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We're asking LHS students & parents for patience with traffic issues

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To The Daily Sun,

An open letter to Laconia High School students and their parents:

On Tuesday, Aug. 26, we will open the doors and welcome our students to the 2014-2015 school year. We are very excited about this coming year for many reasons.

Thanks to the tax payers of the City of Laconia, we have improved air quality throughout the building, installed water sprinklers for fire suppression throughout the building, air conditioning in the auditorium and library, have several completely renovated classrooms that look outstanding, and added new ceilings throughout the academic wing.

Thanks to our students caring about being college and career ready, we have the highest number of students taking our most rigorous courses (AP/Honors), the highest number of students in our Project Running Start (college credit) courses, and the highest number of students engaging in our calculus program (four courses).

As we begin this school year, there will be construction activity still going on. Construction by the City of Laconia will be going on in front of the building and that will impact traffic patterns for the high school. Parents may drop their student(s) off in front of the Huot Career Technical Center by turning into the Laconia High School entrance that is after the Autozone Store. Please drop your student at the corner where Mr. Warrender is located. This will facilitate traffic movement and ensure greater student safety. You will exit out of the Huot Career Technical Center parking lot on to Dewey Street.

If you want to drop your student off at the Student Activities Office, you may enter the teacher parking area at the north end of the building and drive to the side entrance of the school. Please remember that this will also be where buses drop off while road construction is going on and that you will need to drive around the building and exit off of Dewey Street if you drop your child at the side entrance of the school. The side entrance doors will be secured at 7:23 this year and only the front main doors will be used for student access after that.

The front doors of the school are also the place you will want to go if you want to drop something off during the school year, go to a meeting, pick your child up due to illness, or drop them off if they are coming in tardy. If you are picking up your child due to disciplinary reasons, you should go to the side entrance and report to the Student Activities Office.

We are asking all parents to be patient with the expected traffic congestion that we know we will experience as we open the school year. Given this reality, plan on leaving a little earlier if you are transporting your student to school and be patient waiting in any lines that develop.

Freshman parents and students, if you would like to see the building and look for your rooms in preparation to the opening of school, you may come into the building on Monday, Aug. 25, to walk the halls and find your rooms. Regular staff will not be working these days so make sure to bring your schedule with you. If an administrator is available, we will be happy to walk with you so you begin to get a feel for the building. Due to construction that was ongoing throughout the summer, we apologize that this was not a component in our Orientation. We are thrilled that 115 freshman showed up for orientation last Thursday and are looking forward to having each new student add to our school community this fall.

If you have any questions that we can help you with as we prepare to open this school year, do not hesitate to contact the main office at Laconia High School.

Jim McCollum, Principal

Laconia High School