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Cursive writing is a beautiful art form; why stop teaching it?

To The Daily Sun,

I was just appalled to realize something the other day when I handed my grandson a short story to read. He looked at it and said to me, "I cannot read this, it is in cursive and I did not learn it in school."I came to realize that in some school districts they have stopped teaching it.

Cursive writing is a beautiful art form in our English language. How do we deprive our children and grandchildren this knowledge of penmanship? These kids will not be able to read the Constitution as it was written or some lovely love letters they may find in some dusty attic some day.

How sad there is a form of the English language that will make these kids illiterate. Please fight to get these back into our schools that have gotten rid of it, and in the interim teach this to your kids.

Marie Kelly


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By his own words, Trump has shown himself to be a moderate

To The Daily Sun,

Both the left and the right are afraid of Mr. Trump, as witnessed by the GOP elite trying to derail his march to the White House any way they can.

The GOP elitists know they lose their control over the presidency if Trump wins, because he is self-funded and will not be indebted to their political will or causes.

The left is showing their fear of Trump by trying to stop his message with organized rallies to shut him up. They, too are afraid for the same reason. They know Mr. Trump will not be obligated to them for the same self-funding reason.

Mr. Trump, by his words, is shown to be a moderate. He does not adhere to the GOP agenda nor does he adhere to an agenda of the left.

It is my opinion that when you eliminate both the left's and the right's control of the presidency, you have found the perfect candidate. That candidate is Mr. Donald Trump.

Douglas Isleib
Gilmanton Iron Works

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