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I hope to meeet as many of you as possible before Nov. 8

To The Daily Sun,

Primary Day has come and gone and I want to take a moment to thank all who came out to vote. While many races were uncontested, including mine in the Democratic primary for New Hampshire House, Carroll County District 4 (Moultonborough, Sandwich, Tuftonboro), I do appreciate the support. On to the general election on Nov. 8.

I also want to thank all the candidates who ran for office and their supporters who spent much of the day at the polls holding signs. The weather was beautiful, but the day is a long one.

Last, but by no means least, thank you to all the town officials and volunteers who work the polls and for all the behind-the-scenes work that is required to make our voting process possible. They do work hard.

I hope to meet as many of you as possible over the next two months and I do hope to see you at the polls Nov. 8.

Paul T. Punturieri

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If I could only have one, I'd take my devout faith over my politics

To The Daily Sun,

Have you ever thought, "Who are we? How did we get here? Why are we here? Or, What is the "big picture" of what it's all about?" There must be good answers about life here on earth, and why it is in such perfect balance. Things could not have just happened randomly, or by some "cosmic" accident.

More and more thoughtful people are coming to the logical conclusion that there must have been a supreme being, a creator of some sort, who was responsible for the creation of everything that exists. But if that's true, what can we possibly know about that intelligent being?

And where can we go for answers? It seems that life is a constant search for answers, and fortunately for us, one of the truly magnificent places we can go to try to find some answers, is to...


When we observe nature closely, and all its beauty, complexity, and perfect uniformity, isn't it possible to see a creator in all his glory? What can the complexities of nature tell us about such a creator? Isn't it at least possible that whoever is responsible for all this beauty and complexity has actually revealed his existence to us in nature? Surely, if we look closely there, we can see that an intelligent power is at work all around us.

For example, the sun is exactly the right distance from earth to keep us all from freezing, or from being burned up. The forests and the plants of the earth emit just the right amount of oxygen for life to exist and flourish.

And the moon is exactly the right distance and in a perfect orbit from earth, to provide a stirring motion of the tides of the oceans, to keep the waters flushed and pristine twice every day.

And another very interesting thing about the sun is, it is responsible for all of the weather conditions all over the earth. Because of the sun's uneven heating of the earth's surface, combined with the earth's rotation on its axis, and the twice-annual "tilt," which is responsible for the cycle of the seasons, air masses of different temperatures constantly collide to create weather systems.

The vast universe, the stars, the solar systems, and the planets, and in something known as "the universal laws," like gravity, provide us with even more evidence of an "intelligent creator."

We also see it in...

Our own bodies ...

The complexities of so many different systems are what keeps us alive, all working together simultaneously to enable us to function in a way that sustains life. We see it in things like a single cell, but especially in more complex systems like DNA, and the biological code.

And we also see it in the enormous complexities of something as ordinary as an eyeball. Consider that almost every living thing has eyes and can see the world around them. The process of tens of thousands different things that absolutely must work intricately together simultaneously, could not have happened randomly. Even the eyeballs of all the lower animals work exactly the same way. Isn't it becoming more and more obvious that this miracle was created by intelligent design?

We've all heard some people say that politics and religion don't mix. I think it's fair to say that, although there obviously are exceptions, most atheists and other non-believers are generally left-of-center politically, while most Christians generally are more conservative, and right-of-center. And I don't know about other conservative Christians, but for me, both these topics mix very nicely.

I love to talk about both these subjects, individually, or together, any chance I get. But if I had to disavow one in order to cling to the other, I would gladly abandon my politics in exchange for my devout faith. And I think that would also be true for most atheists, but only because to change their stand and embrace God would mean they would have to become more accountable for their acts and beliefs.

The Bible is the most read, and in-demand book ever printed. It teaches us that the creator put us in this physical, created world with "free will," to test us, through a life of trials, tragedies, and temptations (and triumphs!), to determine if we are "worthy" of eternal life with him, by providing us with a fool-proof system of redemption that would make that possible, all because he wants us back. The sincerely sad thing about all this is that so many people are living lives that will prevent them from seeing and accepting these eternal truths.

But, to those who may still be searching for answers to these questions, think about this: If there is no God, and you are an atheist, you lose nothing. And even if you are a Christian, and there is no God, you likewise lose nothing.

But if there is a God, and you're an atheist, you lose everything.

Jim McCoole

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