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Tax cap does nothing to keep unrestrained corporate greed in check

To The Daily Sun,

It is no accident that Laconia's roads are in terrible shape. Public Works has been steadily falling behind despite their best efforts. This is a direct result of the tax cap. It sounds simple. keep tax increases below an artificially set amount and everything will fine — except it isn't fine. The longer real repairs are deferred the greater the long term cost of repairs.

Likewise, the city is proposing slashing school spending to stay under the artificially set tax cap. Likewise, the city and state have significantly reduced support of human service organizations.

How are these all connected? Children are dying from lack of oversight by DHHS. Young and old are dying from epidemic levels of opioids. Water pollution is growing. Our lakes are becoming more and more poisoned from
run-off and other factors.

We are told that tax caps serve to keep unrestrained government in check; instead, we have unrestrained corporate greed while our children are dying from neglect. The solution to drug overdoses is not more drugs, nor is it
just treatment. For one thing the state has a history of allocating resources to solve one problem by taking them from other areas, creating more problems downstream.

The opioid crisis and road crisis and school crisis will be solved by long-term investment and support of the institutions that provide youth with the resiliency to cope, families who can get the treatment to cope and jobs to
give people a sense of self-worth. These institutions include Genesis Behavioral Health, Community Services, Family Services, full-time certified child care, kindergarten, schools, community health care, parks and recreation, as
well as good roads and jobs. Throwing a few million at Narcan and other drugs and treatment centers will just be good money after bad.

Today's attitude today towards taxes and governments derive from the notion that government is bad. What if fully-funded government is the only thing standing between corporate greed and political cowardice and people dying in
the streets. Isn't it time to put people first and ideology last?

David Stamps


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Ask me the tough questions that need to be asked on April 13

To The Daily Sun,

I invite all of my Belknap County Friends to come Belkap County Republican Committee meeting on Wednesday, April 13 to say hello, hear my brief pitch for U.S. Senate and ask me the tough questions that need to be answered.

The meeting will be held at the Top of the Town Restaurant (88 Ladd Hill Road) in Belmont at 6:30 p.m.

I'm running to protect good-paying jobs and secure retirements for Americans, keep us safe from terror, cut spending, debt and the size of federal government, and will keep my promises because I can't be bought. Check my website to learn more or to get involved.

Jim Rubens


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