Obama’s war on police makes their job harder, which makes cities less safe

To The Daily Sun,

Just another weekend of unimaginable bloodshed and death in Chicago. Thirty-three shootings, 49 victims and eight shooting deaths between Sept. 18 and Sept. 20. Has anyone heard from our president? Perhaps he is busy arranging for the visit from the new celebrity teen with the phony homemade clock. Obama certainly has made lots of noise about that.

He certainly sits up and takes notice of the rare white on black shooting deaths. The "Black Lives Matter" groups continue to foment hate by telling the uninformed that white cops are combing neighborhoods just looking for young black men to shoot at. Liberal college professors continue to promote the crazy notion that we are, today, a "white supremacist nation".

Remember when President Obama said, "If I had a son, he would look like Trevon," after he was killed by "white Hispanic" George Zimmerman. Yet when 49 people are shot and eight are killed in our president's hometown, he has nothing to say. It is very difficult to fathom why. Sheriff David Clarke told Sean Hannity that if these awful tragedies had occurred because of a tornado, a state of emergency would have been declared and the national guard would have been called out. Instead, the sheriff says that all Chicago got from Mayor Rahm Emanuel was a shoulder shrug.

Sheriff Clarke then makes a stunning statement by declaring that black lives do not seem to matter in cases of black on black deaths. Well, what else can one infer when President Obama and Rahm Emanuel remain silent as the slaughter of black on black crime continues unabated in Chicago?

What can one infer when President Obama creates a war on the police, which makes their very difficult jobs almost impossible. Which in turn, makes the inner cities all the more unsafe. Progressive liberal "leftist" types think that handcuffing all police for the bad that the few do is safe, just and proper. They also think that if they just make guns less accessible to citizens with stricter gun control, then crime will go down because those who disobey gun laws will uh, suddenly obey gun laws?

Some have diagnosed modern day liberal types as so delusional as to be afflicted with some form of a mental disorder. When one looks at the "Black Lives Matter" movement and how black leadership pretends black on black deaths are rare, it is hard to dispute the lunacy of those actions, so devoid of decency and common sense. When one looks at the facts on gun control laws and yet modern-day liberals continue to think that guns are the problem and not the responsibility of the holder, then cognitive dysfunction must be considered.

John Lott's comprehensive data analysis on crime statistics and right to carry laws confirms the title of his book, "More Guns, Less Crime". Dana Loesch's book, "Hands Off My Gun", illuminates Lott's thesis while noting that gun control laws have historically been used to keep minority populations under control. Emily Miller's book, "Emily Gets Her Gun" is a sad, yet humorous narrative about a home invasion victim's journey through the bureaucratic maze to legally obtain a gun. Her book demystifies the Democratic politicians schemes to limit our Second Amendment rights and the mainstream media's collusion in that process.

What else can one conclude other than some form of mental instability must be at the core of a belief system that only cares about the loss of a black life when it occurs at the hands of a white person? Mr. President, we await an answer for your unconscionable and perverse silence in the deadly aftermath of another tragic weekend in your old home town. This level of irrational thought process is deadly to the survival of all black people and must be eradicated. Let's get a Republican into the White House forthwith. That would be the party that believes all lives matter, no matter what race, color or creed.

Russ Wiles

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President Obama is ‘transforming America’ into a ‘gun-free’ zone like Chicago

To The Daily Sun,

Oh, no! Absolutely incredible! Not another mass school shooting.

It sure is a good thing that two or three policemen, the first responders, were nearby at the time of this most recent incident in Oregon. They apparently were on patrol in the area, and were close enough to get there within minutes, and shoot the gunman dead almost as soon as they got there. It's too bad they hadn't been visiting the school and were actually inside the building for some reason a few minutes earlier. They could possibly have prevented some of those deaths if they had actually been on site, because they were able to kill the guy almost as soon as they arrived on scene. But in the time it took them to arrive, the gunman was able to shoot 20 people, killing 13.

It would even have been nice if some of the law-abiding teachers and/or students who were already there, had been allowed to carry their own weapons,concealed; people who would have already passed background checks, as well as demonstrate good character, knowledge and competence. But federal law prohibits that, because schools are required to be gun-free zones.

We wonder why so many mass shootings take place in schools, or in movie theaters, or hospitals. If it were you who wanted to commit this type of heinous crime, would you decide that a good place to do it would be a police station, or a gun store, or a National Guard Armory. Of course not! Why not?

If you wanted to take the most effective steps you could take to protect your home from a middle-of-the-night "home invader", or some other bad guy with a gun, would it make a lot of sense to put a sign on your front lawn that says, "Gun free zone — no guns allowed".

