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Goal was to give more Americans access to affordable insurance

To The Daily Sun,
I did not want to spend a beautiful summer day having to refute the latest rants from Mr. Boutin. His letter; "Of Course Some Have Benefited From Obamacare, But at What Cost?" is full of misstatements, inaccuracies, and typical right-wing talking points.

He ticks off 12 points of misleading Trump-like gibberish. He once again, and to no one's surprise, tries to dump all of his ongoing issues on Democrats, which he mentions over and over.
All the while he ignores that many states dominated by GOP legislatures have tried their hardest to do away with many safeguards and other measures to help and reinforce The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), aka Obamacare. Lest we forget how many times GOP legislators on the federal level have tried and failed to repeal the ACA (50 and counting).

Folks, the icing on the cake came in the form a huge decision from the highest court in the land in June, 2015.

"Breaking News: The Supreme Court ruled 6-3 on June 25, 2015, that subsidies were legal. The IRS will be able to issue subsidies on behalf of those who bought a plan through HealthCare.Gov after the plaintiffs in King vs. Burwell lost their challenge."

Obamacare's goal is to give more Americans access to affordable, quality health insurance and to reduce the growth In U.S. health care spending.

The Affordable Care Act expands the affordability, quality, and availability of private and public health insurance through consumer protections, regulations, subsidies, insurance exchanges and other reforms.

The following is taken from the Health and Human Services official government webpage: Open Enrollment 2015 ended February 15, 2015. Open enrollment is the only time you can get Minimum Essential Health Coverage for 2015 without qualifying for Special Enrollment. Open Enrollment 2016 will run from Nov. 1, 2015 to Jan. 31, 2016.

Other options outside of open enrollment include Short Term Health Insurance, Medicaid, and CHIP. One in six Americans got a Health Insurance Marketplace Plan for $100 or less. Eighty-seven percent of people who selected a marketplace plan for 2015 got financial assistance.

1. Ends pre-existing condition exclusions for children.
2. Keeps young adults covered.
3. Ends arbitrary withdrawals of insurance coverage.
4. Guarantees your right to appeal.
1. Ends lifetime limits on coverage.

2. Reviews premium increases.

3. Helps you get the most from your premium dollars.

1. Covers preventive care at NO cost to you.

2. Protects your choice of doctors.

3. Removes insurance company barriers to emergency services'

Plain language benefit information: Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, health insurance companies and group health plans are required to provide you with an easy-to-understand summary about a health plan's benefits and coverage.

1. All insurance companies and group health plans must provide you with:

a. A short, plain language summary of benefits and coverage (SBC).

b) A uniform glossary of terms commonly used in health insurance coverage, such as "deductible" and "co-payment."

All insurance companies and group health plans must use the same standard Summary of Benefits and Coverage form to help you compare health plans, whether you get coverage through your employer or purchase it yourself.

ER access & doctor choice
Your Doctor:
1. You select your doctor.

2. Visit your OB-GYN.

Emergency Medical Services

Health plans cannot require:
1. Higher co-payments or co-insurance for out-of-network emergency room services.

2. Approval before seeking emergency rooms services from a provider or hospital outside of your plan's network.

1. GRANDFATHERED INDIVIDUAL HEALTH INSURANCE POLICIES are not required to follow these rules.

I hope that people who read this newspaper will pay attention to the facts and not to the false and misleading rants of Mr. Boutin.

Bernadette Loesch


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Congress should live by same rules they force on the rest of us

To The Daily Sun,

One of the most glaring inequities in the so-called Affordable Care Act is that members of Congress and their staffs are benefiting from a special designation making them exempt from the love that is the Obamacare law. Congress has actually claimed to be a small business so they can continue to receive subsidies under Obamacare making the law less expensive for senators, representatives and their staff.

One of my pet peeves is when Congress passes a bill, then they exempt themselves from it. They don't have to live under it and that is wrong. If it is the law, then it is the law. If Congress isn't going to live under the law then repeal Obamacare.

Congress isn't a different class of people. We are supposed to have government of the people, by the people and for the people. Got that? Government of the people, by the people and for the people.

Congress needs to live by the same rules they force on the rest of us. The concept isn't difficult to understand. It isn't complex. Americans across the country are wondering, if Obamacare is so great, why doesn't everybody have to live with it? If it's so wonderful, why don't members of Congress and their staff live with Obamacare?

What I really want to know is: Where's my exemption?

Marc Abear


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