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Democratic Party is no longer able to ascertain right from wrong

To The Daily Sun,

Isn't progressive leftism, formerly known as liberalism, a perilously destructive, yet childlike ideology? First of all, why do people still refer to them as liberals? There is nothing at all liberating about the way Democrats orchestrate their political goals, especially with the way they treat those who disagree with their beliefs.

They are oxymoronic to a fault. They continue to deny real evil in the world, while often even praising it. Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, Che Guevera and even Mao Zedong have redeeming qualities. At least as we listen to the left's sad laments over the passing of these evil people, from the United States and Canada. And when it comes to taking sides with either the Palestinian Authority or Israel, they choose the PA, even with its ties to terrorism. The Palestinians have rebuffed every effort by Israel to strike a two-state solution. That is because they do not believe Israel has a right to coexist with them, within that tiny plot of land about the size of New Jersey.

So naturally, Barack Obama, John Kerry, most Democrats and the progressive left demand that Israel give up more land and cease and desist building their infrastructure. Backing evil in the form of Hamas in Gaza and Fatah in the West Bank is good, while bullying our only democratic ally and friend in the Middle East is also good, according to the left.

Remember when our own beloved President Obama used State Department funds to pay for his own political operatives to infiltrate inside Israel in an effort to defeat Benjamin Netanyahu? Yes folks, we paid for Obama's own Middle Eastern hackorama, because he believes the Palestinian Authority is on the right side of history and Israel is on the wrong side. I will say it again, Barack Obama has hate in his heart for Netanyahu and Israel, at least as perceived by his disrespectful, patronizing and deceitful treatment of our trusted ally and its leader.

It really is childlike to either embrace or ignore evil while continuing to believe that diplomacy will solve all of mankind's desire to hurt others. Dennis Prager continues to assert that progressive leftism is a more powerful force than Christianity in recent history. Of course it is a force for secular destruction because it believes that all humans are inherently good. That is as deadly as it is childlike. Were the civil wars of America, Russia, Spain, China or England settled by talking nice across the table to each other. Of course not, and neither will this two-state solution be settled by a diplomatic two-state solution.

Why? Because the Palestinian Authority does not want to make peace with Israel. It is run by evil groups who want to kill the Jews. Caroline Glick, Daniel Greenfield, Raymond Ibrahim, Bruce Thornton, Walid Shoebat and others are telling us that the two-state solution has been a myth from the beginning, in order to paint Israel as the evil one. Giving land, weapons and power to a bunch of terrorist thugs has killed untold thousand of Jewish women, children and men. So why does the left still side with the PA, Gaza, Fatah and the Muslim Brotherhood? Is it not childlike naivete?

It is a sick and twisted ideology that is the progressive left. I can only hope that more folks who vote for Democrats will begin to understand that the Democratic Party is no longer a liberal party. It is a party of the far left that has become unable or unwilling to ascertain right from wrong and good from evil. It foolishly believes that mankind is basically benign and will evolve toward peace through pacifism and negotiating from a position of weakness. Get rid of our nukes and the world will surely follow.

Yes, leftism is childlike, and if left to its own devices, it would surely lead to the demise of Israel and the United States of America. The mythical two-state solution is just that, unreal and unrealistic. The only possible outcome will most surely be a one-state solution: either a free, diverse and democratic state, or a terrorist-run state. Guess which side most Democrats and the progressive left is rooting for? It is a childlike view of reality and it is deadly. The left is like Peter Pan with political power.

Russ Wiles

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Thanks to the sponsors of Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebration

To The Daily Sun,

On the 12th annual celebration to commemorate Martin Luther King Jr. Day, community members gathered at the Laconia Middle School to honor Dr. King's efforts to cultivate a "community-wide climate that does not tolerate prejudice of any kind which undermines the dignity of any person, group. or organization." (program pamphlet).

Those gathered were fortunate to participate in a panel discussion concerning Islam with Mohamed Ibrahim, Ph.D., Imam, Society of the Seacoast, and Amadou Hamady, director, the New Hampshire International Institute, Manchester. This was an opportunity for people to actually be informed about Islam directly rather than from some uninformed printed biases.

Laconia Mayor Ed Engler also espoused the need to value diverse cultures and equality.

To paraphrase Dr. Ibrahim, both conservatives and liberals have gaps in their philosophies, and the more that those gaps are filled, the closer and better that understanding will be between those differing philosophies.

"This was a day for understanding and appreciating the spiritual beliefs of the many faiths that make up our democratic society." (pamphlet).

Thank you to the Laconia Human Relations Committee and the Immigrant Integration for sponsoring this community celebration.

Frank M. Weeks

Gilmanton Iron Works

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