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Obama can't lead? I can make a long list that suggests otherwise

To The Daily Sun,

There has been a great deal of rhetoric lately about the lack of leadership by President Obama. One elected official in Missouri even recently suggested the military would be justified in removing him from office. All this makes me wonder if some people are just forgetful or are intentionally denying the truth.

Here are a few of the things that come to my mind when I think of this president and his leadership:

He saved our automobile industry from collapse.

He has practically eliminated our dependence on foreign oil.

He oversaw the restructuring of our banking system.

He has helped to bring our unemployment down from over 10 percent to under 6 percent.

He has slowed the flow of American jobs away from the U.S.

He has assisted efforts to make our economy become the leader of the world again.

He brought our troops home from Iraq.

He has reduced our military role in Afghanistan dramatically.

He led an international effort to remove chemical weapons in Syria.

He has built an international coalition to confront ISIL.

He is leading an international effort to stop Russian aggression.

He has improved services and benefits for our military men and women and their families.

He has established a system to provide health insurance for millions.

He has reduced the unfettered increases in our national debt.

That, my friends, is not the sign of a person who cannot lead. No, I believe it is the sound of one voice making a difference.

To the official in Missouri, show me the lack of leadership. Show me where President Obama has created such a threat to our nation that a military coup would be appropriate. Or could it be that the glare from Ferguson has blinded you?

Patrick H. Wood


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Let’s put people in office that can give us a real chance to propser

To The Daily Sun,

Today I saw a piece on TV about a candidate for governor talking about people trying to live on $40 for the week while hunting for a job and with no place to sleep.

These are things we take for granted and put a blind eye. Hundreds of people live this same story every day right here in New Hampshire. For them the American Dream is dying, or has never even been born.

Alexandra is a 14-year-old having to watch her siblings and cook for them because mom has to work two jobs. Why is Johnny, a fourth-grader, having to worry if he and his family are going to eat a simple meal tonight? Rose is a sophomore in college working two jobs just to get by and not having any time to study.

What bothers me the most is that we have become so insensitive that we are okay with people with mental disabilities living on the streets with no one to care for them. Or someone willing to work for $20 a day just to get by. A mom that has to decide whether to go to work or stay at home to take care of her precious children.

We are also concerned about the rise in crime. Jobs are often the best solution. We also can't continue to think that prison facilities that are outdated are the solution to helping people that have made mistakes recover and move forward.

Republicans keep pitching that people are just looking for a handout. No. Most people are looking for a hand up, someone willing to help them get a chance to feel human and accepted again and a chance to work and make a better life for themselves. Attacking teachers and calling them thugs because they want better pay so they don't have to work two jobs instead of focusing on their students' education.

Look at the Republican agenda: too focused on always lower corporate tax rates, attacking marriage equality, making it harder for the elderly and the poor to get by and keep their homes. They are too focused on fighting wars outside our country in the name of freedom while we have children starving at home. While solutions and answers can be hard to find and more complex than simple (or simplistic), we can't continue to elect politicians that are only concerned with their political career, and neither want nor care to see what life for ordinary Americans looks like.

Don't let their hard-pressure sales tactics and their fear-mongering intimidate us. Look at how they vote and how they act. Look at what they have done, not just at their talking points. Let's help every American live the American Dream: that if you are willing to work hard and do right you can build a good life for yourself and your family.

Please vote on Nov. 4t for Andrew Hosmer (a car dealership manager), Dave Pollack (a community college professor), Mo Baxley (rights activist), Dave Huot (former judge), Beth Arsenault (a mom that raised three children and served her community on the school board and the Legislature), Tom Dawson (former state fire marshal and education advocate). These are individuals that have lived and know the struggles of everyday people. Let's get people in office that will give us a real chance to prosper and move forward.

Carlos Cardona


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Do we really want people like Havenstein & Brown controlling NH?

To The Daily Sun,

Don't look now, but there is something far worse than the fringe Tea Party and Libertarians who is casting his net in New Hampshire. Yes, it's Walt, sign the Koch Brother's Americans for Prosperity pledge, Havenstein. In other words, he sees himself, like other conservative governors, as the servant of the corporate rich. Social issues will now be dealt with in strictly commercial terms.

Consider his so called three-phased economic plan. 1. Reduce the business profits tax and require a 2.5 percent reduction across state government, after which 2. He will go begging to neighboring states and pitch low taxes, deregulation and a workforce that has been browbeaten by his neo-liberal mean streak. 3. Dialogue between business, colleges and local schools to "better align educational goals with workforce needs." Translation? No room for liberal arts and the humanities since they don't fit the picture of the university as a factory. Yes, it's coming to a campus near you: "the notion that thinking is dangerous."

As for local high school teachers? Just shut up and teach toward the tests.

Do we really want people like Havenstein and Scott Brown controlling this state? Do we really want self-interests to trump social needs? Do we really want to celebrate profit-making as the essence of our democracy? Do we really want to privatize and deregulate everything in sight then call in the vultures to pick the rest of us clean? Do we really want our citizenship to be viewed only in terms of our consumption patterns? Now more than ever our Democratic representatives become the front line in this neo-liberal assault on our way of life.

George Maloof


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Rich Leonard can be trusted to put public interest before his own

To The Daily Sun,

For 10 years I was a manager at a state agency. Occasionally I was faced with making recommendations which were not politically expedient or in the best interest of my career. More than once these decisions were very difficult and came down to my "responsibility in the public trust." I'm only grateful that these situations did not arise more often than they did.

As a pharmacist, Rich Leonard faces choices between meeting business or professional goals and what's in the best interest of his customer multiple times every day. As I progress through my senior years my medication list is becoming more complicated every time I go to one of my doctors. Thus, my health and well-being is as much in Rich's hands of as any other member of my medical team.

In my career, "responsibility in the public trust" was an abstraction dealt with once in a while. In Rich's case, it's constant, much more personal, and part of his fabric. In the state Senate Rich will always put the public's interest ahead of his own.

I trust Rich with a vital part of my medical treatment and as state senator. I trust Rich to always do the right thing because it's who he is.

Bob Regan

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Peter Spanos would absolutely be an asset in the N.H. House

To The Daily Sun,

I would like to say an encouraging word on behalf of Peter Spanos, running for state representative.

I worked for Peter for six years and have known him for more than 20. Peter has always been a sincere, intelligent, compassionate man, knowledgeable and community-minded.

Peter would absolutely be an asset to our House of Representatives, our state and our community. I hope people will reach out and vote for him.

Mary McCormack


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