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Briarcrest being run by a bunch of inept & reluctant volunteers

To The Daily Sun,

The scare tactics at Briarcrest Estates continue. Supporters of the coop continue to promote the idea that HTA is going to raise our rents to $750 per month or more. If they had bothered to read the proposal send to the board they would know that all increases in the future, for existing residents, will be increased at the same rate as the Moodys used — the Boston area consumer price index. So, if you are going to make statements, get your facts straight.

If you want to worry about increases, think about this. If a major problem arises under they coop, they will turn to ROC for funds to fix it. ROC will be more than happy to lend you money at 7 or 8 percent, as they have done before. Do you really think we can ever get out of debt this way?

Of course, the other alternative would be to wait and do nothing as the problem gets worse. Or you can try and fix it until your funds run out. Then you go to ROC for money, at their rate of interest. This leaves the prospect of having streets that are impassable or unsafe. The money, either way, will have to come from coop membership, at a high interest rate.

Just the fact that we owe more now than we did on the day the coop took possession of Briarcrest does not leave me with a warm, fuzzy feeling. Leaving these decisions to a bunch of inept and reluctant volunteers does not seem like a smart move.

Arthur Thomits


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Laconia native is an accomplished designer way above the norm

To The Daily Sun,

While letters to the editor often invoke much acrimony and frustration, I am upbeat and pleased to be able to share with my community positive feedback relative to a family-run business: Decorative Interiors in Laconia.

Steve and Marcia Cotter have been in the business of beautifying homes and businesses for several decades. However, it is with their daughter, Stephanie Wentworth, that I would like to especially point out as going above and beyond to satisfy this customer.

Having worked with Stephanie on various projects over the years, I am never disappointed in the outcome or, just as importantly, with the process. Having been a homeowner for almost 30 years, I have worked with many contractors, and while the final product may have been satisfactory, the process of getting there has at times been fraught with stress and disappointment. Not with Stephanie. Time and time again this accomplished designer is head and shoulders above the norm in not just being knowledgeable but communicative.

The Cotters and the Lakes Region should be proud that one of its own natives would return to her hometown to bring beauty not just to the project at hand but to the customer who is lucky enough to bring her onboard.

Claire L. Hebert-Dow

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