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You would rather elect a man who will destroy our way of life

To The Daily Sun,

The lunacy just never ends. The misogynist nonsense continues to spew forth from Don Ewing and Russ Wiles. You see, in their minds, the right can do no wrong. But the left, OMG, the left are enemies of all that is good and holy. We are out to destroy the country and purposely make people poor. "An assault on the very existence of our constitutional republic," wrote Wiles. Hogwash.

And speaking of holy, has John Demakowski been sipping too much ceremonial wine? Now he claims to know that God is against Hillary Clinton. All this was on one page of letters.

If you are worried about our Constitution, think of what a Trump presidency could do. How about if you could no longer write your long offensive letters for fear of being sued because Trump clamps down on freedom of the press? You are so worried about socialism, but we on the left are more concerned and so should every American about the fascist regime Trump would bring.

And Don, America is great and I am proud of it and want to keep it that way. You on the other hand do everything you can to tear it down out of irrational fear. It scares me to think how terrible things will be in this country if Trump were to be elected. The real Donald will emerge without filters and heaven help all who oppose him. You people are so full of hatred for women and a black president, you would rather elect a man who will destroy our way of life.

I pray to God Hilary wins on Nov. 8 to save America.

Carol Stappi

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Boys must be taught that a woman's body is not their property

To The Daily Sun,

I, as a feminist, would like to respond to Rosemary Mellon's letter "I feel sorry for women who can't stand up to advances they don't like," published on Oct. 22.

It is a sad day we have come to, in which women condemn women. We have been conditioned to denounce women who support themselves and each other, yet we pardon men who speak and behave with such bigotry.

We should all be concerned with Trump's (or any one's) admission to sexual assault. It perpetuates rape culture, normalizing behavior that is despicable, inhumane, and illegal. It transcends a family's concern, especially when he is in the running to represent our nation, including the women he doesn't support and the many men who do not participate in this kind of "locker room" banter.

Our distorted reaction to the sexes is evident in Mellon's comment that "any wife would have left her husband with the sensationalism of what Bill did...." I can't comprehend how we — especially women — still criticize a woman for her response to a man's shameful behavior. We can turn a blind eye to Bill's actions, but we can't forgive Hillary for staying with him. Instead we must assume that it is a "political commitment," not a woman who maybe is or was simply in love. Even if their marriage is a political commitment, maybe the Clintons value politics and civic duty more than they do love.

Not everyone leaves after an affair and, quite frankly, who are we to judge?

Lastly, there's the assertion, "If women are so afraid and cannot stand up for themselves regarding advances they do not like, I do not feel sorry for them." I am speechless and appalled. Please, please. Cut it out. Stop victim-blaming. If a woman is too afraid (and given everything I've just discussed, why wouldn't she be?) to protect herself from unwanted sexual advances, are you telling me it is her fault? That she deserves it? This is ludicrous and I am quite frankly disgusted by such implications.

We have to stop conveying the message that women are responsible for preventing their own sexual assaults, and instead teach our boys that they are expected not to take a woman's body as his own property, and that he will be held accountable should he choose to do so.

Ms. Mellon, sexism, inequality, and internalized oppression absolutely exist in our society today, and as such, you are a product of our culture and your environment, as many of us are. I fear that you will contribute to the continuation of these inequities if you don't open your eyes to your womanly value and power.

We — not just women, but all of humanity — are in this together. Let us have compassion for one another.

Riley Lacasse

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