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Ridiculous to rule grandparents aren't 'bona fide' family members

To The Daily Sun,

Recently, the Supreme Court ruled that the only immigrants to be admitted from the six religiously banned countries would be those family members who "had a credible claim of a bona fide relationship with a person ... in the United States." Grandparents/grandchildren were excluded from being "bona fide" family members. If this is the present Administration's criteria for the definition of a family member, then my grandchildren and I are not regarded as "bona fide" family members.

Traditionally (and more so in foreign countries) with "nuclear families," grandparents( especially "nana" and "grammy") have assisted in raising their grandchildren, and children/grandchildren have financially and socially supported their grandparents. Thus the idea of a "extended family." This present Supreme Court ruling appears to be an insidious way of splitting a family. Choices — does the family want to be separated or not? As for my family, I know my 8-year-old grandtwins regard me as a "bona fide" member of our family — especially on this past Father's Day, when they ran to the door and said "Grandpa is here."

Frank M. Weeks

Gilmanton I.W.

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I'm familiar with the people, policies & politics of N.H. government

To The Daily Sun,

I'm a Republican running for the vacated House seat in District 9 - Grafton County, which includes the towns of Grafton, Alexandria, Bridgewater, Bristol and Ashland.

Over the past several weeks, I’ve received numerous calls and emails from voters supporting my candidacy who’ve asked whether I will be putting out political signs. I very much appreciate all of these requests and, while I have decided to forego political signs as I’ve found too many littering the landscape unsightly, I will be more than happy to communicate with any voter who would like to reach out.

People who know me know that I am a fiscal conservative and, as such, understand the value of sound financial decision-making. Previously, I served on the Town of Bristol's Budget Committee for 17 years and have served two full terms in the Legislature providing me with extensive experience working for the voters of the State of New Hampshire. During my first term (1972 -1973), while serving on the House Labor Committee, I chaired the joint sub-committee that produced the law which currently governs collective bargaining in the public sector.

During my last term in the House (2011- 2012), I served on the Finance Committee as Clerk of Division III, Health and Human Services, which accounts for the largest expenditure in the state budget. During 2011- 2012 session, the State of New Hampshire was the only state in the union to actually reduce spending from its previous budget while maintaining core services. This was accomplished through a rigorous and diligent review of expenditures and results. I am proud to have been a part of that accomplishment.

I am on record as opposing wind turbines in the Newfound Region and also served on the "361" Commission, the first state entity to advocate burying Northern Pass, as I firmly believe that both would negatively impact property values and the beauty of our region with no appreciable benefit to the electric rate payer.

Having served two full terms in the Legislature I am familiar with the people, policies and politics of state government and, if elected, will be able to serve the voters of District 9 starting on the very first day. The primary election will be held on Tuesday July 18 and I ask for, and appreciate, your vote.

Paul H. Simard


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