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Yes, Obama has hurt me. He’s hurt you, too, by the way

To The Daily Sun,

In reply to Bernadette, yes Obama has hurt me. Now, admittedly he did not come to my house, kick me in the shin or punch me in the nose, but he has hurt me.

By the way, he has hurt you, too, along with everyone except the 1 percent that are too rich to be bothered by him. Let me say that in his terms the cost of energy has risen. Don't be fooled by recent drops in fuel prices. They are still much higher then when he was elected. When the costs of energy goes up Bernadette, the costs of all goods and services goes up with them. That hurts me and you.

He spent his entire first term pushing the ACA (Obamacare) through by lies and deceit, which hurts all of us whose health insurance went up, deductibles went up, as did co-pays. That hurt me and my wife and millions of others.

Aside from personal economic injury I'm insulted by his serial lies which has harmed not only the nation in general but hundreds of individuals most recently two police officers of the NYPD and a third in Aubendale, Fla. These officers were assassinated by radical leftists spurred on by the false narrative that police are hunting down young blacks and killing them because of racism. That's a lie and you and Obama know it. Ninety-one percent of blacks murdered are done by other blacks, another 6 percent by non-police whites, that leaves only 3 percent by police. And yet Al Sharpton, Obama's "go to guy on race relations" has convinced most of the left we are a racist nation with racist police.

In summary I hate serial lairs who disregard the harm and injury their lies inflict on people. I hate it that false narratives are used to incite violence, (riots looting and burning and now assassinations) to advance a political agenda. I hate it when those on the left accuse anyone who disagrees with them of being a racist or lying because of differences of opinion. So expect no apology from me, no remorse for telling the truth as I see it and know it to be true.

Let me suggest you stop depending on MSNBC and "Saturday Night Live" for your information and start tuning in to Fox News where both sides of a story are represented and nothing is withheld so as not to hurt some politicians feelings.

Steve Earle


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I put all the debate tricks in a magic hat and out popped Obama

To The Daily Sun,

Bill Dawson would like those of us who write to The Sun to refrain from using debate tricks in submitting our letters. So I took his advice. I took his eight pet peeves: 1. Appeal to ignorance, 2. Card stacking, 3. Hasty generalization, 4. Appeal to force, 5. Personal attacks, 6. Appeal to Prejudices, 7. Bandwagon, 8. Guilt by association, and wrote them all down on separate pieces of paper and put them into a Big Black Magic Hat, and tried a magic trick of my own.

I shook the hat injecting no logic or emotion. I then reached into the hat hoping to pull out my point of view, instead out popped Obama.

Tom Sellew

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I wonder if voters would appreciate abuse at County meetings

To The Daily Sun,

We were sad to read Diane Roberts letter asking to have Mathew Logue return to the Belknap County Nursing Home now, instead of after New Years. I suppose she really doesn't want to continue to answer the Finance Committee about a budget that Mr. Logue didn't think important enough to do. She showed grace standing there trying to explain why the kitchen needed gloves, hairnets, and bread after already explaining how many faxes the nurses do a day for pharmacy and doctors orders so that the Finance Committee would allow her to purchase two new toner cartridges. Perhaps she would rather those questions be answered by Mr. Logue who is responsible for all of these budget issues. Unfortunately for us, Mr. Logue will be returning from his paid leave in time for next year's budget if he so feels inclined.

We have been attending these contentious meetings as department heads are questioned about all needs over $300 which is not difficult to exceed in a facility as large as the county complex. No one seems to think that paying Mr. Logue his large salary to sit home is a problem, nor are they concerned about the thousands of dollars spent in legal fees fighting for control.

Commissioner Nedeau has decided to step down after Representative Burchell told him where to go in the middle of a public meeting. When Commissioner Nedeau demanded an apology, Representative Tilton (chair of this committee) didn't think it was necessary. Ms. Shackett has been accused of dishonesty by Rep. Worsman because she followed the instructions from the auditors to avoid defaulting on the health care insurance payment thus avoiding another legal case. Our finance director was criticized for paying the oldest attorney bill first because it was not the delegation's attorney.

We have heard over and over that these individuals represent the voters' wishes. One wonders if the voters would appreciate the abusive behavior at these meetings? It seems that the delegation is fixated on saving money on rubber gloves, toner cartridges, and food supplies while reinstating an inadequate administrator and running up legal bills that they don't want to pay.

