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My compassion is for homeless vets & for all people who are hungry, not for drug addicts

To The Daily Sun,
I'm told that I should open my eyes as well as develop compassion. My eyes are wide open, open to the fact that for the last five decades, this country has spent billions upon billions fighting the war on drugs and what has it produced, bigger government that will not admit that it is miserable failure. I use to think that all we have been doing is pouring money into a leaking barrel, as it turn's out, it is more like turning a glass up side down and running an open tap on it. My eyes are open to the fact that, all that will be achieved by spending $76.6 million on substance abuse, during an upcoming election year, is political manipulation for votes.

There is a simple solution to dealing with opium based drugs, Step one, slam the southern border shut; two, fire-bomb the poppy fields; third, tell the pharmaceutical companies that are making billions to stick it where the sun don't shine. But wait a minute, if we were to do that than what would happen to all of the country's cottage industry drug enforcement agencies, save my taxpayer-funded job, save my taxpayer funded retirement, will be the resulting outcry backed up by their unions.

Putting a label of "disease "on drug abuse is just too easy, if physicians and psychologists think substance abuse is a disease, then tell them not to stand to close to any one who is addicted. I live in the real world, not over the rainbow where overpaid professionals, who wasted money getting a degree, to stick labels on a person with hang ups, that have decided that the only way to turn off the noise is drugs, and then those same professionals prescribing addictive drugs to cure what ails them. Whoever is designating substance abuse as a disease has surly been lying down in a field of opium poppy's along side of the yellow brick road.

My compassion is for the homeless vets, for the 35,000 New Hampshire households who are reaching out for fuel assistance, for the volunteers who fund raise for food pantry's, for the Marines with their toys-for-tots, for the one out of every six Americans who do not have enough food to eat every day, for the elderly who survive on Social Security and foot the paychecks for police that don't ever have to pay into Social Security in this state and every bell ringer who brave the cold that aren't getting this large sum of tax payer funds thrown at them!
I do not have compassion for spending taxpayer monies to mend someones guilty conscience or anyone trying to push a guilt trip down my throat. It looks like my priority's are just a little bit different. I would prefer that we spend this kind of monies on the needy majority, not the minute minority.

Further note, it is up to the Executive Branch to manage delivery of funds and services, and in turn produce measurable results. Concord is going to spend $76.6 million and all they will hope to come up with is "Measurable Results!" I find that funny coming from a state that ranks 34th for state integrity, transparency and accountability, ranks 49th in public access to information and ranks 39th in ethics enforcement agencies.

Enjoy the new state liquor store that they are building in New Hampton; the state will need that taxable income to further fund all of the departments that will receive the $76.6 million. It will not be enough to achieve "measurable results;" two years from now they will be back for more, and they will get it from the key politicians they will keep in place. History has proven that fact, time and time again.

Eric T. Rottenecker

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