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Kids should turn off phones one day a week & just 'dub' around

To The Daily Sun,

Most of us reminisce from time to time. We "Baby Boomers," as every other generation, have and still do. And most memories have a bitter sweet connecting thread running through.How fondly we remember as kids playing outdoors for hours and hours. As a matter of fact our folks would shut off the boob tube we were mesmerized by and kick us out! And as we went wondering out of the house they would say, "Just be back in the house when the street lights come on"! We didn't have expensive watches or cell phones to tell time by. How military and comical at the same time it must have looked as we all marched to our front doors as the yellow lights of the those street lights filled the evening air.

Such sweet memories we have of kicking the can, riding double on bikes and just dubbing around. Most kids brought up around here remember the word dubbing, and it consisted of walking around finding something to do. We would consolidate our pocket change and go into the small neighborhood store and buy a bag of chips to share among us. Our aimlessness would take us to the lake where we would swim or skim rocks. And not to mention the fun we had walking on the railroad tracks until one of us would topple off.

Of course those were much less dangerous days then and to ever try to bring those days back for our children is nothing short of fallacious. A lot of our young people are walking around like zombies with their heads down looking at their $600 phones exercising only their thumbs. Sadly some are even electronically bullying each other. Technology is needed and imperative in many ways and when used properly is priceless. However, some kids are missing out so much when they depend on it as much as they do recreationally. How great would it be if they would put down the phone and pick up a fishing pole, or put away all the thumb exercising tools and have a conversation with each other face to face. Or better still, pick up a rake and go around the neighborhood and earn a few dollars themselves. Sure wish they could enjoy the natural world around them as we did. I wish we could bequeath them that but we cannot. But one of the best gifts we can give them is to designate one day a week with no electronics.That is the closest thing I can think of to impersonate the fun we had as kids.They will benefit unmeasureably,

I wish our kids the very best in the future even though they may never hear the words come in when the street lights come on.

Marie Kelly


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Those 7 state reps must also think oil changes are just too expensive

To The Daily Sun,

State Representatives Abear, Aldrich, Comtois, Howard, Silber, Sylvia and Vadney have starkly demonstrated that common sense is uncommon.

Here in Belknap County we have a substance abuse crisis, a revolving door recidivism problem at corrections, and county facility staffing problems. The kind of issues that require courage and conviction to resolve because the county expects it.

With a single vote last Monday, these reps made it clear that fiscal head-in-the-sand policies are more important than problem solving. It is the kind of thinking that says that oil changes for the car are just too expensive, and that "rent to own" is preferable to outright purchase because it's less up-front money.

I would like to suggest that state representatives that exhibit that kind of business savvy and lack of perception, analytical skill, or rationality do not deserve your vote next election or a seat in the N.H. House. Belknap County needs public servants that serve the public.

Andrew Sanborn

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