; she added a white rose for contrast. It was beautiful.

I brought the wreath over to my son's gave at Union Cemetery on Monday, Nov. 16, the day before his birthday. Today, Nov. 17, I went to bring my son a birthday balloon and found the wreath stolen.

The wreath was a symbol of celebrating the birth of our son and just a precious reminder of our love for him. How heartbreaking it was to see that wreath missing!

This was not the first thing stolen from him. What type of person would steal from a deceased person on their birthday? We ask if anyone has seen this wreath, or know of it, to kindly ask that person to return it to our son's grave, or, better yet, to our house at 17 Cedar Street in Laconia — no questions asked.

This picture of the wreath was taken in 2012, for his 25th birthday. Three more roses were added since.

Thank you to anyone willing to help.

Dave & Marsha Richardson


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Thank you for your support of Inter-Lakes Empty Bowls dinner

To The Daily Sun,

Thank you to area businesses for supporting the 2015 Empty Bowls dinner at Inter-Lakes High School. Empty Bowls is an international project that began in 1991 to help fight hunger. This year's event raised more than $630 to donate to the I-LHS Emergency Fund and to Heifer International.

Students from the National Honor Society and the Inter-Lakes art classes made beautiful ceramic bowls to donate to this event. Guests at the dinner, in exchange for a meal and the bowl, gave a donation as a reminder that there are always empty bowls to fill in our community and world.

Thank you to Mrs. Janet Sanguedolce, I-LHS art teacher and the Inter-Lakes Chapter of the National Honor Society. A special thank you for their generous donation of food goes out to The Corner House Inn, Canoe Restaurant, Hart's Restaurant, George's Diner, Giuseppe's Restaurant, The Mug, and Phu Jee Restaurant.

Grace Ainsworth
Guidance Registrar
Inter-Lakes High School

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