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Ture, the Muslim world has extremists, but so does ours

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To The Daily Sun,

Today's editorial in the Boston Globe Newspaper portrayed the state of Islam (or the Muslim world) in defamatory remarks due the recent execution of a journalist. There is so much more to this story if we care to look at the wider more expansive picture than this one horrid incident.

No country in the world has killed more people, soldiers and civilians then the United States in the last 12 years. No country has dropped more bombs (in tonnage) than we have. No country has broken recognized international and domestic laws as this country in criminal pursuit of (so-called) terrorists as this country has: Stating now the Iraq invasion and death of a half million people was a mistake?

Still, many overlook these tragedies in remarkable fashion — remembering only what they want, seeing a greater threat than ever; when there has never been a threat to begin with, only lies.

Islam has a long history, so much older than ours. Under the leadership of Mohamed warring tribes were united. They were in many respects more advanced in science, mathematics and the arts than European countries. They taxed the wealthy and cared for the poor, disabled and homeless. They fairly taxed the wealthy to benefit the less fortunate. Many were nomad merchants ruling a harsh desert empire They prospered and their domain spread through out the known world. For untold centuries they lived peacefully side-by-side with the other great religions.

True, they have extremists elements, but so do we. We have hundreds of war-mongers, agents for the weapons industry driving this country into spending trillions of dollars in endless violence and bloodshed. Wars that deprive needy people the resources they should expect from the wealth that is available right here.

Here is a directive to the commander-in chief Barak Obama: We must make peace with the Islamic nations. If the world is to prosper we must have strong, lasting agreements to settle our differences on the peace table, not on the battlefields. Rid both countries of extreme elements politically without guns or bombs.

Leon R. Albushies