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Partisanship is the last thing we need from our FBI & the Department of Justice

To The Daily Sun,

To anyone who is alert, good at getting news from multiple sources and intelligent and open-minded enough to form a sensible opinion it, should be obvious that the FBI Director James Comey has made a bad decision in throwing open the Clinton emails issue after it was clearly found not to be of criminal nature, but instead, in some cases, poor judgement, and declared (the matter) closed.

Comey himself has admitted, "We have not yet looked at this material" At the same time, Trump is shouting that it's proof of Hillary's crookedness and criminal behavior (paraphrasing).

The media of course in their "monster storm" mode is flooding the airways with the words, "bombshell," "shocking," and more. If the Justice Department and Comey don't come out within a couple of days, after carefully examining all of this material supposedly "shocking" and incriminating, I and most probably a lot of other Americans will lose faith in the integrity and efficiency of this wing of our government.

I note today, Comey's words that he could not guarantee that the investigation "would" be finished by Election Day ... not "could" not.

Partisanship is the last thing we need in the FBI and the Department of Justice. Could this be a factor in this "bombshell" exploding this near to election day?

Guy Stoye

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So many helped make Christine & Friends Art From The Heart such a great success

To The Daily Sun,

On behalf of the organizing committee of Christine & Friends: Art from the Heart, the benefit exhibition and sale of work by Meredith artist and community activist, Christine Hodecker, we would like to express sincere gratitude to the many talented artists who donated their work, the enthusiastic art patrons and admirers who turned out for the opening reception on Oct. 27 to encourage and support Christine, and to those who found and purchased a special piece of work for their collections.

Attendance at the reception was remarkable, and Christine was touched and humbled by the outpouring of love and good will.

There were many who worked behind the scenes to insure the success of the opening and the ongoing show and whom we wish to acknowledge with special appreciation.

Instrumental in bringing about this exhibition were Jodie Herbert and Rusty McLear of Mill Falls Marketplace. Providing inspiration and support at every turn was Katheryn Lagueux Rolfe of Oglethorpe Fine Arts & Crafts. We received invaluable assistance from Vicky and the maintenance team of Hampshire Hospitality Holdings, John Moulton of Moulton Farm, Laurie Perry of Cackleberries Garden & Gift Shop, Vynnie Hale of VynnArt, Julie Gnerre Bourgeois and staff of Guiseppe's, Russ Hart of Hart's Turkey Farm Restaurant, The Common Man, Case & Keg, and Beth Euiler of Omni Signs.

To accommodate holiday shopping, Christine & Friends: Art from the Heart will remain on display at Mill Falls Marketplace in Meredith through Dec. 31. All proceeds from the sale of the artwork will benefit the Art from the Heart Fund, established to assist Christine and her family to cope with medical care and associated expenses as Christine battles cancer.

For information on how you can provide financial support, please visit Go Fund Me page "Art from the Heart: C Hodecker." Large or small, your purchase of work or your outright financial contribution is a gift from the heart that truly will make a difference and will encourage the kindness of others.

Rhetta Colon
Vynnie Hale
Jodie Herbert
Mary Lou John
Lyn O'Callaghan
Karen O'Shea
Priscilla Rice
Lyn Seley
Pam Stearns

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