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Kerry associated Israel with an apartheid nation; he should be fired

To The Daily Sun,

Watching an Obama press conference the other day made me shiver from the cold fear running up my back. He was asked a question regarding his foreign policies. Smiling, he remarked he was very happy with it.

Shaking my head, I can only recall his gun-running to Mexico, which killed hundreds, the Arab Spring turning the Middle East into flames and violence, the Benghazi incident which killed an American ambassador and three other Americans, Putin invading Georgia first and then the Crimea and now threatening the rest of the Ukraine.

The president's transparent weakness sends the signal to all rogue nations like China, North Korea, Iran, and Russia that he will do nothing, other then make hollow threats of sanctions even though he has lost the support of most of our allies. It's his own fault, he has cut the legs out from under western Europe, betrayed eastern Europe, and made our Asian allies question our resolve to honor our treaties to defend them.

Speaking of betraying allies, John Kerry, the other day, associated Israel with an apartheid nation. This from our Secretary of State, the supposed head diplomat representing our nation? Kerry, perhaps frustrated, at being unable to broker a peace between Israel and the Palestinians lashed out very, very undiplomatically, and at Israel. Why Israel? It's the Palestinians who refuse to make peace. It's they who for 66 years have tried to destroy the Jewish nation and Jewish people by any means necessary. It's they who continually bombard Israel with rockets, launch attacks, kill and maimed and try to terrorize and and then are outraged when Israel fights back.

Obama should ask for Kerry's resignation and try to fix this, but he won't, why? Because like the old saying goes "You can't fix stupid".

Steve Earle


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Abortion is what draws women to both Shaheen and Brown

To The Daily Sun,

I don't text, Tweet, Twit, or Facebook.

Perhaps Penny Pitou remembers when I interviewed her as one of my first interviews for my radio program after she was named one of the 100 greatest N.H. athletes to that date — and rightly so. If one does not tweet, one could not possibly be involved in the reason for her letter Thursday. As for me, this is the publicity both Jeanne and Scott are looking for. Neither person has that much to say about their records as politicians; and personally, many will see this as bull!
Now, this is another example of the "stupid party" operatives being silly. We must agree that American (and several illegals) voters want an Answering Tour from all candidates, but, that is wishful thinking. Compare Jeanne and Scott's record during their "careers" and my bet is there's not much difference on the issues.

My Lord, abortion is what draws women to both of them. Neither one is helping my country regarding ILLEGALS breaking into our country from three borders. When would either one of them get in Obama's face about the loss of American lives in what is soon to be WWIII? I understand that abortion is (Roe) what it is right now. Which one of them would represent my feelings: white, straight, Christian beliefs, fiscal and social conservative, and believe Obama's view of "take it easy, don't work too hard, and know that government is here to take care of you with other people's money"? Oh, shoot, does that fall under the First Amendment? Obama and Holder are working hard to lose the First and Second Amendments. I cannot close without asking all women, when the Loons refer to conservative Republican women as "Tea Baggers", do you tell the Democrat men to knock it off? Didn't think so.
If Penny Pitou would like to join me again at WEZS to talk about "greats" from our home state, or politics, or both, that would be great! To add a bit of humor; she could park her car with the Obama bumper sticker next to mine; the one with Obama colors with the word REVOLT!
Niel Young

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On sidewalk front, city is in violation of the Disabilities Act

To The Daily Sun,

I completely agree with Ms. Debra Davis and her letter about the sidewalks here in Laconia. I would like to add something else that she did not point out.

The city of Laconia is in violation of the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) laws requiring that all sidewalks be passable by wheelchair as stated in the Title 3 Regulations: 36.211 which deals with maintenance of accessible features.

"(a) A public accommodation shall maintain in operable working condition those features of facilities and equipment that are required to be readily accessible to and usable by persons with disabilities by the Act or this part."

It's time for the city to do something about it before they get sued.

Sara Macomber


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Look around & you might see something positive for a change

To The Daily Sun,

How much more criticism are you planning to put in print? Do you really enjoy spending a good portion of your lives in the delight of critiquing anything and everything concerning President Obama, his administration and the Democrats in general? Are you not satisfied to just live your comfortable lives in peace and harmony with others?

Each and every week the readers of The Laconia Daily Sun and other publications are "treated" to the same ole diatribe and rhetoric of negativity, denial, refusal, unfavorable, and just downright resistance to seeing both sides of any and all issues.

Are you for once able to engage in an intelligent cohesive discussion which gives us actual facts and figures? You go from one issue to another with regularity. Are you happy raking up more negativity than one can handle? It is more than frustrating, and mind numbing to read your daily rants.

Please, for the sake of the readership, take a deep breath and enjoy the sunshine and this coming spring to come with relish. Life is so very short. We don't know how much time any of us have to enjoy life on this earth. The planet that belongs to all of us. Use your time to try and come out of your collective shells. Look around you, you just might see and do something positive for a change.

Oh, and wouldn't that be truly wonderful for a change of pace.

Bernadette Loesch


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Based on personal experience, I tend to believe negative ACA stories

To The Daily Sun,

This letter is written in response to Stanley Wallerstein's letter of March 24.

Yes, I am glad I was able to negotiate my way to find a new health policy that covers my continued visits to Dana-Farber in Boston. Thanks for setting me straight. However, it did not have to happen. The time and anxiety caused by this fiasco was unnecessary. I am glad also that you were able to buy insurance at some significant savings for you. Congratulations! I was not as fortunate, my costs remain similar.

Senator Shaheen, as you may know, cast the deciding vote for Obamacare and she among all people should have foreseen the chaos to small businesses in her state that would result. Remember, the only reason we lost our coverage was that my wife's small business, according to Obamacare, could no longer buy group insurance with only one employee. Obamacare insists small businesses have at least two employees in order to buy group policies. So we lost our insurance, which was never some cheap policy, only because of this Obamacare stipulation. Thanks, Senator.

I do not know the numbers, but surely there must be thousands of single-employee businesses in New Hampshire. An informed senator must have known this. So either Ms. Shaheen knew these numbers and decided to vote for it for some other more nefarious reason, or she didn't know these numbers and the ignorance is even worse. Most probably, she never read the bill for which she was the deciding vote which seems the worst of all three.

Speaking of numbers, because of Obamacare, we were thrown out of our policy and had to buy a new one. I am sure we, like the over 6 million who lost their policies, have been included among the 7 or 8 million people who have signed up for new policies. What then is the true net of newly insured? It seems like 1 or 2 million (7 or 8 minus 6) is the likely number. Really, the whole system had to be blown up for 1 million or 2 million at the cost of untold trillions? Far cheaper would have been to cut the 2 million a check for $10,000 each, that would be $20 billion or less than 1 percent of the 3 trillion dollar estimates I have heard.

Would it not have been easier to: 1. Put all the poor on Medicaid immediately. 2. Allow doctors to deduct from their income, treatment for the poor. 3. Create an interstate market place for health insurance, allowing more competition. In New Hampshire only Anthem exists on the exchange.

I am not a member of any Republican PAC. However based on my personal experience I tend to believe what little negative press coverage exists.

I would be happy to discuss this with Mr. Wallerstein personally. I would be pleased to treat us both to coffee at the location of his choice!

Tom Garrity


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