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I'm grateful to so many for their help in my campaign for sheriff

To The Daily Sun,

I would like to thank the voters of Belknap County for electing me Belknap County Sheriff. I am grateful to everyone who volunteered on my campaign, from the sign holders at the polls to the countless people and businesses that put up signs supporting me. It was an honor to meet so many great residents of our county, from Barnstead to Center Harbor, and I look forward to serving you. I cannot adequately express my gratitude to my wife Robin and my other family members for their tireless work and unwavering support.

I would be remiss if I did not thank my primary opponent, Sergeant Bill Wright, for the professional and aggressive campaign that he ran. It has been a privilege to get to know Bill better and I look forward to working with him and the professional men and women who make up the Belknap County Sheriff's Department.

Mike Moyer


Belknap County

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The list of hate crimes since election day has topped 700 mark

To The Daily Sun,

Hillary Clinton has extended her popular vote lead over Herr Trumpf by nearly 2 million votes with 7 million votes still to be counted. Even without a popular mandate, the loser of the popular vote is nominating grotesque caricatures of authoritarianism and bigotry.

Consider Sen. Jeff Sessions for attorney general. He was nominated for a seat on a federal bench in 1986, but the Republican Congress shot him down due to his history of racism. Jeff Sessions as attorney general would signal that the swamp is getting more vermin. Sessions got a consistent zero score from the Human Rights Commission. Mr. Sessions has fought civil rights legislation all his life. When Trump does racism, he does it yuuuge. Sessions has said he thought the KKK was okay until he discovered they smoked pot.

The Year of Broken Glass continues as SPLC's list of hate crimes and harassment since the election now tops 700. White Nationalists celebrated Trump appointees Bannon, Sessions, and General Flynn, saying as "like Christmas." Neo-Nazi site Daily Stormer says of the Sessions nomination, he is "an aggressive anti-black racist. We're going to get absolutely everything we wanted." David Duke exclaimed, "Bravo President Trump!" All across the country the Confederate flag is considered an apt reply to anti-Trump protesters. Daily Stormer has created over 1,000 fake Black twitter accounts in order to stir up racism. The site is recommending that Trump fans harass Clinton supporters online to the point of suicide. This isn't the 1930s but yes, it's fascism.

In Silver Spring, Maryland, a popular immigrant church, the Episcopal Church of Our Savior was vandalized with a large message that read, "Trump Nation, Whites Only." In Tennessee, a transgendered Iraq War veteran was awakened by her truck's horn and found it ablaze with "Trump" painted on it. In NYC, a cabbie was at a light when the passenger in the next car started screaming obscenities, deportation rhetoric and accusations of terrorism. A memorial park and playground honoring deceased Beastie Boys member Adam Yauch was found defaced with swastikas and the words "Go Trump." Youch was of Jewish heritage.

A California woman came back from a Mission Peak hike to find a threatening note and her car window was smashed, all because her head covering was mistaken for a Muslim hijab. Nicki Pancholy suffers from lupus and needs to protect her head from the sun with a scarf. The note read, "Hijab wearing bitch, this is our nation, now get the (expletive) out." Her purse and checkbook were also stolen. In Illinois, ABC-7 reported an elementary school teacher in Round Lake Heights is being investigated after she taunted an 11-year-old Hispanic student with a deportation threat saying, "I can't wait until they ship you back."

In Michigan, a man yelling 'Trump" attacked an immigrant cab driver. An Ethiopian immigrant, Yemaj Adem noted, "The first punch, I was surprised. I've never experienced this from a fare. Five years now and I've never had an issue. When I heard that Trump word, I knew this was something different." He was able to escape the assault by jumping out of the cab. The assailant was arrested.

At a Starbucks in Miami, a man flew into a racist rage when his order took too long. The white man yelled Trump's name at black employees, who he accused of "anti-white discrimination" because his coffee was delayed, witnesses said.

At San Jose State University, student Esra Altun was walking back to her car on Wednesday afternoon when someone grabbed her hijab from behind and yanked it backward. She struggled to breathe as the man pulled hard at her head scarf inside the third floor of the car garage. "I was trying to gasp for air," Altun said. "I couldn't say or do anything. I was paralyzed."

Welcome to Herr Trumpf's America.

James Veverka

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