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Peter Spanos wis man of integrity people in both parties can support

To The Daily Sun,

Certainly our national political process has been painful to watch this year and it puts many of us back to the idea that "all politics are local." With that in mind, I'd urge my neighbors to vote for Peter Spanos for state representative in District 3, Laconia.

Peter is the local man who raised a great family, ran a successful local business and learned a lot about the Lakes Region along the way. Peter is sensible, pragmatic and committed to doing what is right for the region, not some specific political ideology. Having sat on the House Finance Committee, Peter has been able to bring his understanding of business and personal finances to prioritize what we really need vs. unrealistic requests.

While the top of the respective tickets is polarizing, Peter Spanos is a person of integrity who people of both parties can feel good about supporting.

Come on Laconia, let's get behind Peter Spanos

Christopher Boothby


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To date, I have knocked on 4,500 doors in Meredith & Gilford

To The Daily Sun,

I am running for State Representative from Belknap County District 2, Gilford and Meredith. Please vote for me on Nov. 8.

A state representative's job is to represent the best interests of the people of the district in the New Hampshire House of Representatives. In order to better understand the district's voters I am attempting to knock all of the doors in the district.

If we have not met and there questions, comments or concerns that you wish me to respond to or to consider please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. So far I have knocked on about 4,500 doors. Thank you for welcoming me and sharing your concerns.

You should understand how I make will make decisions on your behalf when casting votes in Concord, assuming you vote Abear on Nov. 8. To me the deciding question is: Does this legislation make us more free or does it make us less free? If the answer is more free the measure gets my support.

Thank you for participating in the process of selecting state representatives. It is my hope that I have worked hard enough to have earned your vote. Thank you for your consideration of my candidacy. Thank you for voting on November 8th. Please vote for me for state representative for Belknap County District 2.

Marc Abear


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