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Sun should be ashamed for giving the 'bishop' a forum for blasphemy

To The Daily Sun,

"Bishop" Paul W.Blake, what church are you a "bishop" in? What order did you study under? Who was your professional teacher? Do you have a degree in religion? If so where did you receive it?

I think I can speak for a few, we are very curious of this information, because online you simply do not exist as your self-proclaimed title of bishop anywhere, only in letters to The Sun.

I have read some of your letters and some caused me concern about you, most were just simply amusing. This last one was way out of line. You leave those people, their property, staff, and restaurant out of your ramblings of your Laconia fake prophecies. They should get a restraining order against you for protection, trespassing, and slander. I have eaten at their restaurant and found the atmosphere, food, staff, and decor to be simply enjoyable.

And The Sun should be ashamed of itself for printing your letters of religious blasphemy, claiming your a bishop! And your ramblings of total nonsense are just plain garbage! As a Catholic I find you a sham to God, and I am embarrassed by you.

So I will leave with this: Last night God spoke to me,and he told me you were a "few fries short of a happy meal," truth be told.

Denise C. Burke

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Annual appeal for Interlakes Community Caregivers exceeded goal

To The Daily Sun,

On behalf of Interlakes Community Caregivers Inc., I am writing to thank all the individuals, businesses, church groups, and civic clubs who donated to our 2016 annual appeal.

Due to the generosity of all our supporters, we were able to exceed our budgeted expectation by 8 percent. This is truly great and a testimony to the appreciation people have for all the services ICCI provides to residents of Meredith, Center Harbor, Moultonborough and Sandwich. With this strong support we enter 2017 in a secure financial position.

Interlakes Community Caregivers is a volunteer organization that provides transportation and other support services to assist neighbors to remain living independently at any stage of their lives, whether for a short term need while recuperating from surgery or illness, or a long-term need to age in place in the comfort of one's own home. Through the generosity of our volunteers, we are able to provide thousands of rides to medical and personal appointments, shopping and assistance with personal errands. Friendly visits can also be arranged.

It is by the support of our generous donors that Caregivers can offer these much needed support services in our community. Thank you.

John F. Buckley, President

Interlakes Community Caregivers Inc.

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