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City manager & City Council understand spirit of our tax cap

To The Daily Sun,

There were some items in The Daily Sun that caught my eye within the last three days. Some I will use as material to bring listeners to pick up the phone and give their comments.

Michela Goodell had an interesting letter to the editor that deserved comment during Thursday edition of my radio program.

City Manager Scott Myers submits budget within tax cap. Now, that is good news. He and the City Council understand the spirit of "the cap." Thank you, mayor, council members, and manager.

In the paper of April 13, the headline "10-year out of control" enticed me to read this report. I do not know the boy or his grandmother. However, I was without my hero father (World War II killed in action), and my grandmother became my legal guardian by the time I was of kindergarten age. Gram was there for me. She really tried; she really did! My personal hurt within was my guide, and my enemy.

When I read in that same edition that three people were "doing bad drugs" and one of them died, my first thought is: What a waste. So much life to live. Why?

Niel Young


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I see no common core of beliefs shared by liberals & Muslims

To The Daily Sun,

Here on Thursday, April 7, I read a letter to the editor from Scott Cracraft and have to say I was shocked by his accusations against Russ Wiles.

First off, I have been reading Russ's letters to the editor here in Tthe Daily Sun for the past six years and never once has Russ advocated that anyone's right to free speech be obstructed, let alone prevented. In fact at least twice Russ has in his past few letters thanked and complemented the staff of The Daily Sun for their policy of printing letters from everyone regardless of political points of view.

Scott's letter was in reply to one Russ wrote challenging Scott's earlier description that Trump supporters, the Tea Party supporters, and, well anyone who disagrees with the left was akin to fascists.

Let's be clear on this, no one has yet reported, in or out of the media, that any Trump supporters, Tea Party supporters or anyone from the right has gone to a Clinton or Sanders or any other Democratic event and tried to shout down, disrupt, threaten, charge the stage, take over the mic or shut down the event. Unless Scott can provide some evidence of us doing any such things, his accusations against Russ Wiles can be nothing but cheep smear tactics.

Scott, being a history teacher, knows full well that this was the tactics of the fascists in Italy and Germany in the 1930s. It is and has been the tactics of left-wing groups like Black Lives Matter, moveon.org gangs and all the other George Soros funded left-wing thug gangs for years now.

Let's ask Scott how many left-wing speakers at collages and universities have been shouted down, disrupted, or barred from speaking at these venues by mobs of conservatives because the main stream media hasn't reported any. On the other hand, over the past decade alone hundreds of conservatives have been threatened, bullied and turned away by all those enlighten progressive fascists being motivated by leftists professors who reinvent facts and history to suite their Marxist socialist agenda.

Scott states he does not try to influence his students and up to recently I took him at his word for that, but in the past few months his letters have taken on a very sharp, and I must say, a rather questionable edge as to his credibility. He often has been critical of the Tea Party in particular, and writes as though he is an authority, though he has never attended a rally or meeting. A year ago he and I agreed to attend one, but Scott never showed up, never went to one and has no idea, other then what he is told to believe by political hacks higher up the left's food chain. So much for critical thinking, in depth research and fact-finding.

On a different but related subject, I would like to ask any one of any ilk to answer this question: What in the world do liberals have in common with Islam? As far as I can see Islam is diametrically opposite to everything liberals say they believe in and stand for. There is absolutely no common ground, no common values or beliefs. But the left defends them and villainize Christians as though they are the ones killing, terrorizing, raping, and enslaving innocent people all over the world. Not even the left-wing media makes those claims. So what's up with that? Isn't it about time they get off the Kool-Aid?

Steve Earle


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