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Send Bob Smith to Washington so he can help save our country

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To The Daily Sun,

Bob Smith is a conservative with principles as unshakeable as New Hampshire granite. He has always supported protection of the weakest among us.

Bob has pledged to work tirelessly for the following principles:

— Cut taxes and fees.

— Oppose any tax increases.

— Cut spending and the size of government.

— Pass a Right-to-Work law in New Hampshire.

— Oppose all forms of Obamacare, including Medicaid expansion.

— Uphold both the New Hampshire Constitution and the U.S. Constitution.

Unions contribute tens of millions of dollars to the Democratic Party through forced union dues. Despite the fact that enactment of a Right-to-Work law would repeal government enforced union dues, which would result in defunding the Democratic money machine, Scott Brown has refused to sign this simple pledge. If Mr. Brown cannot support these principles, we really need to send him back to Massachusetts.

The other candidate in this race has been supported and funded by an organization which calls itself "Mayday." This organization has supported Carol Shea Porter and Jim Rubens. That should tell you all you need to know about Mr. Rubens.

Send Bob Smith to Washington, D.C. so he can stand with Jeff Sessions, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Tim Scott to save our country. He did it before. He'll do it again.

Charles H. Bradley, III, Esq.