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You don't even have enough respect for president to use his name

To The Daily Sun,

After reading some disparaging letters concerning our president from Alan Vervaeke and James Veverka I'd like to write some words in defense of our president. Before I do, I'd like to point out some different reasons for writing. You can write just to reveal your mind. For this, study is not really necessary you just write what you think about a thing or thoughts that come to you. If you're a talented writer this can even prove to be interesting, but what is reported does not necessarily comport with reality. This seems to largely be Alan Vervaeke's style. You can write to persuade. This type of writer will look for things that would seem to support his view. He doesn't care if what he presents is in context or not. He doesn't care if his statistics actually support his conclusions, or if what he is writing is true. He just wants to persuade you to see a thing in a particular way. This seems to be James Veverka's style. Both incorporate various ways to demean people that they disagree with. It's their stock and trade.Then there's the writer who is seeking the truth and endeavors to report on it, in words as clearly as he knows how.

If someone is seeking the truth, God will lead them to Jesus, for He is the Truth.

Now, there are different underlying views that most don't want to talk about, that shape our world views and lead to drastically different conclusions. If the truth be told, these views are not provable in the sense that we would consider scientific, yet one side will swear up and down there views are based on science. What underlies both views, the secular and the Christian is intuited and based on faith. If that faith is reasonable or not is what each holder must determine. One view is true, one is not. This I will get back to, if God is willing, in future submissions concerning history. What you believe about these leads people to diametrically apposing views that cannot be reconciled. Yet, I will say again this is not science against faith, as secularist would have you believe. It is really faith in a concept against faith in the living God.

Back to defending President Trump. To Alan Vervaeke. I'll grant you that president Trump is pugnacious. Yet he is an equal opportunity counter puncher. If you attack him it doesn't matter who you are he'll attack you. He will use any apparent weakness it seems. But he doesn't single out people by sex or race or religion to attack, but those who attack him. But don't judge what is in his heart because of this. If he does this up front where you can see it so that he can protect his heart where you cannot; perhaps on the inside he is better than you who outwardly appear righteous. Then Alan says, Bill Clinton was held to a higher standard. I have to laugh. One biographer of Clinton says, of him: he wasn't limited by morality. While he was governor of Arkansas it seems he was involved with drug trafficking. Mysterious deaths follow him and his wife like a plague and they still do. Ken Starr, while investigating the White Water scandal, explained that while investigating, he found the closer he got to the Clintons the shorter memories got. Forgive me if I go too far to assume that their memories were short because they feared for their lives if they spoke. His shenanigans with women read like Errol Flynn's autobiography, "My Wicked, Wicked Ways." Tell me about that higher standard Alan.

It seems James Veverka does not have enough respect for our president to call him by his right name. I suggest that this sets the stage for the rest of his letter. Jim disparages our president in his own words by a diagnosis from a "third-rate amateur psychologist." Which it think is really code for Jim's angst against our president. Lets get some perspective heere, Jim complains about President Trumps escalation of words for words. He calls them, "special punishment beyond the civilized norms." We have had past presidents and leaders around whom murders and mysterious deaths, of those who would threaten them, seemed to follow; which if the press had followed after half as tenaciously as they did with Nixon and Watergate, would surely have ended in conviction. Yet they showed an amazing lack of curiosity. Who's kidding who? "Special punishment beyond the civilized norms" indeed.
Concerning Obama: there was much damning information about him available on the internet. Much of it well researched, that most writers to this paper did not use out of respect for him as president. I don't see that type of restraint from the left concerning President Trump.
The left it seems is willing let huge amounts of corruption go unchallenged if it comes from their side, but will obsess about micro-aggressions from the right. It's delusion plain and simple. It is one of the costs of holding a world view that does not comport to reality.

