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Do we have to spend $3M on a palatial-mansion library for kiddies

To The Daily Sun,

The Laconia Daily Sun continues to stoke the library frenzy ( Caldwell, pg. 24, May 13, 2017) . There are conspirators in Meredith planning the demise of our library. They have ambushed our sacred guardians of this hallowed structure and now are planning the intrigue of seizing and gaining the rights to the library site and setting up a method for transplanting our beloved library to a distant location. They want to close the library and move it out of town center and miles away. There is heated opposition to the collaborators efforts. Let the people’s voices be heard.

Remember our culture, and history. Consider preserving our New England heritage. We live in an extraordinary town with an unusually beautiful library. I smell a rat and a corruption scandal. I might possibly be mistaken.

The main issue that the “transplanters” and “movers and shakers” use for closing the building is space for screaming toddlers, preschool- and kindergarten-age children. They want story hour and sing along and a children’s librarian.

We are on the cusp of loosing our beloved library. We can not show lethargy and let our library be taken from us. People struggled to build this town. If the library is closed we will all be affected because it will be a major step in the death of our little downtown Main Street. If we want to feel decent about ourselves we have to stand and cry out to be heard. Get your friends and colleagues out to stop this attack on the library or suffer a terrible tragedy. Pass along your condolences to those that built this beautiful library. Let’s unmask the real reason the kingpins craving to shut the existing library and move it, which is a horrendous b ow to the town by the minions of the Library Trust.

Keep the library by asking the little kids to have their mothers use the elementary school libraries.

$50,000 in tax payers money was expended by lackeys in key positions to hire a “professional” consultant to study this issue. This was a preposterous and awesome amount of money when volunteers could have performed the facility study. This action and the attempt to move the library is a scandal. It is amazing that that kind of money is just lying around. The current predicament is that moms don’t want to climb up to the third floor. We suggest they move the kiddie library to the first floor and the computers to the top floor or move the kiddy library to the downstairs “basement” room. If an elevator is required, build it on an exterior outside wall. Fifty thousand dollars would have paid for a part time assistant at the elementary school library for 10 years

No more shelling out tax dollars for a worthless study. Integrity and trust matter. The entire deal lacks transparency and the accountability needle is not moving. Who is monitoring this deal? Who is weighing in on the town manager’s integrity? Are we viewing ethical flaws? We want some forthrightness. Are we seeing dubious behavior on the part of certain officials. Are the library trustees violating their fiduciary obligation? Are certain individuals preparing to line their own pockets? The trustees are stroking a perception that the system is rigged in favor of big and powerful entities that generate immense wealth for themselves.

Encourage people to walk to our eclectic, extraordinarily beautiful library. Our town charts the chronological history of architecture. Walking through Meredith is an evocative stroll down memory lane. People connect with our main street. There are symbols and imagery inside our library. I am fascinated by our little town and the loss of the library will reduce the positive imagery of the village.

If the elite decision makers take our library what will they put in its place? Do the town fathers want to evoke a modern-day Los Angles? The big players in finance want the library property. Give them a lesson in honesty. They do not have the interests of the town at heart. They breach their fiduciary duty to tax payers for not disclosing where they came up with fifty thousand to spend on a facilities report.

Many visitors are bedazzled by our town’s charms. Will the library trustees hold a gala when they close the library by bringing up the New York Philharmonic? Renovate, revise and update our historic library but don’t remove it. Don’t be discouraged we can win this battle. Don’t let our library become a Brooklyn bagel joint, Texas barbecue or a tapas cream diner. Be an aesthetic visionary and know the best of Meredith does not need another pizza bistro or the most expensive new library in the Lakes Region.

Do you have a spare eight million to construct a palatial mansion library for kiddies. Maybe the movers and shakers on the Library Trustee Board plan on wine-champagne cellars and assorted-candy wall and spa fitness center for young mothers. Renovate and refashion making every inch of the existing property innovative, flawless and meticulously curated. Redefine the idea of a library, break all the molds. Pay attention to quality and detail that exist in the unsurpassed present structure.

Richard Gunnar Juve


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Thanks for all the volunteer help for our Beautify Belmont effort

To The Daily Sun,

We would like to thank the many volunteers, including members of the Belmont Fire Department, for participating in Beautify Belmont last Saturday.

This community effort collected more than 150 bags of litter. While we may not have gotten it all, it was a great effort. Thank you!

We would also like to thank Casella Waste for generously donating the dumpster to help our cause.

Belmont Board of Selectmen

  • Written by Mike Mortensen
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