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Scanlon has handle on issues, Saint James brings a new voice

To The Daily Sun,

Town Meeting is once again upon us. It is our turn to have our say in how Tilton is run. We will be voting for our town representatives and there are two open seats on the Board of Selectmen. We will have at least one mew member elected as my name will not be on the ballot this year. It has been a privilege to serve the past six years as your representative, but I believe that various citizens need to take part.

All of the candidates are fine people who have been involved on different boards and committees and for that they have my thanks. This year I will be casting my votes for Jon Scanlon and Ashlee Saint John.

Jon has served one term and has got a good handle on the issues that we will be facing in the next few years. Although we do not always agree, I have no doubts about Jon's motivations and his well thought-out positions.

Although a newcomer to this level of town affairs, Ashlee Saint James is a refreshing new voice in the town. Born and raised in Tilton, she brings a more youthful perspective to her run for selectman. I have talked to her at length about her ideas for the town and she has my support.

No matter which candidate you might support it is important to get out and vote on March 14. This is your chance to have a direct say in how we will go forward as a community. I hope to see a large turnout on March 18 at Town Meeting. The issues that we will discuss will affect our taxes and the services we provide. Thank you again for support.

Joe Jesseman

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