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Democracy, based on a constitution, is the way we'll remain free

To The Daily Sun,

In order to understand the current political climate one has to take the long view. That, I can do. I was born in 1936, into the depths of the Great Depression. There are some recollections of that era starting in 1939. At that point, we were emerging from those desperate times. It was really tough and then it got even tougher in the later part of 1941.

Those of you who have studied history know that President Roosevelt had some hard decisions to make when he took office in the early 1930s. He inherited a nation out of work. Its citizens were looking for effective leadership. He needed a plan to move us from worrying about where the next meal was coming from toward full employment.

As we focused on our economy, things were happening Europe and Asia. More decisions had to be made. Should America help Great Britain and France deal with Hitler's ambitions or pretend it wasn't our problem. Roosevelt decided to help what was left of Western Europe. As our nation focused on Europe, the Japanese made a sneak attack on Pearl Harbor.

My earliest memories of World War II were of some of my uncles and young neighbors heading for basic training. Later, during the fall of 1942, I remember watching flights of B-29 bomber squadrons flying out of Forbes Air Base. It was such a noise they made as they flew in formation directly over our house south of Topeka.

For those of us who were reaching our teens during that time of world chaos there is a strong feeling that the next big war will be the final disaster. Why, we keep asking, is war so much with us? We watched the results of an atomic horror. We watched as we visited war again in Korea and Vietnam and endured the Cold War. We were horrified, but not much surprised, with what the last 15 years have brought us.

We in America know that democracy based on a constitution is the way we have been and will remain free. Alas, there is a great deal of opposition to that ideal. We as a nation are in a very precarious time. We have become extremely polarized in the last few decades. Hate, in its many insidious forms, has hardened us into two opposing camps.

The right call themselves conservatives. What are they conserving? Is it their money or property? Is it their right to arm themselves against their neighbors? The ultimate question they have to answer is, will they stand by and allow an unpredictable executive call all the moves?

The left, who call themselves Democrats, have to answer the same question.

Further, will Congress and the Supreme Court step up and defend the rights of all the citizens? Will they defend the rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of justice? If the Constitution is the law of our land, then they must answer yes.

It's up to those few moderates of both parties (sides) to effect some compromises before we allow an impulsive executive to bring the whole nation ever nearer to the ultimate disaster. We in the middle have to reach out to the extremes and bring them back toward the center where compromise has a chance to occur. Time is running out for us to effect unity of purpose. Those who oppose America are amused, but not idle.

The concept of divide and conquer is very much alive. Let's make sure it doesn't apply to our nation.

Bill Dawson


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Vintage Vareity Show was a fun and low-pressure share

To the Daily Sun:
I want to thank all who participated in our 1st Annual Vintage Variety Show Fundraiser this past weekend! What a delightful group of performers from the community. We had singers and songwriters, guitarists and lip syncers, barbershop, comedians, impersonators, MC'd by the colorful Kelly brothers, Chris and Pat. It was quite sweet and charming! The audience really appreciated a lovely evening and afternoon and have asked for an encore... so Annmarie Karayianes (Tuckernuck Inn), Fran Page, Adam Nudd-Homeyer, Alfred Columb, Kevin & Kitty Boyle, A# Foursome, Brian Krautz (Ballard House), Cindy Duchin and Lakes Region Chordsmen... start warming up for another show and share with other amateur performers! This was a fun and low-pressure share.
Nancy Barry

Producing Artistic Director

Interlakes Summer Theater

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