Obama came out in the first few hours after this terrible crime to politicize this horrible tragedy, to publicly repeat his ridiculous, unlawful and unconstitutional call for fewer guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens.

"Last weekend alone, Mr. President, over 50 people were shot on the streets of Chicago, your home town. Chicago has the most restrictive gun laws in the country. No concealed carry for the law-abiding folks there, Mr. President. No sir! No privately owned guns in cars; no privately owned guns at home. Yet the most gun crime per geographic area in the country is committed in Chicago.

If Obama and Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York City were ever to have their way, the whole country, every single state, and every single city would instantly be transformed into one huge Chicago.

Now I see, maybe that's what Obama meant by "transforming America"...

Jim McCoole

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Will it take a total crash to convince us to balance the budget?

To The Daily Sun,

It is a generally accepted as true that the size of the ruling elite is only a small fraction of the total population. For that reason, it follows that regimes live or die based on public opinion. The logic goes that unless the majority of the people believe the existing rulers are legitimate they will not accept the regime's authority to exercise power. Even when a regime has a great advantage in coercive power it may profit the rulers little if they must kill 90 percent of the populace to maintain power as such an action reduces them to the status of a parasite without a host. But what if that axiom isn't really true?

What changes in the political dynamic as the number of people directly dependent on government benefits increases? Is there a point where the number of dependents changes the calculus of leadership and power? According to The Heritage Foundation, in 1962 21.7 million people depended on government programs. The corresponding number of government dependents in 2009 had grown to 64.3 million people and it is higher still today. Adding more existing programs to the analysis would increase the number of dependent people to over 100 million. http://heritage.org/research/reports/2010/10/the-2010-index-of-dependence-on-government

The dependent group has grown steadily since the end of World War II. As it grows, the need for the ruling group to pay attention to the people diminishes. Caesar used bread and carnivals. Progressives use food stamps, Social Security and Medicare. The tools of control change slightly over time but the goal is always maintenance of power. Given that the number of working-age people under employed or out of work but not eligible for benefits is about 94 million today it does seem likely we are at a point where 100 million dependents appears to be too low.

Not all the dependents, in fact most, are part of the ruling group. It is worth considering that the ruling group uses in its calculus of control, the power of the votes of the dependent. It is important to understand that to the rulers dependents are virtually cyphers. They have no effect on the rulers' decision-making. They exert no weight in opposition to the rulers as their fear of losing government benefits. This effectively neutralizes their willingness to protest. The dependents vote in overwhelming proportion for continuation and budgetary enlargement of the government and its programs. In doing so they produce the appearance of legitimacy for those in the ruling group.

The policies of the ruling groups are out of control because they are not economically sustainable. They are made possible because we have become dependent. Debate whatever political ideology you like but we need an economy that will support the people... ours does not do that. The result for America will be no better than it was for Rome, though the fall may be farther given the heights to which we have risen.

Is it time yet to reconsider progressive rule and big government? Are you ready to return to principled small government? Do we really have to have a complete crash before we wake up and realize the budget has to be balanced... the bills have to be paid... the money has to have intrinsic value?

Marc Abear

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Christians’ imperfections do not negate the truth of the Holy Bible

To The Daily Sun,

In response to Mr. Robert T. Joseph Jr.'s letter from Sept 30 — upon which he paints a broad stereotypical untrue picture of Christianity: The gentleman from New Hampton is certainly entitled to his view of the Christian faith and interpretation of the Bible, but to paint the picture that he did, that all Christians are bigots and hate mongers is not true, as his statements show a great disrespect to the Christian faith and the many who faithfully follow Christ daily and would lay down their lives as Christ did for anyone regardless of their race, creed or personal behaviors. Mr. Joseph in his letter points to verses in the Bible that does not take into context the full Gospel message and lacks discernment, compassion and understanding. Some of his statements contain some truth but not the whole truth.

History is clear that it was Christians such as William Wilberforce who launched the abolitionist movement to stop the slave trade in England. That movement was also present in America, with Founding Fathers such as Benjamin Rush who formed the first Abolitionist society, which eventually led to the Civil War in which led to freedom for slaves. It was Christians who stood up to right the wrong ending the national din of slavery.

