Guatemalan children are more likely to be vaccinated than Texans

To The Daily Sun,

Have the children who crossed into the U..S over the southern border brought with them infectious diseases, putting our children at risk as some letter writers have alleged? According to the CDC, which monitored those children, the answer is "no".

Interestingly, it seems that children from south of the border are at least as likely as U.S. children to have been vaccinated. For example, the World Health Organization has indicated that Mexico has a similar childhood vaccination rate to ours. And, according to UNICEF, children from Guatemala are more likely to be vaccinated than Texans. Guatemala has universal health care that covers vaccines. In Texas, according to the Texas Medical Association, around 16 percent of children (estimates vary from 852,000 to 1.2 million) were uninsured in 2012.

There is plenty wrong with a wave of unaccompanied children migrating northward. It is a sad story. We handled it by examining the causes, developing a measured response, and stopping the flow. There is no need to repeat fake scare stories.

Dave Pollak


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Democratic policies are intended to keep people ignorant & poor

To The Daily Sun,
Paula Trombi's letter of April 1 is typical of the letters that Democrats send newspapers whenever Republicans have to repair the damage done to New Hampshire's finances by Democrat poor planning, mismanagement, waste, and payoffs to political supporters.

If you believed all of Trombi's and her fellow travelers' predictions of doom and gloom, then tens of thousands of us should have died of starvation, cold, lack of medical care, accidents from bad roads and bridge failures, etc.

Letters from Trombi, et. al., are simply hysterical political propaganda intended to scare voters into increasing funding for special interests that, in return, fund Democrat politicians.

Some people really need help. We should help them and we do. But, most Americans can take care of themselves if given a decent chance.
But Democrats don't fight for things that give people a chance, they fight to take away peoples' chances to become independent and take care of themselves without help from others.

Democrats fight every attempt to provide school choice, preferring to lock children, especially poor children, in failing and dangerous schools which make it difficult to get the education and skills needed for a good start in life.

Democrats fight for minimum wage increases which make it harder for low skilled, especially young or minority, people to get the work experience needed for getting a better paying job. Democrat politicians flood the labor market with legal and illegal immigrants who depress wages and compete for the jobs Americans need to advance themselves. Democrats claim to care about workers, but they fight every effort to create a business environment that encourages investment and the economic growth that creates good jobs.

Broken families are major factors in many peoples' problems, poverty, crime, substance abuse, teen pregnancies, etc., but Democrat policies split up families and encourage activities which lead to young unwed motherhood.

After decades of Democrats' policies which consistently hurt people, causing more poverty, misery, and more lost freedom, it would be irrational to believe that Democratic intentions are to help people be successful and independent. It seems pretty clear that Democratic policies are intended to make people ignorant and poor because ignorant and poor people are a reliable Democratic voting bloc. While I am sure there are many caring Democrats, Democratic leadership and policies are only interested in increasing Democratic political power despite the harm to millions of people.

Democrats who care more about their fellow Americans than the politicians and special interests should join the TEA Party's fight to return to government that works for the people, to provide more opportunities for prosperity, happiness, and freedom to each American.

Don Ewing

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Browning Laboratories made CB radios on Union Ave until 1979

To The Daily Sun,

I am looking for info on Browning Laboratories (1958-1979) located in Laconia. They manufactured a very famous line of CB radios. I'm out here in California making research a bit difficult. Hoping to find some old photos, number of employees or anything else business related, perhaps some little-known Browning Labs history.

I know Browning Labs had at least two Laconia locations, Guild Mill building at 100 Union Ave., and later in Lakeport at 1269 Union Ave. I'm very curious as to employee numbers and other aspects as to their 1979 closing. I write radio repair manuals, doing one on a Browning product, though it would be fun and informative for the radio community to know about Laconia's famous little radio factory.

I can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Gregg Howe

Running Springs, Calif.


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Letter on Constitution & Christianity was copied from 2008 article

To The Daily Sun,

I have not had access to all the letters to The Daily Sun since April 2, so if I'm repeating what someone else has written about this topic, my apologies.

I was interested in a letter written by Jim McCoole, published on April 2, titled "16 words that are the most misunderstood in the history of the USA." His long letter makes an attempt to say the U.S. Constitution does indeed establish the USA as a "Christian nation".

Now I have more than a passing interest in U.S. history, however, I don't claim to be an expert. That said, the argument he made, which appeared to be well thought out, seemed sort of thin to me. I also knew I could be weak on my knowledge, so elected to do a bit more research to check Mr. McCoole's "facts".

I Googled "U.S. Constitution and Christianity." There were a lot of articles that came up. A majority of them didn't support Mr. McCoole's position, but the title of first article, on the first page appeared to, so I read it. The article was titled "Christianity is in the Constitution," written by Dave Miller, Ph.D., published by Apologetics Press, copyright 2008.

As I started to read the article, the words and ideas seemed very familiar to me. I checked back with Mr. McCoole's letter and was surprised to see, that except for the first couple of paragraphs, he had copied Mr. Miller's article (which does cite sources) word-for-word. But Mr. McCoole gives no references or credit to anyone. This usually means the author of the work has done the research and written the work. Clearly in this case that is not true. I don't know if Mr. McCoole used Mr. Miller's article directly, or is from some other unknown source. In any case it is not his own work and he needed to give proper credit for the piece.

In my mind this is plagiarism and copyright infringement. Mr. McCoole has done Mr. Miller, The Daily Sun, and the readers a great disservice. At the very least Mr. McCoole owes us all an apology. I will not editorialize about what I think of Mr. McCoole, nor his argument. Your readers can make up your own minds. But, I think readers of these letters had better do a little homework before believing all that's written as "facts" on these pages. Darn Google anyway! (With apologies to Terry Southern)

Robert Miner

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Bill will make oral chemotherapy no costlier than intravenous drugs

To The Daily Sun,

Recently, the New Hampshire Senate voted unanimously to support legislation which will ensure affordable access to potentially lifesaving cancer treatments for Granite Staters. The Senate's support of this bill, which would prevent health insurers from charging a higher cost-share for an oral anticancer medication than for one administered by IV, is a step in the right direction — but there is still work to be done, as the bill must now be voted on by the House of Representatives.

Oral treatments can offer patients advantages over traditional IV chemotherapy, including the fact that they are targeted therapies which attack only the cancer cells. Oral chemotherapy also offers the flexibility and convenience of not having to drive long distances to a treatment facility for IV infusions.

For the more than 8,000 people who will be diagnosed with cancer in New Hampshire this year alone, it is imperative that the House of Representatives vote in support of this legislation, SB-137. It simply isn't fair that any cancer patient would have to forgo the most effective course of treatment due to out-of-pocket costs.

I urge all members of the New Hampshire House of Representatives to support Senate Bill 137.

Gary Maheu

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