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While I am against abortion, I still think it's a woman's choice

 To The Daily Sun,

There have been recent articles regarding the issue of abortion, and unborn's rights. Before I begin, I want to make clear that personally, I feel abortion is an unhealthy choice, one that not only causes significant damage to a woman's body, but may also impact on her ability to have children in the future. Given today's social currents, the mental anguish may also afflict this woman, given this most unnatural act will likely traumatize her the balance of her life. My personal choice, as a guy, I would hope the affected woman would choose to carry the fetus to term. Notice the use of the word “choose.”

However, that said, I am not a woman. This decision does not come lightly, and is not a moral issue. I have not put myself in her shoes nor partake in the events that led to that particular pregnancy. While others may not sympathize with such a woman's choice, it is none of their business. The tender issue of abortion is medical and must be left between the woman and her doctor; not the father of that child, regardless of the marital status. This is a personal issue that others need to understand and keep an open mind regarding this choice the woman has made. We cannot and must not illegalize abortion as it goes against the personal, physical and mental well being of that affected woman, not the guy. Women's rights groups need to do more in advocating the cause of choice.

Worldwide, many unsafe abortions take place, affecting not just one life, but two. Most appropriately, any woman who chooses this elective procedure has just as much right to safe medical as well as mental health care to help support her during this critical time in her life.

Remember that it is the woman who bears that child, not the man. It is she who goes through the pain of childbirth while the man celebrates with cigars and drinks. A woman is not a breeding ground for the male's sperm. It is she who may enjoy the joys of childbirth, or suffer the pain of miscarriage or other complications of the childbirth, not the man. Men and religious leaders need to understand that beyond the reproductive anatomy, women have the same rights given to all individuals under our Constitution. This is not to say many men do help their partner during these times; they do. It is the few men who clearly do not understand what is going through a woman's mind. No man can ever walk in the shoes of a woman and never will. We need to support these women so affected to help them move on in their lives in a healthy manner with compassion, hope and life.

If it is rape, should a woman have to have the psychological trauma of not only the rape, but the child of a rapist to making that trauma life long? Is she so poor, another mouth would decimate her finances? Will the unborn become a child with defects so severe, she will be unable to manage it? Is it a physical means of birth control? These reasons are among many that go through the woman's mind. Abortion and having a baby are choices, but it is the woman's body as well as her emotional soul that is affected, not the man's. It is her choice to bear the consequences or joys of an act so celebrated by many, or detested given the violence that may take place prior to intercourse. It is the woman who may bear the joys or scars of the choice she has made.

Given the multiple scandals in many religious settings today, in schools, it is hypocritical to even foment the cause against choice. The sexual assault on children in school, the church, synagogue, mosque, and other houses of worship is unacceptable, and profoundly affect these children lifelong. That many congregations continue to support these hypocritical leaders, even financially support these perpetrators in the collection devices is appalling. We need to better understand a woman's reasoning for her choice rather than continue to molest her mind during this traumatic time of her life. This is not a religious issue. It is a medical issue. While I would hope a woman would choose life, the capacity to support her given her choice is essential to her well being in the long run.

​Stop judging that woman for what has happened, society is best served providing the resources she needs to move forward. All of us will benefit in the long run by approaching this issue in a manner with the hope to help her move forward once again.

Bob Joseph Jr.

New Hampton

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To take a knee or not take a knee, that is the question

To The Daily Sun,

To take a knee or not take a knee, that is the question. Just my opinion, but reading so much about this and thinking so much about this possibly because I have no life? I hear about the First Amendment and "I have the right NOT to stand." Veterans fought for MY right to do what I wish and wish NOT to stand during the National Anthem or when the flag passes by even though that IS the symbol of my/our country, a country that does and has done so much good for others in other countries, and yes, has made mistakes.

I as one appreciate it when Tim Tebow took and takes a knee. I think he is doing it with more caring and honesty than those athletes today who are trying to make a statement. I have a better idea, and I would even join them, and yes, lead the way if they wish. It would be like 'Walking Point' I guess and a bit frightening. They have the money and know others with the big bucks who would give and this project would bring black and white together.

Together we'd all march into Chicago, Detroit. Yes, maybe need flak jackets and helmets but they have the bucks to pay for that stuff and we'd all work on behalf of the people of these areas that are losing more people to shooting than Afghanistan and Iraq together. We'd go to schools together, streets together, churches together, corners together, we'd find those gang members and discuss problems they are causing and "take care of business" to clean it up ... after working on the issues for few months.

Take a knee together and salute the symbol that brings us all together — black, white, owners, athlete, observer, fan. Tebow and Kaepernick taking a knee together in peace. Kaepernick still not getting a job, of course, because (he's) not any good.

Bob Jones


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