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Teachers' unions have one interest: maximum pay & protections

To The Daily Sun,

Scott Cracraft makes the offensive accusation I dislike educators and education. It seems anyone who points out the failure of education must be vilified and discredited by him. Better to demonize the messenger than debate on the merits of the message when you know your going to lose the debate on fact and substance. Taxpayers and tuition payers are getting screwed, as are the states and federal government who hand out hundreds of billions annually aimed specifically to mitigate student debt only to watch costs climb out of control year after year.
Let me be clear on this. Education is the root source of all prosperity, not just America, but around the world. I embrace that. I can support the very best teachers making TWICE what they do today. I am in their camp to pay the best educators at all levels of education, including Scott, the maximum possible based on MERIT and accomplishment. NOT LONGEVITY. They deserve it if they achieve the level of EXCELLENCE America wants and NEEDS.
What I can't support, and won't support is the failed logic that Scott and his peers embrace. That is UNION, GROUP THINK that actively and loudly opposes capitalism, competition and improved productivity as these same people overwhelmingly support the status quo that is killing education as it bankrupts our youngest and most vulnerable. That status quo Scott so vigorously defends REFUSES to commit to the full-throated pursuit of excellence in education at the lowest cost possible, while meriting money to those who produce such excellence while firing those who do not.
If we expect and demand excellence we need to up our game. Surely the QUALITY of educators we put in classrooms must vastly improve if we want better academic results. We keep putting tens of thousands of people in teaching positions who graduate from the BOTTOM THIRD of their college graduating class while unions defend removal of the worst of those to the U.S. Supreme Court. It can cost a school district more than a MILLION DOLLARS in LEGAL FEES fighting unions to remove just ONE poor, questionable teacher from any classroom. UNIONS KNOW THIS. Result, the poor and ineffective teacher stays for a lifetime. THAT IS WRONG! The teaching industry via the union FINANCIAL STRANGLE HOLD with bottomless pockets from forced union dues (even from teachers who do not want to be in a union) has become the most powerful negative force in all of education. Surely the most formidable one STONE-WALLING any commitment to excellence in education supported with higher efficiency to offset continual wage increases.
Unions try desperately to keep even the most failed schools in America open rather than allow students to transfer to much better performing schools. Surely so if they are privately run charter schools. Unions want both poor teachers and failed schools to remain open as all of them scream for higher wages and oppose fiercely every measure that ties teacher performance to their wages. Scott defends all this status quo failure in education. Everyone, currently working in education benefits from the systemic failure of education CONCRETED into place by UNIONS which have only ONE INTEREST. That is the MAXIMUM TEACHER PAY, BENEFITS AND PROTECTIONS with as little accountability as possible to accomplishing their jobs. I guarantee, you can't find the phrase "pursuit of excellence" in the union handbook or rules and regulations. They do not give a crap about excellence! If they did, the system would CHANGE and they would be leading the charge. The best interests of every student in America whether in public school or private college falls behind the unionized teachers and professors. That is how you get perpetual, run away , high costs and stinking macro performance in education that bleeds taxpayers and tuition payers dry, That is my beef ! it should be yours. Does this sound like some one who hates education?
Tony Boutin

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It's not the Budget Committee's job to question a person's integrity

To The Daily Sun,

Does Norm Silber's vindictive arrogance have no limit? By what authority does he believe he can mandate anyone to speak under oath? And, if someone was foolish enough to comply with such a request and be less than truthful, what would be the consequences? Contempt of Gilford Budget Committee perhaps?
The Budget Committee needs to do the work for which its members were elected. That is to objectively examine proposals as presented, to question the numbers and the methods used, to ask for justification and suggest and or make changes as appropriate. But to question the integrity of an individual involved in preparing a proposal is, to say the least, well beneath what is expected of our elected officials.
I know Scott Isabelle both as a colleague and friend. He is without question a man of honor who adheres to the highest ethical and professional standards. In no way would he ever jeopardize his reputation by engaging in anything not one hundred percent truthful.
The Gilford Budget Committee needs to focus its attention on the numbers and stop embarrassing its self and the community with personal attacks.
Jack Landow


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