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What does my past support of Carly Fiorina & Herman Cain say?

To The Daily Sun,

Just a quick reply to Carol Steppi from Franklin, who believes all older white men are misogynist racists.

Having supported Carly Fiorina in the primary this year and Herman Cain four years ago I reject your leftist attempt to smear and slander me.

You carry on the stupid tradition of ignorance of progressive liberals. Congratulations.

Steve Earle


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Debate is Thursday night; what are the Republicans afraid of?

To The Daily Sun,

It was disappointing to read last Thursday that the four Republican candidates on the ballot for state representative to represent Gilford and Meredith declined an invitation from the League of Women Voters to debate the four Democratic candidates for state rep. It is hard to understand why Marc Abear, Glen Aldrich, Norman Silber and Herb Vadney would decline the opportunity to allow the voters from Gilford and Meredith hear them support their positions and debate their opponents.

I was pleased that the Democratic candidates (Johan Anderson, Lisa DiMartino, Nancy Frost and Dorothy Piquado) were still willing to meet with the voters in spite of their opponents declining the invitation.

I look forward to hearing them discuss their positions this Thursday, Oct. 20, at the Meredith Community Center beginning at 5:30 p.m. They will also be joined by the Democratic candidate for state Senate, Charlie Chandler, as well as Mike Cryans who is the candidate for Executive Council.

Denise Doyle


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