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Work Force Housing RSA is a state law, not a town ordinance

To The Daily Sun,

I would like to thank everyone that attended the Sanbornton Selectmen's meeting held Monday, April 14, to review the work force housing amendments. Although our opinions differ, our concerns are the same.

There were many misconceptions regarding the Planning Board's position on this matter. Hopefully, the meeting with the Selectmen, Planning Board, and concerned residents was helpful and their questions and concerns were answered by the town attorney.

To clarify one misconception, Work Force Housing RSA 674:58-61 is a state law, not a town ordinance. Two of the amendments that pertain to workforce housing are there to help the Planning Board control how a developer will be able to develop the land, if they should decide to build workforce housing. Without these amendments the developer or the courts will make the decision for our town.

If you would like more information on this issue, please attend one of the two sessions that the Planning Board is holding. Thursday, May 1, 2014, at 7 p.m. in the Old Town Hall or Saturday, May 10, at 10 a.m. in the Old Town Hall. Our intent is to have an educated and well informed voter on Tuesday, May 13, 2014.

Thank you again for your attendance and input concerning this matter.

For the voters that have supported us in the past, thank you. We look forward to having your continued support and confidence in the Planning Board.

Don Bormes, Chairman

Sanbornton Planning Board

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Paint disposal bill in Senate would amount to just another tax

To The Daily Sun,

There is a bill in the Senate for paint disposal. What it amounts to is a 75-cent tax.

Let's have more rules. Government isn't big enough. Will we have the Paint Disposal Police?

I guess someone had problems disposing the paint.

In my town we have a Saturday in the summer and can bring hazardous waste and dispose of it then. If not convenient, then I can go to the waste center. It is very convenient. I have no problems. The people running it, do a very good job, in that it takes very little time.

Other states have passed it.... So if they are dumb enough to do this, does the state of New Hampshire have to do it, too?

Please, not another law.

Linda Riley


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It’s utterly false to say 90% of Americans want more gun control

To the Daily Sun,

This is in response to Bernadette Loesch's letter of April 17 on gun control. Ms. Loesch states that almost 90 percent Americans want more gun control.

I am curious as to where Ms. Loesch got her statistics since Pew Research indicates that Americans are closely divided on the issue of gun control, with 49 percent in favor of gun rights vs. 50 percent in favor of gun control. Note that this survey was taken five months after Newtown.

It is true that politicians are sharply divided along party lines on this issue. But to say that 90 percent of Americans want more gun control is utterly false.

Please research your statistics for the sake of your credibility.

Dominique Vazquez-Vanasse


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Good county government is necessary for our civil society

To The Daily Sun,

I am writing to show my agreement with letter writer Ann Rogers of Meredith. She notes, in an earlier letter to the editor, Republican Rep. Dennis Fields' valor in confronting the immature and mean-spirited leadership of the Belknap County Convention chairwoman. The chairwoman's appeals to emotion and prejudice at the expense of reason are leading our county down a dangerous path.

A big "thank you" goes out to Rep. Fields, our five Democratic Representatives, and the three county commissioners for fighting back against such dismal leadership. To claim saving money as a goal, but actually saving our citizens mere pennies a month, while eroding our underfunded county budget is hypocrisy to the core.

Our hard-working and dedicated county employees are essential for keeping the peace throughout our county and for the well-being of our most vulnerable citizens. Good county government is necessary for our civil society. Destroying it will be a disaster for us all.

Lew Henry

Gilmanton Iron Works

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Northern Pass power would just be passed on to other NE states

To The Daily Sun,

I was just listening to the radio interview with a spokesperson for Northern Pass. The electricity will go into the New England grid. New Hampshire will not have first dibs to the electricity. I think this is a huge mistake. A contract without this stipulation is not in the interest of New Hampshire.

We must be concerned about our northern area. The rep stated, how many people come up north to go three-wheeling and go home because they see power lines. That is not the question. If I paid money for the motel room and was already there, I would not go home. The real question is, will they come back? Will they travel to a place without power lines next time? Ask yourself that question.

Tourism is a huge industry in the North Country, and many people depend on that for their livelihood.

Our state is not doing anything to lower taxes and regulations to bring in new business, so we must be careful not to lose the jobs we already have.

Linda Riley


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