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Please join us in voting for Sonny Patten for selectman in Belmont

To The Daily Sun,

Sonny Patten has lived in Belmont for 37 years, where he ran a successful business for many years. He has devoted 26 years to being a member of the Planning Board, helping to accomplish many advances — one being the re-writing of the zoning ordinances in 1992. All of this for the betterment of Belmont and its towns-people.

Please join us in supporting Sonny for selectman.

Reggie Caldwell

Sherryl Caldwell


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You can't get much more transpaprent than GYRL trustees have been

To The Daily Sun,

Well Mr. Al Blake, again you ignore the facts in order to promote your negative agenda on the Gilmanton Year-Round Library. I'm beginning to think that you enjoy propagating fake news.

In your latest missive to The Daily Sun you site two letter writers who were ardent supporters of using taxpayer money to fund the library. I, sir, was one of those letter writers. Now I am going to ask you to relight that candle that you used to highlight the information in the brochure published by the trustees of the library. This time I am going to respectfully suggest that when you do that you put your reading glasses on and take a close hard look at my letter.

Nowhere in that letter did I take a position one way or another on the use of taxpayer funds. My goal in writing to the editor was to rebut the incorrect information you promulgated regarding your claimed lack of transparency in advising the residents of the town of the scheduled meeting to review the results of the UNH survey. I also wanted to express my personal opinion about the value the library brings to our residents.

I realize that you are upset that years ago an individual indicated that the library would not seek help from the town in defraying some of the operating expenses, but Mr. Blake, stuff happens! I am sure that you have made predictions that never materialized. When Franklin D. Roosevelt started the Social Security (FICA) program he promised that participation would be voluntary, that participants would only have to pay 1 percent of the first $1,400 of their earnings, that the payments would be tax-deductible and that the government would escrow throws funds and would not mingle them with the general fund. Perhaps Mr. Blake, under your current mode of thinking, you would want to abolish the Social Security system.

From the very start, the trustees of the library have been very transparent. One need only check the minutes of the selectman's meetings to prove that out. The minutes are available at Town Hall and in an effort to keep all the residents of the town informed, copies are available and posted in both town Post Offices free of charge.

At the Jan. 30, 2006, selectmen's meeting, the trustees informed the selectmen that they were seeking endowments to build the library, but if they were unsuccessful in getting and endowment sufficient to cover the operating costs they wouldn't be ashamed to come to the town and ask for operating funds.

On Feb. 13 of that same year the consensus reached by the Board of Selectmen that the plan had always been to operate the library entirely with donated funds if at all possible. However, if that became impossible, the town would be given the opportunity to help rather than abandoning the project altogether.

On Feb. 11, 2008, the trustees again appeared before the selectmen and stated that their goal for the library is to operate it and maintain it with private funds but rather than deny the public the use of a much needed facility, they would request supplemental funding as a last resort.

You can't get much more transparent than that.

Mr. Blake, you are wearing out my keyboard. It's time to put this vitriolic rhetoric aside and let the voters decide.

Peter Mulcahy

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