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Taxpayers shouldn't have to pay for unnecessary jail components

To The Daily Sun,

My name is Raymond Howard Jr. and I'm running for the District 8 state representative seat which represents Alton, Barnstead and Gilmanton.

As a native of New Hampshire, I have lived in Alton the past 21 years with my wife, raising our children. I have been a self-employed, small businessman who has had some good years financially, as well as some tough ones. I am nearing retirement age and I feel the time is right for me to give back to my state, but more importantly, caring for the towns within the Belknap County, as a member of the County Delegation.

Some of my qualifications that I feel would benefit the people of our towns is my success as a small-business owner through hard work and conservative values. My years of leadership with the Boy Scouts of America as an unit commissioner helping Scout units resolve issues, with outcomes that are fair to all. In Alton I have served three years as a cemetery trustee, one year as chairman; and I am currently a member of the Alton Planning Board. Some of the challenges facing our county and state that need to be addressed in the near future are as follows.

The Belknap County Jail building plan discussions have occurred with estimates from $1 million to $42 million. I don't want to burden the taxpayers with having to pay for unnecessary and costly components for the jail. My opponent voted to spend $160,000 to start the planning process for the $42 million project.

Two other issues are the unfunded county employee pension liabilities and Medicaid expansion. These will be very costly and must be addressed now.

I feel that I am the best candidate for District 8 and plan to work alongside both houses of the Legislature to create agreeable solutions in fixing these problems. I am asking for, and would appreciate your vote on Sept. 9.

Raymond Howard, Jr.


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Goal of progressives is to make women think they are all victims

To The Daily Sun,

I am writing in response to the letter submitted by Nancy Frost regarding "Women's Equality Day" and her candidacy for the New Hampshire House. Reading her letter one would think, as so many progressive Democrats try to perpetuate, women still do not have the same opportunities as men. Progressives continue to portray women as weak victims of an "evil male society" that has kept them down and not able to accomplish the same goals and financial status as a male.

If anyone has succeeded in keeping women back, it has been progressive Democrats who continually tell women how unequal they are. They accomplish this by solely focusing on women's body parts (abortion and birth control) and not a woman's body smarts (education and careers). It is the progressive's agenda to make all people, especially women, believe they are victims of an evil Republican or Tea Party conspiracy whose only goal is to take care of the rich and not worry about the poor.

I believe I am a strong and successful woman, and I owe that strength and success to the inspiration of two strong women in my life. I am also the mother of a son and daughter and the grandmother of three. I tried to instill in my children and now my grandchildren what was taught to me by my mother and grandmother. For your information, my grandmother was born in 1885. She came from a family that was not wealthy but believed in strong family values, the value of education and an even stronger work ethic. In 1904 my grandmother, not worrying about not being able to vote, graduated from business college and went to work. In 1914 she married my grandfather (a mechanic who worked for the Pennsylvania Railroad for 50 years) and together they raised seven successful children who held those same values. She was always a very savvy business woman who successfully raised a family with my grandfather during some of our country's hardest times.

From as early as I can remember, both my mother and grandmother instilled in my sisters and I that it was just as important for us to be as educated as my brothers. They both wanted us to know that we also needed to be financially independent and able to take care of ourselves and our families and, when it came to work, we needed to give at least 100 percent.

Today the goal of progressive Democrats is to make women think they are victims of society and that the Democrats are the only ones who can save them from the evil Republicans or Tea Party. There is no mention of the importance of personal responsibility, which in my mind begins with education.

Instead of telling young men and women they are victims, we need to provide direction, encouragement and let them know they can accomplish anything they set their minds to. We need to tell them from the time they are very young that they must complete their education either through college or training for a trade. They need to know if they work hard they will succeed. That is the "American Dream" my generation has lived and my father fought for in World War II. We need to pass that dream on to our children and grandchildren. I urge voters in the upcoming election to vote for the" American Dream."

Ms. Frost asks women to organize to move our state forward. I couldn't agree with her more, but I ask both men and women to organize and return our country to those who still believe in sensible government and the "American Dream."

Vote Republican. Our country depends on it.

