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Here's chance to show all those smiles on 'user friendly' boards

To The Daily Sun,

This is in response to the letters Don Vachon and Bill Adario wrote to The Daily Sun on July 27 about me.

You guys make comments about being angry and spoiled because I did not get my way. That is not the case at all. I'm not happy because Warren Hutchins, before the Laconia Zoning Board, called my intentions and character into question. This is the fifth project I have done in the city and with all the difficulties I have encountered, you have not seen me at one meeting nor read about me in one newspaper addressing one issue.

I understand there are rules and I can honestly say I have followed them on every project. However, people with personal opinions on these boards do not have the right to impose their personal opinions that can affect a plan, otherwise we won't get approvals.

Let's talk about common sense involving our rental housing project here on Washington Street; we had to redo the plans more than three times. The very first time we went before the Planning Board with our plan we had met every regulation and should have received approval that night. We did not get approval that night because of some personal views that came into the conversation that had nothing to do with Planning Board rules.

Why wouldn't the city just require having one set of plans drawn up and placed at the Planning Department for all department mangers go by and review? Ask all the questions, discuss all the concerns, allow someone from the Planning Department to answer them, and so on. Once that process is complete then final changes to the plans can be made, right?

No, instead we have to make eight sets of plans with 12 pages per set on three separate attempts at a cost of $2,000, just so that everyone can look and re-look at the plans over and over again? How does this make any sense? To make matters worse, under someone's personal opinion and view of things (in order to get this plan approved) we are told not to cut down the three oak trees out in front of the project. One of the trees would hang directly over the roof of one of our building unit. Our position was that no trees should hang over a roof because of tree sap and other damages it causes to the roof. But we were told again do not cut the trees. What happens the very next fall season, the acorns fall from the trees and roll down the building roof onto the porch roof and nicely onto the tenant's brand new car. That causes $1,700 in damage to our tenant's car and then it cost me $600 to have the tree guy take down the branches. So are you saying I should be happy that it cost me $2,300 in damages and fixes because of someone's personal view, rather than a Planning Board's rule?

Now regarding the church property: Some of the people worry about me using the church for a short-term storage building and that Mr. Adario mentions in his article that he would not have purchased a home across the street from the church if there had been a storage building there instead. However, the church used the building for their own storage and the City of Laconia used the church property during Motorcycle Week for about 30 years to accommodate their storage and parking lot, and none of these uses fit the rules. So because it's the city, do the rules not apply? When some guy puts his trailer out front or someone chooses to practice riding their motorcycle or a tractor-trailer truck pulls in and parks for the night, I cannot possibly police all that activity, so I offer the fence to restrict the activity and some of you people say I'm a spoiled brat because I find a solution to the problem but again you don't like it.

Just a few examples that there are some people in the neighborhood that like my building because Sundown Condominiums will use it on the nights it's going to snow so that their parking lot can be cleaned up. It is also used as the bus stop where the children use the front overhang during bad weather and the parents park while dropping off and picking up their children for the school bus.

On Monday, July 27, I went to the City Council meeting in Laconia to talk about the need for change on these boards, the need to make this board more user-friendly. Mr. Hutchins was up for his Planning Board appointment and he was voted in 3 to 2 and the person who broke the tie said he is voting "yes" with the understanding the board is going to become more user-friendly. At the end of the meeting I asked if I could speak just for one minute to make an offer and the offer was that I would be the first person interested in sitting down at City Hall to meet with the planning chairman, the zoning manager, and any council member who wanted to participate, prior to getting in front of this "user friendly" Planning Board, to come up with a plan for this church property. (Reimagining Laconia). Well, here is your chance to show us all those smiles on all those "user friendly" boards.

In closing I would just like to say that this is my last letter, but Mr. Vachon you made a comment in your letter that maybe the businesses that do business with me should look at my angry letter and not do business with me anymore. My response to you is that's the exact reason you don't get a lot of business people on these boards, and if you did they would be more understanding of the needs of a business owner. Instead your best shot is to attack my business, one that has nothing to do with my real estate holdings, so talk about boohoo and threatening.

To Mr. Adario in response to giving back, I do not see you out and about cleaning the roadsides to make it a better place to live. I sponsor a person who starts in front of the St. Francis Home in Laconia on Court Street and he goes all the way up the Laconia Bypass stopping at every on and off ramp until he reaches just pass Sawyer's Dairy Bar twice a year spring and fall for the past three years. The first year we picked up more than 133 bags of trash and we separate the cans out for recycle. But I do that because I'm angry that people throw trash out the windows because they don't care about our community like I do. I just find it funny that last Friday after my letter in the paper my business had three calls from people of the city saying my letter hits home and they agree and to keep up the good work.

So you gentleman have a good day, this has been fun and I hope something good will come out of it to make the city a better place to live and do business in. And remember, anyone interested in any of my properties can buy them for the right price.

Peter Morrissette

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Even those who support abortion should be alarmed at killing for profit

To The Daily Sun,

In light of the recent allegations revealed through undercover videos of Planned Parenthood employees, I beg New Hampshire representatives not to jump into bed with your ideological colleagues, but rather consider the facts as have been presented.

If the videos are not forged, then consider what this means for our country. You have a taxpayer-funded entity which is performing abortions with a dollar signs in mind. The idea of placing prices on human organs (born or not) is simply undesirable.

