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Hillary Clinton has 69% disapproval rate among American veterans

To The Daily Sun,

Several days ago, a lieutenant colonel stated that veterans should vote for Hillary Clinton for president. He gave his rank, which indicates that this is not a recommendation but rather an order. Lieutenant colonels are not used to people disagreeing with them. They expect their orders to be carried out.

I am a veteran and I disagree with the lieutenant colonel. Although, there are many reasons for disagreeing, I will summarize a few of them:

1. Benghazi: Four people died on her watch and she did not send help.

2. She has made several remarks about veterans "embellishing" the situation at the VA. Senator McCain asked that Hillary Clinton apologize to all veterans. She did not.

3. Finally, she has a 69 percent disapproval rate among all veterans. Her approval rate is 15 percent.

I would suggest the lieutenant colonel spend time at a VFW, American Legion or Amvets. I cannot print how most veterans feel for Hillary Clinton. With due respect to the lieutenant colonel, this veteran will be voting for ABC (anybody but Clinton).

God bless the USA.

Jim Mayotte

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Wallet-Hub's reports a product of in-depth analysis of reliable data

To The Daily Sun,

A letter to the editor signed by Steve Earle that was published on Dec. 2 needs to be corrected regarding references to WalletHub.

First off, the company is misspelled repeatedly, which makes me question your fact-checking skills as journalists. It is "WalletHub", not "Wallet-Hub."

Secondly, WalletHub reports are entirely supportable, fact driven analyses based primarily on data from the U.S. Census Bureau, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Federal Bureau of Investigations and other thoroughly credible government sources. While we always appreciate the opinions of readers and residents regarding such rankings, we do not feel that it is appropriate to resort to childish accusations simply due to one's hometown not faring as well as he or she may like. That is especially true when a critic doesn't take the time to even review a report in detail or determine whether certain claims actually can be substantiated.

WalletHub's research reports are regularly quoted by the nation's largest news outlets for a reason — they're the product of in-depth analysis of data from reputable sources and have transparent methodologies. If readers would like to make up their own minds, the reports in question can be found here: wallethub.com/edu.

Diana Pope

Communications Manager


Washington, D.C.

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