How many of you like what USA has become under Obama?

To The Daily Sun,

Now hear this: please, those of you who want to vote for Hillary, do not do it. If you think Obama is bad, she will only be worse. Then we will never be able to take America back.

Bernie Sanders the communist is also a no-no. Jeb Bush needs to give it up and go home. Sorry, I am glad that Donald Trump is doing well in New Hampshire. He does not have to bow-down to anyone. He says it like it is, and that is that. You can take that to the bank. If Hillary does get in we are finished as a country. She will pick up where Obama leaves off. She cannot be trusted. She is going to get away with all she has done. We do not need another Obama.

All those college kids are being brainwashed about Hillary and Bernie. They are the worse two of the bunch. Ben Carson is too nice and will be slow in getting things done, if he does it at all. Just think about it for a moment. I hope and pray this all works out for the good of the country. You also should pray.

Our freedom is being taken away little by little. Is anyone worried about that, or is it just me? How many of you like what this country has become under Obama? Not me for sure. We remember the good old days? Then lets take it back.

Anna DeRose

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Here's how you might be able to reward great employees

To The Daily Sun,

I've operated a business with employees and independent contractors for more than 40 years. There's a good chance if you're reading this, you either work for a company, manage one or are the owner.

If you're a business owner or manager, allow me to ask you, what do you think the most valuable asset is in your company? Did you answer your customers? Wrong. Would you say all your inventory? I doubt it. How about the real estate and buildings that make up your company? No way. I'm willing to bet that your employees are the most valuable thing you have. They're the gears inside the money machine that's your business. Don't believe me? Imagine if they all decided not to show up for a day, a week or even a month. Could your business survive?

If I've now convinced you that your employees are the No. 1 thing you should be thinking about, let's answer some questions.

When was the last time you told your employees they were doing a fantastic job? Do you tell them this on a regular basis? When was the last time you recognized work and dedication above and beyond the scope of what that employee is supposed to do? Do you give your employees periodic cost-of-living raises? How about merit pay increases? Do you give your employees Christmas bonuses? Say it ain't so that you're a modern-day Scrooge! Oh, I hear you. You're screaming you can't afford all that lavish extra expenditure on your most valuable asset.

Let me tell you a quick true story that shows you how you might be able to reward great employees, motivate them to do even better and hire away the best employees from your competitors.

Years ago I was a custom homebuilder. Each week Carl, the lumberyard salesman, would visit my job site. He'd give me just three flat carpenter's pencils. "Carl, we work hard here and use up more than three. I need more pencils."

"Tim, I'm only allowed to give you three."

That day at lunch I sat down with my pencil and did some grade school math. Two days later I knew I had to go to the lumberyard and I hunted around for John, the general manager.

"John, why am I only getting three pencils per week?"

"Tim, they cost lots of money. If you saw how much I spent on pencils for you guys, you'd be shocked."

"I need pencils. Let me ask you a question or two. How many 2 by 4 by 8's do you sell a year?"

"I can't tell you that."

"I thought so. My guess is $1.2 million."

John blinked.

"How many sheets of one-half-inch plywood do you sell?"

"Tim, that's secret information."

"I thought so. I'm guessing you sell about 945,000 sheets."

John was visibly shaken because my numbers were extremely accurate. I was able to get close because I knew how many delivery trucks he had, how much would fit on each truck and how many deliveries on average he could do in a week.

"John, you charge me $1.76 for a 2 by 4 and $9.43 for a sheet of plywood. Do you think if you charged me $1.77 and $9.44 I'd stop buying?

I walked away not angry, but allowing all that to soak into John's head. He was not a stupid man. Ten days later, cases of carpenter pencils were delivered to my house with a thank you note.

If you own or manage a business, you need to figure out how to increase your revenue to not only take care of your most valuable asset, but still remain competitive. It's possible with most businesses, but not all.

Christmas is just around the corner. If you're a modern day Scrooge, you've got plenty of time to redeem yourself. In the movie, Scrooge redeemed himself in just a few hours.

Remember this saying always: Excuses are reasons for failure.

Tim Carter


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Great idea governor, a $76.7 package to fight the war on stupid

To The Daily Sun,

Stand by, here we go again. Maggie, is at it some more. Maggie wants the Executive Council to force the House and Senate into an early session. The reason, because, in addition to the $43 million from the general fund that the Senate Finance Committee so gracefully put into the budget, the $12 million grant she received from the feds she forgot to mention and the $4 million from Medicare, she now wants an additional $11.1 million to come from taxpayers to be spent on the 0.00034 percent of the New Hampshire residents who have chosen to become part of her " epidemic".