John Demakowski


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The left's war on the Western world & our democracy is fully engaged

To The Daily Sun,

As Dennis Prager so succinctly reminded us in his recent column, if it had been someone from the right who had been motivated to kill by super-heated rhetoric from conservative media, the progressive left would have claimed that the Republican Party was violently out of control. However, because it was just the opposite, the Democrats asked for calm. The Republicans agreed and the issue soon subsided. It went away far sooner than the issue of the Gabby Gifford's shooting, along with the deaths of others. Though Jared Loughner was no right winger, the Democrats claimed that he was inspired by Sarah Palin's stylized "crosshairs" on her website. It was repeated and repeated by the mainstream press until folks believed the nonsense. The Huffington Post declared, "Words Have Consequences" and preached about the dangers of over the top rhetoric.

I suppose James Hodgkinson went after Steve Scalise because he loved guns and hated people who played outdoor team sports. That sentence makes about as much sense as the left looking high and low for any "consequential words of inspiration" from their side of the political aisle that might have motivated him. Kathy Griffin's bloody severed head of our president or the Shakespeare in the Park assassination of Trump. Naw, that was just good humor and fine acting. Snoop Dogg's "Shoots Trump in the Head" video, Madonna's verbalized thoughts about "blowing up the White House," Rapper YG's lovely, "F--- Donald Trump" song or Marilyn Manson's "Kill Trump" music video? Naw, just the best of today's musical talent.

Maxine Waters declaring that she won't stop working for the impeachment of Trump for what he is doing to undermine this country is a fine thing for a congresswoman to say. Others in the media and left-wing politicians have declared that Trump is a monster just like Hitler, that he is a traitor and a danger to the continued existence of our species. That apparently is just normal political discourse if you want Democrats to return to power. Pulling out of the Paris Accords would be, "committing a traitorous act of war against the American people," according to billionaire leftist financier, Tom Steyer. Other politicians and celebrities told citizens that the president was "an enemy of the planet and a threat to life itself." Geesh, I don't think there is anything in those comments that would be considered heated rhetoric that might inspire someone to succumb to thoughts of pure hatred and rabid paranoia toward the president and Republicans, do you? Naw, nothing to see here folks, but man that Russian collusion by Trump is more reason to declare that he is not fit to serve the office of the president. Of course, they are still looking for evidence that they remain convinced they will find. Yes, and O.J. Simpson is still looking for the real killer too.

Pay no attention to the left declaring Republicans "fascists" while they continue to intimidate, demean, destroy and commit acts of violence against Republicans. Just ask Virginia Rep. Tom Garrett, Arizona Rep. Martha McSally, Tennessee Congressman David Kustoff, and North Dakota Rep. Kevin Cramer. Perhaps you don't remember hearing about these in the mainstream news. In case you haven't heard, mainstream journalism is dead and gone. The Fourth Estate has morphed into the Fifth Column, Trojan Horse, security blanket for the Democratic Party.

The left's war on the western world and our democracy is fully under way. The silencing of free speech through intimidation and violence is raging across campuses nationwide. The borders must remain open and all people living here illegally must be allowed to stay and be taken care of. The Black Lives Matter group declares war on the police. "Pigs in a blanket, fry em like bacon.".The false "hands up don't shoot" narrative is repeated until the so called "gentle giant" police attacker is considered a hero and the family is awarded $1.5 million in wrongful death suit money to be paid by the town of Ferguson to compensate his family for money lost for Michael's future to them. Officer Darrin Wilson was acquitted by a grand jury, but is no longer a policeman. The police are hunting down black folks just like 70 years ago. Racism rages on and white supremacists rule the world. That is what our children are being taught because the left sees everything through the prism of race, victimhood and identity politics.

Liberals with good intentions don't understand that their Democrat Party has left them long ago, replaced by the tyranny of Marxist inspired, progressive leftism which is getting people killed. Conservatives must understand that they are fighting the left and the elites in government, media, academia, Hollywood, the Chamber of Commerce, the Business Roundtable, the unions and various corporations who have infiltrated our society and been corrupted by power, money and influence peddling. How do we defeat Islam and other enemies outside our borders when we have lost control inside our borders? Trump may be our last, best hope for saving our sovereign nation. He is the quintessential outsider that our entrenched, political establishment loathes because he dares to "drain the swamp". Please pray for his safety and perseverance.

Russ Wiles


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