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Town of Meredith being ridiculous when it comes to skate park

To The Daily Sun,

In the June 22 issue of The Laconia Daily Sun,I  was really pleased to see the article about Brendan Hart starting a fund to restore the skate park in Meredith. His dad, who died way to young, and gave so much back to Meredith and surrounding communities. His mom donated the money to build the park to honor his dad and it was dedicated as the Glenn Hart Memorial Skateboard Park.

The park has been getting in worse shape and nothing seems to be done to help the situation. That is such a shame since it never cost the town a dime to build it.

My son, Lars, has been and still is a skateboarder for over 30 years and almost since it was built always complained it was never opened. The Town of Meredith has always maintained that because of its insurance company, an attendant must be there at all times. If this is true the Town of Meredith is
getting ripped off. Like Brendan, Lars has skated all over the country and guess the only place that has that rule. How come just in N.H. no one has that rule? (Locally, Laconia and Plymouth.) I spoke to my neighbor, Chris Adams, who just retired as the chief of police in Laconia. He told me that he and his sons used the park eight or nine times last year and doesn't want to see it close. And for you who don't know, Laconia's Skateboard Park was right behind the police station.

And to be told by the recreation department that they were afraid of bullying is a joke. In my opinion, the bullying is being done by the Town of Meredith.
The town and the schools never seem to have a problem with our one-and-a-half-million dollar soccer, football, and track facility being used almost all day long with no supervision; I guess nobody could ever get hurt there.

Now here is a good one by the Town of Meredith: go down to the beach on Lake Waukewan and you will see a sign that says NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY, SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK. IF that is good enough down there, why couldn't they put a sign at the skatepark that says SKATE AT YOUR OWN RISK?

When it comes to skateboarding there has been and still is discrimination in Meredith. I am one proud dad; I have a son who skateboards, doesn't smoke, doesn't drink and doesn't use drugs. But he and his fellow skateboarders are still treated like second-class citizens. Something needs to be done and now is the time.

L. Michael Hatch


  • Written by Mike Mortensen
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We all need to pay attention to & be responsible for those in need

To The Daily Sun,

Who pays attention to and is responsible for those in need?

First, a definition of need is required. Life and the continuation of it, must have basic elements present. Health is the primary status all must achieve from birth. Parents have the responsibility for the first few years. For various reasons not all children are born into ideal conditions. Throughout history governments or charitable organizations have made attempts to compensate for lack of parental care. Charities are still trying to help but governments seem less inclined to provide health care for the needy, especially the children of the poor.

Housing is another basic need. About one in 10 people are either homeless or live in a substandard domicile. Many of those who can least afford housing live in high-rent inner city locations. The two needs of health care and housing are closely related. Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and Health and Human Services (HHS) are not as coordinated as they could be.

The Affordable Care Act exposed the problem by extending Medicaid to more of those most needy. Now there is a pulling back from the efforts
to furnish a unified wellness program for all. Now that the Republican conservatives are setting the agenda, money is being redirected to fund tax cuts promised to their supporters during the past election cycle. The problem of caring for the poor is still there however, they are just choosing to ignore it. It's obviously not a good long-term strategy. State agencies, already suffering from inadequate funding, are going to be told to deal with the problem with less federal help.

Seniors have already been through this contest of wills. Obviously most seniors are no longer employed so they need a guaranteed program. In most cases that is Medicare as well as prescription drug coverage provided under part D of Medicare. Both require a monthly premium. Some also enroll in a supplemental insurance plan to cover the 20 percent not covered by Medicare. Some say the current republican health care revisions will impact this part of senior coverage negatively.

Food and the lack of it is the companion piece of the housing and health care issues. Meals-on-wheels and school lunch programs are two of the most common as well as effective ways of providing needed sustenance to the young and elderly. In addition, the indigent poor adults are served by soup kitchens maintained by churches and fraternal organizations. Food banks also fill a need. Most of these programs depend on government involvement in distributing agricultural surpluses. From first hand experience, I can tell you that supplies are not flowing in fast enough to satisfy the needs.

In closing, I will attempt to restate the question posed above. Who needs to pay attention and be responsible? Answer: We all do! Our elected legislators must no lose sight of the fact that caring for and paying attention to the requirements of those in need is their duty not their choice.

Bill Dawson


  • Written by Mike Mortensen
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