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Win a new 55-inch HD television in Kiwansis Club's March Madness raffle

To The Daily Sun,

March is upon us. It's time to get mad! March Madness, that is. March 16 is the final deadline for you to buy your winning raffle ticket for the 55-inch HD SMART TV, currently housed in Greenlaw's window on Main Street, Laconia. Prepare to see all of your favorite TV shows, from March Madness basketball, to local and world news, to "Downton Abbey" in high definition clarity and Internet capability.

Tickets are $10 each. The proceeds from this Kiwanis-sponsored event will go directly to services for children in Laconia and the Lakes Region. Buy your tickets at Greenlaw's Music or from any Kiwanis member.

Your winning ticket will be drawn by Mayor Ed Engler at City Hall on March 16. You would be mad to miss this opportunity.

Martha Kruse

Community & Public Relations

Kiwanis Club of Laconia

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I'd appreciate your vote for Gilmanton selectman on March 10

To The Daily Sun,

My name is Michael J. Jean, and I am a candidate for the position of Gilmanton selectman. I have lived in Gilmanton for about 10 years with my wife, Leona, whose ancestors lived here in Gilmanton in the 1800s.

I feel that I am the most knowledgeable of all the candidates due to my past experience as selectman for the town of Epping for three years. I am well-versed in the duties and responsibilities of a selectman. I take pride in looking for what is best for the town and the residents of Gilmanton. I think common sense goes a long way in decision making. I like to be a proactive selectman who will take the time to talk to people in town and get their opinions on things they would like to see. I have always had an open-door policy.

My goal is that town department heads should run the departments they were hired or elected to and exercise their skills. The only time that the selectmen should impose themselves on department heads is for their reviews or when there are issues that should be addressed.

I will do my best to serve the people of Gilmanton in order to maintain the integrity of the town I will not only listen to what residents' needs are, but I will gladly meet with them so I fully understand their situations and concerns.

Professionally, I work for the State of New Hampshire Adjutant Generals Department (New Hampshire National Guard) as a technician and as a call firefighter for Gilmanton. In addition I have owned two property investment limited liability companies (LLC) here in Gilmanton for about 10 years.

I would very much appreciate your Vote for Michael J. Jean on Tuesday, March 10, at the Gilmanton School Gymnasium. If you cannot get out to the polls, please call the Town Clerk Debra Cornett to request an absentee ballot. I look forward to serving as your next selectman.

If you have any questions or concerns you would like to discuss with me, please call or e-mail me at 603-267-1843/ 603-679-8205 (cell) or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Michael J. Jean


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Heartening to see Harry Bean step forward for Budget Committee

To The Daily Sun,

Harry Bean, a well known businessman, and long-time Gilford resident is running for one of the three vacant seats on Gilford's Budget Committee.

I have known Harry for over 30 years and it is heartening to see Harry willing to step forward again and serve the community, as he has done for many years.

Arguably, the Budget Committee is the most important town committee in terms of overall function to the town's operation. To that end, it is also imperative to elect members who will not only act as good stewards of the taxpayers dollars, but also willing to seek common ground, as the budget process materializes.

It is my opinion, Harry will represent the common good for all of Gilford taxpayers and blend that with a voice of reason — clearly a plus for all.

Please join me and vote for Harry Bean.

George Hurt


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Michael Hatch just wants to represent all of us in Meredith

To The Daily Sun,

I am writing in support of Michael Hatch for Meredith selectman.

I, like many of us in Meredith, have known Mike for many years. He often says that "I'm for the little guy" and his volunteer efforts back that up. I've seen his work helping veterans at the Meredith American Legion Post and he has always found a way to help those who have served.

I also like that Mike isn't afraid to speak his mind. We get a lot of presidential candidates, and Mike isn't shy to ask a tough question and then follow up the next time we see the same candidate to see if they actually did anything about it. That same type of follow-through would be very valuable to us in our town government.

Lastly, Mike isn't using this as some sort of stepping stone to higher office. Mike just wants to represent all of us in Meredith and through his service improve the town that we are all so fortunate to live in.

If like me, you are looking for someone who is "for the little guy" than Mike Hatch is your candidate for Meredith Selectman on March 10.

Christopher Boothby


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Keep Gilford School Board strong by electing Chris McDonough

To The Daily Sun,

The election on March 10, like all others, will be very important for us as Gilford residents to get out and make our voice heard. Voting should be considered our duty and not assume that our vote will not make a difference. We all count and we should all be heard.

This election will include two open spots for the Gilford School Board. We have an excellent school system with a very competent School Board. With these openings it will be critical to fill the seats with high-quality people. I will be supporting Chris McDonough.

It is with confidence and pride that I support Chris. I have known Chris for over 20 years and can comment with knowledge of his integrity, honesty and character. He has a level-headed approach and voice. His experience as a large-business owner catering to the overall needs and desires of thousands of patrons, many with very diverse needs, speaks volumes of his ability to work with people. Chris's time and experience serving our local baseball, soccer and ski organizations demonstrates his willingness to get involved and help shape and direct organizations purely for the benefit of our local youth. I would imagine that most people don't know he is even involved in these organizations. He participates, without any other agendas, to help the kids.

The School Board helps direct and shape our education system for all of our children. Our society in general has become and continues to be a challenging environment. Our schools are critically important for the development of our children, both today and for their future. How much more important could it be to get the best people for this task. I truly believe that Chris will strengthen our already strong School Board.

Any organization is only as strong as the people by which it is comprised. Let's keep our Gilford School Board strong by electing Chris McDonough to the Gilford School Board.

You know my choice, please make yours and vote on March 10. Your voice does matter.

Tom Cantin


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