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Don Ewing (8-13) 415Americans will be victimized until we stop illegal immigration

To the Daily Sun,

Donald Trump brought more media attention to the problem of illegal immigration. Now we see that many Americans are raped, murdered, or otherwise harmed by illegal aliens daily. Recently an illegal alien who has been arrested four times but not deported by the Obama administration allegedly raped and bludgeoned a 64-year-old Marilyn Pharis to death with a hammer.

The Democratic spokesmen representing President Obama, who refuses to enforce our immigration laws, don't even seem to care about the victims of illegal aliens. They try to divert attention from President Obama who is the only one with the authority and funding to stop this crime wave against the American people.

Democrat spokesmen falsely claim that Comprehensive Immigration Reform, which neither Republican nor Democrat controlled Congresses passed, would have protected Americans.
But Comprehensive Immigration Reform wouldn't have stopped the harm to Americans. No law changes hardened violent criminals into saints.

And by rewarding illegal aliens with legal status, Comprehensive Immigration Reform would have encouraged even more illegal immigration causing even more harm to American citizens. Only the recording of crime statistics would change as the numbers of "Crimes by illegal aliens" would be counted as "Crimes by legal immigrants."

Congress didn't pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform because the vast majority of Republicans, Democrats, and Independents rose up in opposition. We know that not a single word needs to be added to our laws or another dollar allocated to stop most illegal immigration and protect the American people. Only the will to enforce our laws is lacking.

The American people have been lied to repeatedly about enforcing our immigration law, e.g., the border is "secure," the false claims of a record number of "deportations." We are tired of it. We're tired of being victimized by illegal aliens who are allowed to stay here because illegal immigration benefits politicians and their special interest supporters.

Americans will continue to be victimized by illegal aliens if we elect another president and another Congress who promote Comprehensive Immigration Reform rather than simply and finally stopping illegal immigration.

Many presidential candidates are disclosing good-sounding plans to handle illegal immigration. However, we've heard campaign promises before, and most candidates, like Clinton and Bush, have clear track records of supporting illegal immigration and fake "reforms."

Some candidates may have good intentions, but only Ted Cruz, Bernie Sanders, and Rick Santorum have the track records that show a commitment to stopping illegal immigration and protecting the American people.

Don Ewing

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Veterans Home residents would like to meet more candidates

To the Daily Sun,
Those of us veteran residents at the New Hampshire Veterans Home here in Tilton were visited by Governor Chris Christie, his wife and three of his four children on July 3.

To date he has been the only presidential candidate to tell us what he has done for veterans in New Jersey that is also making it into VA hospitals though out the United States. It was interesting to note how he explained to the Legislature of his state what financial condition the state was in
and what it would take to put New Jersey back on more stable ground. Even though of different political parties the legislators and the governor agreed on the plans necessary to fix their neighborhoods conditions, their public school problems and finally make New Jersey tourist areas more appealing to travelers.

When will other candidates find out that we might like to hear their efforts for veterans and the real life solutions they may plan to put into place without planning on all-out wars that seem to be a real possibility? While some of us believe that we must protect our freedoms others think
John Q. Public does not need AR - 15s or the like to hunt or target shoot with. Those public servants in safety agencies certainly require this type of protection against drug cartels, felons, some of the mentally deranged and others that threaten their ability to protect us.

We would truly like to hear the candidates' positions and plans so that our 100-plus veterans can plan to ask our questions and begin to think whom we might vote for in our state primary and final selection in the federal administrative and legislative elections.

Please make arrangements to be with us.

Bill Bertholdt

Resident Council President

New Hampshire Veterans Home, Tilton

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Generosity after disaster proved & and friendship are fire-proof

To the Daily Sun,

We would like to say thank you to the wonderful family, friends, and neighbors for their concern, well wishes, and generosity after the fire that destroyed our home. Love and friendship are fire-proof.

We would also like to say thank you to the Belmont Fire Department for their speedy response and skills that kept the fire from reaching a large wooden barn. In addition, the immediate assistance by the Red Cross is gratefully appreciated.

To the media, please note a correction in your reporting: There were several intact, working and blaring smoke alarms. One had been previously disconnected due to its over-sensitivity. Others were located a few feet away from the disconnected one and were functioning properly.

We are very fortunate to have our family safe after this sudden and devastating incident. Thank you to all who have helped, and continue to help us in the process of recovery.

