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I hope to be able to carry on David F. Cleasby's legacy of kindness

To The Daily Sun,

Well, the Grim Reaper got another one recently. This time, it was personal.

Dave F. Cleasby was my mentor. He was an older teammate and coached me in football. He did not teach me how to hustle; he refined it. He did not teach me how to laugh; he taught me how to laugh at myself.

Dave was a "good guy." Yes, he was sarcastic, but his heart was always in the right place.

When I think of all the people of Laconia who have helped me learn and grow, Dave is near the very top of the list.

Even though I never got to be a close friend of his, Dave's memory will always put a smile on my face. My hope is that someday I will be able to carry on his legacy of kindness.

Tom Emanuel


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We marched in D.C. to show our support for life from conception

To The Daily Sun,

On Friday, Jan. 22, about 30 teens and young adults from Laconia attended the March for Life and Rally in Washington, D.C. There were six other busloads of adults from New Hampshire in Washington as well. And there were over 200,000 people from across the country there to march too. I was there with the youth from Laconia, including two of my teen grandchildren. What an emotion-filled experience it was to be in the midst of so many pro-life people, especially young adults who are pro-life.

We marched to show our support for life, from conception. We want others to know that life is priceless, a masterpiece not to be thrown away in an abortion.

As the first flakes fell, we started our march up Constitution Avenue to the Supreme Court Building in the glory of beautiful snowfall, and we left Washington just before the roads got dangerous. To be with and witness so many young people showing their concern for life is truly an inspiration.
Life is precious.

Harry Mitchell


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