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I do not ask Mr. Mitchell to accept my choice in this matter

To The Daily Sun,

I know the law. I am a woman, mother, sister, wife, and I know my rights as one. It is my choice and my business what I do with those facts.

I support the right of choice. Contrary to the pro-life followers, there are serious medical reason and many personal ones as well to be considered on the woman's behalf. Which all seem to be pushed aside in pro-life debates. So do not label these women murderers, please. Or try to take away the importance of their lives. I cannot stress this enough. Pro-life supporters, like Letter to the Editor writer Harry Mitchell) know nothing about the lives of these women.

I do not ask for Mr. Mitchell to accept my choice in this matter. Please, do not continue to write in pleading for me to accept his. It is a difficult choice some women make and it is theirs to make, period. I can say many feel as I do, men and women, young and old. As (those like Mr. Mitchell) can say the same for their side. Point, is we will never agree. Election time is almost over right?! Perhaps you can stop throwing this subject into the fire as they say.

Mr. Mitchell is correct though, life is precious. It is called choice for a reason Mr. Mitchell. I chose to have my kids when I was ready, not you or for you. And I am grateful for that choice the law allows me to have and the blessing God allowed me to have four healthy beautiful sons. And I will always fight for a woman and her right to choose, even if you disagree with the law and me.

Denise C. Burke


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Veverka puts anyone who doesn't agree in same subhuman camp

To The Daily Sun,

James Veverka has finally told us exactly who and what he is — in short, a barbarian.

He advocates for women killing their babies for whatever reason suits them. He denies their personhood, as did the Nazis in Germany. Once people no longer look at "others" as people they can be systematically killed for the flimsiest of reasons.

He puts anyone who disagrees with him in that same subhuman camp, crazies, nuts, fanatics. If enough people thought like he does there would be gas ovens lighting up the sky across the country. He is the dangerous one here. He spreads lies and expects people to believe them. Shame on you mister, shame on you!

Michael Brooker

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