Purpose of unions is to maximize wages at expense of consumers

To The Daily Sun,

Tom Dawson writes the purpose of right to work (RTW) laws is to weaken unions. He's wrong. The purpose of RTW is to eliminate unions entirely. The RTW debate centers around the individual's freedom of choice.

Democrats, like Mr. Dawson, oppose ordinary Americans having freedom of choice. Democrats want every decision mandated for you by either them or government. You "must" buy health insurance, or pay a fine. You "must" send your kids to a school no matter how poorly it performs. You must belong to a union and have dues sucked from your wages whether you want to or not. The latest Obama threat to free choice. You will vote, or be fined. Democrats will soon declare farting is a crime, with a fine.

Let's be honest, unions have one purpose. That purpose to maximize the wages and benefits of the people in the union at the expense of every consumer and taxpayer outside the union. Unions are above all, self-serving bullies that have little regard for the incredible harm they do to others. Let's do an economic health check on the economic advantage of RTW states vs. union states from 2003-13. By almost every metric the evidence of advantage for RTW is overwhelming. The average RTW state increased employment more than double the rate of union states. Personal income in RTW states increased 12 percent higher than in states with out RTW protections. The economies of RTW states grew 10 percent faster than the average union states. Populations in RTW states increased an average of 3 percent while union state populations declined an average of 1 percent. Tens of millions of people moved to RTW states, out of union states because they saw more opportunity to increase their incomes and job security.

In 2014 Michigan became the 24th RTW state. Union membership there has already dropped by 48,000. Since Scott Walker's union reforms in Wisconsin 49,000 of the public state employees 70,000-member union have already dropped their membership. An absolutely staggering percentage, while the American Federation of Teachers has seen a 50 percent membership slide. Thirty percent of the of the union members at the National Education Association have dropped out. No one forced these thousands of members out of their unions. They simply drop out like flies when dues are no longer deducted automatically from their pay checks, as Walker ordered.

When given a free choice even people who claim to deeply believe in unions leave at their first opportunity. Tom Dawson proclaims to be a union expert, maybe he can shed some insight on the mass exodus out of unions. Don't bet on it.

Union membership in this country has been dropping steadily for the past 50 years. It is now down to just 11 percent. Membership has dropped in good economic times and poor economic times. It had dropped under Democratic presidents and Republican presidents. There is a fundamental reason why. Unions do not serve the best interests of society at large. They drive prices for all products and services continually higher harming living standards for every one outside the union, while quality often lags.

Look at the absolute disaster of Americas education system held in ruinous hostage by unions. College tuitions have doubled in 15 years under unions. Unions don't solve problems between management and labor, they exacerbate them, often endangering the existence of the employer (think GM, Hostess and countless others) all while unions obstruct freedom of choice.

Consider the poor employee forced to have thousands of dollars confiscated from his hard earned wages who does not want to belong to a union while he watches those dues contributed to a political party he violently opposes. If that isn't suppression of freedom while rubbing your nose in it, nothing is. Maybe Tom Dawson can fill us in on that as well. Don't bet on that either.

Democrats are not going to debate RTW in an open forum because they will get demolished by the hard, cold facts. They much prefer to sucker punch in the clinches like Mr. Dawson's last contribution to The Sun, then run.

Tony Boutin


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Re-hab care received at Genesis was beyond any expectations

To The Daily Sun,

I was recently hospitalized for a broken hip and had to spend two months at Genesis HealthCare in Laconia for re-hab treatment.

The care that I received at Genesis was above and beyond any expectations I could ever find. The food was excellent and the care and concern from each and every employee was exceptional.

I would highly recommend this facility in every aspect of my care, especially in re-hab, where every person took every aspect of my care very seriously. I wish each and every employee the very best, always.

Ruth Kruizenga


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Speaker Jasper is just carrying water for Gov. Hassan's budget

To The Daily Sun,

We have a crisis, budget cuts are essential, times are hard and we'll need to lay off half of the Department of Transportation. Now that we have your attention, we can make all these troubles go away with an 8 cent-a-gallon addition to the gas tax. This is the storyline being sold by Governor Hassan and Speaker Jasper. Would you like to hear the truth?

The deep budget cuts that the Speaker refers to are simply the same old scam they use in Washington D.C. The governor's proposed budget increases spending by $1 billion (roughly a 10 percent increase). So, the deep cuts would be a reduction in the increase proposed by Gov. Hassan.

The Speaker seems to think the people of the state will accept an increase in what he is calling a "user fee" or "road toll". This tax increase is not needed. A tax on gas is particularly hard on the hard-working citizens with the lowest incomes. This is what is called a regressive tax. Those with higher incomes can easily afford it, but those with the least will struggle to make ends meet.

This is a manufactured crisis targeting much needed infrastructure (roads and bridges) simply so that you might not notice the grand increase in spending presented in the governor's budget. Speaker Jasper is carrying water for Gov. Hassan, perhaps that was part of the deal he made with the Democrats to become their Speaker. As I type this, he is marching a bad budget bill through the House, and those who dare stick to their principles will be removed from committee assignments.

Many constituents have written me to remind me of something I know very well. Our problem is spending, not a lack of taxes.

Rep. Mike Sylvia
Belknap District 6

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Belmont tax problems won't go away until Shaker has SB-2

To The Daily Sun,

I read with interest the idea of having another meeting by the Board of Selectmen to discuss the recent vote in regards to the old mill. I will attempt to explain in this letter what I perceive as the reason(s) for the vote.

First of all, the vote and results of what took place at the Shaker School District meeting is probably one of the main reasons people may have voted against this article. The impact to the taxes in Belmont due to the vote at the school district meeting will be a huge increase in our already high taxes that many, myself included, are having trouble already trying to pay.

The other question that many asked is would this money for the mill be money well spent? Many aren't ready to go that far at the costs that were indicated are needed to again repair/revamp the old mill.

You want the old mill for a town hall for how many total employees? This will not happen as long as we are faced with some of the highest property taxes in the entire state. The school needs to learn better how to control their spending.

That won't happen until SB-2 is applied to the school district. The town simply cannot afford any more or any higher taxes.

Don Irvin

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Thanks to Laconia VFW for help with medical expenses

To The Daily Sun,

There are no words that can describe my gratitude to all the folks at the Laconia VFW Post all their effort they put into the recent fundraiser held to benefit me during my present medical condition.

I cannot thank everyone enough for all of their hard work throughout the night and organization of this event. This is such an amazing community we live in and it's been this way for many years — always coming through for people and families in need, and I just happen to be the focus of the night this time.

I feel very blessed for all of the love and support I have. The true healing is in holding people in your hearts with good intention. There were so many donations from family, friends, business owners from all over the Lakes Region and beyond it was overwhelming. I didn't even get a chance to take them all in, but I felt and saw the result. I'm forever grateful. I love you all. Thank you.

Matt Langley


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