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I need your vote to make a difference on Bristol Selectboard

To The Daily Sun,

Hi, I'm John Sellers and I am running for an open selectman seat in Bristol. Some people have asked me what I stand for. Well, I stand for living on less government, listening to you and being transparent.

Transparency looks like this. The selectboard wants to spend $100,000 on a new communication tower when it could be done for $20,000 or less? They also want another $15,000 for a wage study when a simple survey could be conducted at no cost (Wakefield just completed their own wage study)? They want even more — over $600,000 more. We must be realistic, we cannot support a Hollywood budget.

Some in our town are really trying to save us money and I praise and thank them for this. For example, all the departments combined saved us about $180,000 in 2015. Actually, thank you to each department head for saving us this much each year for the past six years.

Do you know where that money went over the last six years? Some went into the unreserved fund balance which has over $1 million in it. I believe some of this money should be given back to the taxpayers and some should be given as a bonus to the departments who saved us the money in the first place. For a property worth $200,000, this would be around $480 total savings over six years. This is real money and it adds up fast.

Last year, as a Budget Committee member, I went to a class on municipal budgeting and I read through Chapter 32 of the municipal budgeting laws then asked a lot of questions from each department head, since they know their budget best. I then made several recommendations to reduce line items and save that $180,000 mentioned above. I call this being prudent and doing the job I was elected to do. I believe I'm the person Bristol needs as a selectman, not someone that does not understand the process or will gives no thought about how your money is spent.

On March 8 I need your vote to make a difference. Show the select few that you are watching and are concerned. This $5.8 million budget, along with an additional $600,000 in warrant articles, need to be dealt with. Otherwise, we could see more people selling their homes, being foreclosed on, empty apartments, and more empty store fronts.

With your help we can stop this craziness and reduce our taxes.

John Sellers


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Fell sorry for young people who are flocking to 'Free Lunch' Bernie

To The Daily Sun,

I see the hypocritical progressives are up in arms over the possible blocking of anybody that Obama wants as the next Supreme Court justice. They all are quick to mention the Constitution. The same Constitution that they become completely oblivious to when their leader — you know, that scholar of constitutional law — has completely ignored it whenever it suits his idealistic fancy. I have to ask why has that scholar of constitutional law had all the records of his time at Harvard, as a student and a professor, blocked from public scrutiny. Is this the action of someone who is proud of his record?

These same people seem to forget the times when the progressives in the Senate — I no longer call them Democrats as the Democratic Party is long gone — stalled and/or stopped candidates that Republican presidents put forward. Justice Bork is one that comes to mind. He was probably the most astute constitutional mind available at the time but because he had voiced something in the past that caused the progressives to line up against him he was vilified and made out to be some neanderthal that was going to send the country back to the Dark Ages.

Of course we also have Justice Thomas who was dragged through the mud after the progressives recruited a loony-leftist professor to accuse him of things that were never proven. Senator Charles Schumer, a real socialist if there ever was one, wanted to block a Bush candidate for the court because it was an opening in Bush's last year as president. Where was their concern then?

This is the most important election in my lifetime — and I've been around for awhile — so I think that this vote on a new justice should be put off until after the election, that way the people of this country will decide whether we become a socialist country or continue to be a country where people can be free to live their lives as free people without the strong arm of government controlling them from birth to death which is what occurs under socialism.

I feel sympathy for the young people who are flocking to Bernie Sanders as bees do to pollen as they don't understand that there is no such thing as a free lunch and they will be the ones footing the bill for his socialistic ideas when they become taxpayers. As far as the older people who vote/voted for him, I have to say they are just fools.

Winston Churchill once said: "The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings, the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries." To that I say amen.

Dave Schwotzer

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