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Our selectboard needs person with Nickerson's experience on it

To The Daily Sun,

Sanbornton taxpayers must take the time to vote on Tuesday, March 14 ,and attend Town Meeting on the 15th. Please do not trust your future tax rate to the Selectboard and/or Budget Committee.

Sanbornton has the second-highest town tax rate in Belknap County. You probably don't realize it but there are no conservative thinkers on the Selecboard of three people and only two conservatives on the Budget Committee of seven members.

There is a small group of "progressives" who have taken full control of the future of the town of Sanbornton, and the middle-class taxpayers are simply going along for the ride. We need some balance in our town government in order to make responsible decisions on behalf of the taxpayers. This is not happening.

Last year we were able to mobilize over 300 tax-paying citizens and overwhelmingly defeat the request for two full-time firemen. Thank you for showing up and voting your conscience. We need you back again this year, only in greater numbers. They didn't think we got it right last year so they are going to give us one more chance to get it right and approve two full-time firemen for a town of 2,800 people. You know where this is headed. More equipment, more employees, bigger or new fire station and more retirement packages that last a lifetime and ... higher taxes.

Sanbornton's town tax rate is the second-highest in Belknap County.

Dave Nickerson has thrown his hat into the ring and is running for the Selectboard. If Dave wins he will bring with him three years experience on the Budget Committee and nine years on the Selectboard. If any of you know Dave, his vote was always well thought out with consideration as to how the results affected the average Sanbornton taxpayer. He was always prepared to explain his vote to the townsfolk and defend his vote to the rest of the board. Dave comes with all the much-needed knowledge and experience to be the kind of selectman we need.

The current Selectboard is made up of one member with six years experience, one member with one year and a third with only a few months. We need to do better. We deserve better. Please support Dave Nickerson for selectman and Roger Grey for Budget Committee on March 14 and vote "No" to two full-time firemen on March 15.

John Robinson


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On the BudCom, I'll work with others to find common ground

To The Daily Sun,

My name is Janet Cavanagh and I am a candidate for the Budget Committee in Bristol. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to your readers and share why I believe I can make a meaningful contribution to our town.

I am dedicated to our town and its success. In addition to the fact that my husband and I have been in Bristol for 15 years, having retired here, I recently joined the town's Economic Development Committee. On this committee, I am responsible for producing a detailed report of types of businesses currently in town and suggest new businesses which would enhance our economic growth. This project will entail working with the state and Dartmouth College to help determine what has helped similar towns and what programs may work well here.

Prior to moving to Bristol, I spent my career as an accountant working with manufacturers, whether it be a small facility or a multimillion-dollar division of Johnson & Johnson. Through this work, I was responsible for managing and overseeing budgets and financial reporting. This work was a perfect match for my detail-oriented nature. To me, budgets are more than simply numbers and dollars. The hallmark of my work was to understand what they mean and how they impact an organization. A budget is a reflection of an organization's priorities — and I would like to take this view to Bristol's Budget Committee.

During my career, I also worked with my town's Community Development Office. This work was a great learning experience as I was able to secure grants from the state to help draw new businesses into the downtown area.

I am known for having a straightforward management style and working well with large groups. Everyone has an opinion and it is important to listen to all of them. I have strong communication skills and a proven ability to work well with others to find common ground when none is readily apparent.

Bristol has several large capital items that have the potential to impact the town's near-term and long-term finances — specifically, the proposal to build a new town hall and replace the current town hall with the Police Department. I am excited to bring my 40-plus years of experience to the town's Budget Committee as it considers these and other important decisions.

Janet R. Cavanagh


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