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Official notice of county meeting did not include an address

To The Daily Sun,

Having just attended the Belknap County Delegation's Executive Committee meeting of December 20 regarding “Tax Anticipated Note (TAN) for $12,000,000” necessary to offset encumbrances in Fiscal Year 2018 as directed by the County Commission of the county treasurer, I offer the following.

Other than a reporter I was the only member of the public present. One reason why the general public was not present is because the notice published in the newspaper does not include the address of the county complex as other county notices; “County Complex, 34 County Drive, Laconia, NH in Conference room #1.”

The ultimate vote by the delegation was to authorize the county treasurer to borrow up to $15 million, an amount not requested by the commission or the county treasurer.

The law is clear. It was made very clear that no matter what the amount for TAN (Tax Anticipation Notes) borrowing authorized, that bond counsel may not allow the $15 million or $12 million. In fact the bond counsel may refuse to issue a bond in either amount because of the irregularity of the notice which may not comply with RSA 91-A: 2, II.

In fact because of questions that have risen regarding the possible failure to have conducted a public hearing, the 2018 budget process may not have taken place.

Thomas Tardif


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It's not just Gilford, postal service in Laconia is bad, too

To The Daily Sun,

I just finished reading the letter from Alan Vervaeke regarding the postal delivery in Gilford. This is not only a Gilford issue. I am a resident of Laconia with similar delivery issues. I also work for an organization that has a P.O. Box in Gilford. We will go days without any real mail to speak of, then — normally on a Monday or Friday— all of the mail will appear. So much mail that it is spilling out of the box once opened.

To add to this frustration is the fact that I have mailed several payments that have taken up to six weeks to be delivered to a Laconia or Gilford address from the Gilford Post Office.

The organization I work for has paid over $100 in stop-payment fees in one month to reissue checks that never were received.

This caused me to contact the Laconia Post Office to explain the situation and find a solution. The solution I was given was to hand deliver any mail for the local delivery area to the counter.

Feeling that this is not the best solution, I started mailing items earlier than necessary to try to accommodate the Post Office’s lack of timely delivery. These issues are persisting regardless of the earlier mail dates, several calls to the Post Office and completing a survey regarding the less than stellar service in this area.

My best guess is that there is a black hole residing in the Laconia/Gilford post offices. Perhaps when the cost of a stamp goes up a penny the service will be more timely, but I won’t be holding my breath.

Wendy Couto-Herne


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