Even those who support abortion, I doubt many would be at ease with the idea of killing the unborn for the purpose of making a profit — or finding a way to pay a non-profit CEO more than $500,000. I don't know many people who would be happy to discover we are being so generous to what is at best an ethically questionable country.

For those of you who support safe, legal abortion, really consider if you are comfortable with this sort of profitability. (What if this were the NRA?). If you won't support ending taxpayer-funded abortion, I plead with you to at least demand an investigation into the legality of of what has been revealed.
Thank you for your time, and good luck discerning.
Ryan Smith

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Trump remains in a class of crass rarely achieved by mere mortals

To The Daily Sun,

And you thought the 2012 campaign was a circus show! The 2016 campaign is clearly a significant increase in clown-car nuttery. Welcome to another edition of Tea Party Potty Tricks, brought to you by the Center for the Study of Absurdity, where we strive to keep the stupid in the news.

Having a banner year in absurdity and ineptitude, Donald Trump has been able to say things only fools or obstinate drunks consider sensible. In but a short time, the toxic waste dump called the Donald has been able to radiate in the spectra of grossly stupid with far more luminosity than all the candidates put together have in many election cycles.

Luckily for us, his redshift indicates he is moving away fast. A recent poll of likely New Hampshire voters indicates Trump is unelectable. Well, Duh! It took a poll to figure that one out for a graceless buffoon? For those wanting some nostalgic cinematic expressions of Trump sociopathy, there is the movie called "You've Been Trumped" making the rounds again. It's a Scottish golf course building story. Trump's money and power lose! As Senator Graham, (of "Let's send troops to Iraq again" fame) noted, he is a wrecking ball. So progressives, you know you love him, so get the popcorn and beer out with a widescreen and enjoy this episode of political suicide while it lasts because even Ted Cruz (of evolution and climate change denial fame) isn't as entertaining and Michelle Bachmann of tin-foil hat fame isn't going to run.

Similar to Ted Cruz, there are some close contenders for the most clueless and classless such as Ben Carson and Mike Huckabee, but Trump remains in a class of oafish crass rarely achieved by mere mortals.

Our local tomfoolery prize winner is once again Steve Earle of "Birther" and Muslim obsession fame. Steve's latest compulsive jag is another chapter in his usual race-baiting. Black this, white that, blah blah blah. We here at the Absurdity Center can imagine a grade school yearbook picture of Steve Earle with a caption, "when I grow up, I want to be the Grand Wizard of Race Baiters."

James Veverka

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Emergency room bill for tooth pain was more than I make in month

To The Daily Sun,

I went to the emergency room for I was in pain and could not afford to lose work-time for a tooth, okay. I can't afford insurance. Welfare does not include rent, bills, etc. They say I make too much but it doesn't account for bills.

Really, I don't know how our seniors of are making it today. The government does not pay them enough to get by and they are the ones who got us here. And they are suffering, too.

My emergency room bill was $1,132.30, after a 35 percent discount. This is more than I make in a month. Thanks Obama. How's anyone to make it? We need to help our seniors and care for our young ones!

Judy Lee


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Move to wring Christianity from U.S. culture is almost complete

To The Daily Sun,

We in the U.S.A., as a nation, have moved far from our founding faith. CNN and writers to this newspaper may deny that it is so. But that doesn't make it true. The history of it is still there to be read for anyone who is diligent enough to search it out. It may not remain available much longer. But for now it is still searchable.

I'd like to put out a question to Robert T. Joseph, Jr. The phrase separation of church and state does not appear in our Constitution. It is from a personal letter from President Jefferson to the Danbury Baptist church, which in a manner was an apology to them because his hands were tied by the First Amendment from helping them with their dilemma with the state legislature of Connecticut. You can read it yourself. How then is it that when one today wants to distill the essence of the First Amendment it comes down to the separation of church and state all the way down to local governments.

This is what it says, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof." The concern was that a strong central government would interfere with the free exercise of religion. The Constitution was already written as a secular document, it did not need to be protected further from intrusion from the church. But that the people needed the insurance that this new federal government would not interfere with the free exercise of religion. This is why the First Amendment was added.

Our New Hampshire Constitution sheds some light on how this free exercise was perceived then, "Among the natural rights, some are, in their very nature unalienable, because no equivalent can be given or received for them. Of this kind are the Rights of Conscience." "Every individual has a natural and unalienable right to worship God according to the dictates of his own conscience, and reason; and no subject shall be hurt, molested, or restrained, in his peers on, liberty, or estate, for worshiping God in the manner and season most agreeable to the dictates of his own conscience; or for his religious profession, sentiments, or persuasion; provided he doth not disturb the public peace or disturb others in their religious worship." So then how has it been permissible, for the federal government to take an amendment, the 14th, that was intended to secure equal treatment for freed black slaves, and use it to stamp out expressions of Christianity from the public sphere?

You see sir there has been, through the decades, a movement afoot to rend the fabric that was the fabric of our nation, that was the Christian character of our culture. CNN didn't tell you that, huh? This rending is almost now complete. We are about to experience the fate of a nation that has turned its back on the Lord their God. This is a spiritual reality that we as a nation now face. Even if you don't believe this sir, the consequences are just as real. For our God is real.

Oh, by the way. freedom of religion has been legacy of our Christian roots. As Christian influence recedes from the public sphere so will this freedom.

John Demakowski

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