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How do you encourage long-term dedication? Promote from within

To The Daily Sun,

I am not much for writing letters to the editor. I am not friends with either "Bill" Wright or Chief Mike Moyer (retired).

First of all, "double dipping" is not wrong, so long as you have the passion to do the job at hand and are not just a "fat cat."

I will not be voting for either candidate because I live on the other side of the river. But if I was voting I would ask myself, who has the experience within the walls of the Belknap County Sheriff's Department? Answer: Sgt. "Bill" Wright. If I was voting I would ask myself who has the passion to do a great job for the employees and the county residents? Answer: Sgt. William "Bill" Wright. Last I would ask myself how do you promote long-term dedication to the organization? Answer: promote from within.

I would urge the voters to vote William "Bill" Wright for Belknap County sheriff.

Lt. Richard "Dicky" Paulhus


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Because I have ovaries, I guess I'm entitled to an opinion on this

To The Daily Sun,
Mr. Vervaeke's letter of Sept. 2 was very sad; he insulted Mr. Mitchell for urging pregnant women to choose life for their babies, calling him a "religious nut" and a "fool." According to Mr. Vervaeke, as a woman with ovaries, I am entitled to an opinion about this issue.
Okay, here it is. Mr. Mitchell, may God bless you! Bless you for always speaking up for children and the preciousness of life. You are a true friend to women when you honor the dignity of motherhood by speaking out in defense of nurturing the lives of all unborn babies, not destroying them.
I believe Mr. Vervaeke should remember his mother's love for him, in giving him life, before he supports the deaths of children for the sake of promoting "women's health."
Doris Morrissette


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