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County needs commissioners who can work within a budget

To The Daily Sun,

In the Saturday edition of The Sun it was reported that the Belknap Commission approved the hire of four more correctional officers for the new County Corrections Center. When Commissioner Waring suggested finding the funds within the existing budget, his suggestion was shot down with Commissioner Taylor, calling it accounting gimmicks then blaming the delegation. Taylor further stated, "I'm sure that a court would agree with that decision."

The last group of commissioners chose to go to court as well when they didn't get their way with the budget. Do the current commissioners already forget how well that turned out? The commissioners lost in court, the county taxpayers lost by incurring unnecessary legal fees, and the sitting commissioners lost reelection. History seems to repeat itself when fools attempt to do the same thing expecting different results.

I applaud Commissioner Waring for his efforts to work with the existing budgeted funds. Since the commissioners reportedly then went into a non-public session to discuss legal options, I have to conclude any legal actions and expense incurred is the result of Commissioners DeVoy and Taylor leading the charge into court. Remember this when the next election arrives. We need commissioners that are able to work with the delegation, within the county budget, without getting the courts involved nor incurring unnecessary legal expenses.

Alan Doyon

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Democrats want to give us a ‘better deal.’ Aren’t you excited?

To The Daily Sun,

Democrats prove every day that they dislike patriotic, successful Americans and their traditions. Here are a few examples:

— Democrat woman ‘pees’ on the flag and proudly puts it online.

— Democrats declare ‘half-naked’ Madonna the real POTUS.

— Democrat Bret Stephens (N.Y. Times) stated Trump supporters are idiots and should be deported.

— Democrats in Illinois voted a 32 percent hike in state income taxes (personal and business).

— Democrats in Seattle pass a "Fair Share" income tax on successful individuals making $250,000 and couples making $500,000.

— New Hampshire Democrats blocked the news media from Democrat leader Maxine Waters visit to New Hampshire. Rep. Waters was invited by Rep. Carol Shea-Porter. Why, no news media?

— Democrats call White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders a "butch queen." Does the main-stream media report this, NO?

— Finally, rumor has it that the New Democrat Party will be called the Papa John party. Their new slogan is: “A Better Deal: Better Jobs, Better Wages, Better Future.” Aren’t you excited?

To summarize, President Obama did not give us a good deal, jobs, wages or future.

God bless President Trump.

Jim Mayotte


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