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Post 1 Christmas party for children/grandchildren will be Dec. 11

To The Daily Sun,

There will be a Christmas party for the children/grandchildren of members of American Legion Post 1 on Sunday, Dec. 11, at 1 p.m. This includes the Sons and Auxiliary members. There will be hot dogs and fries for the children as well as a visit from Santa with a gift for each child.

There is a sign-up sheet at our canteen. We will need the name, age and gender of each child as well as the name of the sponsoring member. The deadline for signing up will be Dec. 5, so please act quickly. For further information contact the canteen at 524-9728.

Earl Beale, Adjutant

American Legion Post 1


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How long will this disaster be at the center of Meredith Village?

To The Daily Sun,

We recently took a walk through Page Pond Forest with a friend from Connecticut, who marvels at the beauty and sense of community of our wonderful town with its abundant open spaces and our village area. Then, of course, as we came into town, we were stopped at the lights at the Route 3/25 intersection and had to look at the horrible building that formerly housed Aubuchon Hardware with its broken, boarded up windows, ripped plastic covering and broken blinds inside, rusting roofing which is staining the already ugly back of the building.

How long will this disaster be at the center of our town where, sooner or later, everyone has to stop and look at it? I know that Meredith Village Savings Bank owns the property, and I do not want to find fault with the bank as it does so much good for our local communities, but I would like to know if they have a plan for this building. Has this property been considered as a site for a new library — a much better and easily accessible location in the heart of town, where it should be, rather than on the outskirts of the roundabout?

In a little over a year we will be celebrating our 250th anniversary. Will this building in its deplorable condition still be there? I hope not.

Thomas Stankosky

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