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I will sleep easy knowing that our climate is doing quite well

To The Daily Sun,

It would appear that Professor Cracraft has nothing left in his quiver of leftist arrows. His most recent column reflects a most rude and disrespectful attitude toward the president of the United States. Here is a list of the words the professor used to demean the man we elected as our 45th president: mean, narcissistic, misogynist, sociopath, obscenity, lies and disinformation, ignorance, indecency and psychopathic imposter.

Yes I know, the general theme of his column was about there being lots of blame to be spread around, which allowed President Trump to be elected. Underlying that theme, of course, is Scott Cracraft's implied loathing of Donald Trump. Judging by the amount of negative adjectives and nouns Scott used to describe our president, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if he agrees with Maxine Waters. She would be the one who says she will not rest until Trump is impeached. Sound good to you, Scott?

Switching to more madcap madness from the progressive, regressive, the-sky-is-falling leftist types, please take a gander at a recent letter by Robert T. Joseph. He still believes that the ocean will soon swallow us up and that the polar bears existence is in peril due to man-made climate change. One would not understand the advances we have made in providing a cleaner climate compared to what existed before fossil fuel use came into vogue by reading Mr. Joseph's letter of doom and gloom.

And last but not least is the esteemed James Veverka, who apparently believes that if he knocks you over the head with enough prehistoric, meteorological data then we will all nod our heads in mesmerized, dizzying agreement.

Hey guys, I will sleep peacefully tonight knowing that our climate is doing quite well, thank you. Radical Islamic terrorism and progressive leftism are indeed existential threats to our constitutional republic. Man made climate change? "Don't worry, be happy. Yes, in our lives there is some trouble, but when you worry too much, you make it double," sang Bobby McFerrin. Oh and Robert, I recommend you pay no attention to Van Jones. President Obama's former green jobs czar is a communist moonbat of the first order — not unlike Obama's teenage mentor, Frank Marshall Davis. They both despise capitalism, our Constitution and the concept of the United States as a sovereign nation. Robert, please tell me you are not in that radical camp. Please tell me you are not one who lusts for a borderless, globalized society, as does Van the man and others of his ilk, including most Democrats and some establishment Republicans. Borders, language and culture.

Russ Wiles


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What gives schools right to require conscripted labor for graduation

To The Daily Sun,

I recently became aware that Moultonborough and Gilford have community service requirements as a condition for high school graduation. I question the legality of these requirements.

Student labor has a cash value. Therefore, these requirements are either a fee or a tax.

If it is a fee, the student's parent or guardian is responsible until the student is 18. If it is a tax, there is no mechanism for such a tax. Property taxes are the mechanism for funding town government. Also, there is no mechanism to pass government fees or taxes directly from the taxpayer to the nonprofit, private citizen, or specific government department receiving this conscripted labor.

Ruth Dunnavan


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