The Raymond Family

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This time of scientific paradigm is worse than that of Galileo

To the Daily Sun,

It is a fact that what we believe about our history affects who we are today, what we think about ourselves, how we behave, and how we view the future. Is it any wonder that the world is in such and upheaval today?

Consider: Even though within the scientific community there has been an ongoing, millenniums-old controversy over exactly what is the nature of scientific knowledge. Are scientists discovering the truth about how nature really is, or are they merely giving us theories that work in helping us to understand how certain things in nature function and how we can harness them? Or put another way, can we know as God knows, or is our knowledge, though useful, not not true with a capital T? Colleges courses trace these tensions all the way back to Socrates and Plato. I contend that they go back to the garden of Eden and the original sin, which was succumbing to the temptation to want to know as God knows.

Fast forward to today. Even though scientists today are aware of this controversy, consider why is it that the theory of evolution is taught in schools as established truth, to the point that when President Bush wanted science books to include a disclaimer that the theory of evolution was only one theory as to how life came to be, he was rejected with scorn by the scientific community. It's not because the theory of evolution is established so firmly on the evidence that it is irrefutable. It's not. As a matter of fact, if I were a betting man I'd be willing to wager a year's income, that there are scientists, somewhere out there, who in the course of researching ring species have found that there is a boundary beyond which micro-evolutionary changes cease to happen, and that these findings have not been allowed to come out. That's the way they do it.

This age of the scientific paradigm is worse than the time of Galileo for challenging conventional scientific wisdom. This is particularly true when a finding would indicate that there has been a special creation. For unbeknownst to these scientists, all the demons of hell gather on such occasions to harden these scientists against receiving such evidence and God will allow it for a season.

Back to the question of how we view history. The theory of evolution, that is macro-evolution has absolutely no effect on scientific discoveries that benefit mankind. Studies in genetics though they might take a different direction would go on. Physics, chemistry, engineering all would be largely unchanged. Medical research, except for perhaps some moral changes in how we view stem cell research and the lives of unborn babies, would go on largely unchanged.

What would change dramatically is modern philosophy, metaphysics,and how God is viewed and what we perceive our history to be. Today, those who hold to modern philosophy view religion as superstition. Belief in God, in the U.S. particularly, is tolerated by secularists because we have the First Amendment. As long as we are functioning under the authority of our Constitution, they must at least do lip service to that. But you can see their contempt for it even in the pages of this newspaper.

If science were to confirm that, yes, it is necessary that there has been a special creation all this would change. This would anchor God securely as a historical character and cause him to have relevance in current events, in the minds of the people. If this would happen while in the U.S. our constitutional protections are still in tact, it would strengthen those. If this is allowed to happen only after the U.S. has surrendered her constitutional government in favor of submission to a one world order, or the U.S. is destroyed because of God's judgment, watch out. For a false Christ will arise.

The choice that all men will face at this time will be to worship this false Christ and receive eternal damnation, to flee, or to be martyred. Many Christians will be martyred at this time. At the end of this time the Lord Jesus will return, in the clouds raise His saints both those who have died and those who are alive. He will then with His saints make war with this false Christ and his false prophet and those who follow them. Do you want to know the outcome of this battle? Read it in the book of Revelation, please.

These things, written in the 13th chapter of the book of Revelation, can be seen taking shape in the world today. You might want to ask yourself: How could these things be known by a fisherman almost 2,000 years ago?

John Demakowski

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There were problems at Glendale docks but mail wasn’t one

To the Daily Sun,

Does anyone really believe mail could not be delivered at the Glendale docks because of the recycling container placed outside the fenced-in garbage containers?

There were problems but mail delivery was not one of them.

1. One recycling container was not sufficient. Most of our garbage in 2015 is recyclable and if we are composting, little needs to go into the landfill (the ultimate destination for the contents of the three containers behind the fence.)

2. People did not follow directions and take recyclables out of bags in many cases and did not bother to break down cardboard boxes. Sometimes they left the bagged materials on the ground in spite of directions not to do that.

3. People put in materials not accepted by Gilford (examples I have seen have been pillows, blankets and wood).

4. I don't know how often the recycling container was picked up but it was almost always full and finding places to put a can or bottle took effort each time I took our materials.

5. Were the three garbage containers full three times a week? Did anyone check the docks in person to evaluate the operation as it existed?

As Welch Island property owners we pay significant taxes for few services, but enlightened garbage disposal would seem to be one to expect from Gilford administration in 2015.

Sally Davis

Welch Island, Gilford

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