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Dawson understands complex problems require collaborative solutions

To The Daily Sun,

I am proof positive that Tom Dawson cares about Laconia. I was contacted recently by Mr. Dawson and asked what issues I thought needed addressing at the local and state levels. How refreshing to be listened to, rather than told what was important. It reflects respect for residents and an attempt to walk in our shoes, for a change.

Listening to our incumbent Laconia representatives at the recent candidates forum singing the same old song regarding "cutting business taxes to attract new businesses and jobs," as the solution to our lack of dependable revenue streams, demonstrated their lack of understanding of the changing demographic in New Hampshire.

We are an increasingly older and retired population. Support for public education is needed to ensure our young people are technologically sophisticated and capable of attracting businesses that will most definitely bring jobs that require computer and math skills. Otherwise, businesses have shown in recent studies they will choose high tax states likes Massachusetts and Rhode Island where the jobs are easily filled by competent, computer-savvy, well-educated applicants.

Our young people would not have to leave the state for the higher paying jobs if we supported a climate that assured businesses and families could not just survive here, but thrive here and grow.
A win/win for our state.

Tom Dawson understands complex problems need complex and collaborative solutions in Concord, not the same old song.

Please join me in voting for Tom Dawson for Laconia Representative on Nov. 8.

Kay M. Anderson


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Let is assaulting the very existence of our constitutional republic

To The Daily Sun,

Professor Scott Cracraft's latest column is the absolute "poster column" for the unhinged left. When folks focus on Hillary vs. Trump, they miss the big picture entirely.

A third term of leftists running the country, destroying the First and Second Amendments, ignoring the Constitution and appointing Supreme Court justices to deliver social justice rather than real justice, well, that will just crush this republic. So, all you #NeverTrumpers should read Professor Cracraft's column.

I have met Scott and he seems like a genuinely nice, caring person. So if someone like him can be so indoctrinated into the leftist ideology, that he can write such an elitist column so dripping in condescension and name calling, then perhaps through the looking glass we have already gone.

Though what the left has in store for us is not all that strange and mysterious, because socialism has been tried ad nauseam with deathly, sickening results. Marxism is still beloved by the left, while communist-loving folks and radical Muslim groups continue to frequent the White House and infiltrate our government.

Ignore all that if you want and believe what the professor says about Trump making the U.S.A. the laughing stock of the world, rather than Barack Obama. Believe what he says about Trump supporters inciting violence when emails show it came from the left. Take to heart what the professor said about Trump supporters and the Tea Party having some "token" minorities or women to hide their racist and sexist agendas. Go ahead and gasp in head nodding disbelief when Scott insinuates Trump's hot air rhetoric to a 1920s and 1930s sociopathic and narcissistic politician. Nazism and "sellouts to whitey" all in one paragraph. Literary genius indeed!

At the end of his column he laments, "are we really that hateful, mean-spirited and gullible" when referring to Trump and all of his millions of supporters. I honestly believe that he has no idea just how "hateful and mean-spirited" was his column. I actually can forgive Scott for his demonization of the right. I am not sure that I or the nation will be able to forgive those who just can't hold their nose and vote for Trump even if that is the only way we can stop the left's assault on the very existence of our constitutional republic.

Russ Wiles

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