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Trump is only candidate who's really putting national security #1

To The Daily Sun,

I think our country is in a lot more trouble than people realize.

Remember that story that was reported very briefly about a flight from Atlanta to Houston that was canceled because someone would not get off his cell phone. Well I just got an email from someone who sent me a transcript of a Fox News account of what was reported by a man who was actually on that flight. According to this man, what really happened is that 11 Arabic men were on the plane using cell phones, and walking around on the plane, refusing very rudely and belligerently to follow the orders of the flight attendants to sit down and get off their cells. Finally this man and another man got involved and insisted they do what the flight attendant said. At this point three TSA agents got on the plane and escorted the Arabic men off the plane and then a few minutes later let them back on, at which point the flight attendants and the pilots refused to stay on the plane and they all left. Then they called in another crew to fly the plane and it did finally arrive in Houston six hours later than scheduled. Why wasn't this widely reported? Could it be that our leaders put pressure on the press to keep it quiet?

I firmly believe the No. 1 issue facing our country is national security. And the hour is so late for us and the situation is so dire that unless we all wake up real fast and take it seriously this country may be lost forever.

Donald Trump is the only candidate who is really putting this issue front and center. I was at work today in the lunchroom talking to the other employees and one girl seemed to really get it about how serious this situation is, but she said she didn't like Trump because she didn't agree with some of his domestic policies. I'm not sure what his domestic policies are, but what I told her is that whatever mistakes he makes could be corrected somewhere down the road if the people don't like some things he does, as long as we still have a country. But if we lose our country to Muslim invaders as so much of Europe has, we will find ourselves in a situation there is no coming back from.

I have misgivings about Donald Trump. I'm really not sure about what he'll do regarding a lot of issues. But when he says he is going to protect the sovereignty and borders of this country, he sounds sincere to me. My main concern is that four years from now America still exists. To me that is really the only issue on the table right now.

It's like if you are arguing with your family about household matters and at that moment an intruder tries to break in, that is not the moment to focus on who is going to do the laundry or what your daughter's curfew should be. That can be taken up later. The main thing is to keep the intruder out. As a nation we are at that point. We have to stop denying it. If Muslim "refugees" come here and a certain percentage are Islamists, that creates danger for us. And a percentage of them will be. Add to that the fact that a majority of Muslims favor Sharia Law and if they have enough strength in numbers, they will start to demand it as they are in Europe. These two factors spell great peril for the future of America as we know it.

As I was walking out of the lunchroom today some of the employees began to express misgivings about Trump because of some of his comments about Hillary or some other aspects of his personal style. People, we don't have the luxury of worrying about that stuff now. No one has to have lunch with this guy or invite him home. We just need a leader who will protect the sovereignty of this country and I don't hear anyone else coming on as strong about it as he does. Just think about it.

Hillarie Goldstein

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