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Love of freedom was exemplified & celebrated in Ashland on July 4

To The Daily Sun,

Thank you to the residents of Ashland and beyond, the participants, the volunteers, the employees, and the officials alike; thank you for a wonderful Independence Day!

From the fireworks, to the pancake breakfast, to the parade; the American values of service, community, and love of freedom were exemplified and well celebrated this July 4th. As my family and I enjoyed the smiles, kind conversations, and a warm sense of welcome as one of the newest families to Ashland, I recalled one of the most beautiful statements in our Declaration of Independence, “We mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.” I witness this in the citizens of New Hampshire, and in my fellow Ashland residents. We are truly blessed to have this flame burning strong.

God Bless Ashland, God Bless New Hampshire, and God Bless the United States of America!

Tejasinha Sivalingam


  • Written by Edward Engler
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Jihad isn't Islamist extremism, it's been a core value for 14 centuries

To The Daily Sun,

Ah, yes, don't you just love the "new normal" that exists in our society of multicultural madness and self-indulgent distractions. A few deaths here and there are but a small price to pay for the make-believe world of open borders and inclusion of all cultures because as President Obama reminded us, all cultures are equal. Only be denying reality can the left find comfort with their refusal to defend our way of life. Once we teach them our Western values and treat radical jihadists fairly, then peace will reign as they beat their swords into plowshares. And Genghis Kahn would have been a more peaceful Mongol if progressive leftists had been around to teach him Western values, I suppose.

Seven dead and 48 wounded in London and Prime Minister Theresa May condemns terrorism, but then dismisses the act as a perversion of Islam. After all, the progressive left preaches that Islam is a religion of peace while the United States has been more of a force for bad than for good. Isn't that right, Howard Zinn, author of the most read history book in colleges today? It is of course nothing more than a propaganda organ for the left, due in no small part to so many of those 1960's radicals who put on coats and ties and became college professors and administrators. And, oh how they hate all that this country stands for. Just ask any one of those Marxist professors that Barack Obama hung out with at Occidental, Columbia and Harvard. Isn't that right, Bill Ayers, you unrepentant Weather Underground anarchist who spent decades teaching our children to hate their own country?

As Shillman journalism fellow Bruce Thornton reminds us, "Jihad is not Islamist extremism, but has been a foundational tenet of traditional Islam since the 7th Century. Moreover, the jihadist imperative is consistent over 14 centuries." Bruce sites the writings of 14th Century theologian and jurist of Islam Ibn Taymiyyah and Ibn Khaldun, 15th Century historian and jurist as proof of the eternal war against all infidels by Islam. You can read the details in Thornton's column entitled, "The Gruesome Jihadist Deja Vu." And of course, let's fast forward to the 20th Century and Muslim Brotherhood founder, Hassan al-Banna who said, "It is the nature of Islam to dominate, not to be dominated, to impose it's laws on all nations and extend it's power to the entire planet." We also must not leave out the Ayatollah Khomeini, creator of the Islamic Repubic of Iran and most revered modern Shi'a theologian, who said, "Those who study jihad will understand why Islam wants to conquer the whole world".

As Bruce and so many other scholars who continue to educate us about multicultural hypocrisy keep trying to tell us, jihadists understand that as long as the west indulges in delusions of peaceful grandeur and remain sidetracked by material pleasures, they will wait us out until we just give up. So folks, pay no attention to the FBI investigations into Islamist terrorist plots in all 50 states, or the dozens of Islamist training camps across this country that are under surveillance. Pay no attention to the investigations into the likelihood that a majority of mosques in this country have become radicalized. Ignore the fact that cities like Dearborn, Michigan and Utica, New York have a growing Muslim population that is not assimilating into those communities. How long before Sharia Law takes hold in those communities and then in many others as well. Please, pay no attention to the fact that Muslim Brotherhood operatives and allies have infiltrated our government. Ladies and gentlemen, we can either wake up real soon or let our civilization die, as Bruce Thornton says, "not with Eliot's bang or whimper, but with smug blindness and arrogant ignorance."

Russ Wiles


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