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Heritage Commission asking Belmont voters to support Article 36

To The Daily Sun,

The Belmont Heritage Commission asks for voter support on Article 36, adding $4,500 to the Heritage Fund.

In less than 10 years volunteering our time, successful grant applications have brought some $250,000. in funds, programs and professional services to the Town. One example is $93,000. for energy efficiency, introducing LED exterior lighting, and updating Sargent Park lighting design and fixtures. with federal funds.

We believe in Belmont's proud history. And we believe in the future value of tax incentives for barn preservation and Factory Village District property improvements. For these and other opportunities, the Heritage Commission has sought resources from LCHIP/Land and Community Heritage Investment Program, PlanNH, the New Hampshire Historical Highway Marker Program (Department of Transportation and Division of Historical Resources), and the New Hampshire Preservation Alliance — besides corporate, small business and individual support.

The availability of matching funds is important to applications for competitive grants. Your Heritage Fund support counts as a strong return on investment.

Linda Frawley, chairman

Wallace Rhodes, vice chairman
Priscilla Annis, secretary
Shayne Duggan
Vicki Donovan
Brian Watterson

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Please take a greater interest in the work Stand Up Laconia is doing

To The Daily Sun,

Many thanks to the legislators who attended the recent breakfast at Navigating Recovery. Thanks also to the distinguished panel who presented a clear and compassionate picture of the goals and successes of Recovery Court. There were many brave attendees who shared their stories of success in the program, and it was a moving experience.

There were also members of StandUp Laconia present, and as a member, I am compelled to ask the community to take a greater interest and participate in the great work shared by our coalition group. We have meetings at the end of the month, and anyone can visit our website or find us on Facebook.

Judi Lundh


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