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Under Obama, we have become the United STATE of America

To The Daily Sun,

Readers, step back and reflect for a moment about your government, how well it works for you, or how well it doesn't.

Over the past half century government has tripled its power and increased its arrogance, threatening states rights as it bribes them to do its bidding. Medicaid and Obamacare are simply the latest example of federalized corruption and coercion of the states.

Government says, " I will hand you this big bag of money as bribery today to take the less fortunate off our hands. Then I will laugh tomorrow when these folks drown your state budgets in a perpetual river of red ink, requiring massive, on-going, tax increases and service cuts to pay the tab. Federal corruption has one effect. It dilutes middle class living standards. It isn't the rich that are impoverishing Main street, it is government bullying states into pay the staggering sums required to tend the less fortunate.

Unlike government, states don't have the power to print money. Unlike government, states can't roll up $17 trillion in credit card debt to satisfy the endless whims and whines of the Democratic Party. The states must balance their budgets annually. State sovereignty as envisioned by our our founders has been shredded by Democratic Party. We have become the United STATE of America under Barack Obama, while he skirts the protections divided government assures with executive orders because he can't rally support for his views.

Our ancestors left England from utter frustration their individual freedoms and spiritual beliefs were being crushed. Obama and the Democrats really don't care about churchgoers' thoughts on paying for or supplying contraception are, or any other beliefs of churchgoers if it conflicts with the liberal agenda. The Catholic Church finds itself forever in court trying to defend itself from the force of government. Obama says, "I am king in my 'state.' You will genuflect to me. If you make heaven you can kneel to God there."

Watching governments ever increasing encroachment on personal rights should be a cautionary tale to every American whose love and appreciation for freedom still lives in their heart and mind.
How hollow the words of FDR, JFK, LBJ and Obama have been.

The bigger, more arrogant, more infringing, more controlling government all these men so loudly championed for the last 75 years has become synonymous today with record levels of welfare dependence, record health care dependence, record national debt, bankrupt social programs as far as the eye can see, including Medicare, Social Security and disability, bankrupt infrastructure programs like the highway trust fund, a bankrupt postal system.

Meanwhile, the IRS just reported 9 million people hung up on that agency this year because no one would answer the phone there. The previous year the IRS stonewalled requests for tax-free tax status applications to people interested in opposing Obama. The head of the agency quit rather than answer questions before Congress, under oath.

Last summer it was the VA hospital administrators lying about wait times across the country to qualify to qualify for huge government employee bonuses. This is a level of total incompetence and arrogance seen no other place in America, except government. Government is the three stooges of management. You want another Marx Brothers health care roll-out plus or minus a few hundred million tax payer dollars?

The conundrum liberals and Democrats can't accept is the lofty ideals of socialism fail so often and in so many places — Greece being just the latest, while capitalism, founded on greed, performs so spectacularly, delivering goods around the globe at the lowest possible prices with leading edge technology, dependably 24/7.

Insanity has a new definition. Success is now defined by Democrats like Bernadette Loesch as every American hog-tied (I guess the proper phrase would be, donkey-tied) to subsidies from government totally dependent on it for food, housing, health care, and of course free education — not for 12 years, but for 16, let's throw four years of college for free, too. Success by her measure is ever more millions of people dependent on their neighbor across the street, across town, or across the country to live.

When every American is 100 percent dependent on government Bernadette will shout her ideas have hit 100 percent success. Have you ever read anything so absolutely devoid of common sense and logic in your life? This is what "crazy" really looks like, This is how cities, states and even countries go bankrupt, just like the Greeks did ,who scream the same "nut case" socialist propaganda Bernadette does.

Quote me.

"When socialism and Democrats free their first person from the pain of poverty, without harming 20 others, lightning and time will have both been put in a bottle."

Tony Boutin

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Why do liberals want culturally different people to invade U.S.?

To The Daily Sun,

The more I hear and read about the massacre in Chattanooga the angrier I get. Ask yourselves, why did it take Obama more then five days to order our flags to half staff? Was there any doubt in anyone's mind that this was not a terrorist attack by a Muslim extremist? So why did we right away start hearing phrases like "lone gunmen," "troubled bipolar," mental problems," from the White house and lame stream media?

Just why is it so important to Obama and liberals not to ruffle the feathers, hurt the feelings of Muslims? Liberals absolutely feel no constraints when attacking or insulting Christians and when was the last time anyone heard of Christians throwing gays off the roof of a tall building or stoning a woman to death for accused adultery? Or for that matter any one of dozens of other abuses on humanity prescribed by Sharia law and carried out in the most vicious ways. There is something perverse even evil in the thinking of progressive liberals it seems to me.

Again ask yourselves why the insane insistence on keeping recruiting stations as gun free zones when ISIS has called for attacks here in America on our service men and women and their families? And why the war on responsible legal gun owners and the Second Amendment when we see more and more evidence we are under attack by Muslim extremists, violent felons, mentally ill, and criminals high on drugs but we are not suppose to even try to protect ourselves and family?

Ann Coulter wrote an interesting article I read today. I know many liberals discount anything Ann has to say just because she is conservative. However Ann got all her information from the Center for Disease Control, so those who might question her accuracy have someplace to check her facts. I'll sum up briefly. CDC says that in some Hispanic countries (named in the article) child sexual abuse and births in girls as young as 10 is, would be termed epidemic if it were happening here. Appears this is a cultural problem so it begs the question, why do liberals insist on allowing such a culturally different people invade this country? Just one more problem with our culture to deal with along with all the rest.

Steve Earle


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