Marie Bradley


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I thank Senator Forrester for fostering the career partnership program

To The Daily Sun,

As a senior at Inter-Lakes High School considering pursuing international studies in college, I had the opportunity to serve as a Senate page at the Statehouse in Concord last year. The chance to observe politics in process from the very floor of the Senate was a unique opportunity made possible by District 2 state Sen. Jeanie Forrester.

While Sen. Forrester represents 27 towns in District 2, she goes out of her way to remain active in her home community, serving on the Greater Meredith Program and helping to launch the Career Partnership Program at Inter-Lakes that provides mentoring and job shadowing opportunities for students.

I would like to publicly thank her for fostering the Career Partnership Program, for her willingness to work with students and especially for sharing the benefits of public service.

Gage Wheeler


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Site Evaluation Committee should be held accountable for Groton

To The Daily Sun,

Are we running out of patience with wind development in our community, simply because we do not understand our federal and state laws? Are wind developers are becoming "too big to fight"?

Have we wasted tens of thousands of hours fighting wind developers in our community without right? If you've followed us, you'll know we're fighting with good reason because turbines displease us or hurt us. Watch the Concord testimonies, read abutter lawsuits, and then ask yourself why New Hampshire's Office and Energy and Planning just finalized its energy strategy today, Sept. 2.

We have no demands. We are simple folk. We simply educate the community on how wind farms will affect our community in the early stages, mid-life stage, exit stage and in their aftermath.

We're here to ask questions. We continue to ask questions we all want answers to. Even I've been known to ask a few questions every now and then ... and I've yet to get a response. Does that tell you anything?

Why don't developers talk? Why don't developers hold regular community meetings? Why don't developers share their energy output readings at the Groton Wind Plant? Why don't developers remove their Met towers after exiting a project? Why don't developers hire and train local people? Why don't developers comply with the certificate issued by the SEC in Groton? Why don't developers want to speak to us?

Have we lost our patience? Or have we no patience for anyone who does not deserve our patience? Bottom line, we should be asking how any company could get away with lying/misleading the public and to our state committees.

This community believes the SEC should be held accountable for the Groton Wind Farm situation as much as Groton Wind Developers. Why? Because the SEC was disengaged in the Groton process. The SEC failed to recognize the misplacement of eight turbines, the illegal erection of the operations building, the known illegal road grades, the lack of emergency access and fire codes.

Demand answers — and if you don't get an answer — pound the table until you do.

Ray Cunningham


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Havenstein has said from day 1 that he won't talk about social issues

To The Daily Sun,

Voters have a clear choice when voting for the nomination in the Republican Primary for governor. There is the establishment candidate Walt Havenstein, who seems to have come out of nowhere, and the conservative candidate Andrew Hemingway, who has lived here all of his life.

Andrew has built and sold two businesses in our state. Walt has been the CEO of a company who was hired to help implement Obamacare. Walt is endorsed by Gov. Chris Christie who helped get Obama re-elected with his hugs and praise. You can know a candidate by who their friends are.

Andrew is a vibrant young candidate who has clear and well prepared plans to make New Hampshire a business friendly state to attract companies here with jobs. He will attract younger voters to the polls because he knows that education is very important and points out that after students graduate college here they usually leave the state for states that have good job potential. Andrew wants to bring jobs back to New Hampshire with a tax plan that will attract companies. He is also against the federal government taking control of our schools through Common Core.

Walt Havenstein said from day one, that he refused to talk about the social issues. He doesn't seem to realize that for every social issue there is a state bureau to deal with. Will he refuse to talk about those issues as governor? We do know that he is pro-choice and in favor of gay marriage. At a 912er's meeting in Rochester (at which Mr. Havenstein was not present) his campaign manager told me that Walt is a social moderate. We would say he is a social liberal. Andrew is a pro-life social conservative.

Walt Havenstein cannot beat Gov. Hassan in the general election, but Andrew Hemingway will because he has clear ideas and has made them known. Not so Walt Havenstein.

Republicans and Conservatives, if you want to win back the Corner Office in Concord you can do it by nominating Andrew Hemingway in the Primary election.

Phil & Chris Wittmann


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