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Piople like Susan Estrich sit in ivory towers with cavalier attitudes

To The Daily Sun,

I am writing in answer to the salacious column of Susan Estrich on March 28.

Donald Trump can't change the Obamacare law. Congress will make the laws. The Republicans control the House and they must present a plan to repeal and replace Obamacare. If they do not come up with a plan, then Obamacare will implode in 2017 or 2018.

It can't sustain itself. The mandate is not working. Some states only have one insurer. Deductibles are rising, and premiums are and jumping more than 100 percent in some states.

Those in the middle class are who elected Donald Trump, and, yes, most Americans have health care through their employer. You are right, no body will take away the insurance of close to 85 to 90 percent of those people. The poor on Medicaid and Medicare recipients will be covered.

One of the problems we face today is fraud in Medicare and Medicaid, but most of all, people like you who have two jobs, then they utilize both insurance companies to double dip the system.You sit in your ivory tower with a cavalier attitude, eviscerating a president who is trying to help the people who have to live with a health care law passed in the night.

You, Blue Cross, Cigna, and the doctors involved, should be investigated.

Your column indicates you are suffering as part of the five stages of grief: shock, anger, bargaining, etc.The last is acceptance. He won. She lost.

Rich Tjaden

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The only thing President Trump works overtime on is his golf game

To The Daily Sun,

I managed to get through six lines of Bob Meade's column Tuesday, and then I read about Trump's "working overtime" on his campaign goals. Even Kellyanne Conway would have trouble saying that with a straight face.

The only things our president works overtime on are his golf game and watching "Fox and Friends." Even the most ardent Trump fan would hesitate to call him a diligent, hard worker.

Johan Andersen


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