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Hillary should take off that silly black leather & bake cookies

To The Daily Sun,

I noticed that Hillary has climbed out from under the rock she has been hiding under since she lost the election. What is the reason a woman of your age would dress in black leather with the onset of spring? Perhaps you are trying to look tough because President Trump was unable to convince folks of the mistake that the Obamacare has and will continue to cause but, to quote President Trump, "It will explode."

In the interim Hillary, take off that silly outfit. Be a nice grandmother bake some cookies and (since) you lost the election, accept it and grow old gracefully.

Marie Kelly


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Ryancare had lots that conservatives and moderates did not want

To The Daily Sun,

Ryancare did not get a vote Friday, as it was going to fail. Rep. Chris Collins said Thursday, Lawmakers will be able to really explain it once it becomes law."

Does this sound familiar? It should. Pelosi said, "We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it."

We were upset then and we are upset now. This bill stinks, and it is just a little better than Obamacare.

Ryan stated that for years the Republicans would repeal and replace because Obamacare is going to implode. Let it implode rather than pass a bill that is junk.

Ryan has been saying for weeks that he had the votes. He told the Freedom Caucus and other conservative Republicans take it or leave it. There was no negotiating with Ryan.

Well, Speaker Ryan, you don't have the votes and I am thrilled.

Kudos to the conservatives and the Freedom Caucus for standing tall and stopping a rotten bill.

I think Ryan thought conservatives would fall into line with him if he went on TV enough to put the blame on them. But they stood tall and told the truth that the bill is a horrible bill.

And now Pelosi said if the bill fails, she will negotiate with the Republicans to improve things. No way! Let Obamacare stay and let it implode.

Trump is blaming the Freedom Caucus and conservative think tanks. The caucus had only 15 votes against. There were 18 other moderate Republicans voting against it. Trump wants to work with Democrats. Conservative think tanks told the truth — that this bill was terrible.

No, Mr. President. Obamacare stinks. Work with conservatives please. Don't demonize them. Conservatives supported you. Conservatives voted for you.

There was a bill to repeal Obamacare and it passed the House 60 times. Why was not that same bill voted on again with a Republican president. Republicans ran on full repeal. This and the economy were tops on the minds and voting of Americans.

Republicans wanted my support and my vote. They got my support and my vote.

Did the Republicans lie? Maybe. The Republicans need to take back the free stuff, as it cannot last and harms America. There is nothing that is free. It is going to cost someone money, and so far the middle class is paying through the nose.

Obamacare will naturally be repealed as it is imploding.

In 2015 there was a full repeal bill that was voted by the House and Senate and it passed and it was vetoed by the president. Why was not that same bill presented instead of Ryancare?

Obamacare should be repealed totally. Then work on parts that you like. And add them one at a time. No more massive bills that are 2,800 pages and that no one reads.

There is no perfect bill. I believe in compromise, but I also believe that the Republicans should do what they ran on. Repeal Obamacare. Then compromise on a bill.

I, as well as many other Americans, want what we had before. I don't want the federal government involved. I don't even want the state involved.

I want concierge medicine with a catastrophic insurance plan. I want to decide with my doctor what is best for me, not an insurance company and certainly not the federal government.

Why should 26-year-olds still be on their parents' plan of insurance? Grow up and get a job and sign up for insurance. Put responsibility of insurance before you go on a vacation or party every Friday night.

I am all for helping those with pre-existing conditions. There should be a fund to help them. But why penalize the rest of us with a few?

I am a little disappointed in Trump. I appreciate his going to Congress to negotiate to get this bill passed and getting involved. But to say that you are done . . . not so nice, Mr. President.

I am not going to get everything I want. When you negotiate, everyone walks away with something they wanted and something they did not want. But Ryancare had lots that conservatives and moderates did not want.

A single-payer system is not the answer. If people had to check different places for prices, the free market would bring down prices. Let's get the government out of patient care.

Some say Ryancare not passing is bad, wondering if this might have another effect. Wonder if now we can get term limits.

Yes. Voting is term limits. But it seems the incumbents always have so much money that a newcomer has too much to overcome to get elected. And we keep the same old garbage in office.

Better yet, maybe we can get a new speaker of the House. A speaker that will negotiate with conservative Republicans rather than Democrats. A speaker that will stand for the people. Wow, what a nice thought.

Linda Riley

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