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White people are afraid they'll be called a racist so they keep quiet

To The Daily Sun,

The incident that happened in Claremont, N.H. regarding the 8-year-old biracial boy is disgusting. I can't help but be reminded of an incident that happened in 2011 in Manchester. A 12-year-old White girl was attacked and punched in the face at school and on the school bus. The punches were so violent they knocked her teeth out, making her mouth gush with blood. The boys who attacked her were Black and they told her they were going to "(mess) her face up so she isn't pretty anymore." According to the girl's mom nothing happened to the boys afterwards. I don't remember there being much of an outcry in the White community and I do not remember any sort of rally. Why is that I wonder? Answer? Because White people are afraid to be called a RACIST.

Why is there no outcry in the White community about the insanely high crime rate in the Black community?.

Ryan J. Murdough


  • Written by Edward Engler
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50-50 health system is on the way; people won't wait 6 months for service

To The Daily Sun,

'DEMOCRATS FINALLY CAVED to demands for ObamaCare's REPEAL AND REPLACEMENT. What else can describe Bernie Sanders call on Wednesday for single-payer health care to replace the Affordable Care Act. Democrats have screamed for seven years, "oh it's not that bad. The Sun donkey jockies have parroted, "all it needs is minor tweaks. Republicans are making a mountain out of a mole hill,"  That's some mole hill and minor tweak when Sanders demands to CRAP-CAN THE ENTIRE ACA in exchange for Medicare for all.

The hypocrisy of the Democratic Party never ceases to amaze me. Democrats, to a congressman, refused to work with Republicans to get the kinks out (while viciously attacking them for wanting the kinks out). Laughingly, Democrats suddenly now want to vaporize the ACA entirely. Democrats were the SOLE authors of the current health care disaster. Now they want a "mulligan," like in golf when the ball dribbles off the three feet from a failed strike. They whiffed, now they want a re-do.

Let me remind you all, while Sanders and his understudy Peter Shumlin were governors of Vermont they promised single-payer to the state for years only to finally admit after wasting tens of thousands in taxpayer money investigating; the cost was so gigantic it would likely bankrupt the state or shake its financial foundations loose. They finally said "no." So it's with incredible hubris Bernie Sanders now stands and screams for the same BANKRUPTING SCHEME on a national scale. If the small bore version of single payer will bankrupt tiny ,Vermont imagine what the hell it will do to the country. Pigs can't fly to the stars, but donkeys can pile debt to the moon.

The financial costs of national, single-payer staggers the mind. The total expense of it would literally fill lake Winnipesaukee with money from Wolfeboro to Meredith. I am dead serious. The estimated initial 10 year cost is 32 TRILLION dollars. Yes, trillion, not billion. We also know the actual costs for entitlements blow far past estimates like a bathroom odor in a hurricane. The COST APPROACHES TWICE OUR ANNUAL TOTAL GDP. It's no wonder the Vermont governors estimated single-payer would push the state towards financial Armageddon.

The Tax Policy Center says Sanders proposal raises only $15.3 trillion. A LITTLE PROBLEM. That's $16.6 TRILLION SHORT. This is the Democrats SECOND smoke and mirrors, health care, CON JOB coming to life like frosty at Christmas. Once again headed straight for your wallet with across the board tax hikes like you have never seen in history while care only worsens, and availability dries up as millions line up city blocks to get their pimples popped FOR FREE and corns harvested.

Any move toward single payer will see the IMMEDIATE CREATION of the TWO-TIER HEALTH SYSTEM IN AMERICA. One that serves the bottom half, and one the top half. The wealthy will create their own networks of providers and doctors that exclude everyone who can't afford the expense so they can get the service they demand. They will not WAIT SIX MONTHS for service behind hemorrhoid scratchers. The Democrat's new plan will become euphemistically KNOWN AS "THE TITANIC" of disasters with the rich enjoying their health acre with champagne and caviar on the top deck with the poor in the lower packed like sardines, drinking tea and eating dry biscuits.

Tony Boutin

  • Written by Edward Engler
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