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Candidates pushed back against the sneering, gloating panel

To The Daily Sun,

Anyone who actually watched the CNBC debate (Wednesday) night can no longer doubt or defend the American mainstream media. This was such a biased, unethical exercise in gotcha personal attacks by the left-wing activist reporters that CNBC should be made to register as a PAC for Hillary.

Finally the candidates pushed back against the sneering, gloating panel who showed their true colors to viewers. The stark difference in character of questions asked at the Democratic debate and this one was a world apart. The media is once again promoting the coronation of Hillary even after the Benghazi hearing showed beyond any doubt that she lied, deceived, manipulated and broke trust with the American people. This is not an arguable point or opinion, it is a point of fact.

Readers, you have just learned beyond any doubt that the mainstream media cannot be trusted.

Steve Earle


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A lot of us had tough childhoods but we don't threaten with guns

To The Daily Sun,

I was reading the front page article in Friday's Daily Sun about the person who the police are looking for, which sparked the standoff the other day. I read that this man has a lengthy record and has committed many crimes. Let me ask you this, why keep letting people like this out of jail? Leave them there!

Unless they show they are willing to make an improvement in their life and have a viable plan to do so, there's no reason they should be let back out onto the streets. He's obviously a very dangerous person who should never have been released from prison. I hope they find him real soon and get him back in a concrete room where he belongs.

By reading the article, I think it would be safe to say he's lived a life of crime and isn't ever going to change. I'm sure some of you will stick up for him and say he had a messed-up upbringing, or he's a troubled person in some other way. BS! There's a lot of us like that but we don't threaten people with guns and have total disrespect for law enforcement.

Dee Morrissette

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