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Stating your opinion & pretending to speak for God not same thing

To The Daily Sun,

I wasn't inclined to take up the burden for the Holy Grail, but with Denise Burke and E. Scott Cracraft piling on against a brother in Christ, I am compelled to respond. I haven't seen Paul in person, that I can remember, since the 1980s, when we were both doing street ministry. I have read his letters and in years gone by seen his vehicle. If you've been in the area for some time you might remember it as well. My every experience with Bishop Blake is that he preaches the Gospel.

In the Bible a bishop is a pastor of a church. So in a biblical sense if Paul pastors a church even if it's in his own home — some pastors do that — it would still be scripturally correct for him to go by the title Bishop Blake even though it is now not popularly used that way. If he pastors a nondenominational church and does not have a website you wouldn't be able to search him on line. The difference between Bishop Blake and E. Scott Cracraft is that Paul is a minister of God, Scott has a piece of paper.

Now as to the Holy Grail, they did write a letter in the Sun inferring that they were having problems. As writers have testified, the food is good and the atmosphere is good, so what's the problem? Could it be that God is withholding his blessing? A man of God comes twice to you and says, "You are dishonoring God because you have a cross, the symbol of Christ, on your building and your business is not honoring God. I will pay to have it removed." You ignore him and then complain that your business is failing even though it should not be.

Naaman dipped seven times in the Jordan and was cleansed of his leprosy at the bidding of Elisha's servant. (2 Kings Chapter 5) The owners of the Holy Grail should be so wise. David and Maureen Kennedy have humbled themselves before men. Perhaps it would do them good to humble themselves before God who holds all of our lives and businesses in his hand. For God says, "For those who honor me I will honor." (1 Samuel Chapter 2 Verse 30) I suggest that the Kennedys should talk to some Christian businessmen and women who have associated the Lord with their businesses and hear how God has judged their business more strictly because of that association.

As to Denise Burke's letter, It is one thing to state your opinion. It is quite another to pretend to speak for God. Denise I have prayed for you. Please be careful of what you write so as not to come under God's judgment.

John Demakowski

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Twin Towers was great cartoon that carried important message

To The Daily Sun,

I stand behind The Sun in using the Twin Towers cartoon. What the cartoon is saying is that thousands will die if Obamacare is repealed and if you don't understand it, then it's on you. In fact, far more than 3,000 will die if Medicaid expansion and Obamacare are repealed.

Don't blame your stupidity on The Sun. It was a great cartoon with an important message. Thousands will die. Get a life, crybabies. The Sun deserves praise.

James Veverka

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