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My bill would return Legislature to meeting only every other year

To The Daily Sun,

I wish to provide an initial report to the citizens of Gilford & Meredith (Belknap County House District 2) whom I represent in the N.H. House of Representatives.

Although I will not be formally sworn until December 7, Pearl Harbor Day, I have endeavored to try to fulfill several of the issues on which I ran. Thus, I have submitted seven proposed bills to the Office of Legislative Services for the preparation of formal bills to be introduced in the 2017 Session beginning in January covering the following topics:

1. Repeal of the statute that allows persons attending college in N.H. to register and vote here, regardless of whether this is their permanent home.
2. Complete repeal of the tax on interest and dividends.
3. Revising the Business Enterprise Tax to eliminate any liability for the tax in any year in which the business organization does not have profits subject to the Business Profits Tax.
4. A comprehensive Right to Work law based on the model law promulgated by the National Right To Work Committee.
5. Repeal of the minimum wage law.
6. Comprehensive election law changes, including a definition of domicile versus residence; establishing a minimum of 30 day residency requirement; elimination of same day registration; requiring student ID cards from all state supported institutions to indicate clearly whether the student is a N.H. resident qualified for in-state tuition or not; and "closing" our primary elections so that only those persons registered in a particular party can vote in that party's primary.
7. A constitutional amendment returning meetings of the Legislature to sessions every 2 years rather than each year as was in our original state Constitution.

I understand that other legislators have already introduced similar legislation and I have no idea how my proposals will ultimately fare, but at least I am trying.

Again, please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or concerns about our state and its laws My email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and my telephone number is 603-293-0565.

Norman Silber
Member-Elect of the N.H. House of Representatives
Belknap County District 2- Gilford & Meredith

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Exposing your breats during an equality march won't get you anywhere

To The Daily Sun,

No nipples! Happy for Laconia, and hopefully Gilford will at least make an attempt (I honestly doubt it). I hope the people who rent in Gilford during the summer will not have to disclose on their "rental contracts" that there may be "nudity/toplessness" at the Gilford beach. It may hurt their profit and the towns. I have seen some of those rental fees and some are not cheap. Maybe people will no longer wish to rent up here? Maybe more will come up now for that sole reason? That should be interesting.

And I was told LOUDLY, all of this "freeing" was for: equality, gay rights, people of color, breastfeeding, rape victim's, body shaming, bullying — did I miss any? Yet I read that they are now saying they are exposing their breasts for "artistic expression" as well! I guess their lawyer is trying any angle he can to win. Is that what they are calling "artistic expression" now days? I guess the play I just saw had it wrong then. They were fantastic with all their clothes on. Or how about all the local crafters I saw this past weekend. Selling potholders, wood carvings, scarf sets, dog bones, kitchen towels, wreaths — are they (artists) not considered artistic? Are their products not part of their expression? Yet, I saw no "breast" on any products there or being exposed in any form to sell their goods.

And I really wish FTN supporters would stick to just one "cause," it might make more sense. I mean, if the Cancer Society calls you for a donation that is what they are calling for. They are not calling to sell you a puppy. If you order a coffee with no sugar, that's what you ordered,not hot soup. If your work says you must wear a blue uniform, you do not show up in a grass skirt. So now we have "artistic expression" to the list? What's next...? Who's next...?

And as I said if you're marching for EQUALITY for ALL, count me to march beside you. But if you think exposing your breast during that march will get you taken seriously, you're wrong. And that is a march I wish not be involved in, even for a great cause. I have worked to hard to be the woman I am today for myself,family, and friends.These are my beliefs,feelings,and thoughts and they DO matter. Regardless, if "you" feel I should just look away because I don't agree with yours. How fair is that type of thinking?

Well, it is 32 out right now so all is good.Only time will tell...

Denise C Burke

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