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On a positive note, Mike at the Tilton Subway is amazing

To The Daily Sun,

With so much negativity floating around, here is a positive note.

Mike at Subways in Tilton gives the best customer service ever.

Always with a smile and a good word, he creates the exact sandwich you request and he is amazing to watch as his hands move so quickly. He is able to multitask and create a great positive feeling as he works.

He brightens the day with his wonderful outlook — even makes dealing with difficult customers easy. He surely deserves recognition and we need more Mikes in this world.

Joanne Bolla


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Shaker School District is taxing residents out of their homes

To The Daily Sun,
Though I was somewhat relieved to read the article in today’s Sun, I am still concerned with the impact over the next three years. (Shaker School District Business Administrator Debbie) Thompson seems to think that $1.7 million to be paid by the already OVERTAXED Belmont residents is OK? The School Board needs to say NO to these constant huge pay increases. I wish someone with more concern for the taxpayers in Belmont would run for school board. I, for one, would vote for anyone but an incumbent this year.
If my health were better, I would run myself. You are taxing residents out of their homes. Too much smoke and mirrors! The teachers in this district are very well paid as compared to other districts already.
Donald Irvin

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