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Our choice, one of two imperfect people will be elected president

To The Daily Sun,

Hillary Clinton is a seasoned politician who repeats the same old Democrat promises, proposals, and attacks against Republicans.

But, after nearly eight years of the policies Hillary will continue, why are most Americans poorer and only the rich richer? It's because those good-sounding Democrat policies are actually designed to make and keep people poor. Poor people vote for Democrats, other people may not.

Hillary's attacks against Republicans are lies, which Democrats constantly repeat. Democrats, not Republicans, supported slavery, the KKK, Jim Crow laws, segregation, etc. Democrats revere former KKK leader Senator Byrd and Bill Clinton's mentor, Senator Fulbright who fought integrated education, the 1964 Civil Rights Act, and the 1965 Voting Rights Act.

Arkansas Attorney General, Governor, and President Bill Clinton was credibly accused of sexually molesting women, even raping one. These victims, who are still maligned by Hillary supporters, were threatened, to silence them, by the wife of the most powerful person in the world, by the current Democrat presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton.

Despite many opportunities Democrats haven't made the rich pay their "fair share," they never will; the rich buy protection and favors from Democrats with huge political contributions.

The Obama/Hillary foreign policy made/make the world extremely dangerous. Their policies created chaos in the Middle East. Russian and American forces are threatening to exchange gunfire over Syria! Obama/Hillary policies enabled ISIS and strengthened Iran, the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism, giving it billions of dollars and further enabling their ICBM and nuclear weapons development. Obama's/Hillary's weaknesses and naïve world views encourage escalating aggression by Russia and China. For the first time since the Cold War, Russia and our country are rattling nuclear weapons at each other, this is dangerous.

Republicans want all Americans to be successful. Successful people pay our nation's bills allowing our country and our people succeed. Only Democrats benefit from having people be poor.

Hillary's Supreme Court appointees will essentially change our Constitution as she wishes. Trump believes that only the American people have the right to change the Constitution which is essentially a contract established with the American people to protect their rights.

One of two imperfect people will be elected president, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Hillary represents and is supported by the corrupt Washington establishment which fights the anti-establishment candidate, Trump.
Only Trump will fight to correct our nation's direction: allow school choice, enable a growing economy so every American can work towards their American dreams, close the border, deport criminal illegal aliens, exclude terrorists, enforce our laws equally to protect American citizens and dispense justice, and fulfill the world's desperate need for strong American leadership to return to a stable, peaceful world.

Don Ewing

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Need to focus on educational opportunities in manufacturing

To The Daily Sun,

The front page of The Laconia Daily Sun for Thursday, Oct. 13 provided a cornucopia of important issues that deserve the rapt attention of legislators and people like me who aspire to join them. Two of the three lead stories on the front page dealt with manufacturing and education. An excellent piece by Michael Kitch dealt with positive steps manufacturers in our area are taking to attract high school students to manufacturing and the enthusiasm this instills in students.

The other article was coverage by Roger Amsden of an event sponsored by Titeflex Aerospace, and hosted by the Belknap County Economic Development Council and the Belknap Mill Society, aimed at raising awareness of how important education and training programs are in changing the ancient image of manufacturing and attracting qualified workers. Practically every study of business, in general, and manufacturing in particular, as far back as I can remember when my dad was mayor in the 1950s and '60s, found that the first thing they looked at, in evaluating potential expansion sites, was the schools.

I agree with state Sen. Andrew Hosmer, who spoke at the event, that when this fractured election is over, legislators at all levels, beginning at the bottom in our smallest communities, need to focus on supporting and improving educational opportunities aimed at promoting manufacturing. It's not about taxes, it's about people.

David Huot
Democratic Candidate for state House of Representatives

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