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So many people give their time to make Christmas Village a success

To The Daily Sun,

On Saturday, Dec. 3, I was treated to a great trip though Santa's Christmas Village. It was beautiful, but best of all was knowing that so many people give their time to make this a success. We are so lucky to live in the Lakes Region, where people do so much for each other.

I hope the grinches who stole the cookies did not waste them. It did prove how the people could get together and make such good treats.

Hannelore Spence


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Would Mr. Knowlton be 'moving on' if the situation were reversed?

To The Daily Sun,

Three points in response to Ken Knowlton's recent letter.

First, ask the tens of millions, repeat, tens of millions of Americans who have been enabled to buy health insurance due to ACA how it's working.

Second, if by some remote chance Hillary had won the electoral vote by the same margin as she won the popular vote, would Mr. Knowlton just check his principles at the door and "move on?" I'm skeptical.

Third, for future reference, it's Mr. Andersen to you.
Johan Andersen


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