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Electing Hillary will further corruption that benefits special interests

To The Daily Sun,

My friend says I'm too negative. He asks, "Don't we live in a great country?"

We live in a great country where government was established to protect liberties so people can flourish, and where most people are law-abiding, tolerant, generous, and hard-working.

Unfortunately many Americans are denied our country's opportunities by corrupt politicians pursuing their own power and wealth.

Democratic Party politicians care more about teachers' union support than about children getting good educations in safe schools, so they oppose school choice. President Obama canceled Washington, D.C.'s, successful school choice program.

The corrupt Washington political establishment — Democrats and Republicans — tolerate illegal aliens who hurt American workers, create crime and accident victims, increase taxes by at least $100 billion to fund their social services, and lower the availability and quality of the education, hospital, and other services created and funded for citizens and legal residents.

Washington politicians created and are immorally passing our $20 trillion national debt (increasing by $1 trillion annually) to future generations who will struggle to pay for today's spending. This debt is a burden today and promises great harm to the American people.

Other examples of Washington corruption are plentiful and familiar.

Corruption was greatly enabled and increased around 1900 as citizen legislators were being replaced by professional politicians who saw government, not private pursuits, as their paths to power, wealth, and fame. They installed judges to change our Constitution's meaning, without the American people's approval (and thus unconstitutionally), to increase the politicians' power.

A single Supreme Court justice appointed by the next president, and the next president might appoint several, will determine whether or how quickly more of our liberties, opportunities, prosperity, and way of life will be eliminated to benefit politicians.

Donald Trump promises to appoint justices, like Justice Scalia, who consider our Constitution essentially a sacred contract, between the American people and government, intended to protect our liberties. As such, the Constitution's meaning can only be modified by the amendment process, i.e., with the consent of the American people.

Hillary Clinton promises to appoint justices who believe they have the right to make the Constitution mean whatever they and Hillary want. What might he/she/they approve? Citizenship for illegal aliens? Further freedom of speech and religion restrictions? Certainly our Second Amendment rights be minimized or eliminated as Hillary wants.

Electing Hillary Clinton furthers the Washington corruption that benefits the politicians and special interests.

Donald Trump promises to appoint judges who honor the Constitution, to protect our rights, to attack Washington corruption, and to govern for the benefit of the American people.

Vote for Donald Trump to protect our rights and make government work for the people, not for the politicians.

Don Ewing

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Older women voters should take pride and reflect on our own success

To The Daily Sun,

For the first time ever in our history, Americans have an option to vote for a woman from a major political party to be our president. In these weeks leading up to this historic election, girls and young women should be feeling energized, empowered and maybe even inspired to become our new political and economic leaders.

As we watch this next chapter in "Women's Achievements in Politics" unfold, older women voters should use this time to take pride and reflect on our own successes.

But the unfortunate irony is, instead, many women like myself feel insulted and undermined by the verbal attacks on our bodies. Frankly, this has been an awful experience to go through for many women. And it's being caused by the words of a person running for the president of the United States. At a time when women should be celebrating our country's advances in gender equality and broadening opportunities for women, we feel shaken up by too many Americans brushing off the despicable words and tactics of the Republican presidential nominee.

Our country is too decent, too civil for this to go on any longer.

To women who are leaning toward or are voting for Hillary, help me change this election's conversation to this historic achievement and let's talk up what we like about the policies laid out by Hillary Clinton. Her detailed plans are available on the "Issues" page at on everything from expanding the Ameri-Corps program to providing tax relief for working families to investing in clean energy.

To men who are undecided voters, please stand with us and say "no" to the humiliating behavior and disrespectful words of Donald Trump. Consider which of the two candidates is truly qualified to run our country, who can bring a new approach and perspective to running our nation and can represent us proudly on the world stage.

I trust Hillary Clinton to be my president. I trust the judgment of the past five living presidents to determine who is fit to serve in our nation's highest office — all of whom are not supporting Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton's years of experience at the state, national and international level will allow her to hit the ground running achieving great things for our country. Let's honor those who have served this country, including Hillary Clinton.

Sandra L. Jones


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