Let's be very honest, America has been and still is the most charitable nation on the face of the earth. There is not enough room in a year's worth of daily editions of The Laconia Daily Sun to cover all that Christian charitable organizations and hospitals that have done so much good for so many over the years at home and abroad for the poor and needy. Certainly more than any government agency or program could ever accomplish. The Salvation Army, Samaritans Purse, World Vision, Catholic Charities, and on and on. It is because America is good that our nation has been a beacon of hope for so many. It is this reason people came here to seek the freedom that America offers. The Liberty Bell inscription Bible quote says it very eloquently: "Proclaim liberty throughout all the land and to all the inhabitants thereof" Leviticus 25:10

The hate that Mr. Joseph refers to however does exist in the world since time began. This hate happens when people forget God and His laws. So yes there is bigotry, hatred, and corruption in the world, which the Bible tells us and Jesus sums up very simply. It is all called "sin". The Bible, if read openly and honestly, can do nothing less than convict each and every one of us of our sins. Romans 3:23 says clearly "all have sinned and fallen short". We are all responsible for our actions, and all accountable to God for those sins. The only hope for forgiveness is found by following Jesus Christ and repenting of our sins, by accepting the forgiveness and pardon for sin that Christ offered us when he died on the Cross and rose again for our sake.

Mr. Joseph is correct that God is love, however God is also a judge. He makes reference to the common denominator of blood which is the common bond of humanity, this is a great point. It is a great theological point as well. The Bible is clear that Jesus blood is the bond of all Christianity. It is his blood only that offers forgiveness of sin to all who believe and a changed heart to Love one another. The Bible tells us that without the shedding of blood (sacrifice) there is no forgiveness of sin. Hebrews 9:22 The Bible tells us "there is not one good person." "Only God is good" Psalm 14:2-4 The only answer is found in Christ Jesus. His perfect sinless blood cleanses us from sin. 1 John 1:7 says "But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus his Son cleanses us from all sin."

So are Christians perfect? Certainly not! Do Christians make mistakes? Yes! Does that negate the truth of the Holy Bible? Certainly not!

What Mr. Joseph fails to mention is that those who do not repent in this world and do not truly follow Christ hate him. Jesus said the world hates him because He testifies to it's evil works. John 7:7 Mr. Joseph appears to have the intent to slander Christians and use certain verses in the Bible to make an invalid point. I say invalid because he failed to take into context the entire Holy Bible and its full message to all humanity. We have sinned (God hates sin Proverbs 6:16-19) and that sin separates us from a loving God. God made a way to reconcile us to him via Jesus Christ. I for one certainly forgive him for any intended or unintended slander. It is my hope that Mr. Joseph seeks to be more understanding and forgiving. He is wished nothing but the best. "For the Son of Man (Jesus)came to seek and save the lost." Luke 19:10

Gary Torressen


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Human angels lightened the pain of my mom’s passing

To The Daily Sun,

On behalf of my family and our dear loved one, Lee Hart, I am writing to express our deep appreciation to all those who have been involved in my mom's care during the last two years.

The long journey from diagnosis to death was helped by the caring, compassion, and honesty of her primary care physician and medical director of hospice, Dr. Carolyn Crosby; Dr. Charles Catcher and the fabulous staff at LRGHealthcare Oncology Department; the kind and respectful employees at the LRGH Emergency Department and senior services program; the staff at Genesis Laconia Rehab; the wonderful nursing staff at Taylor Community, Ledgeview (second floor), and of course, the professionals and volunteers from hospice.

Everyone with whom we interacted was incredibly kind, open, and concerned about not only mom's comfort, but ours as well. I wish I could thank everyone by name, but so much was a blur and my memory doesn't serve well. Just know that you are human angels, lightening the pain and sadness of all who are suffering. A few who stand out are Robin, Holly, Mary Ellen, Liz, Teresa, Alison, and Gayle.

We also wish to convey our gratitude to the many good people in my parents' lives who offered love, prayers and support, especially dear friends from Taylor Community, from their beloved Sanbornton United Church of Christ, as well as friends from our former church in Connecticut. We especially appreciated the essential spiritual support we experienced from their minister, Ruth Martz, who was away during the last few days of mom's life, the ministers who were on call and covering for her, the Rev. Vickie Wood-Parrish, the Rev. Paula Gile, and the Rev. Wanda Lester, as well as the Rev. John Davies, the spiritual director from Hospice, and my own minister, Maresha Ducharme.

Of course, our greatest thankfulness goes to the One who holds us all in great love. We find much comfort in the knowledge that our mother, wife, grandmother, aunt, and sister is now in a place of great joy, expansiveness and healing. And we give thanks.

With deep gratitude and blessings for all,

Carol Hart


For the Hart family: Dave, Bruce and Jill, Ed and Laura, Stephanie and Nate, Megan, Malik Haig, Ron Brown, and our extended family.

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