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Fence at Rte. 106 & Peavey Road is a real sight-line hazard

To The Daily Sun,

I may have missed some of the Rte. 106 and Seavey Road plans when they were posted in the paper. Does this mean that the fence at Rte. 106 — where you're blinded by it after coming off Seavey Road — is a permanent fixture, or is this a temporary means for whatever reason? 

It's a huge, dangerous risk when the road has been widened and that fence is something that we all have to stick our necks out both ways to look past for oncoming vehicles. My palm shows I have a long lifeline. I hope to live it in a healthy way. I'm afraid one of us is going to have a fatal or near-fatal accident which would possibly leave one paralyzed. This is not how I would like to live out my remaining years and I nobody else would like too either.

Please, Busy Construction, re-fix this area at once!

Ann Chabot


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Young Mr.Adjutant has not yet learned to gracefully accept defeat

To The Daily Sun,

Are you kidding me? I certainly hope the taxpayers will not allow such a ridiculous demand for a recount. Josh needs to grow up and accept the fact that HE LOST. This is a typical Democratic ploy to delay the swearing in of Mr Migliore.

Mr. Adjutant needs to learn in politics you do lose occasionally and starting out by demanding a recount so early in your political career is a surefire way to END your political career. I could see a recount if your loss was by 10 votes or so. You lost by 50. Get over it and move on. Stop wasting taxpayers money, There is enough of that already.

Tim Sweetsir 


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