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A remarkable dedication to support of unsupportable 'facts'

To The Daily Sun,

James Veverka just dropped the ultimate bomb on conservative ideas and thoughts, "Wallet-Hub." Or so he would have readers believe.

Who or what the heck is Wallet-Hub, you may well ask? Well Wallet-Hub self describes itself as a "personal finance site," a financial social media company if you will. Wallet-Hub does literally thousands of surveys and studies on everything and anything. Best cities for teachers, for retiring, worst for Halloween, worst for driving, on and on and on. I seriously doubt James stumbled on the study he refers to without the help of some far-left think tank, there are just far too many studies for that to be logical, in my opinion.

Thing is the one out of the thousands naming "moocher states" (his term not Wallet-Hubs) that disregards a dozen other studies on different subjects naming those same states as among bests in multiple other studies. Point is, Wallet-Hub is so prolific cranking out surveys and studies (like M&M's produce candy) any individual study is rendered meaningless unless taken in context with the, in this case, overall states other ratings. Readers have to notice things about James's letters to the editor. They are always vague and devoid of independent non-partisan referrals. His forte is digging out obscure "nasties" from far-left sites and trying to pass them off as authoritarian unbiased sources. James might wish to quote Snoopy, "Drats! Shot down again."

I have to credit Bernadette Loesch for her persistence and dedication in support of unsupportable "facts." No matter how much irrefutable evidence attesting to the lies and distortions Obama, Hillary and the Marxists-socialists throw out, she will doggedly refuse to even consider questioning their honesty. Just about every criticism mainstream Americans have leveled at Obama in the past seven or eight years have proven correct but Bernadette is not even phased. She keeps up keeping up. They tell her what to think and she thinks it. They tell her what to say and she says it. Proof is in her own writings here in this paper. Oh, oh, oh Bernadette!

Then I have to laugh at recent letters by Hillary fans telling us how she is most qualified. For what? She has accomplished nothing in her career, failed at everything she put her mind to. Did nothing as a senator. As sectary of state she failed, broke laws, and lied before Congress under oath and to the American people yet she is still supported by Marxists and the deluded. No wonder the nation is screwed up.

Steve Earle


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I think of my parents and the amazing life they have given me

To The Daily Sun,

As we come into the season of giving, I would like to give thanks to my parents and let them know how truly grateful I am. You brought me into this world with all of the best intentions. You did what you thought was right for me. You loved me. You cared for me. You taught me. You protected me.

You showed me what I needed to do to be my own person. You gave me as many experiences as my little heart desired. You showed me the right roads and you showed me the wrong. You nurtured that until it was time to let me go and then you could only hope that I'd learned all the lessons you'd taught me through my years.

Maybe I went out and made all the right decisions and made you only proud. To this I would owe all to you. Maybe I went out and made all the wrong decisions and gave you only heartache. To this I would only have myself to blame for nothing changes the fact that you taught me all the right lessons in life. One of those would be to make my own choices. Whether right or wrong they were mine and only I can be held responsible for them.

Being the parents you are and showing nothing but love, unconditionally, you feel responsible for all my shortcomings but very rarely take credit for any of my success. You need to know that you play no role in my faults but only in my accomplishments. And I've taken you for granted, for it's not until I had my own family that I finally felt the heartache I have given you through my own children's pain and anguish. I now realize that sometimes was it not only difficult to my parent but very painful. For this I will apologize forever.

As we all get older and closer to the days that we may not have each other in our lives, nothing is more important to me than to be sure that you know you did everything right. I may not always be proud of the things I've done or lack thereof, but I am proud of the person I have become. I am fair, loving, honest, hardworking. I am a good brother and uncle. I am a friend to anyone and a shoulder for support to whoever needs one. Most important I'm a father, and I try to be as good a parent to my children as you were to me. I don't know if I can but I will spend the rest of my life trying.

This is the success that you get all the credit for. This is what you have done for me. So when the time comes that you must leave me, please take with you the thought that during the very darkest times in my life, I only thought of you and the amazing life that you have given me. I have never stopped feeling the love and I will never do so. And when i look into my children's eyes and see the amazing people that they have become, I will always see you and remember how grateful I am to have you as my parents. Happy Holidays!

Todd Welch

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