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Unions allow small minority to rob great majority of buying power

To The Daily Sun,

Asking any union member if they like unions is like asking Santa Claus if he likes Christmas. Anything that impacts the power of the union is going to be attacked by the union member. It should come as no surprise then Robert Joseph, Jr. and other union members vilify Right-to-Work laws. RTW dilutes union power by cutting its lifeblood — MONEY. Money, almost entirely used to buy political sledge hammers. RTW legislation allows workers to OPT OUT of paying dues if they do not want to join the union. In a union state those dues are FORCIBLY SQUEEZED from workers paychecks no matter their feelings about unions. The real debate in N.H. and America should be not about RTW but the existence of the union itself. Unions force incredible pain on EVERY CONSUMER harming the poor and less fortunate most.
I have never been a union member. But I understand them intimately. I spent 20 years in manufacturing management in companies that both had and did not have unions. I was on teams that negotiated across the table with the unions. I owned two different businesses myself with numerous employees. I sold more than 100 small business for others across N.H. ranging in price to several million dollars. I have been an active investor for 30 years. I seek out only companies for investment that do not have unionized labor. So does every other investor in America with an IQ above 10.
Unions both private and public are a total disaster in every regard. It was Samuel Gompers the man who INVENTED the UNION we all know today who warned repeatedly, if unions did not seek a HIGHER PURPOSE beyond breaking employers arms to gain wage increases they would slowly die. And right Gompers was. Unions have slowly disappeared from Americas landscape over the past 70 years with good reason. In 1955 21 percent of Americas labor was unionized. Today it is LESS than 7 percent.
Unions still exist for ONE, and ONLY ONE purpose. That is to brow-beat employers and TAXPAYERS into paying higher wages that are almost always NEVER paid for with increased output of product to pay for the wage hike. Unions have driven some of Americas largest companies into bankruptcy including GM and Hostess as well as hundreds of thousands of others far less known. The excessive cost of labor made those companies uncompetitive in the global market place.
Everyone loses from unions. The employer, the employees, (they lose their jobs) the investors (they lose their investment) and there is no bigger loser than CONSUMERS themselves. They lose their living standards paying greatly inflated prices for everything they buy. When that small, 7 percent of union people squeeze tens of billions in higher wages (not paid for with increased output) from employers and TAXPAYERS it just KILLED the buying power and living standards of the OTHER 93 percent of Americans who pay MUCH higher prices for the same good or service. That is why Gompers gave the repeated WARNING unions would die. He saw the harm to everyone outside the union.
This logic is NOT rocket science. It is common sense. Unions greatly harm more than 90 percent of America with much higher prices while they forcibly take hundreds of millions from workers in the form of union dues from people that despise unions. That is UN-AMERICAN, UN-FAIR and hopefully soon to be UN-LAWFUL.

Tony Boutin

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