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Health insurance companies are now, in effect, subsidizing the American taxpayer

To The Daily Sun,

I have no idea where Robert T. Joseph, Jr. gets his facts or more importantly his conclusions. In Saturday's Sun, Robert wails for "Medicare for all," using the same, worn-out drum beat of empty thinking and BANKRUPTING logic that has permeated Democrat's thinking for the last half century. The actual costs for Medicare has exceeded its original cost estimate by hundreds of billions of dollars. Medicare has done nothing but DISTORT both the DELIVERY and PRICING of health care since its enactment in 1965, igniting a cost trajectory that hasn't stopped in 50 years. Everyone NOT on a government plan pays greatly-inflated costs for insurance and care so government can pay less with the result of provoking outrage at private enterprise as being greedy.
Medicare, restricted to age 65 and older, is already bankrupt in the trillions (not billions) going forward. That's for just 20 percent of the population. Imagine the added tens of trillions of new debt if we were to pay for 100 percent of the people. What an awesome, economic KILLING MACHINE of destruction that would be. Further, people age 65, and over each have had tens of thousands of dollars confiscated form their paychecks for 40 YEARS to PRE-PAY Medicare's cost. They have tens of thousands more deducted from their Social Security checks in retirement to pay for more. It still is NOT ENOUGH to pay all the bills. Hence the monster, projected bankruptcy. Payroll deductions for Medicare need to be increased immediately if we are being honest with ourselves.
Both, Bernie Sanders and Peter Shumlin were elected governor of Vermont on the fantasy and bold faced LIE they repeatedly told saying they would deliver single-payer health care to the state. Shumlin finally announced last year, under great public pressure, that enacting single-payer health would severely jeopardize Vermont's economy, causing taxes to be raised double digits across the board in order to bring in sufficient money to pay for just 700,000 people. He said "no dice." If such legislation threatens Vermont's economy, imagine what it would do to the country. A country already DROWNING IN DEBT left to us by our kind brothers Bush and Obama.
According to Robert, insurance companies are the problem with health care. If we remove them, all will be well. Guess what? The insurers' are running FROM the ACA exchanges. They are losing their backsides in the hundreds of millions of dollars. The low premiums government allow not only don't produce a profit, they produce gigantic loses. Many states are now left with only one insurer. Insurance companies are in reality subsidizing the American taxpayer through those losses passed on to stock holders rather than taxpayers. Robert needs a reality course to understand the profound harm Medicare has done not only to health care but health insurance in this country.
Tony Boutin

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News is again full of stories about liberal/progressives gone mad; wha

To The Daily Sun,
Some interesting recent news:

Teachers prevented mass casualties by suspending five-year-old Caitlin Miller for making shooting motions with a crooked stick and four-year-old pre-school student Hunter Crowe for having a "shotgun bullet" (aka a fired 22 bullet shell casing) he got from his police officer grandfather.
Note that while children can't be taught "The Ten Commandments" or "Love your neighbor as yourself" for fear of establishing a state religion, their schools will soon teach them about Islam, which directs the killing of gays, non-believers, adulterers, and wives and sisters who bring dishonor on a family.
The Rockville Maryland School Superintendent calls people racists for objecting to the rape of a 14-year-old girl by 17 and 18 year old illegal alien classmates. Apparently it's only okay to complain about white rapists.
Rachel Dolezal, who claims to be "transblack," claims that race is just a social construct. Coming soon: "trans-smart," "trans-disabled," and "trans-senior-citizen"...
University student and "social justice warrior" Yvonne Nguyen feels oppressed because friends say she looks better with long hair when she wants to shave her head "to show solidarity for cancer patients".
"Liberals/progressives" obsess about killing their political opponents, e.g., Madonna, Adam Pally, and CalState Professor Lars Maischak allegedly want Trump dead, and Maischak allegedly tweeted "Justice = The execution of two Republicans for each deported immigrant."
Abundant evidence supports Michael Savage's claim that "liberalism is a mental disorder;" but let's not overlook liberal/progressive hypocrisy, incompetence, deviousness, and criminality.
Women's rights champion Senator Elizabeth Warren reportedly only paid her female staffers 71 percent of what she paid her male staffers in 2016.
HUD Inspector General Montoya reports many HUD failures including the inability to "maintain an effective financial management governance," failures complying with 27 and 37 year old laws, and that financial statements for 2015 and 2016 included errors in over half the statement notes totaling $557 million and $278.5 billion.
There's growing evidence that Obama's administration surveilled Trump's campaign and transition team and others, apparently for political purposes. Two weeks ago Susan Rice said she knew nothing about the "unmasking" (identifying U.S. citizens who weren't legal surveillance targets) of Trump personnel, now she claims that she unmasked Trump personnel for legitimate reasons. (MSNBC warns that noting this discrepancy is racist and sexist.)
After a nine month FBI investigation and apparently year-long White House surveillance, there is NO evidence of Trump team criminality or any collusion between the Trump team and the Russians to interfere with the election.
The only clear criminal act related to the Trump campaign is the leaking of information about Michael Flynn by President Obama's people.

Don Ewing

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