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Wicwas Grange will host Meredith Selectboard candidates on Saturday

To The Daily Sun,

I am looking forward to attending a Wicwas Grange 292 political event on Saturday, Feb. 28th from 1-3PM. The Wicwas Grange is located on Meredith Center Road next to the Meredith Center store. Please come to the "Meet and Greet" for an opportunity to chat with the candidates running for the Meredith Selectboard.

If you are unable to come, and wish to give input, I can be reached at 279-7458 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Rosemary Landry

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Don't let the anti-SB-2 folks take away your right to vote

To The Daily Sun,

The Right to Vote is on the ballot on March 10 in Gilmanton.

Article 2 of the Gilmanton Town Ballot asks voters to rescind SB-2. If you don't value your right to vote, then vote yes and repeal SB-2. If you do, then protect your right and vote "NO!!"

The supporters of this article insist that your voice, your vote, be solely dependent on your showing up for Town Meeting. But what if you can't be

there that day? Sorry, your vote doesn't count. So, if you are a police officer or EMT on duty and have a call, you can't vote. If you are covering the emergency department that day like I do, your voice doesn't matter. If you are sick and can't physically be there, no matter. We'll take your tax dollars, you just don't have a say in how they are spent. Get the point here?

The sponsors of this article want to limit the opposition to any of their favorite causes and make it impossible for you to dissent, unless you can attend Town Meeting. They ought to be ashamed. Our right to vote, our right to voice our political opinions, is one of the most important facets of our democratic form of government. Don't let this be taken away. VOTE "NO" ON ARTICLE 2!

David Strang, MD


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Hopefully we still govern by voting & not by flawed survey results

To The Daily Sun,

Earlier this week, Sanbornton Budget committee member Roger Grey publicized the findings of a recent survey funded by three Budget Committee members and a Selectboard representative. The survey has many serious flaws, starting with the definition of taxes. For example, while respondents may have answered that they felt property taxes are too high, they were given no context of which taxes are too high. The survey fails to mention that Sanbornton's property tax rate is comprised of county, state, school and town assessments. Town assessments are less than 36 percent of the total property tax assessment.

Per the N.H. Supreme Court, the general role of the Budget Committee is "to provide a committee with special knowledge to oversee and analyze the expenditures of the various town departments and districts. In this manner the electorate, which would ordinarily be without the detailed knowledge necessary to vote intelligently on certain budgetary problems, might be given sufficient information to determine the annual amounts necessary to properly manage town affairs." The circulated survey provides no information to determine the annual amounts necessary to properly manage town affairs. Rather it asks the participants who do you like best, your policemen, your firemen or another town department. Clearly these Budget Committee members have abdicated their responsibility as elected officials to advise the town electorate on the fiscal needs of the town.

The survey was reviewed by the town's attorney and the kindest words he could offer was "in-artfully worded" and "yield unscientific results". Hopefully we still govern by voting and not by flawed survey results. Please vote on Tuesday, March 10th and attend the Town Meeting on March 11th at 7 pm.

Ralph Rathjen

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Ray Moritz can be counted on to protect the values of us all

To The Daily Sun,

Ray Moritz will be a responsible selectperson for the Town of Meredith. I have had the pleasure of working with Ray for the last three years on the Board of Directors for the Lakes Region Visiting Nurses Association, where he helped bring financial and executive experience that has enhanced core value, service and well-being for our agency and it's communities.

Following the death of his father, which left his mother to support her seven children, Ray dropped out of high school to aid the family. Ray eventually continued his education, graduating Cum Laude from the University of Colorado. His working career spanned many levels of expertise, from being a technical engineer to CEO of two companies.

In 1986 Ray and his wife, Carol, purchased their summer home on Lake Waukewan, eventually building their permanent home here in 1996. He is an active community member: treasurer of the Waukewan Shore Owners Association, senior consultant with Executive Services Corp., a non-profit volunteer group assisting other non- profits with strategic planning. He is also a tireless Rotary Club member.

With so many vacancies on the Meredith Selectboard, this is an important election for all of us. Ray embraces our sense of independence and can appreciate hardships endured by families. I believe he will make decisions that will protect the values of all. Please vote for Ray Moritz on March 10.

Chuck Thorndike



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Nearly every bill be get has some sort of fee or tax added to it

To The Daily Sun,

Last week, U.S. Rep. Blumenauer, a Democrat from Oregon, introduced a new bill that would tax Americans on every mile we drive our cars. Yes, another tax.

Living in New Hampshire, I drive a lot. I just was hired in Acton, Mass., for a position for 3-6 months and am grateful for the position. The commute will be and hour and 45 minutes each way. I take a job in another state as I cannot find one here and I will be penalized. All of us in New Hampshire will be penalized. It is not that the corner store is around the block, but four or five miles away. Everything is a drive for us in New Hampshire.

In a time when my electric bill went up considerably, I do not need another tax. Again it is time for Washington, D.C., to curb its spending, and not ask us the middle class for more money.

I stopped in the rest area in Hooksett and saw the chargers for electric cars. There may be a time when we will be using electric cars. I have a lot of taxes and charges in my bill already. So in the future, if a gasoline car becomes obsolete, and the government cannot collect gas tax, they want a mileage tax and monies from charges, fees and taxes on my electric bill, too?

We often just look to the total of the bill owed and not look at the breakdown. I am guilty of that. But nearly every bill we have has some sort of fee, charge or tax in it.

Our roads and bridges need help, but that is supposedly why federal and state gas taxes were created. Yet both state and federal government raid that money for other things. Why can't the federal government live within its means as we have to?

Sen. Rand Paul and Sen. Barbara Boxer have introduced legislation that would cut the tax on businesses on money overseas if brought back to this country from 35 percent to 6.5 percent for five years. This money could not be used for increases in executive's pay or bonuses or stock dividends or stock buy-back up to three years after program in over. Sen. Rand Paul would rather a lower tax and that it would be permanent, but this is a bipartisan bill.

They money from this legislation would be used for highways. U.S. companies have $2 trillion overseas rather than pay U.S. taxes at the rate of 35 percent, which is the second-highest in the world.

What a thought, cutting taxes on the rich to bring back money to the U.S. and help with the roads instead of creating a new tax on the middle class.

To me 6.5 percent of something is better than 35 percent of nothing. That is tax money coming into this country and these companies could invest in our country. What an idea, investing in America.

Congressman Guinta has introduced a new bill, Operation Taxpayer, which will mandate that any new bill that comes before the Congress is reviewed to see if it is redundant. Great. But what about the redundancies that we have already. Rep. Guinta said the U.S. government is spending $250 billion on redundant programs. Let's clean up that mess.

I am sure both Republicans and Democrats can get together and take care of that. We the public must reach out to our representatives and tell them what we want. If we are not serious about cleaning up government then how do we expect them to be serious?

It only takes a quick phone call or email and give your name and address and state your message. Ten minutes tops and you can contact all your federal representatives. Below are the websites to email our representatives. Can you imagine if everyone reading this contacted them? Especially about the same subject? I think it would get their attention to start working for us again. This could easily be done in a lunch or coffee break. Book mark these websites.




Cleaning up redundancies and lowering business tax to bring money back into America are two simple bills that both parties could pass if serious. No more taxes on the middle class, please. Contact your representatives. Let's take back our country!

Linda Riley


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