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These people have been raised to hate; the roots go back 1,400 years

To The Daily Sun,

Looks like another airliner has been blown out of the sky by ISIS and Hillary blames Trump as a chief recruiting tool for them.

I beg to differ. Islamic terrorism has never needed any American politician to recruit discontented radicals to its cause. They have been managing quite well for the past 1,400 years. After all, they have the Koran, which tells them to kill. rape, kidnap, enslave and terrorize. What we are currently seeing is the results the left's appeasement, peace at any price policies.

Winston Churchill once said Muslims are either at your feet or at your throat. Pacifists simply encourage these terrorists and I admonished Hillary Clinton, after getting Ambassador Stephens and three others killed in Benghazi still tells the gullible — and they still seem to believe it — that it's all because we make them angry. What a bucket of bull!

These people have been raised, and conditioned to hate and despise anyone who does not bow down to their murderous religion. And this indeed goes right back to its very roots 1,400 years ago.

And guess what readers, not one of those "critical thinking," know-it-all liberal progressives has risen to the challenge of explaining to you what values they and Islam share? No wonder. It is so very obvious that Islam is the exact opposite of the stated beliefs of liberals.

So just how do they explain their near-universal support for every Muslim movement, including the Muslim Brotherhood, an unindicted co-conspirators to the 9-11 Twin Towers attack.

Obama and Hillary want to flood this country with "Syrian refugees," whom ISIS says openly that they will infiltrate with terrorists who will bring death and mayhem to our streets. Why does Hillary support this? It's crazy.

Okay now, just what the heck was Scott Cracraft talking about in his last letter. I'm not going point-by-point with his nonsense. It's enough to say that everything he says we lie about is either documented truth or reasoned conclusions. People who claim to be critical thinkers should be expected to add two plus two and get four but that doesn't take into effect political agenda of accumulating power by any means necessary and anyone else's expense, like yours. Go figure.

Steve Earle


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Trump will not even faze Hillary; she has been through it all

To The Daily Sun,

Donald Trump stands almost no chance of being elected. If the election were held today, Hillary Clinton would win in a Electoral College landslide, 347 to 191. In the last six presidential elections, 19 states have voted "blue" every time. That is not about to change, especially with Trumpolini. Those 19 states add up to 242 of the 270 needed for victory. With 28 more needed, Florida has 29 and is likely to go blue. Those 19 do not include New Hampshire, Florida, Ohio, Virginia, Iowa, Colorado, Nevada or New Mexico, which went for Obama in 2012. Only 12 States amounting to 106 votes have voted red in the last six elections. To put it bluntly, the GOP is on the verge of becoming an Electoral College dropout. If they don't take the next autopsy report seriously, well, they always liked to call themselves the Federalists!

The popular vote doesn't win presidential elections. Electoral College votes determine the winner, which is why the Trump and Sanders camp stress the popular vote polling. The media needs a real fight so they are using a lot of ink to persuade people into thinking its close. Trump wants to look huge and Sanders has the audacity to tell the Democrats that polling six months out should overturn the will of the majority of Democrats at the convention. Sanders thinks that he can turn superdelegates after losing the pledged delegate race by what will be over 300 by June 14 — with polling. That is bizarre. Finish it out with some grace, Mr. Sanders.

Sanders was done after the March 22 primaries and the GOP was done when they threw out their 2012 autopsy report and nominated an American fascist burning bright with bigotry, racism and misogyny. Remember the autopsy? Better relationships with Hispanics, women, and African Americans? That went well! The nomination of Trump has all the right wingers and neo-Fascists in Europe thrilled. I say enjoy it while you can because Trumps' thin skin is about to get atomized by Hillary Clinton's furnace. Hillary will destroy him in debates and play in campaign adds every moronic thing that has ever come from his garbage mouth. Trump thinks that bringing up scandals from the 1990s is a good idea. After 25 years of the right wing attacking Hillary Clinton, she is still standing and smiling. He will not even faze her. She has been through it all. Even online packs of wild Hillary-hating wolves who support Bernie tried to dehumanize and demonize her and failed miserably. That was precious! Schadenfreude.

James Veverka

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