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Disappointed in mayor for downplaying importance of LFD

To The Daily Sun,

I would to thank the Laconia Fire Department for its rapid response to a devastating flood in our house in Laconia while we were in Florida.

They made arrangements for the Water Department to shut off the water, then rapidly pumped the basement. Someone actually went out in the back yard and cleared the sump pump pipe of ice so the sump pump could work. They willingly kept in touch with us regarding the state of affairs in the house and the basement. When the basement was cleared sufficiently, they were able to then turn off the electricity, so ServPro could begin their work.

I am very disappointed in Mayor Ed Engler's comments in the article in Saturday's Laconia Daily Sun, which downplay the importance of the Fire Department and highlights what he considers to be the negative aspects. I don't think that he is fully aware of all that the Fire Department does to keep us safe and protected.

Sincere thanks to all members of Laconia Professional Firefighters Local 1153.

Kevin & Helen Loiselle


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Instead of calling 911 for your emergency, call the mayor instead

To The Daily Sun,

I wanted to respond to the article "Laconia Firefighters rack up more than $600,000 in overtime," in which Mayor Engler, president of The Laconia Daily Sun Ed Engler, goes on record as to say that the Laconia Fire Department is gaming the system.

I have been saying this for years, and it is refreshing to hear such an accomplished renaissance man share the same opinion as me. I mean just look at the oasis that is Laconia — you have Ed Engler to personally thank for that.

Anyway, let's talk brass tacks. I am tired of the gross incompetence and abuse by the LFD. Lobster Night should only be one night a week, for starters. Just look at the Fire Department today, with their expensive haircuts and baby seal leather jackets, embroidered with diamonds. What's the point of the diamonds? They won't shine after a fire, and given the wear and tear I doubt they will stay adhered. Not to mention, I haven't seen a Fire Department with two Jacuzzis ever. I mean I understand that if one breaks down you need a back up, but seriously? Come on Laconia!

Why do we sit back complacently during one of the largest heroin epidemics to hit New England while our medics respond to calls donned in the most palatial regalia, their own names ornately stenciled into their 1,800-thread-count egyptian silk shirts as if to say, "Yes, I make more money than all of you." For shame, LFD.

Clearly, we need to take an example from a politician, who understands misuse and corruption at its heart. Engler has such a vested interest in stamping out misappropriated funds that it keeps him up at night ... so much so that occasionally he must appropriate time during public meetings to compensate for lost sleep. He reacts swiftly and justly, going straight to the newspaper he owns in a tacitly passive-aggressive tone declares the whole system to be a game, in which the selfish money-grubbing lifesavers are winning. Well not today buddy!

Let's publish all LFD salaries individually, including what they made in overtime compensation, with no real context to the numbers. Well LFD, I certainly hope it was a humbling experience. We should rename it to The Rockefeller's Union of Better-Thans. It's about time Mayor Engler took a stand.

In order to do my part in fighting this money-hungry social service, I have concluded the best way to address this is to invest in the private sector. So instead of calling 9-1-1 for my emergencies and fire, I will call Ed Engler at his house directly and ask what should I do? Considering he probably has more money than those salaries combined, he is clearly qualified to address fire and emergency needs of the community, and will do so without declaring overtime.

Ben Lassen

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