Here is the $ 11.1 million breakdown: $3.1 million for drug courts, $2 million for additional law enforcement, $800,000 for probation and parole officers, $100,000 to up grade the prescription drug monitoring program, $135,000 to add an attorney to focus on opiate related crimes and $5 million to be added to the $6.7 million Governor's Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention, Treatment and Recovery program. That will end up as a $76.7 million package to fight the war on stupid. How much is enough Maggie?

Did I forget to mention the $7 million to $ 10 million to fight the war on marijuana the state currently spends. How many more "jobs" added to the state employees retirement system that the lawmakers are scrambling to cover the $10.5 million shortfall that you had forgotten to mention before the budget process began? Governor, before you run for Senate perhaps you should go to UNH and become an economics teacher and mentor students who want to be career politicians on how to create more government jobs that has no end game, at the expense of taxpayers. It should come as second nature to you.

I wonder how far all of these millions could go to filling up the food pantry's for the holidays so many New Hampshire residents that do not have state jobs, rely on.

Eric T. Rottenecker

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I ask Mr. Veverka to make me an orchid. He must be able to

To The Daily Sun,

Let's correct the record, after Mr. Veverka leaves his mess all over the letters section of The Daily Sun, once again. As he incorrectly stated to the contrary, no one is saying that he or his hard-left, atheist fellow travelers are engaged in a "vast conspiracy to oppress the truth" regarding their promotion of the "evolutionist theories". Not once have I ever read that's the assertion of believers in God and creation.

Pay attention, Mr. Veverka, because here's what we are saying: Your refusal to accept the truth of a higher power is based solely on your desire to not be held accountable to that higher power for your behavior.

Your choice not to believe in intelligent design must mean that you believe everything is, because of something opposite of intelligent, i.e. some unintelligent force. And since you personally are obviously much more intelligent than any unintelligent force responsible for it all, I have a request for you: please make me an orchid. You must be able to make me an orchid, Mr. Veverka, because you are so much more intelligent that the 'un'intelligent force you claim is responsible for everything. Oh, you can't make me an orchid? I'm disappointed in you, Mr. Veverka, but I'm not surprised. That's because, using accepted scientific methods of observation and experimentation, you can't provide one shred of observable evidence of evolutional change of kind.

We don't all get to have our own truth. The little boy whose mother told him not to touch the hot stove also thought he was smarter than his mother. It really doesn't matter whether you believe in God or not, Mr. Veverka. Just like the little boy, if he persists in believing that it's okay for him to have his own truth, he's going to get burned.

That goes for all of creation, including you and me...

Jim McCoole

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Support groups are fine but eventually you have to act yourself

To The Daily Sun,

I love reading the letters to your newspaper.

I have suffered from morbid obesity. The height of my weight was 317 pound on by 5 foot, 6 inch frame. The results were cruel to my health. I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and breast cancer. It was hard for me to get up and down from my recliner.

One day, there was an ad on WMUR television and Gov. Maggie Hassan announced the 90-day walking challenge. I started out with just 10 minutes a day and made it up to an hour a day. After the 90 days was up, I, along with my daughter, Jane Cote, and granddaughter, Leah Cote, got to meet the governor in her office. She seemed concerned for my health, and the health of others.

Then I quit for awhile, until I went to my primary-care provider, Susan Zolnick-Hale at the Tilton VA clinic. She referred me to the motivational coach at the Manchester VA Hospital, Dr. Rob Hayes. He told me to keep walking and get an exercise bike for bad weather. He also suggested that I take up a hobby. I returned to hand-sewing pictures and pillowcases.

My own personal secret was to make a Grain and Bear It journal. These journals are quite cute, with a N.H. bear on the front, a calendar and journal pages to keep track of exercise and food intake. I've lost 50 pound since keeping a journal. My blood labs were all excellent, my primary health care provider told me. I make these journals as a hobby. I've been invited to be a guest speaker on Dec. 16 at the Manchester VA Hospital to motivate the veterans to loose weight. A little encouragement, along with self discipline, is a far better choice for weight loss. Support groups are fine but there comes a time when you have to do it yourself.

Helena Clow-Davis

Diabled Woman Marine Veteran



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