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This has nothing to do with buying beer or Dunkin' Donuts

To The Daily Sun,
Representative David Huot, in The Daily Sun, wrote a commentary on Medicaid expansion. In his colloquy, he attempted to demonstrate why the State
of N.H. should accept more federal money for Medicaid. However, Rep. Huot drifts away from explaining the real reason of not expanding Medicaid and in
doing so, faults the N.H. Senate and in particular the Republicans for the delay. However, Rep. Huot, as a learned jurist, knew or should have known, the U.S. Supreme Court in upholding the Affordable Care Act—stated "the Government cannot withhold Medicaid funds from the states, if the state(s) decide whether or not to implement the Medicaid expansion". Hence, the Medicaid money will be available when the state decides to accept the funds.

Furthermore, it strikes me as odd that Rep. Huot attempts to confuse the real intent of providing health insurance coverage and the need for Medicaid funding. For instance, he claims there are 58,000 citizens who can't afford health insurance. Yet, according to the N.H. Center for Public Policy, 34,000 of those 58,000 citizens already have private insurance. He further mentions, the regular consumer who buys beer and Dunkin' Donuts should do more of it. The reasoning: the more they spend, the more the meals and room tax contributes to the state's General Fund.

I think we can agree, most consumers and businesses alike, purchase medical insurance coverage with earned dollars, because they wish to. This has nothing to do with buying beer or Dunkin' Donuts, which brings us to the central issue of Representative Huot's commentary.

When David Huot was a judge — prior to his most recent foray into the political arena— he qualified for free medical and dental insurance. And at that
time, judges made no payment or contribution for this coverage. Somehow by a way of custom or design, this coverage was and is currently funded by the state's General Fund. Now it becomes clear, the reasoning for buying beer and Dunkin' Donuts.
In my opinion, it is one thing for Rep. Huot to suggest the current Medicaid system needs more money, but it is quite another, to be critical of Senate
Republicans who wish not to burden the state taxpayers with more debt, while Rep. Huot enjoys free medical insurance supported by all of the taxpayers.

Kevin Leandro

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Joe Kenney wil be people's representative on Executive Council

To The Daily Sun,

Joe Kenney is the best and most qualified as successor to the Executive Council seat left vacant by the passing of Ray Burton. If you liked Ray, here's why you will love Joe.

Joe is a patriot who has served the country and the people of N.H. serving as a U.S. Marine Lt. Colonel and as a 14-year member of the state Legislature, six years as a senator and eight years as a representative. This experience provides him with the knowledge of the inner workings of the state government.

As a fiscal conservative, he will expose those who are big spending elected officials and provide honest evaluations and explanations of the actions of those who are supposed to serve and protect the people who put them in office.

Joe Kenney is by far the only proven quantity among those candidates from either party to qualify for a seat on the Executive Council.

Joe will be the peoples' representative.

Vote for what is best for N.H. and its citizens. VOTE FOR JOE KENNEY in the Republican primary on January 21st and in the general election against Mark Aldrich on March 11th.

Vince Merola

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Why doesn't Lberdrola understand what majority rule means?

To The Daily Sun,

I am proud to live in Alexandria, where residents mean what they say and say what they mean! We have been harassed by the threat of Wild Meadows Project for over a year now and we are still strong, and united, in our opposition. Last March, we voted against industrial wind turbines in our town. Apparently Iberdrola didn't take our vote seriously and has since submitted agreements to our selectmen, as well as filing with the SEC to move forward with the Wild Meadows Project. This past week, residents of Alexandria overwhelmingly rejected negotiating any agreements with Iberdrola. Why? Because we mean what we say and say what we mean! We didn't want the Wild Meadows Project a year ago, and we don't want it now!

Support vs. opposition in Danbury, Alexandria, and surrounding towns regarding the Wild Meadows Wind Project, being pursued by Iberdrola, is nothing new. Every project in every town, everyday, over many centuries has received support and opposition — that's the way it goes. However, every 3-year-old in America understands that MAJORITY RULES! Why doesn't Iberdrola understand this? Every registered voter had the opportunity to vote. They could choose to vote for the project, against the project, or not to vote; that is their right. Even a three year old understands the bottom line — MAJORITY RULES!

Michelle Sanborn


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Altrusa Festival of Trees a great success & we've people to thank

To The Daily Sun,

The Altrusa International Club of Meredith recently held our 18th annual Festival of Trees at the Waukewan Golf Club. Fifty-five dazzling trees were on display, decorated by area businesses, nonprofit organizations, clubs, community groups, individuals, and families. Forty of these beautiful trees were donated to local families distributed through area Christmas funds and other outreach organizations following the Festival! Friday, December 5th through Sunday, December 8th, the Festival was open to the public with increased numbers of families visiting the winter wonderland of trees. The Children's Event on Friday evening featured a reading of "The Christmas Magic" complete with surprise magician for the enjoyment of the children and their families.

Our annual Festival event depends on community support from individuals, local businesses, and visitors. Without that support, we would be unable to make Christmas special for the 40 families who received a Festival tree this year. Proceeds from the Festival benefit the Inter-Lakes Christmas Fund, the Moultonborough Santa Fund, area food pantries, and many other Altrusa initiatives throughout the year.

Our sincere thanks to the Hale family for the use of the facilities at the Waukewan Golf Club, to our terrific local press coverage, to our many tree sponsors, to those who donated decorated trees and items for the silent and live auction and raffle baskets, to volunteer auctioneer Paul "P.K." Zyla, to the exceptional holiday fare from local restaurants and individuals, and to the artists who provided specialty items to the Noel Shoppe. We are grateful for the outpouring of caring and kindness from our community.

The Altrusa Club of Meredith, Leaders in Service, is proud to be part of such an outstanding community. See you next year!

The Altrusa International Club of Meredith

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Not one group, biz or town has come out in favor of Wild Meadows

To The Daily Sun,

Iberdrola is in the process of applying for an application to build the Wild Meadows Wind Project in Alexandria and Danbury in the Newfound Lake, Mount Cardigan area. When they first announced their intentions in September of 2012 they came to these towns to talk about the project. At those meetings they said that they were good neighbors but if the host towns did not want them to build they would not. Mr. Ed Cherian, the spokesman for this project, said that loudly and publicly.

Since those initial meetings both towns have had elections and the results are very clear. The towns have voted that they do not want this large wind project in their backyards. In fact the whole Newfound/Cardigan area has spoken loudly and the opposition to this project is widespread and profound. Not one group, business or municipality has come out in favor of Wild Meadows. In fact many of the towns around the host towns are planning to become legal interveners to the project. There has never been so much overwhelming opposition to a wind project in our state.

This is an open letter to Iberdrola to respond to what they said they would do, not move forward with this project if it is not wanted. Not holding true to their word at this early juncture is a scary proposition for the future dealings with this company. I, and many others would like them to publicly respond in this newspaper. Lets see what they have to say. If you do not see a response to this open letter that will just continue to show how this company is not being truthful and is not a neighbor we want!

Gene Bank

Newfound Lake area

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