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Thank you local merchants for your help with our annual boat parade

To The Daily Sun,

I wanted to make for sure all local merchants who participated with donations were acknowledged for their generosity. Once again they made our annual Sanbornton Bay Association Boat Parade a success.

It is you — Winnisquam Marine, Great Northern Cleaning, Shooters, Steele Hill Restaurant, Den Brae Golf Course, Lobster Connection, Winnisquam Market, Winnisquam Gifts, Snacks And Wraps, Pirates Cove, Osbourne Agway and Smokin' Styles — that made this function a wonderful event.

Barb Bormes, Social Director

Sanbornton Bay Association

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Fourth of July parade should be made into a respected celebration

To The Daily Sun,

Regarding Michael Kitch's article in last Thursday's Sun, I agree completely with the comment by a spectator that Laconia's Fourth of July parade was, at best, embarrassing.

The huge trucks could have made such impressive showcases for patriotic theme floats. I also do not see the day of recognition and celebration of our nation's birth a suitable venue for political campaigning. Of all the days of the year, Independence Day deserves the best of honors.

I understand the work involved, and the burden on the Parks and Recreation Department. I would hope and ask that organizations, groups, and individuals consider and come forward to make it one of the best and most respected celebrations of the year. Independence Day deserves it.

Walt Stockwell

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