Unfortunately, the acting licensed administrator of the nursing home, Mrs. Flanagan, who also had a degree in nursing and did the training of staff, was scooped up by a nursing home in Concord which seized the opportunity that these "representatives" let slip away. Presidential Oaks obviously saw the value of Mrs. Flanagan over Mr. Logue. Our loss is another's gain. Is this really what you wanted when you voted?

Rude, childlike behavior centered on silly things while paying for their power plays and games? Since these elected individuals seem to think that their $100-a-year position entitles them to make decisions about running the entire county, I suggest voters pay attention to the arrangement of those deck chairs while this ship heads nowhere but down.

The Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Kendrick Child

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A sincere thank you from the Batchelder family

To The Daily Sun,

Words cannot explain how thankful I am to receive all the help and generosity from the people of my community and other communities who came together to help rebuild my family's house after it caught fire on Dec. 8. Without the quick responses of the local fire department, the house my family and I grew up in would have been a total loss.

This is truly a gift from God that no one was hospitalized or lost their lives in this fire. If this fire would have started any later in the night my family would have been asleep and the damages would have been more substantial then what they are now.

I cannot thank the men and women of the local fire departments enough for their bravery and response time in this life changing event. You will forever be in mine and my family's prayers and graces. Thank you.

Also a very special thanks goes out to the Salvation Army, Rob McAllister of Rhode Island, Mike O'Neil, New Hampton Fire Chief Michael Drake, Police Chief George Huckins, Firefighter Steve Hansel, Superior Insulation, Metro Walls Incorporated, Home Depot, Lowe's, Lakes Region Chimney, Rowell's Sewer and Drain, Alex Ray of the Common Man Restaurants, the 104 Diner, the volunteer Belknap County inmates (4-H Fairgrounds), and inmate Dave R. Nelson.

To everyone else who I may have not mentioned thank you for your time and togetherness in this time of need. You have all be so very helpful and uplifting. My family's thoughts and prayers go out to all of you. Thank you.

Norman R. Batchelder, Jr.


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A Not So Merry Christmas for Northern Grinch


To The Daily Sun,

T’was the night before Christmas and all through the House,

The Rep’s had gone home, you could hear a church mouse.

With the new Speaker’s gavel, all snug in its rack.

Northern Grinch is still struggling, its future unclear.

And Quinlan’s now pres, he’s the new “go-to guy,”

The bills were all filed in a neat little stack,

Tom May is still fighting, still spouting hot air.

But no one is listening. He doesn’t know why!

The answer’s real simple; the project’s a hoax.

It won’t get approved, it’s damaging folks.

The project’s not needed; it will soon be defeated.

New Hampshire says no way, Northern Grinch must go way.

Martin Murray’s been hiding, on the vine he’s been dying,

But the copter’s still flying, PSNH keeps on trying.

They just do not get it, Northern Grinch needs an obit.

Just put it down under or we’ll tear it asunder.

Down through the Whites, surely you jest,

That’s a non-starter, a certified bummer.

We don’t need your power, we refuse to cower.

Our viewscapes you shan’t wreck, keep your towers in Quebec.

Now Susan, now Robert, now Martha and Tommy.

Through Grafton and Carroll, through Coos we travel,

The fight must not waver, till they’re over a barrel.

The opponents are growing. NG’s progress is slowing.

More folks are knowing, Northern Grinch has stopped crowing.

This project will end soon or sing a brand new tune.

Of this please be certain; soon down comes the curtain.

On Jimmie and Georgie, On Jeanie and Bobby.

The firm, Public Service, has become a disservice.

They don’t tell the truth, their tactics uncouth,

It’s all very cunning, this show they are running,

But soon t’will be ending, untruths and rule bending.

The SEC clearly, won’t give in very easily.

The Forest Society will react very nimbly.

We hope that Tom Wagner will decide very quickly,

So we’ll soon be done with all the Tom Foolery.

If NG goes forward, it will have to start listening.

To its foes and its enemies it will have to start bending.

Or its future will come to a very quick ending,

This is the message we want to be sending.

Merry Christmas to NG, to HQ and NU.

We hope that by now our message has got through.

We hope that our fight has shown you our might,

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!!!

Tom Mullen, Former Owner

Owl’s Nest Resort & Golf Club



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