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New Horizons Band concerts are free; musicians welcome to join

To The Daily Sun,

I'm wearing my "Clarinet Karen" hat today, and on behalf of the New Horizons Band of the Lakes Region and conductor Mary Divers, I'm writing to thank Vint Choiniere, Russell Weeks, and the Meredith Parks and Rec Department for inviting the band to once again play the pre-fireworks concert in Hesky Park this year. The kids were dancing, the people clapping, and the musicians had a lot of fun playing wonderful pieces for a great crowd.

The band will continue summer concerts in Gilford on July 21, Sanbornton on July 25, Bristol on Aug.t 20, Center Harbor on Aug. 22, and a possible Laconia date on Sept. 1. Performing year-round, the holiday concerts will begin in November and December at the Veterans Home, the Belknap County Home, the Taylor Community and other locations around the Lakes Region. In the spring there are exchange concerts with several other New Horizons bands across the state.

Our concerts are always free to the public and the band welcomes musicians of all skill levels. New Horizons bands have been created around the world for those musicians who are over 50, with the slogan "Making Music for Life." However, the New Horizons Band of the Lakes Region welcomes musicians of many ages. Practices are on Tuesday nights from 7-9 p.m. and/or Saturday afternoons from 1-2:30 p.m. at the Music Clinic in Belmont. More information can be found at newhorizons-lakesregion.org.

Hope to see you at a concert soon, and thanks again Meredith Parks & Rec.

Karen Sticht


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When state taxes more, people & businesses consume less

To The Daily Sun,

The governor's veto of the New Hampshire budget is one of the most harmful acts within the chief executive's prerogatives. When the governor vetoes the budget, state agencies are thrown into turmoil. Without an authorized spending level they cannot know what level of activity they can support. As a result of this increased uncertainty (risk), restrictions on spending must be put into place reflecting the range of potential budget outcomes. The governor's decision making is ignorant of the basics of economics. Further, it illustrates a lack of capacity to grasp the harm inflicted on the people and employees of the state.

The state budget exists as a component part of New Hampshire's economy. To the extent that the state budget grows the other three components of state gross domestic product (GDP) are restrained. When state government spends more, the state must tax more because New Hampshire's constitution requires the budget to be balanced. When the state taxes more the people and businesses of the state have less money in their pocket to spend for the things they desire to consume; they have less money available to produce products for export and they have less money available to invest in their future.

Of the component parts of GDP, investment is the most important. It drives GDP both when the investments are made and as a multiplier effect in future periods through improved productivity. Each of the other components have an effect in the current period only. Investments in new enterprises are a catalyst to new hiring which boosts consumption through wage payments from investment profits. Impediments to investments, which a veto of the state budget is, are a drag on the economy. The fiscal unknowns as a result of the uncertainty of the state budget ripple through the spending of all businesses and personal budgets.

Marc Abear

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